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Monday, December 12, 2016

WikiLeaks' Advent Calendar

Every day in December has opened a new door like an Advent calendar, and the surprises behind each door are orchestrated by Julian Assange. Some of his followers think he is dead, despite recent statements about his Swedish rape case. His supporters, who are reading WikiLeaks materials, believe they have uncovered child sex trafficking rings in the American establishment. Their comments on these documents are dismissed as lies, hoaxes, and suppressed as hate speech by the mainstream media and governments.

The LA Times first warned against pro-Republican fake news sites on 14 August 2014. Image Source: Politics USA via Rob Goldstein.

Perhaps more intriguing than the Pizzagate allegations is the claim that Assange was threatened in mid-October 2016 and this threat tripped part of his dead man's switch. On 23 November 2016, there was a report at The Lie Politic that a 'taster' was released on WikiLeaks to protect his life. That taster is here. I will show some of the images and links from the taster below the jump. By the third week of November, The Lie Politic claimed, the material had been available for a month and it was not discussed in the alt-press or the mainstream press. The former are wrapped up in Pizzagate. The latter are busy dismissing everything the alt-news are reporting as fake news.

Image Source: The Lie Politic.

Canadian actress Pamela Anderson visited Assange with trays of London vegan goodies on 15 October 2016 and 13 November 2016, which fueled conspiracy theories that the food was poisoned. Anderson first met Assange in August 2014. Image Source: Express.

In November 2016, images circulated of Anderson attending a Maria Abramović Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) occult gala in Los Angeles, California: An Artist's Life Manifesto (12 November 2011; see more photos of stars here). Above, some of the gala photos, showing Debbie Harry cutting a cake made in her likeness, discussed amid the recent WikiLeaks/Pizzagate controversy. Images Sources: Getty Images/MOCA via a mirror site, here. Choreographer Yvonne Rainer slammed the 2011 gala in an open letter against the "grotesque" bastardization of performance art, and her protest against this dinner was supported by other artists.

WikiLeaks' apparent dead man's switch threats, 16 October 2016. Image Source: Twitter (pre-commitments 1, 2, 3) via Daily Mail.

Assange's followers and MSM sources claimed that the above pre-commitments were threats against anyone planning to kill Assange, not indicators that Assange's dead man's switch had been tripped and Assange was dead.

Russia Today (23 November 2016): ‘We are at war with Russia’: EU Parliament approves resolution to counter Russian media ‘propaganda’. Video Source: Youtube.

