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This blog describes Metatime in the Posthuman experience, drawn from Sir Isaac Newton's secret work on the future end of times, a tract in which he described Histories of Things to Come. His hidden papers on the occult were auctioned to two private buyers in 1936 at Sotheby's, but were not available for public research until the 1990s.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Blog's Tenth Birthday

Stills from Blade Runner 2049 (2017) © Warner / Sony. Reproduced non-commercially under Fair Use. Image Source: RPF.

Happy Birthday, Dear Blog

Last month was the blog's tenth birthday! The blog has almost reached 4 million unique hits. I am deeply grateful to all readers who stop by and to fellow content creators in the alt media.

The Best Posts page will soon be updated, here. The five-year retrospective, Perspectives and Milestones, summarized my rationale for blogging about the impact of technology on the 20th century world, as a way of understanding the history of the 21st century.

Conclusion of a Decade

Image Source: tumblr.

Over the past decade, I observed two main trends: first, the erosion of conventional authority in the face of democratized access to information; and second, the attempt by the establishment to exploit and manipulate information to regain control of an increasingly red-pilled public.

I am now writing a book based on the blog, Inside the Potemkin Village (more below).

Given current circumstances, I am moving daily posts and community discussions to closed forums.

I am a Canadian blogger. In April 2020, there was a discussion in Ottawa about criminalizing anyone who discussed conspiracy theories or peddled disinformation online about COVID19. I analyze disinformation and conspiracy theories as examples of techno-culture. This distinction would be missed by authorities.

I am also writing on the Blogger platform, which is run by Google, notorious for its deplatforming of the alt media on Youtube. I expect social media censorship to increase, along with mayhem in the streets.

A man had an open container of Alcohol. NYPD slammed him on his head unconscious. (24 May 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

For these reasons, research links and updates about my work will be found for free on Discord. Please join the conversation. I will write fewer blog posts, and the ones I do write will be behind a small Patreon subscriber paywall ($1 per month). I will still occasionally write non-crisis posts here and at my other blogs.

This isn't just about me. The current circumstances are so serious and volatile that I am asking for support to develop a private online community, based on this blog.

Become a Patron!

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Real-Time, Red-Pilled History

Image Source: Jesus Mendez.

Why support the writing of Inside the Potemkin Village?

This blog was conceived as an original and unique experiment in writing what I call 'real-time history.' The idea was that information was moving so quickly, and in such volumes, and in so many new formats, that it was not possible to write a professional academic history of the new Millennium by waiting the traditional 30+ years before engaging the historical view. It had to be done day-by-day.

Technologically-driven communication poses other serious problems for historical writing. There are new forms of global community and identification; new media; malleable and anonymous sources; disappearing information; whistle-blowing; challenges to traditional information authorities; big data; and censorship.

The most popular post here is my 2017 summary of new Millennial politics: Red Pill, Blue Pill, Green Pill, Black Pill. One of the readers remarked:
"This was a truly amazing and inspired blog post. I do hope you are able to publish a book that further delves into these cyber resistance and cultural movements. I'd buy it today. The closest I've seen to someone actually publishing a book that attempts to cover 4chans massive cultural influence is 'hacker hoaxer whistleblower spy', but you are far more versed in the minutiae of it all."
To the Red Pills: do you want your history written by someone who understands what you went through and followed it every day?

Without an alternative history, your experiences from the first quarter of the 21st century will be judged through the lens and politics of mainstream academic theory. Not only will this be inaccurate, it will reflect the Orwellian aims of the current establishment, which silences alternative voices, suppresses independent implementations of technology, and absorbs the best of tech start-ups and cyber-movements, while removing their independent legacies from the record.

Without a crowd-funded, real-time, red-pilled history, the story of life on the early Internet will be written by scholars funded by the likes of Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, and Jeff Bezos. You know how it will read.

Going forward, alternative voices won't just be erased from the Internet. They will be erased from history. He who writes history provides the future world view.

This is why I am writing my first collection of essays on this early Millennial period in Inside the Potemkin Village. In order to finish the book and other writing projects, while also developing that knowledge into community strategies to survive at this challenging time, I am asking for your support.

NOTE: I may change platforms for chat, forums, and virtual meetings; check below for any updates or write to me (here) for new invite links.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Pandemic Theatre of Violence


Today, see looting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA in the wake of the death of 46-year-old African American George Floyd at the hands of a white policeman, Derek Chauvin. I blogged about his death in my previous post, in which I noted similarities to police violence in China.





Second video: TARGET BEING LOOTED IN MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA (28 May 2020). Video Source: Bitchute.


My main question about this terrible crime was the larger context of these incidents. What made me wonder about it first was the second officer, Tou Thao, who was smirking and laughing at passersby who were begging Chauvin to stop torturing Floyd. Aside from the possibility that he is a psychopath, why was Thao giggling at the distress of both Floyd and of the onlookers?

Why would police allow themselves to be filmed murdering a citizen? Even corrupt, racist police presumably prefer to commit felonies off camera. Regarding this crazy, disturbing scene, I could not help wondering if they were put up to it to terrorize the population and/or to provoke racial conflict. I am not questioning the horror of Floyd's death, nor endemic racism in the United States, nor serious problems with police brutality aimed at African Americans.

