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This blog describes Metatime in the Posthuman experience, drawn from Sir Isaac Newton's secret work on the future end of times, a tract in which he described Histories of Things to Come. His hidden papers on the occult were auctioned to two private buyers in 1936 at Sotheby's, but were not available for public research until the 1990s.

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Friday, March 27, 2020

Coronavirus: Scarcity, Triage and Euthanasia


Shortages of medical equipment are leading to triage and euthanasia decisions and debates among doctors worldwide. Those shortages could have been avoided, because authorities knew ahead of time what was coming. The mainstream media and governments lied to hide policy-making failures. This is the kind of sloppy uselessness that fuels conspiracy theories on the Internet, because it makes authorities look like they were and are deliberately promoting the spread of the nCov virus.

Government officials allowed travel to continue unimpeded when the virus was already circulating. They denied it was lab-made, thus preventing a serious inquiry into that possibility. They encouraged the mainstream media to lie about the seriousness of the virus ('just the flu') and then back-peddled on those statements, when it became plain that the virus was a frightening pathogen. They did not take responsibility for the 'just the flu' policy worsening the spread of the virus. Instead, they dismissed how contagious this virus was. They denied it was airborne, or failed to discuss it. They did not explain how COVID19 is multiphasal, based on antibody dependent enhancement.

They claimed it was a disease that only kills the elderly, when it kills all age groups. The MSM's false reporting subtly planted the seeds that this was an elderly-only problem. This unforgivably hardened the public's hearts against these vulnerable citizens. While reinforcing their expertise and supreme authority in this morass of failure, officials and MSM have discredited, demonetized, censored and silenced members of the alt media who told the truth. Now, government officials are pushing to allow only official, controlled mainstream media to discuss the pandemic, because the MSM will report whatever they are told to say. Thus, freedom of movement is denied to citizens and freedom of the press is effectively denied, although it does not appear that way to the average, trusting 'normie' citizen.

The mess officials and administrators fostered now bears fruit: they did not order enough hospital supplies or brief their medics adequately to prepare for the coming surge. They told the public that masks do not work. They then asked those in the public who had bought masks to donate them to hospitals, which means that masks do work, but that these authorities failed to provide enough of them to health care workers. They are releasing prisoners from prisons, which will lead to widespread crime, further swamping the hospitals, ambulance, and police services. Next, officials will try to restart economies in virus-ridden zones, thereby perpetuating and deepening the pandemic. Later, they will force people to stay in their homes, or contain them - ill and well alike - in quarantine camps.

I have already discussed these problems as constituting a red-pill moment for medics and citizens. The core of the problem is not the scarcity of medical equipment and the pandemic crisis, but the pre-existing mentality that ranks citizens in terms of their worthiness to live, based on their productivity potential in an already bankrupt, fake system, which in turn was based on illusions of wealth and false virtues. The economy was already doomed. As that veil lifts, we can adapt to meet the resource demands of the pandemic, but to do so, we cannot trust the proponents of the old economy, because they are creatures of that system. If we place our trust in them, the pandemic will be used as an excuse to reinforce and entrench pre-existing systemic failures.

The Coronavirus Goes Militant: Totalitarianism, Crime and War

MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW 2020 (21 March 2020). Video Source: Bitchute.

Worry 1 for today is medical martial law. Above, Canadian vlogger James Corbett explains how the nCov pandemic is grounded in years of policy-making and table top exercises. Corbett, who is an anti-globalist, is particularly worried about the Orwellian language used by globalists. He takes issue with their humanitarian rhetoric and values, bent to serve anti-humanitarian goals. He, like other social media critics, believes that Bill Gates's vaccines are laced with heavy metals and other toxic ingredients. He imagines that an nCov vaccine would actually spread COVID19 or make it worse. As for the military presence in communities, he insists: "Do not normalize this." Corbett's show notes and MP3 are here.

With smartphone footage trickling onto American social media of tanks and armoured cars being transported around the USA, one may well wonder why so much firepower is necessary in order to keep worried citizens inside their homes.

Most alt media commentators of Corbett's bent focus on their fear of authoritarianism, but play down the deadly nature of COVID19. They claim it is a psyop, a false flag, a nothingburger.

These independent reporters do not consider nCov's origins, either as a natural phenomenon, a lab-made experiment which may have been released by accident or through espionage, or as a potential bioweapon. If it is the last, it may have a possible designed antidote (which in turn, may explain recent potential 'safe' strain infections of high-profile figures such as Boris JohnsonGreta Thunberg and Prince Charles).

Image Source: 4chan.