Related Headlines (from competing MSM and Alt-News sites):
  • The Guardian (17 December 2010): 10 days in Sweden: the full allegations against Julian Assange
  • Stop Fake (29 September 2015): When Online Kremlin Propaganda Leaves the Web, It Looks Like This
  • NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (May 2016): Social Media as a Tool of Hybrid Warfare
  • Forbes (5 June 2016): Putin's Army Of Internet Trolls Is Influencing The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal
  • Guardian (24 August 2016): How Facebook powers money machines for obscure political 'news' sites
  • WikiLeaks, Podesta E-mails (21 February 2016; released October 2016): Multikultistan: A house of horrors for ordinary Germans
  • WikiLeaks, Podesta E-mails (21 February 2016; released October 2016): What's the difference between a German and a shopping cart? A shopping cart has got a mind of its own
  • Breitbart (8 October 2016): Wikileaks: Clinton Chief Podesta Received Intel that Muslim Migration Was Creating ‘Misery and Mayhem’ in Europe
  • DW (8 October 2016): WikiLeaks releases excerpts of Clinton's paid Wall Street speeches
  • The Sun (16 October 2016): TRUST NO ONE Brit UFO expert found dead in Poland after ‘vomiting black liquid’ days after texting his mum asking her to investigate if anything ‘happened to him’
  • Daily Mail (17 October 2016): British conspiracy theorist who was found dead on a sofa in Poland was 'investigating an alleged US Army pedophilia ring' just before his death
  • Telegraph (17 October 2016): UFO expert Max Spiers' death prompts conspiracy theories
  • Independent (17 October 2016): Max Spiers: UK refuses to investigate 'suspicious' death of British conspiracy theorist: 39-year-old was 'incredibly strong and fit' until he died within days of starting to complain of migraines and allegedly vomiting a black liquid
  • New York Post (18 October 2016): UFO expert was going to expose ‘black magic’ ring, fiancée says
  • DW (19 October 2016): Ecuador admits cutting off Assange's internet after Clinton leaks
  • Express (23 October 2016): Conspiracy theorist Max Spiers' fiancee says death was 'foul play'
  • Reddit: SubReddit 'Where is Assange' (October-December 2016)
  • Youtube: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (31 October 2016): Russian Thinkfluencers | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS
  • BuzzFeed (3 November 2016): How Teens In The Balkans Are Duping Trump Supporters With Fake News: BuzzFeed News identified more than 100 pro-Trump websites being run from a single town in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  • BuzzFeed (4 November 2016): How The Bizarre Conspiracy Theory Behind “Pizzagate” Was Spread
  • BuzzFeed (4 November 2016): “Pizzagate” Conspiracy Theory Brought Armed Man To DC, Police Say: A pizza restaurant reopened two days after an armed man stormed the place to “self-investigate” a ludicrous conspiracy theory that the restaurant secretly provides underage prostitutes to top Democrats
  • Politifact (4 November 2016): Evidence ridiculously thin for sensational claim of huge underground Clinton sex network
  • Uncensored New Zealand (5 November 2016): $13.7m NZ taxpayer funds pledged to shady Clinton charity
  • DW (7 November 2016): Wikileaks chief to be quizzed inside embassy
  • Legalise Cannabis Party of New Zealand (12? November 2016): Prime Minster John Key caught channeling millions of dollars of taxpayer's money to 'ethically compromised' Clinton Foundation
  • DW (13 November 2016): Assange legal drama enters new phase
  • DW (14 November 2016): Wikileaks founder Assange questioned in London over rape allegations
  • BuzzFeed (14 November 2016): Renegade Facebook Employees Form Task Force To Battle Fake News: The group is hoping to challenge the position by CEO Mark Zuckerberg that the platform has no responsibility to address the issue following the election of Donald Trump
  • Gizmodo (14 November 2016): Facebook's Fight Against Fake News Was Undercut by Fear of Conservative Backlash
  • NY Mag (15 November 2016): Here’s a Chrome Extension That Will Flag Fake-News Sites for You
  • Snopes (17 November 2016): We Have a Bad News Problem, Not a Fake News Problem: Fake news may be a bad thing, but not all bad news reporting is "fake," and that distinction should be kept clear
  • CNN (18 November 2016): Kanye West: I didn't vote but if I did, 'I would have voted for Trump'
  • FactCheck.Org (18 November 2016): How to Spot Fake News
  • NYT (20 November 2016): How Fake News Goes Viral: A Case Study
  • NYT (20 November 2016): Kanye West Calls Out Beyoncé and Praises Trump in Onstage Tirade
  • Independent (23 November 2016): Massive paedophile ring uncovered by police in Norway after arrest of 51 men
  • NPR (23 November 2016): We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here's What We Learned
  • NPR (27 November 2016): Fake News Surge Pins D.C. Pizzeria As Home To Child-Trafficking
  • Prop or Not? (28 November 2016): Prop or Not's Black Friday Report: On Russian Propaganda Network Mapping
  • Youtube explodes with WikiLeaks-inspired Pizzagate hoax, alt-news or alt-right pedophile ring videos (30 November 2016): Savile and the 9th Circle (recirculated as: pizzagate - FBI - child abuse - pedophilia - Jimmy Savile and the 9th Circle Mind blowing; a Waking Motion Production by activist and blogger, Russell Burton)
  • RT (30 November 2016): UN ruling to free WikiLeaks’ Assange to stand after British appeal rejected
  • Russia Today (30 November 2016): WikiLeaks founder says CIA allowed creation of ISIS
  • CNN (30 November 2016): Kanye West released from the hospital
