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Friday, March 25, 2016

Dark Days Get Darker

Passengers walk through a metro tunnel after a bomb went off in a subway carriage at Maelbeek underground station. Image Source: Evan Lamos/Associated Press via HuffPo.

Here are some photos from the 22 March 2016 Brussels terrorist attacks at Maelbeek station in the Brussels subway and Zaventem international airport, described here, herehere and here. The terrorists' original target was Tihange nuclear power plant in Huy, where 11 personnel have had their security clearances revoked. In related news, Syrian government forces have retaken the ancient city of Palmyra (see earlier posts here and here).

Two people survived this bombing in the Brussels metro car. Image Source: Daily Mail.

Outside the metro station. Image Source: Daily Mail.

File photo of the airport area where the blasts occurred: "An aerial image of the Brussels airport departure terminal taken in May 2015 shows clearly the areas of the terminal that where struck by the blasts. The first bomb detonated between check-in desks 6 and 7, hitting the crowd near to Starbucks. The second bomb exploded between check-in desks 8 and 9." Image Source: Alamy via Daily Mail.

Brussels Airport before two bomb blasts: "This CCTV image was taken at 7.58 am, just 25 seconds before the first of the two explosions tore through the busy passenger terminal on Tuesday ... . It shows dozens of victims completely unaware of the chaos about to unfold, queuing at Starbucks and wandering through the terminal." Image Source: Daily Mail.

The terminal after the blasts. Image Source: BBC.

The terminal after the blasts. Image Source: EPS via Daily Mail.

X-ray of attack victim, treated at the Military Hospital in Neder-over-Heembeek, in northern Brussels, 11 March 2016. Image Source: EPA via Time.

Candlelit vigils pay tribute to over 30 people who died and over 300 injuried; vigils tap ancient superstitions which symbolically assert the power of light against darkness, this one at Maelbeek station. Image Source: NBC.

"Brussels airport workers and their relatives pay tribute to the victims of Brussels triple attacks at a makeshift memorial near the airport in Zaventem on March 23, 2016." Image Source: AFP via NDTV.

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