However, it is obvious that the pandemic is a dry tinderbox and now we have racial war added to the messy debates over the pandemic, COVID deaths, quarantines, restrictions, lockdowns, and economic collapse. You can see the rage on Twitter churning now against Chauvin, where his name has become a hashtag for violent discussion. From the beginning, it seemed that the WHO's priority was inserting a politicized, racial narrative into a public health crisis, an intention which is now fulfilled. Indeed, the mainstream press have been talking about racism and the coronavirus non-stop from the beginning of the pandemic.

The WHO badly managed the pandemic on those grounds, that is, it did not advise stopping travel from China because that would be Sinophobic. There was a campaign in Italy to hug a Chinese man on the street in Florence to combat Sinophobia. After that, the WHO designated the crisis officially as a pandemic and called for global suppression of civil rights, the need to invade people's homes, to incarcerate citizens, to remove children from parental custody. Now, hugging everyone is practically outlawed everywhere. What is going on here?

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Pandemic, One of Many Disruptive Technologies?

Imperial College London's Table of Disruptive Technologies. Click to enlarge. Examine it here. Image Source: Imperial College London.

I have located a related video (below) from Celeste Solum about pandemic global plans at the World Economic Forum (WEF). I blogged about it in my previous two posts, The Birth of the Totalitarian Technocracy: Would You Like to Know More? and The Highest Point of Beta Male Ambition in Human History.

Artificial Intelligence and the Soon Coming Mark of the Beast! (22 April 2020). Video Source: Subsplash.

Solum, a former FEMA manager-turned-whistle-blower is also a militant Christian with a dash of New Age awakening. The opening music and religious rhetoric used by Lyn Leahz and Celeste Solum may not to be the taste of some readers, nor will their ideas. They are as far from a mainstream view of current events as it is possible to get.

However, the substance of what Solum is reviewing is drawn from mainstream Websites, including the WEF and Imperial College London. Thus, it might be worth considering this information. The video I originally shared which was censored was not the above interview; the censored video showed Solum exploring the WEF Website. You can see her commentaries dismissed as a hoax, here.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Coronavirus Fragments 16: The Highest Point of Beta Male Ambition in Human History

Image Source: The Verge.

On 23-24 May 2020, Celeste Solum's video, featured at the top of my 23 May 2020 post, The Birth of the Totalitarian Technocracy, which criticized the World Economic Forum's plans as a roadmap for totalitarian global governance, was taken off Youtube. The account which hosted it, Willem Felderhof, removed all content.

Assuming that the owner of the Willem Felderhof channel did not have a change of heart overnight for other reasons, this could be interpreted through a blue-pilled view, which trusts authority, or through a red-pilled lens, which does not. Was this a question of censoring harmful, crackpot disinformation? Or was this information suppressed because Solum's anti-establishment heresy was correct?

In alt media circles, there is a consensus that one is only shot down if one is over the target, that is, one's interpretation of establishment misdeeds was correct and therefore had to be silenced. Of course, the mainstream perspective is the opposite - that a particular interpretation of information is beyond the pale of reasonable discourse and must be suppressed.

On 19 May 2020, the NYT interpreted this distinction as a question of the dangers of being red-pilled, which it defined in terms of a gulf between left- or right-wing political opinions. But red-pilling is not about conservative politics, so much as it is about crashing out of the whole left-right paradigm. Being red-pilled reflects profound disillusionment about establishment narratives, a shattering of world views, and a refusal to accept top-down interpretations of information. The red-pilled experience of extreme alienation, born out of democratized access to information, countered by the control and manipulation of information, describes the new context of 21st century politics.

On this blog, I have maintained that social alienation and economic decline have been compounded by a misunderstanding of the degree to which things have changed over the past two decades. Outdated terms from previous centuries dominate our political, economic, and social discourses. They have not kept pace with enormous leaps in technology. Within that gap, there lie cognitive dissonance, and the potential for totalitarian exploitation as the public cannot distinguish between propaganda, that is, historical terms used to describe reality, and evident, Protean reality.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Birth of the Totalitarian Technocracy: Would You Like to Know More?

Still from Starship Troopers (1997) © Sony / Buena Vista. Reproduced non-commercially under Fair Use.

There are people on the Internet who are already building the anti-technocracy. Among these is a New Age, back-to-the-land commentator, Celeste Bishop Solum. I haven't investigated her background, but she is listed as having worked for decades for the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other US government agencies. She speaks with assurance and claims to be a whistleblower. Her profile statement is here. Her Website is here. I will address her New Age attitudes and anti-technocracy projects in a separate post.

Solum has summarized the birth of the totalitarian technocracy, in the form of an ever-changing, enormous plan for all sectors of the economy, society, politics, and all countries - by perusing the World Economic Forum's (WEF) Website.

COVID Action Platform; the blueprint of the New World Order explained (2 April 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Even if you doubt Solum's statements, opinions, and credibility, the WEF's statements are there for you to read for yourself, and you should read every last word on the WEF Website, if you want to know what is planned for you.

According to Solum, these pages explain how the technocracy will be birthed on the back of the pandemic and where all this is going. You have to create an account and sign in to see this information. Obviously, if you trust the authorities, you will not agree with Solum’s interpretation of WEF planning.

The planners' big picture for the pandemic: