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This blog describes Metatime in the Posthuman experience, drawn from Sir Isaac Newton's secret work on the future end of times, a tract in which he described Histories of Things to Come. His hidden papers on the occult were auctioned to two private buyers in 1936 at Sotheby's, but were not available for public research until the 1990s.

Friday, June 16, 2017

In Millennial Eyes 5: Aryan Mystics of Antarctica and the Fourth Reich

Image Source: Nachtwächter.

The Millennial mind confronts many fears. Fear of poverty, fear of misrule, fear of violence and chaos. In a world dominated by science and technology, the ultimate fear is that rational systems could create mass irrationality. How could a pervasive anti-rationalism come to dominate a landscape framed by reason? Worse, anti-rationalism can manifest its own power. These concerns give rise to the fear that magic has been combined with politics, or that magic has been combined with technology.

Rationalists break things down, analyze them, and solve limited problems within defined boundaries. Wholeness is suspect in a world dominated by specialized knowledge and compartmentalized action. Universal knowledge is a path to faith, mysteries, and madness; however, it is enjoying a vogue in high circles and low. Conspiracy theorists - who lead the fearful - share a comprehensive vision with the supposed New World Order leaders they claim to oppose. Conspiracy theorists are now the world's greatest holistic myth-makers. If physicists seek the Grand Unified Theory and philosophers consider the Theory of Everything, conspiracy theorists offer their own brand of all-encompassing pseudo-knowledge.

The theorists have developed a Grand Unifying Conspiracy Theory, which centres on Antarctica, and uses the seventh continent to explain the role of Germany and America in 20th and early 21st century history. Beyond that, this theory claims to explain our entire world as it currently exists, and as it has ever existed.

Before I continue, I want to state clearly that I personally do not believe this conspiracy theory, nor do I subscribe to its racist or outlandish elements. However, I think it is an important phenomenon, which reflects the evolution of online behaviour and technoculture. This is the conspiracy theory to end all conspiracy theories. It revises the whole history of humankind. This alt-vision would be impossible without the Internet.

Post-Truth and Tomorrow's Politics

Salon screen capture, from a 4 March 2017 article, in which author Andrew O'Hehir lamented over "fake news and endless lies." Image Source.

The craziness of the phenomenon described here shows what happens when politics becomes a battleground of perceptions and opinions. Information is detached from reality and weaponized, and narratives are too. The Salon article above cited a New York Times article from 2 March 2017 on how Donald Trump has destroyed the tone of public debate and is jeopardizing democracy. We must find ways to determine between fake and real information. We must also consider what may or may not be discussed in the public square - and which voices are authoritative, and how, and why. But all these worries ignore a critical point.

If one allows that fake-versus-real is one discussion, one must still consider a second discussion, in which post-truth is a given. When post-truth is a given, one must learn how post-truth functions, in the same way a linguistic anthropologist studies urban legends, digital folklore, and their real contexts. If we agree with Samuel Greene at KCL that "voters' perceptions have become untethered from reality," we still need to understand how untethered perceptions work.

Post-truth is not fake news. It is neither true nor false. It is a principle for people who would like to keep all their options open and stay flexible when it comes to understanding reality. That grey area has tremendous utilitarian value, especially if it draws from deeply embedded cultural memory. In terms of that utility, it doesn't matter whether information is true, false, or blended. If established authorities decry threatening information as fake, so much the better. They stake their current power on a weakening principle, that is, old, limited forms of knowledge. Those who grasp post-truth's dynamics and mechanics have the advantage. That post-truth practical advantage drives the Antarctic conspiracy theory.

Still from Heimat (Season 1 Episode 1, Fernweh - 1919-28 (The Call of Faraway Places); first aired 16 September 1984). Image Source: Cartoon Simkl.

It may appear that conspiracy theories are idiotic nonsense, online entertainment for lunatics and basement dwellers. However, I am reminded of the Heimat German television series. That series dramatically covered the history of Germany from 1919 to 2000.