  • Washington Times (30 November 2016): U.N. panel upholds decision on Julian Assange’s arbitrary detainment
  • WikiLeaks (1 December 2016): German BND-NSA Inquiry Exhibits
  • DW (1 December 2016): Wikileaks releases 2,420 documents from German government NSA inquiry
  • Daily Star (1 December 2016): SHOCK CLAIMS: Julian Assange ‘murdered by CIA who have hijacked Wikileaks’
  • Politico (2 December 2016): WikiLeaks releases secret German intelligence data
  • CNN (2 December 2016): The reality behind Russia's fake news
  • iTech Post (2 December 2016): WikiLeaks Releases More Than 2,000 Files Revealing The Cooperation Of Germany Spy Agency And The NSA
  • Jezebel (2 December 2016): Angela Merkel, Last Pillar of Liberal Democracy in Europe, Is Wikileaks's Latest Target
  • Express (3 December 2016): Explosive document could REVEAL WikiLeaks whistleblowers behind German NSA paper release
  • The Guardian (4 December 2016): Finland shooting: three women killed outside Imatra restaurant
  • VICE (5 December 2016): Hate speech crackdown: EU says Silicon Valley needs to do a better job
  • The Guardian (5 December 2016): New Zealand prime minister John Key resigns: Key says he would vote for his deputy prime minister, Bill English, if he put his name forward for leader, after shock announcement that he is quitting
  • What Does It Mean (5 December 2016): Assassination Of Finnish Reporters Investigating Bizarre “Pizzagate” Plot Puzzles Russia
  • Politifact (5 December 2016): How Pizzagate went from fake news to a real problem for a D.C. business
  • We Are Change (6 December 2016): EU Demands Social Media Giants Censor ‘Fake News’ Sites Within 24 Hrs
  • BBC (6 December 2016): EU criticises tech firms for slow action on hate speech
  • Russia Insider (6 December 2016): 'Fake News' Vindicated (Again): New WikiLeaks Email Dump Details Erdogan’s Business Ties to ISIS: WikiLeaks confirms what Russian government sources have been saying for months: Erdogan has shady business ties to ISIS oil smugglers in Syria. "Fake news" strikes again!
  • NYT (7 December 2016): WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Denies Rape in Detailed Account of Encounter
  • Craig Murray (7 December 2016): Julian Assange’s Defence Statement
  • ABC (7 December 2016): Julian Assange says texts show he is 'entirely innocent' of rape; WikiLeaks founder criticises Swedish prosecutor
  • Independent (7 December 2016): Julian Assange releases full testimony to Swedish prosecutors six years after rape allegation
  • Politico (7 December 2016): Pope likens fake news outlets to people who are excited by feces
  • Reuters (7 December 2016): Pope warns media over 'sin' of spreading fake news, smearing politicians
  • Bangkok Post (7 December 2016): EU demands more censorship of 'hate speech'
  • Toronto Star (7 December 2016): Belleville woman helped cook up Pizzagate: Writer disavows responsibility for Sunday’s attack, but passed explosive allegations along
  • Inquisitr (8 December 2016): Julian Assange’s Mother Speaks: ‘I Am Feeling both Angry And Sad That My Son Has Now Been Detained Six Years Without Charge’
  • Intellihub (8 December 2016): ‘Pizzagate’ investigator’s journalistic background scrubbed from Wikipedia, YouTube video taken down over 2011 Andrew Breitbart tweet alleging John Podesta’s involvement as ‘sex slave operator?’
  • Russia Today (8 December 2016): Washington Post admits article on ‘Russian propaganda’ and ‘fake news’ based on sham research
  • NYT (9 December 2016): Russian Hackers Acted to Aid Trump in Election, U.S. Says
  • Washington Post (9 December 2016): Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House
  • NYT (9 December 2016): Foes of Russia Say Child Pornography Is Planted to Ruin Them
  • Politico (9 December 2016): Hillary Clinton decries fake news ‘epidemic’
  • NeoPresse (9 December 2016): Internetfirmen zwingen innerhalb von 24 Stunden „Fake News und Hasskommentare“ zu zensieren
  • NBC (9 December 2016): Fake News: How a Partying Macedonian Teen Earns Thousands Publishing Lies
  • The Intercept (9 December 2016): A Clinton Fan Manufactured Fake News That MSNBC Personalities Spread to Discredit WikiLeaks Docs
  • Billboard (9 December 2016): Kanye West Makes First Public Appearance Since Hospitalization
  • The Intercept (10 December 2016): Anonymous Leaks to the WashPost About the CIA’s Russia Beliefs Are No Substitute for Evidence
  • MintPress News (10 December 2016): WikiLeaks Releases Evidence Proving That Assange Was Framed
  • Russia Today (10 December 2016): FBI sent planeload of agents to frame Assange in Iceland, got snubbed by minister
  • People (10 December 2016): Pamela Anderson Defends Julian Assange and Asks for His Release: ‘He Is a Hero’
  • The Lie Politic (10 December 2016): UPDATE: FBI/Law Enforcement Likely Murdered Seth Rich For Corrupt Democrats?
  • The Economist (10 December 2016): Breitbart News pushes deeper into Europe: Stephen Bannon’s alt-right news outfit is about to launch French and German websites
  • Inquisitr (11 December 2016): FBI Attempt To Frame Julian Assange Thwarted By Icelandic Government, Former Icelandic Minister Claims
  • Craig Murray (11 December 2016): The CIA's Absence of Conviction
  • Skrytá Pravda (11 December 2016): Je Julian Assange po smrti?
  • Your News Wire (11 December 2016): Clinton Implicated In Norway Pedo Ring
  • Media Whores (12 December 2016): John Key, Pizza Gate and the Clinton Foundation…#PizzaGate
Mainstream and alt branches of the media are battling to control the public square, the Internet, and the majority vote. They are resorting to identical tactics of accusing each other of faking information, and inciting repression, totalitarianism and anti-social violence.

