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This blog describes Metatime in the Posthuman experience, drawn from Sir Isaac Newton's secret work on the future end of times, a tract in which he described Histories of Things to Come. His hidden papers on the occult were auctioned to two private buyers in 1936 at Sotheby's, but were not available for public research until the 1990s.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Wuhan: Leaks and Speculation

Day 1 In Real Resident Evil City Video Leaks-Wuhan-People Fell Down,Doctor Broke Down.Heart Breaking (). Video Source: Youtube.

As the coronavirus spreads from China to other countries through airports, speculation about the origins of the virus proceeds apace. Leaked phone videos are filtering out of Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, the locked-down epicentre, which suggest that the outbreak is much worse than the Chinese government is admitting. Twitter commenters, who are poring over videos, are convinced that the outbreak has also been going on for longer than the stated start date of 12 December 2019:
"This is no pneumonia. They had a breach of a bioweapons facility. Hemorrhagic fever on the loose. Think Ebola type shit and other pathogens. Look at the blood."
"It looks like he coughed up blood. we've been seeing videos of this happening to chinese people for months now... just how long has the virus actually been around?"
Some trolls and Anons distrust any media coming out of China, and assume that even leaks are intentional and government-vetted. It is difficult to tell who made these videos, because real leakers would have to obscure their identities and source origin to get past the electronic Chinese firewall.

The most concerning of these leaked videos is that of a doctor who breaks down on the telephone to superiors or colleagues at another hospital in the city. He repeatedly yells: "What did you guys do?" He accuses them of not accepting enough patients.

Image Source: Twitter.

Internet conspiracy theorists are convinced that Wuhan is the site of a bioweapons research lab, the National Biosafety Laboratory, which opened in 2017. This comes via gossip that there are people in Wuhan who work there and are telling loved ones abroad about their work.

In the footage above, notice the blood around the collapsed man's head. Trolls and Anons believe that this disease is a manmade virus that was accidentally or deliberately released. Conspiracists are digging through records of patents and vaccines and are examining suspicious film scenes, which they believe show predictive programming. They are placing into this context past comments from notable figures such as Prince Philip, who said in 1988:
"In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation." 
The main investigation of this type is being undertaken by someone with the Twitter handle, OctoberReignz, who joined Twitter in October 2019.

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

A Journal of the Plague Year

For today, hear the full audiobook of Daniel Defoe's (1660-1731) novel account of the plague in London in 1665, A Journal of the Plague Year. It was first published in 1722. Although medical standards have changed, people's psychology has not. The book reveals how people react to a full-blown epidemic.

A Journal of the Plague Year Part 1 a Tale of Black Death, Real Life Horror Audiobook (27 July 2014). Video Source: Youtube.

A Journal of the Plague Year Part 2 a Tale of Black Death, Real Life Horror Audiobook mp4 (27 July 2014). Video Source: Youtube.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

A New Moon and an Old Omen

Image Source: Straits Times.

There is a new moon in Aquarius on Friday 24 January 2020 (4:42 p.m. Eastern; 9:42 p.m. UTC). Astrologers expect a purge of what has been stagnant or stuck, a jackhammering of old deals and agreements, followed by disruptive, shocking, crazy changes, and a subsequent, exhausted recovery through recognition of suppressed truths. After that, there will be a series of brand new developments in completely uncharted territory. Venus is extremely bright in the southwestern night sky and will have a rare conjunction with Neptune.

Image Source: Chinese New Year.

The tone is echoed by the MSM: this is - could be - the calm before the storm. On 25 January, much of Asia, and Asians abroad, will mark the lunar New Year of the Rat, already overshadowed by its potential for a sparking a coronavirus pandemic.

The conspiracy theories about the virus began to swirl yesterday, when Green Pill Youtuber Jordan Sather found a 2015 coronavirus patent.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Dead and Alive in Time


For today, see two videos. One is an urbex exploration of a reputedly haunted French château. The incredible workmanship, tiles, wood carving, wallpaper, lamps, fireplaces, the lead paint, and the marble work are a reminder that material wealth is no protection against the waste of ages. Even in our brief lives, or across a few paltry generations, placing faith in materialism it is like holding up an umbrella against a hurricane of time.

Image Source: Bloomberg.

The irony is that in previous eras, people were generally more religious. However, the apex of their world view was plainly defined by solid, physical expressions of wealth to anchor themselves in time. A glance tells us that this is the tragic, beautiful esthetic of the dead, a set of choices no longer available to most of us and sadly no longer relevant. Material immobility entraps us in a dead past. Those who still cling to materialism in this old sense use it to construct their social personae; they are deceived if they think that this will help them survive.

Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 20 years (11 January 2020). 7263 days. Video Source: Youtube.

By contrast, the second video is the monumental output of Noah Kalina, entitled Everyday. I have covered Kalina's work previously here and here. Kalina has photographed himself daily for the past twenty years. Kalina achieves a dynamic permanence in virtual reality. The two videos show the tremendous jump in values and perspectives between the 20th and 21st centuries. 21st century cameras and computers propelled the 20th century's monumental, immovable, time-anchored objects into the virtual sphere, and rendered everything that was once tied down by wealth and authority into evolving, shifting phenomena.

Kalina started his project on 11 January 2000, before the launch of Youtube, yet the project was tailor-made for a Youtube space. Younger Youtubers were unsettled by the video. Some were born after 2000 and they thought that Kalina looks depressed and old.

I see in his valiant effort a distinction between the fragile person with dark circles under his eyes, who physically ages, and the eternal self. There are glimpses of personal habits which gave Kalina temporary comfort, stability and security - a beard, a favourite shirt, a girlfriend or wife, an apartment - but these inevitably fall away. What gives him real security and permanence is the Everyday project, in which, regardless of what was happening, he repeated the same activity every day to create a vision of a higher purpose.

Image Source: Spirituality and Health.

In the video, Kalina looks like a superhero flying through, and transcending, the decades. He remains the central figure, his work provides a subtle message about the positive implications (and applications) of technology for those who will follow after him. He is planting a seed of understanding and wisdom.

Image Source: pinterest.

It is an unusual and admirable artistic statement, to capture through photographs and the Youtube mirror the unchanging true self, moving in time, which is continually clinging to, and divesting itself of, its transitory ego-masks and all its props and crutches.

Image Source: AZ Quotes.

Image Source: Verywell Mind.

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