When I watched Heimat's first episodes on PBS in the mid-1980s, I was struck by how Nazis were depicted when they first appeared in rural Germany in the 1920s. They were shown as ridiculous, marginal figures, brown-shirted spotty teenagers, goose-stepping in the background of town squares. They were ignored by decent folk, who were talking in civilized tones in the foreground. In other words, no one who was 'normal' took these adolescent Nazis seriously.

That dramatic interpretation can be questioned; the history of youth movements in the 1920s confirms that Nazism was much more popular than that and its ideas grew from old precedents in Europe. But certainly, within ten years, Nazism, with all its outdoorsy nature worship and ludicrous magical politics became very serious business indeed. That is why the Antarctic conspiracy theory may seem a silly waste of time - arrested development fodder for adolescent Internet gnomes - but it would be wise to pay attention to it.

Technologically-induced social transformations are opening up power vacuums. Nimble opportunists on all sides recognize that everything is shifting, and potential power bases of the future - not yet extant - are up for grabs. Conspiratorial narratives are one way to surf the post-truth waves to future prominence and control. Today's Internet gnome is tomorrow's politician.

Memories of the racist past in the USA, especially the South, may feed American fears of neo-Nazis and of Trump as a new Hitler. That is, Nazis-in-America may not be as real as the American cultural memory of racism in the United States, a separate historical phenomenon from National Socialism in Germany.

In this post and a subsequent post, I describe how one thread of post-truth, which I call the Antarctic Fourth Reich, covers everything. It works on its own mythical terms, and defies fakeness or realness. In later posts on this topic, I will consider the Fourth Reich's cultural meaning and actual utilitarian effect in terms of real history and real politics.

The Grand Conspiracy Theory of the Antarctic Fourth Reich

NASA: The Bedrock Beneath | NASA Ice Bridge Map of Antarctica (4 June 2013). Video Source: Youtube.

But this post deals with the non-real, where the setting is Antarctica, or rather, Virtual Antarctica. Mass online communication is an unprecedented event in history. People who believe the Antarctic Fourth Reich Theory are part of an ensuing social transformation. They are not that interested in actual exploration and research at the South Pole. Antarctica is merely a suitably remote setting to excite mass psychological impulses, such as cyber-community building, or the development of norms, values and even proto-laws in new virtual environments.

Image Source: Indian in the Machine.

When mass communications, science, and technology push human beings past previous limits of collective psychology and action, one of the most dangerous narratives to arise is superhumanism. For minds beset by confusion, the superhuman is one big idea that restores order.

The theory unites magic with politics and technology, through competing narratives of superhumanism: pre-Islamic godhood, Aryanism, and space aliens. One narrative comes from the Aryan populist, who fears the élitist revival of the pre-Islamic religions of the Middle East. The other narrative is anti-populist and mainly urbanite liberal; this view fears populist Aryanism, even as some New Age liberals find Aryan memes seductive. Both narratives have updated racial icons and ancient gods by transforming them into space aliens.

This is the current populist version of the Antarctic Fourth Reich theory; there is a liberal version as well:
Aliens are real and have been on Earth and shaping its history for thousands of years. Our leaders know this. Antarctica is the site of secret ancient, and/or Atlantean, and/or Nazi, and/or alien technology, and/or covert military basesGermany did not really lose World War II: Nazi leaders communicated with aliens, and built alien-sourced technology. At the end of WWII, some Nazi forces fled to Antarctica and America and covertly entrenched their power in a secret Fourth Reich.
Today's power-brokers are Fourth Reich heirs to Nazi beliefs, sinister Nazi science, and evil rituals. The seventh continent is of interest to a criminal, shadowy cabal, dominated by banks, multinationals and NGOs, which also singles out individuals like Queen Elizabeth II and George Soros to lead a New World Order
This rot has spread worldwide into the top tier of all societies. Before Fourth Reich scandals can be exposed by techno-anarchists, a false flag or partial disclosure about Antarctica will divert all attention away from justice being served. The theory then takes a seditious turn, and demands that the world's citizens rise up to overthrow Fourth-Reich-corrupted deep state shadow governments. At the last moment, Aryan Nordics rally to defeat the Fourth Reich, with the help of the only remaining world leader who is on 'our' side ... Vladimir Putin.
Again, this is not my opinion; this is what is out there. The Antarctic Fourth Reich Theory is incredible. The theory postulates that the Nazis were obsessed with aliens, UFOs and Antarctica. Nazi secret societies supposedly discovered ancient knowledge about genetic engineering of humans, gods and aliens. Further, among Nazi leaders, anti-Semitic racist theory was driven by a quasi-genetic obsession with superhumanism, inspired by imagined human-alien hybridization. A corollary states that the Nazis' ideas persisted after World War II, inside a shadowy Fourth Reich.