Corbett meticulously documents his reports. He is not necessarily wrong in suspecting corruption on the part of global authorities. But alt media commentators like Corbett are usually 9/11 truthers at heart, and this is how the 'plandemic' fits their world view. They therefore run the risk of blinding themselves to nCov as a real threat because of their trutherism. Generally speaking, they focus exclusively on the macrocosmic level of this problem and avoid the local, the microcosm.

Worry 2: Breakdown of the Rule of Law

Governments and Police Are Terrified (26 March 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

The microcosm is where we find the real impact of this pandemic. Nate Polson, the vlogger at Canadian Prepper, argues that members of police and fire departments are calling in sick with COVID19 infections. The rule of law hangs in the balance. We don't want the streets to turn into a real life version of The Purge American film franchise.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Coronavirus Fragments 11: The Hidden Blessings of Disillusionment

Image Source: 4chan.

Like the German prepper above with normies looking on, we are divided between those who believe official and unofficial narratives about the nCov pandemic. Sadly, the prepper - who looks like a lunatic - is right, and those around him are wrong.

For those with confidence in our authorities, it is hard to imagine that Underground information could be true, when it is not properly verified or connected to mainstream reports.

That division between citizens depends on whether the system has been good to them. Only those who have previously been thrust into the outer darkness believe that the darkness is there. Some libertarian commentators think the darkness is real, but the virus is not; they believe that the pandemic will be a red pill for a lot of people, as the 2008 recession or 9/11 were for others before them. Most economic commentators agree that the 'everything bubble' was unsustainable; the economy will collapse and never be the same again.

Image Source: pinterest.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Coronavirus: The Garden of Earthly Delights

Image Source: 4chan.

This is a surreal moment, not a funny one. Plague humour takes on a Bosch-like quality. Bosch depicted sin as a catalyst for social breakdown in his Garden of Earthly Delights. His famous triptych symbolically portrayed a world letting go. That's the feeling now. Jokes get thrown in with intense news reports and crazy conspiracy theories. There is no clear narrative.

Paranoia and Priorities

Image Source: 4chan.

Crazy predictions, apparently from 2017 - or if you prefer - crazy disinfo. Click to enlarge. Image Source: 4chan.

The Internet Underground, as I have previously blogged, regards Aaron Swartz (1986-2013) as a Gen Y hero; rightly or not, they believe his death reflects deep corruption at MIT and Harvard. Image Source: 4chan.

As authorities respond to the spread of the coronavirus, public trust dissolves into paranoia. It is hard to trust officials when so many disturbing things were happening prior to this pandemic. Even with the best containment measures, governments and hospitals will not be able to contain the medical tsunami. Failures may be so catastrophic that they will look orchestrated or premeditated, even if they are not.

Combine that disaster with economic failure and restrictions on citizens' movements, communications, and activities, all on a stage set to sweep aside civil rights. An economic Gordian knot could be conveniently cut by means of the pandemic response. At the same time, the public will be immobilized and partly decimated. This is not a nice coincidence.

Even red-pilled and black-pilled anons are surprised. They nursed alienation from the 'normies,' whom they regard as wage slaves, for two decades. Anons' distrust of the establishment is so complete that they regard everything labeled 'good' as 'bad,' and vice versa. Yoichi Shimatsu's quotation above in relation to the late Aaron Swartz is emblematic of these priorities:
"Striking at the nerve center of the military-corporate-pharmaco-porno complex is an ethical duty not a crime, one of the few available means to defend constitutional law."
Anons cannot decide now whether soldiers are being shuttled around countrysides to help them in an eleventh-hour coup against Deep State actors - or if the military are ready to imprison dissenters in quarantine camps.

To some extent, this nervousness extends to the mainstream public, made worse by mixed messages from governments and media and the fact that this nCov crisis reminds everyone of 9/11. Compare a semi-official statement about tanks moving now into London, UK with a citizen's observation. Like 9/11, this pandemic will shape the global landscape for another twenty years. Like 9/11, the devastation will not just be measured in terms of loss of life. Unless there are serious, far-reaching changes to shift things away from the current technocratic drive to control the very thoughts inside our heads, this pandemic will be remembered in terms of a powerful loss of faith in existing politics and society. That trend will probably overturn most systems of authority today, whose leaders assume that they will consolidate power through this crisis, not be flushed away by it.

"Harness Biology as Technology"

The public have good reason to doubt the integrity of the global establishment. Things were hardly ideal before the pandemic began. Below is a screenshot of a 12 November 2015 report in Nature about bat virus research at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It is one of the reasons anons - and the Chinese government - claim that the coronavirus had a (partially) American source. There are also reports about an explosion at a Russian biolab, known as VECTOR, from September 2019. There is a Harvard connection, and a Canadian connection, to this crisis.