Where once Julian Assange was the dissident darling of the mainstream media, now he is the bête noire. Despite the argument that WikiLeaks is fueling fake news, the organization has released hacked information which contains facts. Even if Assange's aims are politicized or commandeered by Putin, the leaks still reveal serious problems. Those defending alt-news Websites claim that this is precisely why the information is censored, suppressed, and dismissed as fake; the information is not being properly investigated or verified because the MSM have dismissed the leaks as lies, hate speech, and weaponized information. Mainstream news outlets attack alt-news investigators as dupes; but when they report on citizen journalists in non-western régimes, they remain breathless with admiration.

Double standard: MSM admiration of whistle-blowers and citizen journalists who expose authoritarianism outside western democracies remains high. That enthusiasm for unregulated online journalism fades when citizen journalists try to expose corruption and establishment violence closer to home. In the west, citizen journalists' revelations are automatically dismissed as fake, hate-filled, alt-right, amateur, populist, wild, discredited conspiracy theories. BBC (7 December 2016): The journalists risking their lives to film in Aleppo - BBC Newsnight. Video Source: Youtube.

Below, some images, purportedly from Assange's dead man's switch 'taster.' I have not verified that this material is indeed part of Assange's dead man's switch, or that the information is genuine, or that labels of the information are accurate. I present them here to consider the possibility that behind the crazy, distracting battle between the MSM's fake news allegations and alt-right occult-pedo-Illuminati-scandals, images like this are the real sources of concern.

These leaked files cover an enormous amount of jaw-dropping information, from every continent; and they tell you how the world sadly, horribly works: from Kenyan police extra-judicial killings; to the Scarlett Keeling murder (which oddly, has a pizza-related file, and it is evident that the Pizzagate FBI document on secret pedophile symbols came from this trove as well); to the 2008 Sarah Palin hack. There is information on thousands of topics, including: prediction on the 2008 Austrian election; Barclays bank tax avoidance; avian flu; Canadian universities; American universities; Afghanistan; the British National Party; the compromise of Rocky Mountain Labs in 2006; the CIA; the FARC in Colombia; the European Court of Auditors; the FBI; FEMA; muzzling the Guido Fawkes Website in the UK; the 2009 e-mails of Holocaust-denying historian David Irving, showing his contacts and supporters; China; the Democratic Republic of Congo; the Indian military; Iran; Iraq; child sex in Italy; Kenya; the Mormons; the US Marine Corps handbook on North Korea; New Zealand; Norway; nuclear power plants in Malaysia; Pakistan; Peru; the Rosicrucians; a German report on secret prisons; Swiss banks; a Swiss child porn investigation; Tanzania; Thailand; Timor; the UK; the US military; the Vatican bank; Venezuela; and American college fraternity initiation rituals. There are even bits on Scottish Freemasons, scientologySteve Jobs - and a draft script for the Indiana Jones movie, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. There is almost nothing on Russia in this batch of documents.

I note that the documents marked 'Spy Files' lead to 404 blank screens: "404 We are sorry, the file you have requested could not be found. Please wait [a] few minutes and try again." The list of spy projects (here) promises that WikiLeaks has information on these topics and can make the documents active, but has not yet done so. Assange's group states that their documents prove that western governments are enabling mass surveillance of their own citizens, and of citizens living in repressive régimes; WikiLeaks will be releasing this information in 2017:
"Mass interception of entire populations is not only a reality, it is a secret new industry spanning 25 countries

It sounds like something out of Hollywood, but as of today, mass interception systems, built by Western intelligence contractors, including for ’political opponents’ are a reality. Today WikiLeaks began releasing a database of hundreds of documents from as many as 160 intelligence contractors in the mass surveillance industry. Working with Bugged Planet and Privacy International, as well as media organizations form six countries – ARD in Germany, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism in the UK, The Hindu in India, L’Espresso in Italy, OWNI in France and the Washington Post in the U.S. Wikileaks is shining a light on this secret industry that has boomed since September 11, 2001 and is worth billions of dollars per year. WikiLeaks has released 287 documents today, but the Spy Files project is ongoing and further information will be released this week and into next year.

International surveillance companies are based in the more technologically sophisticated countries, and they sell their technology on to every country of the world. This industry is, in practice, unregulated. Intelligence agencies, military forces and police authorities are able to silently, and on mass, and secretly intercept calls and take over computers without the help or knowledge of the telecommunication providers. Users’ physical location can be tracked if they are carrying a mobile phone, even if it is only on stand by.

But the WikiLeaks Spy Files are more than just about ’good Western countries’ exporting to ’bad developing world countries’. Western companies are also selling a vast range of mass surveillance equipment to Western intelligence agencies. In traditional spy stories, intelligence agencies like MI5 bug the phone of one or two people of interest. In the last ten years systems for indiscriminate, mass surveillance have become the norm. Intelligence companies such as VASTech secretly sell equipment to permanently record the phone calls of entire nations. Others record the location of every mobile phone in a city, down to 50 meters. Systems to infect every Facebook user, or smart-phone owner of an entire population group are on the intelligence market."

Korea 2008 Candlelight Protest Photos (I cropped this photo from a thumbnail strip).

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