Jordan Sather summarized the Antarctic Fourth Reich conspiracy theory on his Youtube channel: Relearning Antarctica - Nazi Bases, ET's, & Ancient Civilizations (8 May 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

Destroying the Illusion: Due to Pizzagate and Vault 7, Beware of a False Flag UFO Disclosure (7 March 2017). The video refers to Project Blue Beam, a mid-1990s' Canadian conspiracy theory about NASA. Video Source: Youtube.

On 13 June 2017, Heather Wade, the producer of the online radio show, Midnight in the Desert, published a top secret US government document (here). Revealed to the public 'for the first time,' this document is apparently 'new' evidence of what was previously dismissed as a hoax. It describes what happened at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 and other American-alien encounters in the 1940s and 1950s (hat tip: Victory of the Light). Is it a fake document like similar leaked information? For what it is worth, the text reveals a common Millennial error and mistakes 'its' and 'it's.' A related leaked document was previously published in May 2014; you can read it here. It is certainly possible that these releases are part of disinformation campaigns now affecting world politics via the Internet.

This information contributes to the post-truth Fourth Reich theory. The June 2017 released document on Operation Majestic and Project Aquarius makes for interesting reading, detailing (on pages 16-17 of the PDF) a huge cover-up of the existence of aliens and the possible 1949 murder of James Vincent Forrestal, US Secretary of the Navy and later Secretary of Defense, who felt the public should have been informed. John von Neumann supposedly developed binary computer language based on his alien spacecraft analysis in Aztec, New Mexico (page 22). It also states that from this period, the CIA and NSA monitored UFO and alien activity worldwide.

Operation Paperclip

American documentary infotainment: Operation Paperclip - The CIA, NASA & the Third Reich. Reproduced under Fair Use. Video Source: Youtube.

The Fourth Reich conspiracy theory starts with the premise that the Nazis did not exactly lose the Second World War. In 1945-1946, under Operation Paperclip, Nazi scientists and leaders were quietly transferred into the top levels of the officer class of the US military, as well as American universities and corporations. Wernher von Braun, for example, was a former SS officer. The US government brought Nazi minds to the Manhattan Project (normally thought to have been the brainchild of refugee German Jewish scientists), and ex-Nazis helped to establish NASA and the CIA. The conspiracy theorists dispense with ambiguities, and assert that NASA and the CIA are US Nazi entities, even today.

Image Source: Global Research.

Earlier rumours placed post-war Nazi refugees almost entirely in South America, but the Fourth Reich theory hypothesizes that similar transfers occurred to the UK. Much has been made of Jewish refugees' arrival in the UK, even though the Jews were not always welcomed whole-heartedly.

But there are less precise references to German-speaking refugees in the UK in the 1940s. Non-Jewish terms include 'German exiles' or 'German émigrés' to Britain, whereupon one finds muted discussions on the evolution of Germanic language and culture, or German émigrés' contributions to British cinema, medicine, science, architecture, and so on.

Were any of these German exiles Nazis? The discussion almost always covertly answers, 'no,' while focussing on the 'transition of immigration' and 'diasporic experiences.' And if any immigrants had been pro-Nazi or ex-Nazis, the discussion is even more muted. A 2013 book from Oxford University Press on the health crisis in post-war Germany has a chapter title about German exiles returning home, which echoes current controversies over Islamophobia and refugees in Europe: "Can we distinguish the sheep from the wolves?" As German speakers moved around the world in this time period, who was a Nazi who was not a Nazi? Only occasionally does a serious study appear regarding members of the Gestapo, who received asylum as German political exiles in the UK.