Image Source: Nature via 4chan. Click to enlarge.

The main thing to take away from this speculation is that it is not all paranoia and disinformation. Gain-of-function research was certainly taking place in top level biolabs over the past few years. Chinese scientific publications from Wuhan were full of it. The money was there for it and the Chinese were not restraining their scientists with red tape or regulations. There was an ethical debate about reckless behaviour in this field within the scientific community.

This is before we get to highly questionable genetic experimentation with tools like CRISPR. And it is also before we get to strange innovations in quantum computing, artificial intelligence, biotech, and nanotech, all of which overlap in the worst ways with genetic experiments. It is easy to dismiss lunatic conspiracy theorists who have been rambling for years about vaccines, chemtrails, and retweeting Julian Assange's warnings against smart dust. But they have a point: DARPA has stated that its goal is to "harness biology as technology."

Public fear is justified, because the scientific and tech communities have not restrained themselves. They have not moved forward in careful ways. They have been held back only by the availability of funding and legal jurisdictions. No one appears to have lost sleep over whether certain experiments should even have been attempted. Lines are and were being crossed all over the place. Researchers have been arrogant and deceitful in their practices and this time, the Petri dish blew up in their faces.

At the same time, specialists in the arts and humanities have failed. They normally act as critics to indicate a larger moral context when science, technology and engineering get out of control. Gone are the greats like Jacob Bronowski, who could stand in a human ash pool at Auschwitz and state: "we have to cure ourselves of the itch for absolute knowledge and power." Bronowski warned repeatedly that knowledge must move forward with integrity, and that anyone who did not pair integrity with knowledge would lose the light of true understanding and any power and authority that might accompany that understanding. Only Bronowski could have pleaded for the integrity of science in terms of the Auguries of Innocence by William Blake:
"To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour"
I discussed Bronowski's assessment of physics in the 20th century as an "immortal work" in my 8 April 2011 post, Worlds within Worlds.

The Jacob Bronowskis are gone. The most vocal practitioners in the arts and humanities have become compromised by politicized navel-gazing. Unlike researchers in the sciences, they barely get funded anyway. And when they do, it is for the worst reasons, to bolster Franken-science with Orwellian goodthink. I get the impression that the only permitted 'soft' fields around cutting edge 'hard' scientific research are espionage, finance, politics, and marketing. The classic commentator from the humanities, who once played a crucial role in scientifically- and technologically-advanced societies, has devolved into a controlled environmental activist pawn like Greta Thunberg. At least the pandemic has mercifully forced her off the world stage.

As an individual, I have tried on this blog to meet the moral obligation to society of a person based in the humanities and the arts, by holding up a philosophical mirror to the Millennial march progress. In the past two decades, there are a lot of bloggers and vloggers in the alt-media who have also done this, as well as some trolls and hacktivists.

In order to grasp the myriad of scientific and technological experiments, tests, trials and research groups which were underway at a single point in time, I selected one month as an example. In February 2016, I tried to track down as many science and tech reports as I could in the mainstream English-speaking press or in institutional press releases. I summarized my findings in one post: Science and Tech: Headlines and History in February 2016.

I barely scratched the surface of what was currently being pursued in labs and test facilities in the United States, let alone worldwide. The footage I remember above all was of a Cape Cod warehouse, in which DARPA was repeatedly flying small, very expensive quadcopter drones into cement walls. I had hoped to make this type of post a monthly digest, but there was simply too much information for me to catalogue. It was overwhelming. I reflected on this big picture in the post, The New Millennium's Gothic Moment.

Image Source: 2001: A Space Odyssey via 4chan.

Surreal Reality: The Garden of Earthly Delights

Notice that mainstream reporting on nCov and COVID29 consistently draws attention away from any moral failing on the part of the scientific community. Were researchers playing with fire in Promethean bioweapons projects? Rather than broach these concerns, the MSM fail in their duty, and paper over the cracks. They fixate on pandemic numbers and manage public behaviour. No one is allowed to get to the bottom of preexisting problems which may have lain at the root of what has occurred.

The only reason this comes as a surprise to the public is that we were not paying attention, and we trusted our governments and universities to monitor top level biolabs. That wasn't happening.

