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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fountain of Youth 15: The Magic Word is Telomere

Telomeres - the tips at the end of chromosomes. Image Source: Nature.

A report from late 2010 confirmed progress made toward unlocking, halting and reversing the ageing process (via Top News):
London, Nov 29 [2010]: Scientists have found a way to reverse aging, unlocking the secret of eternal youth and paving the way for a drug to keep one "forever young".

Lives could be longer and healthier, free from illnesses such as Alzheimer's and heart disease, with skin and hair retaining their youthful lustre. Increasing the number of years of healthy life would greatly ease health service costs and reduce the burden on families of caring for frail relatives, the Daily Mail reported, citing the journal Nature. The research, carried out by oncologist Ronald DePinho of Harvard University, reversed the effects of ageing in animals for the first time in experiments on mice.

Before treatment, the mice's skin, brains, guts and other organs resembled those of an 80-year-old person. But within just two months of being given a drug that switches on a key enzyme, the creatures had grown so many new cells that they had almost completely rejuvenated. Remarkably, the male mice went from being infertile to fathering large litters.

The breakthrough centres on structures called telomeres - tiny biological clocks that cap the ends of chromosomes, protecting them from damage.
Telomeres are a hot topic among Baby Boomers (and likely will soon reach the attention of Gen Xers). Here are some of the hundreds of reports on this topic:

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