In Dr. Strangelove (1964), the Russians have developed a Doomsday device on reading about a similar American project in the New York Times. When the President denies this, it turns out his ex-Nazi weapons developer, Strangelove, has considered the project, inside a new, Nazi-dominated American deep state. This scene is © Columbia Pictures, reproduced under Fair Use for non-commercial discussion. Video Source: Youtube.

It is still a taboo subject, left to fringe UK conspiracy theorists, who insist - and this may reflect their classist frustrations - that the UK's upper classes welcomed hordes of ex-Nazis into their ranks with open arms. Conspiracy theorists on both sides of the Atlantic assume that a Nazi fifth column installed itself in Anglo-American institutions, and perpetuated Nazi ideas in the post-war west. This fifth column was satirized by Stanley Kubrick in his film, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964). Dr. Strangelove is an ex-Nazi who now works for the American President and calls him mein Führer. In 2014, The New Yorker admitted: almost everything in Dr. Strangelove was true.

CIA mind control projects from the 1950s and 1960s: "A list of current known information concerning the 149 subprojects of MK Ultra, which was initiated in April 1953 and continued until 1964, when it was renamed MK Search." A playlist with dozens of videos explaining each of these projects is here. Video Source: Youtube.

The 'Allan' aka Ravenscrag, the famous mental hospital in Montreal which conducted CIA-sponsored human experiments through McGill University on Canadian citizens between 1957 and 1964. This was confirmed in the courts. Video Source: Youtube.

Image Source.
A Fourth Reich sub-conspiracy theory traces Nazi concentration camp mind control methods to the post-war CIA, as well as Yale, Harvard, and other research universities in the 1950s. From this, one hears of experimental mind control cases like the Unabomber (a history acknowledged by his family and now generally accepted); and of drug experiments, as with Charles Manson, whose CIA-supplied version of LSD was called 'Orange Sunshine.'

Maybe this would explain why Manson carved a swastika into his forehead with a razor blade during his trial. Famous users who pushed Orange Sunshine included John Lennon and Steve Jobs.

From this hazy perspective, if you want to understand the counter-culture revolution of the 1960s and everything that followed in mass culture, you need to probe the history of Nazi doctor émigrés and the CIA. This conspiracy theory maintains that the Boomers' psychedelic movement was Nazi-CIA-initiated against domestic western populations, starting in America.

And a pop culture note for conspiracy-minded X-Files fans: the name of the chemist who helped develop Orange Sunshine LSD was Tim Scully. Regarding Generation X, bear in mind that the CIA had contracts in the 1960s with Eli Lilly, later maker of Prozac, which reached its height of consumption in the 1990s. Did the US government renew its war on drugs in the 1990s, just as CIA drug trafficking allegations (especially Afghan heroin) became embarrassing? And did the CIA in the same period have anything to do with the happy, new generation of legal prescription wonder drugs - Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil? The conspiracy theorists think so.

Thus, another Fourth Reich sub-conspiracy theory explores the CIA and deep state involvement in drugs, arms, and human trafficking. In this view, average people only witness the surface aspects of politics, wars, technological developments, economic problems and scandals. The real story and the need for planetary resources, serve a much greater, hidden end.

This might help us to understand why WikiLeaks has turned on the CIA and has begun to tweet about the CIA-Nazi connection through comments on MK Ultra. Other conspiracy theorists think Julian Assange is CIA-compromised.

In March and April 2017, WikiLeaks launched a campaign against the CIA. This is a commentary on the CIA as an agency of the Fourth Reich deep state, sparked by one of Assange's tweets. Video Source: Youtube.