As a result of the lies and cover-ups, no one knows what is really going on. We can't get a real grip on this thing. No one is being held accountable. We could even be in the early stages of World War III, and be blind to it. A Canadian anon expressed the Underground's sentiment:
"we can only speculate as to whether coronavirus is a nothing burger or not. if you trust the media, or politicians, or the corrupted scientific establishment you are naive. but you cant totally discredit them either. we can just speculate and guess as to whats going on because everyone everywhere is a lying piece of shit.

should you be worried or not i dunno, flip a coin, 50/50

maybe this is the best possible response, maybe its the worst possible response. feel free to speculate but dont pretend like you know fuck all, you are just a dumb fucking peasant like everyone else and you dont have access to accurate information. who the fuck does?"
This uncertainty creates a surreal atmosphere. No one knows what exactly is happening in this pandemic, how it started, and where it is going. This has led to disillusionment about some leaders, and to jokes and criticism at their expense, which they may or may not deserve. More seriously, it has led to accusations between Chinese and US governments about the origins of the nCov virus.

An American veteran's response to Lijian Zhao on 4chan: "dude when I was in the army there wasnt even enough money to fart outside let alone poison a bunch of bats in wuhan." Where the uncertainty about reality goes, actual reality follows.

Image Source: 4chan.

Image Source: 4chan.

This prepper earned his beer. Image Source: 4chan.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Pandemic Chats in the Darkness 4: The Macro and The Micro

Image Source: 123rf.

Yesterday, I went to my local hospital for a regular blood test. The doctors, nurses, and lab techs were not wearing any protection. This is in an eastern Canadian town, 45 minutes' drive from the site of currently quarantined Diamond Princess passengers, in Cornwall, Ontario. Cornwall was chosen as follows: the federal government announced it arbitrarily without consulting local people or authorities. Local leaders discovered on social media that the federal government was sending quarantined passengers to their community; the only nod to municipal- and provincial-level concerns was a half-baked press conference at which local officials received their marching orders from the feds. This was a slippery, top-down decision.

From Cornwall, potential infection vectors run directly into northern New York State, USA, as well as Montreal, Quebec and the Canadian capital, Ottawa, Ontario. The smaller town near my house (and site of the closest hospital) is a nodal point for local traffic from the quarantine city.

At my town's hospital, the staff had surgical masks and gloves available but they were not wearing them. The only acknowledgement of the coronavirus global pandemic was a small notice on the entrance to the hospital, which advised recent travelers from infected countries. I went in wearing an N95 mask. Out of the many patients in crowded waiting rooms, I only saw one other patient wearing an insecure, loose-fitting surgical mask.

Consider that nCov is:
  • airborne
  • survives on surfaces for 9-24 days
  • can be passed by asymptomatic patients who falsely-test negative over several weeks until they finally test positive
  • fourteen-day quarantines are not long enough
  • one American cruise ship passenger lied about her test status
  • A Japanese expert stated that the Diamond Princess conditions lacked all controls and were more frightening than an outbreak of Ebola in Africa; in fact, he said it was the most frightening epidemic environment he had ever witnessed in his career.
  • all the Diamond Princess passengers were not tested prior to evacuations
  • Canada's Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, authorized the early release from quarantine of several military and flight crew personnel who managed the evacuation of the Canadian Diamond Princess passengers; she claimed that those personnel had followed the strictest non-exposure protocols. However, the quarantined passengers themselves observed that this was not true and they had seen these personnel at times exposed to them when they were only wearing masks.
This is why the lack of protection at the small town hospital was terrifying. It was business as usual. In the town, alcohol gel hand sanitizers are selling out. But no one is wearing masks or goggles in public.

Macro Level Information

In this crisis, there are two levels of information. There is the macro level of information about the pandemic. This information emerges from larger MSM organs, governmental ministries, research institutions, and international health organizations. On that level, the coronavirus is often being politicized, played down or memory-holed to protect the global economy.

Just as the economy was about to collapse in earnest, the Chinese authorities proclaimed 'victory' against the virus and new case numbers magically plummeted. This is obviously fiction, designed to prevent a Black Swan event, which is already underway. Plane flights should have been canceled weeks ago in order to prevent far worse disruptions later. Air travelers are not forced to wear masks and gloves.

At the macro level, the most interesting information to emerge came from the contradiction between officials' words and actions. While somewhat soothing narratives emerged about the virus 'scare' after 29 February 2020, the reality is that the Brits have set up an nCov War Room, and other countries are similarly setting up emergency provisions which will allow authorities to suspend civil rights and do whatever they feel is necessary to control the pandemic. That includes censorship (already in effect) as well as, potentially, no-go zones, mass vaccinations (of rushed vaccines), and compulsory removal to forced quarantine centres. All of these measures could be abused and the abuses could be concealed. This is a very dangerous set of fluid circumstances.

The other mainstream bit of information came from a 27 February 2020 Chinese research article, which stated that the virus infects the brain and brainstem.

Micro Level Information

At the micro level, there are forums, social media communities, alt-media vloggers, and bloggers, where people are constantly sharing formal and informal information. There is talk of a hushed-up case in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. There are unconfirmed US rumours today about a San Francisco hotel; New Orleans at the university hospital; Scottsdale, ArizonaOregon (also here); New Jersey; Queens, New York City. In each case, the rumour that the virus is already in a city precedes the official announcement. For example, officials in New Orleans are stating today that locals should get ready for the appearance of the virus. If local chatter is true, the official line of 'get ready' actually means: it's already there.

My personal account above would be classified as a local rumour. Although I saw it with my own eyes, why would you believe me? I'm not Theresa Tam. Even if I had photographed the hospital staff not using protection, because I am a blogger, I could and would be accused of faking the photo. Yet it was and is true.

The most recent Eastern Ontario information is that local officials know that it is only a matter of time before COVID19 outbreaks begin in small communities along the Ontario-Quebec-New York borders. Global containment is no longer possible. They are stating that if you feel ill, you should not go to the hospital, rather let the paramedics come to you. After that, they don't say what will happen to you. The Ontario medical testing facility, Life Labs, sends a mixed message: if you have COVID19, we will send you back to your physician and we will not treat you or test you. We will use full Personal Protective Equipment to save ourselves. But there's nothing to worry about; just use hand sanitizer and cough into your sleeve.

The alt-media are attacked, shadow-banned, and censored for discussing this topic. Since I have covered the coronavirus, my blog traffic has been throttled and I have been constantly spammed by ghost Websites with the suffix .best and other dead sites. See the screenshot above. When you find official sources deviating from reality, or notice bureaucrats pumping out calming disinformation, you have to ask why truth requires censorship. The Canadian Prime Minister is fixated on silencing COVID19 misinformation, while stating, yes, the threat is "real."

However, if the Canadian government is falling short, would government officials (including the mealy-mouthed PM) view legitimate criticism as 'COVID19 misinformation'? Medical professionals cannot air their grievances publicly or they will lose their jobs. That is why their concerns appear in unofficial and underground channels. The mainstream media will not cover that information and the alt-media will. On 4chan today, an anonymous Canadian emergency room doctor complained that the federal government has not supplied hospital staff with masks and gloves are running out:
"What about masks? We don't have any. I'm an MD. Can't get masks at my clinic. Stock answers from the ministry. They don't have any. No hand sanitizer either. Soon to be no gloves I hear. What do you think happens Justin when we run out of personal protective equipment? Nurses stop working. Doctors stop working. The system shuts down. I see government doing nothing. I am on the front lines. I work ER. We have had nothing but bullshit stock notices about outbreaks. No indication about what to do with people. Where they are going. What to do once overcapacity begins. Nothing. The government is lying. There has been no preparedness on the front lines whatsoever. I can only imagine the back boardrooms are equally as inept. Get me a fucking mask, Trudeau! Sincerely, pissed off MD."
Imagine how Canadian medical staff feel, if they are being asked to put on a brave, bland face to the public, while behind the scenes, they are being forced into an untenable position, with their lives on the line. Why should they die for their jobs, not in service to their Hippocratic oaths, but because of avoidable bureaucratic red tape, moronic politics, and smiley-faced authoritarian ineptitude? If true, this is an unconscionable policy on the part of the Canadian federal government. At this rate, how are the Canadian medical corps supposed to survive beyond the next six months?

How do we hold governments to account, when they are invoking emergency measures which grant them extreme powers against citizens, including critics or whistleblowers? The MSM have capitulated and report what they are told to say. The only place left to discuss these problems is the free Internet, which is derided universally by failing authorities as a source of fake news, fear-mongering, panic-inducing conspiracy theories, and disinformation. Meanwhile, those same authorities are themselves peddling nothingburger nCov disinformation in the name of maintaining their own positions, as they preside over public order and dead-cat-bounce markets.

A rumour today from Belgium reflected increasing frustration from citizens who see dangerous situations mishandled:
"New infection in a high school in Belgium. Two high school with infections confirmed now. Government doesn't see a reason to close any school."
And a response:
"we are fucked with this retarded pig as health minister."
These instances explain precisely why this information is spilling over into the alt-media and social media.

Bureaucrats, financiers, corporate heads, and politicians should not be managing a global pandemic. To start, they have conflicts of interest, particularly because of Chinese investments. Next, they are unqualified. This is a problem in all developed countries, and the concern is even worse in the developing world, where there are even greater degrees of poverty, political instability, conflict and corruption.

The Coronavirus Rabbit Hole

"You have no idea how right you are." Click to enlarge. Image Source: 4chan.

At the same time, beyond believable complaints, there are apocalyptic conspiracy theories floating around. These stories claim to highlight government misdeeds behind the veil, at high security levels. Such information should be viewed with care and skepticism. But that does not mean there aren't real issues embedded in this highly strange (dis)information space.

There are questions about what happened when a Russian high security biolab exploded in Siberia in September 2019. Another example comes from this US blog. Frightening talk circulates about the viral spread on the US West Coast; read it in parts 1, 2, 3. Those revelations are unconfirmed, and no one knows what the motivation, sources, or profits are for someone who is discussing the pandemic in these extreme terms. Consider that that leaker is speculating about the price of gold. Below, see some informal footage from Iran and other, informal, troubling projections.

A doomsayer. Image Source: 4chan.

Disclaimer for all 'Pandemic Chats' Posts
Warnings against Reading Weaponized Disinformation

My posting of this information does not constitute my belief in this information, nor my desire to spread fear. This 'Pandemic Chats' series is published here to make people aware of the scope of discussion. I do not know whether this is a milestone in the history of real bioweapons in public health or a milestone in the evolution of weaponized online propaganda. Or both.

There are good reasons why you should read this information with extreme caution and discernment. It is possible that the virus is a bioweapon or it may have arisen naturally. Either way, the Chinese government may perceive this outbreak as a bio-weaponized attack.

As such, the coronavirus epidemic might invite Chinese revenge. That retribution may come first in the form of a wave of Internet disinformation warfare, intended to spread panic and violence.

Read this information at your own risk. Treat it as a toxic waste neo-cultural cyber-event. Examine it with the sober reserve of an anthropologist. Coronavirus rumours may be an extreme new type of online propaganda. Do not presume the information is true.

But also understand that if these are real leakers and they are telling the truth to the Internet Underground to relieve their consciences, then the world is now a different place.

I cannot assess the veracity, sources or accuracy of this (dis)information. Some of these fragments and citations refer to legitimate medical publications, which you can read, if you have time. If the rumours are true, you don't have time.

Click to enlarge any posted images. Read them with great care and pray that this is only the next level of dark social media, and not a milestone in biological history of our species.

See all my posts on Epidemics here and here.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Pandemic Chats in the Darkness 3: The Eye of the Storm

A 31 January 2020 leak on 4chan. Click to enlarge. Image Source: 4chan.

We are in the eye of the storm. There is an ominous calm around the world as we wait for the other shoe to drop regarding the coronavirus pandemic. On 31 January 2020, a leaker from the financial sector, who claimed to have connections at the CDC and WHO described the big, extremely grim picture behind the scenes (above). You will notice that the leaker claims that the really dire outcome of the pandemic depends on whether this virus will jump to other species and jump back to humans, especially in Brazil, where there are large populations of wild bats.

A 21 October 2019 conspiracy theory or leak that the virus was already in Eastern Canada at that time. Supposed whistleblower at the Canadian research level who deals with pathogen testing. Click to enlarge. Image Source: 4chan.

Let's recap why this is so bad. Click to enlarge. Image Source: 4chan.

What we know so far (29 February 2020). Click to enlarge. Image Source: 4chan.

There is one report out of Hong Kong that a dog tested positive for nCov19, but vets are currently confirming whether the dog merely picked up the traces of the virus on its coat and nose, but is not actually infected. Given that there are underground videos of Chinese officials and pet owners killing animals, it may be that the Chinese have not been forthcoming about the possibility that dogs and cats can catch this virus, but that their culls of pets - and reportedly, of wild animals too - indicate that our pets can catch the virus. This is really bad news, as is the possibility that the livestock we eat might be able to catch it. We need scientific researchers to test these suspicions immediately. We need to know about: chickens, ducks, geese, cows, horses, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rats, mice, and so on.

In the tweet above, apparently no measures are being taken at Heathrow to screen incoming travelers. And no one seems to be wearing a mask. New Zealand vlogger Ed of The Outer Light made the following comment today about unnecessary travel at this time:
"Why are people still flying back and forward in the middle of what is the biggest outbreak of a virus in the last hundred years, or the most lethal virus in a hundred years since the Spanish flu at least. Why are people just flying back and forward from japan, south korea, and all these different places all the time? The stop to this was something that was put in place ... weeks ago ... . You've got epidemics in these countries that're flying back and forward. ... Why are they doing it? ... WHO has so far said such limits on trade and travel aren't needed to control the spread of the virus. ... It's because of the recommendations of the WHO. ... Responsible people are not planning holidays in the middle of an epidemic."
Further recent news:

PANACEA broad-spectrum antiviral therapeutics - Todd Rider (19 February 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Covid10 daily update 28th of Feb (28 February 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

How the virus spread over one month in China. One hour of video from the outbreak in China #Covid19 (28 February 2020). Video Source: Youtube.




