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This blog describes Metatime in the Posthuman experience, drawn from Sir Isaac Newton's secret work on the future end of times, a tract in which he described Histories of Things to Come. His hidden papers on the occult were auctioned to two private buyers in 1936 at Sotheby's, but were not available for public research until the 1990s.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Syria's 10,000 Year Layers of Reality

Image Source: Web Pro News.

Syria is currently the Internet's favourite conspiracy theorists' stepchild. WikiLeaks dumps contend with a so-called "US-led conspiracy against Syria." There are the unconfirmed Homs Youtube massacre videos and anguished MSM chatter about 'chemical weapons' aimed at the country's citizens. As the situation shifts toward international action, characters like George Galloway join the rain dance.

I won't comment here directly on the Syrian troubles, but rather suggest in this case how Millennial meta-realities are derived from information, not the other way around. This is a phenomenon which Orwell recognized during the Spanish Civil War: because of opposing disinformation campaigns, independent reality disappears. That is a frightening moment. In our era, this moment depends critically on the implementation of online media. And it offers powerful potential, recognized by all players.

Conspiracy theorists are waist deep in the usual suspects, many of which are thinly-disguised characters out of the fake fin-de-si├Ęcle anti-Semitic tract, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: Illuminati, CIA, Zionists, anti-Zionists, Arab nationalists, religious factions, al-Qaeda, international bankers and Russians. Theorists' complex logic and exciting mythologies supposedly inch toward something called the 'real truth.' As the conflict escalates, the blogger at Examined Intelligence, who must surely be an anti-Galloway animal, describes WikiLeaks' Syrian role in metaphorical style:
The recent hype created by the limited hangout operation known as 'Wikileaks' regarding the exposures of Syrian government documents shows no real Scoops, but simply rehashes old news in a manner designed to condemn 'Western Hypocrisy' with regards to Syria. It doesn't take a genius to understand it has something to do with Assange's new Bosses at the Kremlin.

As we noticed a few months ago, the purchase of former CIA asset \ MK-Ultra zombie Julian Assange by the Kremlin's state sponsored propaganda channel ' Russia Today \ RT' (believed to be an "alternative news" outfit by all too many gullible American bloggers) where he was given a prime time show (the first of which hosted Hezbollah's terror kingpin Hassan Nasrallah), had nothing to do with any kind of 'investigative journalism'. Assange simply switched sides to the Russian FSB once he became a liability to the CIA limited hangout apparatus.

All the documents published so far by Wikileaks are related to western companies selling communications gear to the Syrian government, supposedly in violations of the sanctions regime imposed on Syria on behalf of western oligarchies. This is in a time when Russian trade with Syria is heavily condemned by the western MSM, thus the whole thing can be understood as a Russian counter measure to western propaganda. ...

A real investigative exposure would have focused on NATO's complicity with funding and arming Al-Qaeda and similar terrorist groups in an effort to destabilize the Syrian government, but Wikileaks has no interest in any of this. Instead they simply focus on whatever serves the present short term interest of their current bosses in Moscow. There's nothing dramatic with western companies trading with Assad, unless it is understood in the context of current Russian diplomacy. ...

It is best for everyone in 'alternative' media to realize that state sponsored propaganda channels (like RT or PressTV) as well as their patsy facades (like Wikileaks \ Anonymous) must be discarded (and treated like BBC (MI6)) , even when they attempt to create the superficial impression of supporting the anti-establishment agenda. This impression is always fake and meant to lure western patsies (and otherwise well intentioned activists) to serve a rival establishment which is just as bad as the western one.
After flashing the anti-anti-anti-establishment badge of trust (plus garnering points for creatively working in the popular word, 'zombie'), Examined Intelligence believes that Anonymous leads Netizens to a "cybernetic Sleepy Hollow" and argues that the hacker group is a headless bogeyman created by evil financiers: "The 'Anonymous' operation - which isn't likely to represent a real movement but rather a 'no-flag' operation played by the Banksters against the free Internet - seems to be escalating its position on the globalist world theater of destabilization with actual acts of sabotage. What are its real motives?"

Debates on Syria are full of the language of blame and irresponsibility; but these bloody, tragic troubles originate in oppression and mystery. Perhaps they are the latest in a long line of unsolved histories.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Wonders of the Millennial World 4: Underwater Museums

The Phoenix © J. deCaires Taylor. Installed in Cancun, Mexico, 4 metres undewater.

Jason deCaires Taylor is a sculptor who installs his sculptures underwater, where the sea life interacts with them and grows on them.

MUSA ribbon-cutting ceremony.
Several large installations are protected in an underwater sculpture museum in Molinere Bay, Grenada, which will develop into an artificial coral reef as time passes. Another such park, the Museum of Underwater Modern Art (MUSA), is situated off the coast of Cancun, Mexico.

You can see the Gen X artist's fascinating gallery of environmental sculptures in dreamy underworlds here (Hat tip: Ghost Hunting Theories). As the sculptures evolve, deCaires Taylor, who has been exhibiting since 2006, ties together the major subtexts of the Millennial mentality: immortality and mortality; science and art; immutability and transformation; blindness toward, and embrace of, the natural world. All photos are from the artist's online gallery unless otherwise sourced. Photographs of the artist's installations are being shown at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City from 30 June-28 July 2012. See more images below the jump.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

After Seven Decades, The BBC World Service Moves On

Image Source: Telegraph.

Today was the BBC World Service's final live broadcast from Bush House, which stands at the geographic centre of London. The Service is moving to a new home at Broadcasting House. Bush House was designed by Harvey Corbett and financed by American businessman Irving T. Bush in 1919 (the latter was a tycoon descended from New Amsterdam settlers, not linked to the presidential family). The building was conceived as a trans-Atlantic financial trading centre, and was dedicated 'to the friendship of English speaking peoples'; there are two statues at the front portico representing Britain and America (photo here). Unlike the BBC World Service, dedicated to hard facts, the stories around the building and the broadcaster are loaded with symbolic signficance. Bush House anecdotes show how easily hard facts intermingle with metaphors and shape little interconnected worlds of culture.

Depression and Dilemma

The Grapes of Wrath (1940) © 20th Century Fox. Image Source: A Drifting Cowboy.

Are we in another great depression, and we don't know it? If you believe the most dire pessimists, it might be a good idea to brace now for another economic freefall, which will unfold in late 2012 and through 2013, and which will be worse than 2008. By the technical definition, the Great Recession ended in 2009. But this recovery quickly faltered over 2010-2011.