Another key figure from the 1960s who was employed by the CIA was Gloria Steinem: she was famously outed by radical feminists, the Redstockings, in Vienna in 1975. Their statement is here. The image below of Gloria Steinem has circulated widely on conspiracy theorists' Websites about the Illuminati. You can see criticism of Steinem here, and a celebration of her here.

On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Steinem flashed the Illuminati pyramid hand sign while wearing a commemorative abortion t-shirt. Image Source: Tara Todras-Whitehill/Aftermath News.

As for the supposed conspiratorial Fourth Reich connection to the abortion rights movement, conspiracy theorists regard that movement as the Nazi-CIA-derived effort to cull the masses. Anti-feminists suspect a depopulation project to destroy the family. They believe the abortion movement is a covert Fourth Reich eugenics project, ending in the ritualistic infanticide of 60 million unborn children in the USA and far more worldwide. Extreme conspiracy theory sites conflate the abortion debate with the ritual murder myth, and claim that abortion clinics partake in black magic practices! This mythology pits anti-abortionists and neo-Nazis against purported establishment Illuminati Fourth Reich Nazis who are pro-abortion.

Triple 6: there are thousands of Websites dedicated to collecting images and videos of famous personalities displaying devilish hand signs. Theorists also assess cult iconography in monuments, buildings, and mass culture and politics; the theory that the masses have been manipulated through pop culture fuels anti-Illuminati and anti-Masonic anger. Image Source: Killuminati TV.

Millennial paranoia about the corruption of mainstream pop culture derives from Internet investigations of Bavarian Illuminati mind control of valuable Hollywood stars. The idea is that the stars are brands and investments; they are also icons of a certain projected ideal form of humanity. They are worth too much money to be left to their own devices, and they must be controlled through blackmail, torture, and CIA-developed brain-washing. Rumours of sex magic, drugs, and human experiments merge together in fears of rampant dark sorcery and Satanism in the entertainment industry.

At this point, the Fourth Reich story of eugenics and superhumanism merges with the Illuminati conspiracy theory. If leading Nazis survived as a hostile élite faction in the west, the theorists argue, then the Illuminati must align with Nazis. This allows the theorists to incorporate the notorious New World Order idea.

But recall that the New World Order idea assumes that Jewish banking interests dominate national governments. Yet if that order is also Nazi, this implies (with tortured logic), that Nazis are Jewish. This allows the narrative to veer off into crazier territory, with conspiracy theorists opposed to 'Zionazis' or 'Zio-Freemasons.' So: the New World Order is supremacist, superhuman, Nazi, and Zionist. This twisted reasoning allows some neo-Nazi nationalists to cast themselves as anti-establishment, anti-Nazi, and anti-Zionist. In a nutshell, neo-Nazis see themselves as anti-Nazis.

Homo capensis: The Conspiracy Theory that the Illuminati are Aliens

The weird evolution of superhuman, divine, monarchical, or racial symbols: these are images from the Homo capensis, or Boskop Man, conspiracy theory. The theory ignores or discounts artificial cranial deformation practices which extend back for thousands of years. Images Sources: k33Out of this World; Extraterrestrial Contact; Africland Post; pinterest; pinterest; Amazon; Humans are FreeConciencia Despierta Venezuela; Green Energy Investors; Aquarian Radio; StellarpaxThe One Truth.

Fear of a fifth column helps to explain why one part of the Fourth Reich conspiracy theory is populist and anti-establishment. Following their anti-Illuminati and anti-Nazi/pro-Nazi tortured logic, some conspiracy theorists ask: are the élites 'a race apart,' originally descended from aliens?

The Homo capensis Boskop Man conspiracy theory hypothesizes that the world's religious leaders, monarchs, and aristocrats, and even democratically-elected leaders, are descended from ancient gods, giants, or Nephilim, who were really aliens or human-alien hybrids, recognized by their elongated skulls, increased brain capacities, Rh negative blood types, and rumoured Thirteen Bloodlines.

An example of artificial cranial deformation in France. Image Source: Gothic Life.

Most examples of elongated skulls are attributed to cranial deformation practices, which archaeologists confirm have been employed for thousands of years and all over the world. Neanderthals reshaped and elongated their heads 40,000 years ago. Another early known artificial example comes from the 9th millennium BCE in Iraq. Scant evidence suggests that some elongated skulls had genetic origins.

Marion Cotillard wore a beehive hair-do at Cannes in 2013. Image Source: pinterest.

Since prehistory, elongated skulls have been subliminally associated with wealth, status, and an aristocratic aspect in many cultures. Even the beehive women's hairstyle of the 1960s mimicked this look. The Mangbetu people of the Congo have been forcing skull elongation in a custom called Lipombo to indicate beauty and nobility for at least two hundred years.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the ancient belief that elongated skulls indicate high-born power derives from visitations of ancient aliens with elongated skulls. Theorists insist that human leaders intermarried with aliens and/or artificially elongated their skulls to resemble aliens, who landed on Earth thousands of years ago and have been dominating normal humans ever since.

Older fears about the British Monarchy and the Vatican, especially in America, are adapted along with anti-Semitism to serve this mythos, which depicts current élites as alien descendants and alien worshipers. See a typical conspiracy theorist's summary video here.

There are subtleties around agency of belief, around who believes what. Some populists believe that élites are descendants of Homo capensis. But there is a type of 'rationalist populist' who discounts the discredited Boskop Man idea, in line with scholarly archaeology and palaeoanthropology. The skeptical conspiracy theorist will insist that the New World Order cabal - the Illuminati - are the believers, and will accuse shadow government leaders of being ruthless and misguided Homo capensis cultists. These cultists, deluded into thinking they are descendants of a superior species apart, are willing to do anything to victimize the inferior, downtrodden Homo sapiens sapiens.

This populist, anti-establishment reasoning sees the cabal building hidden bases in Antarctica to serve their supremacist goals. It is also a line that would depict the European Union as a German-dominated Fourth Reich, with liberal urbanite globalists paying homage, knowingly or not, to an Illuminati New World Order.

Nordic Aliens as Fourth Reich Heroes

1938 Nazi Aryan propaganda. Image Source: pinterest.

Image Source: pinterest.

However, liberals, anti-populists and anti-fascists also bring this mess to Antarctica by a different route. One thread maintains that during World War II, the Nazis used submarines to discover warm river tunnels, deep beneath the southern continent's coastal ice. According to the legend, Nazi submariners followed these tunnels from their ocean outlets into internal warm caverns, miles under the continent's surface.

These caverns were - the story goes - already occupied by space aliens. Coincidentally, believers call these Antarctic aliens 'Nordics.' You can see the Nordic alien Antarctic Fourth Reich conspiracy theory outlined here. Images of these creatures (below) eerily resemble 1930s' and 1940s' Nazi Aryan racist propaganda (above). This is how mid-20th century racist material is being updated through make-up, film effects, and photoshop for 21st century consumption.

Nordic alien imagery, with a racial message in this context. The source is the American Syfy network's show, Defiance (2013-2015); these are the show's Castithan aliens or 'Nordics.' Set in 2046, Antarctica has become a warm tourist resort. Image Source: pinterest.

From Defiance. The Castithan Nordic alien character Stahma Tarr was played by actress Jaime Murray. The Castithan appearance also resembled Tolkien's High Elves. Image Source: Imgrum.

Nordics, Swedes, Pleiadians or Tall Whites are now a common collective meme, listed as one of the Internet's supposed 'alien races.' They are presented as extremely benevolent creatures who wish to lead us to peace and enlightenment. They are the 'Grail race.' This shows the quiet seduction of the alien-Aryan meme, for most people who are interested in Nordic aliens are certainly not neo-Nazis! Some are very anti-Nazi and very liberal.

Communities focused on sci-fi, gaming, fantasy and pulp fiction, or New Age believers in 'ascended masters' like the Nordic Saint Germain (below), overlap at their outer fringes with organic, health-obsessed, spiritually-awakened neo-Druids. From there, one may follow neo-Celtic nationalists and other neo-völkisch movements to esoteric neo-Nazi groups, whose members do revere the Aryan archetype as a symbol of superhumanism. And some of those members believe in Nordic aliens in the Antarctic Fourth Reich.

The online pathways from left-liberal New Age-ism to far-right Aryanism are subtle. Rather than there being direct correlations, there are soft gateways from one set of ideas to the next, through which one may pass if one is so inclined.

Image Source: Summit Lighthouse.

Above, Saint Germain - Master of the Violet Flame, Chohan of the Seventh Ray - is a Nordic neo-angel currently enjoying enormous popularity on the New Age Internet. He is an 'ascended master,' a religious leader like Christ, a character in Blavatsky's Theosophy, previously incarnated in connection to a magical American 'Great White Brotherhood.' Some New Agers believe that Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Saint Germain! Other supposed reincarnations betray source ideas for this figure: Plato, Merlin, Roger Bacon, Christopher Columbus, Francis Bacon. Bloggers channel his messages on Nordic aliens and Antarctica.

Below, the New Age's Ascended Masters of Light, or Great White Brotherhood, is a neo-angelic pantheonbrimming with comforting, tolerant, healing messages meant to transport us from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. However, this pantheon overlaps with Aryan ideas, Nordic aliens, Theosophy and CrowleyianismOther theorists claim the Great White Brotherhood is a Satanist Illuminati cult. Still others follow this brand of European occultism to America's racist KKK and other secret societies.

Again, I want to emphasize that the vast majority of people who engage with these symbols do not know that these same ideas connect to the religious racial folklore of dark magical politics. These archetypes can appear as energetic qualities in New Age meditations or they emerge as fantasy characters in an online role-playing game. They can even arise in religions like Mormonism, or in the related professional cult of Freemasonry.

The New Age version of the Ascended Masters of Light, firstly from American sources, and secondly from Russian artist, Vladimir Suvorov. Suvorov is obviously updating traditional Russian Orthodox iconography. The last few images were collected at a Spanish site. Images Sources: Hearts Center; pinterest; pinterest; pinterest; pinterest; pinterest; pinterest; Curación del Alma - Emisaria del Amor y la Paz.

As with the historical Illuminati, the origins of the Great White Brotherhood began in 18th century France and Germany. Saint Germain the ascended master takes his name from the adventurer, philosopher, declared time-traveler and alchemist, the Count of Saint-Germain (d. 1784), whom Voltaire nicknamed, "the Wonderman."

Image Source: pinterest.

In other words, Millennial neo-angels were born in Catholic Europe, gripped by a rationalist Enlightenment. The superhuman Brotherhood was conceived as a celestial organization of enlightened mystics, great souls who had reincarnated on Earth as superhuman teachers. They were described by a Bavarian Catholic esotericist, Karl von Eckartshausen (1752-1803). This superhuman line-up of semi-real spiritual figures included Christ; all of them were and are considered to be both mortal and immortal. According to the lore, this pantheon mirrored, and corresponded to, divinely-appointed mortals who operated inside European secret societies in this period.

Image Source: pinterest.

One of the reasons geopolitics is so chaotic and illogical today is because the Abrahamic religions are much more complicated than people realize. Beneath their overt tensions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam share common mythological origins. These mythologies persist, even in mainly secular post-Abrahamic societies or enclaves. On the Internet, buried traditions - all those long lost gods, angels and monsters - easily come to life. The split between virtual and real worlds is already enough to transport one into daily surrealism. CGI effects in films and smooth, lifelike video game animations make the fantastical real.

To understand how Millennial techno-politics is evolving, you need to know how oral tradition works and how technology grants it a seamless new existence. It is easy to scoff at this material as nonsense. However, these archetypes retain power over human psychology for good reason. It is their power over the mind which makes them useful tools in real world activities. There is a thread of power from the fanciful to the real: the world of the imagination → virtual reality → real psychological impacts → real political outcomes.

Beyond propaganda, fake news or disinformation, the Fourth Reich conspiracy theory uses a symbolic language which addresses underlying human emotions and impulses. Those emotions can be harnessed in unconventional systems, alongside conventional politics, and directed to shape new realities. As I have noted in earlier posts, there is race on now to find the exact techniques by which the Internet can do this. Among the people who recognize these facts, not all are motivated by good will.