Click to enlarge. Image Source: 4chan.

ACE2 receptors, which this coronavirus uses to enter the cells, according to genetically distinct ethnic groups. This is a difficult subject not discussed in the mainstream media. Image Source: 1000 Genomes Project via 4chan.

Improvised cat mask in China. Image Source: 4chan. See also here.

Air Pollution Filter Mask for Dogs from K9 Mask on Vimeo. No promotional.

Image Source: Dog Pollution Mask. No promotional, but N95 masks are here.

Disclaimer for all 'Pandemic Chats' Posts
Warnings against Reading Weaponized Disinformation

My posting of this information does not constitute my belief in this information, nor my desire to spread fear. This 'Pandemic Chats' series is published here to make people aware of the scope of discussion. I do not know whether this is a milestone in the history of real bioweapons in public health or a milestone in the evolution of weaponized online propaganda. Or both.

There are good reasons why you should read this information with extreme caution and discernment. It is possible that the virus is a bioweapon or it may have arisen naturally. Either way, the Chinese government may perceive this outbreak as a bio-weaponized attack.

As such, the coronavirus epidemic might invite Chinese revenge. That retribution may come first in the form of a wave of Internet disinformation warfare, intended to spread panic and violence.

Read this information at your own risk. Treat it as a toxic waste neo-cultural cyber-event. Examine it with the sober reserve of an anthropologist. Coronavirus rumours may be an extreme new type of online propaganda. Do not presume the information is true.

But also understand that if these are real leakers and they are telling the truth to the Internet Underground to relieve their consciences, then the world is now a different place.

I cannot assess the veracity, sources or accuracy of this (dis)information. Some of these fragments and citations refer to legitimate medical publications, which you can read, if you have time. If the rumours are true, you don't have time.

Click to enlarge any posted images. Read them with great care and pray that this is only the next level of dark social media, and not a milestone in biological history of our species.

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Friday, February 28, 2020

Coronavirus Fragments 6: Is It Real?

Pope's brief security incident 31 December 2019; the pope's illness has prompted conspiracy theorists to ponder this incident. Gif Source: 4chan.

A lot of people doubt the seriousness of the novel coronavirus pandemic and think the huge media coverage of it is fear porn. They believe that nCov exists but that COVID19 is not that scary an illness. Perhaps it is (they say) a US-election-year psyop; a cover story for economic covert conflict between China and the US; a trumped-up excuse to reset a broken global economy; an excuse to suppress the alternative media; an excuse to suppress populations around the world and put them in quarantine centres; a hostile attack on Iran, masked as an epidemic, and so on.

Nevertheless, the drastic actions in China and smartphone footage leaked to Chinese social media belie this theory. This shows how the Internet and mainstream media create a sense of unreality about everything. Could it really all be faked?

Here is a partial summary of a flood of information on the novel coronavirus:
  • South China Morning Post (28 February 2020): Pope slightly ill, seen blowing nose at mass, canceled appointments
  • Novel coronavirus can survive for 9 days on surfaces. However, note that two other coronaviruses, transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGEV) and mouse hepatitis virus (MHV), can survive for 28 days on surfaces at 4 degrees Celsius (The Journal of Hospital Infection DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jhin.2020.01.022). This may or may not be relevant.
  • New York Times (27 February 2020): "Iran Vice President Is One of 7 Officials to Contract Coronavirus Masoumeh Ebtekar, President Hassan Rouhani’s deputy for women’s affairs and the highest-ranking woman in the government, was at least the seventh Iranian official to test positive."
  • Daily Mail (28 February 2020): Could be 1000 times more infectious than SARS
  • Dim Sum Daily (28 February 2020): Pet dog infected with COVID19 in Hong Kong; UK vets express skepticism, saying it could be a false positive (see also here, here, here)
  • Dim Sum Daily (29 February 2020): Pet cat quarantined, but tested negative for COVID19 in Hong Kong
  • Dog N95 masks (one of many vendors, no promotional)
  • Animal contraction questions and antibody dependent enhancement (ADE): can sheep, horses, cows, chickens, rats, mice etc. contract the virus? (speculation, also here)
  • Microbes and Infection (22 February 2020): "Is COVID-19 Receiving ADE From Other Coronaviruses?": "One of the most perplexing questions regarding the current COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic is the discrepancy between the severity of cases observed in the Hubei province of China and those occurring elsewhere in the world. One possible answer is antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) of SARS-CoV-2 due to prior exposure to other coronaviruses. ADE modulates the immune response and can elicit sustained inflammation, lymphopenia, and/or cytokine storm, one or all of which have been documented in severe cases and deaths. ADE also requires prior exposure to similar antigenic epitopes, presumably circulating in local viruses, making it a possible explanation for the observed geographic limitation of severe cases and deaths."
  • 4chan speculation about ADE and nCov19 (28 February 2020); see also here: "So basically, it's starting to look like it has ADE because of prior infections with coroanviruses, that would include the two that cause the common cold. However, I'm also thinking that specifically SARS/MERS antibodies gives SARS-CoV-2 a major boost in infectious rate, because right now, the countries that are getting hit the hardest, China, Iran, SK, Italy, all had outbreaks of SARS/MERS. I also believe that SARS/MERS flew under the radar with milder symptoms for a majority, which means that those countries are most likely walking around with antibodies for SARS/MERS and is the reason they are getting hit the hardest. However, this is also troubling because this gives reinfection a much clearer danger."
  • nCov19 may use other receptors besides ACE2? Antiviral Research (8 and 10 February 2020): The spike glycoprotein of the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV contains a furin-like cleavage site absent in CoV of the same clade
  • South Korea sets up drive-thru COVID19 testing facilities
  • IB Times (26 February 2020): "North Korea's first confirmed Coronavirus COVID 19 patient shot dead: report"
  • Lancet (30 January 2020; DOI:https://doi.org/10.1016/S0140-6736(20)30251-8): Genomic characterisation and epidemiology of 2019 novel coronavirus: implications for virus origins and receptor binding
  • Next Big Future (25 February 2020): Coronavirus Is Bat Coronavirus With SARS Receptor: "Genetic analysis of the COVID-19 virus shows that it is very similar to a coronavirus in bats but the receptor binding looks like the receptor for SARS. This could happen naturally with slow changes of one in ten thousand sequences each year. This appeared all at once. This gives support to the belief that the Wuhan lab took the bat virus and attached the SARS receptor. However, this could happen with the mechanism of antigenic shift. While influenza viruses change all the time due to antigenic drift, antigenic shift happens less frequently. Antigenic shift is the process by which two or more different strains of a virus, or strain of two or more different viruses, combine to form a new subtype having a mixture of the surface antigens of the two or more original strains. The term is often applied specifically to influenza, as that is the best-known example, but the process is also known to occur with other viruses, such as visna virus in sheep. Antigenic shift is a specific case of reassortment or viral shift that confers a phenotypic change."
  • 4chan (28 February 2020): "I don't have the pdf at hand, but they tried treating nCov patients with SARS antibodies and found it had no effect. So not sure to what extend older infections of other viruses affect the illness."
  • 4chan (28 February 2020): discussion of cytokine storm: "chances are this could actually during infection just hijack antibodies, which would explain the asymptomatic period, because your body reacts to something then the virus hides in the antibodies basically, just giving you mild symptoms, until the virus is everywhere and it causes a cytokine storm, or septic shock." and a related answer: "Well, I read something similar, and some specific research for SARS, which indicated that it could actually worsen the infection if continued under a longer period. Also, if they treat already infected patients it wouldn't do anything more than spread the disease further, which is hard to detect if the patient naturally is getting worse. I would like to see someone with added SARS antibodies then get infected."
  • 4chan (28 February 2020): discussion of HIV and similarity to nCov interacts with PACS1 protein: "'In addition, the human protein plays a role in HIV-1 Nef-mediated downregulation of cell surface MHC-I molecules to the TGN, thereby enabling HIV-1 to escape immune surveillance.' So there seems to be more and more credence to the HIV parts as well, not that it's spliced with it, but that it uses similar ways to avoid detection and so on."
  • AFP / El Heraldo (27 February 2020): WHO criticizes Italy for testing too thoroughly
  • Zero Hedge (28 February 2020): Whistleblower claims corrupt cover-up of mishandlings and mishaps at US quarantine facilities
  • Zero Hedge (28 February 2020): Record numbers of CEOs departed in January 2020, prompting speculation about their golden parachutes prior to crash
  • Zero Hedge (28 February 2020): summary update for that day

Images Sources: Lancet via Next Big Future.

UK planning. Image Source: Twitter via 4chan. Click to enlarge.

Image Source: 4chan.

Image Source: Twitter.

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