Aryanism Spans the Political Spectrum and Social Classes

An anti-Trump billboard in Phoenix, Arizona, implies that Trump brings neo-Nazism to America. Image Source: Houston Chronicle.

There is much confusion and ambivalence about Aryanism. Liberals are horrified by Nazism and Aryanism, yet one branch of liberals (or post-liberals) considers Nordic aliens to be positive spiritual guides. At the same time, populists attack what they see as the liberal, globalist Illuminati élites for their Aryanism. In that case, Aryanism is linked with the New World Order, not a calling card of racist anti-globalists.

Top: 2014's Dior J'adore - "The future is gold" - The new film. Bottom: an anti-Hollywood conspiracy theorist, The Black Child, condemns Christian Dior marketing campaigns as Aryan, neo-Nazi, Illuminati, New World Order propaganda (6 March 2017). Reproduced under Fair Use. Video Sources: Youtube and Youtube.

Aryan superhumanism is appearing across the political board: rich or poor; establishment or populist; liberal, or libertarian, or conservative, or far right. The reason this makes no sense in terms of overt, rational, modern political analyses is because the connecting cultural rationales are there, but they are subterranean, arcane and esoteric. You can see this occult mess described here.

Even as they unconsciously flirt with Aryan memes, anti-populists fear that Aryanism is reappearing in grassroots politics. They argue that Donald Trump is supported by neo-Nazis; he is a new Hitler; and he will turn America into a racist, neo-fascist régime. The same fears surround anti-EU politicians in Europe, particularly Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen. For globalists, the Fourth Reich is arriving, led by scary retro-blond(e) throwbacks, although 1980s' blond(e)ness has been exploited by many others, including Yulia Tymoshenko and Hillary Clinton.

The images below show the push and pull over whether Aryanism, and by extension, Nazi superhumanism, is presented in a positive or negative light. Trump's supporters claim that the Trump-is-Hitler, Russians-are-evil, and aliens-in-Antarctica declarations are psyops to conceal transgressions of disaster capitalists, globalists, and criminals in the deep state. But nationalist populists do enjoy images of blond(e) power and prosperity, and their online chatter is extremely anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, and racist.

All of this reveals a huge transformation of politics. According to far right French Front National leader, Marine Le Pen: no longer does left confront right. Instead, globalism confronts populism, and both sides accuse the other of Nazi fascism. Thus, for populists, the Fourth Reich is already here, and it is globalist. And for globalists, the opposite is true.

Anti-fascist critics warn that neo-Nazis are deifying Trump with Aryan imagery. Images Sources: Aryan Skynet; Radio Aryan; Radio Aryan; Radio Aryan.

Positive and negative images of, or associated with, Islamophobic Dutch politician, Geert Wilders. Anti-fascists claim that Wilders wears blue contact lenses to look more Aryan and that he resembles the Midwich Cuckoos. Images Sources: Suffragio; Venitism; GeenstijlThe AntiBogen.

Aryan themes surround French Front National politician Marine Le Pen, Trump and Putin. This photo shows a Russian 'journalist' holding a poster prior to Putin's annual press conference in Moscow, 23 December 2016. Image Source: The Times.

German carnival float poking fun at blond(e) populists, with a blond Hitler next to Wilders, Le Pen and Trump. Düsseldorf, 27 February 2017. Image Source: NL Times.

Marine Le Pen: more Aryan and neo-Nazi sub-themes, positively and negatively presented. The last image (immediately above) came from a 2012 Madonna concert, which Le Pen challenged with her lawyers. Images Sources: The Times; pinterestKeep Calm O Matic; Center BlogalamyAna the Imp.

The truly paranoid - who trust no one - think that all new populist movements, with their vulgar leaders and whistle-blower heroes, are limited hangout intelligence operations cynically designed to manipulate the public and exploit fear and racism in a changing world. In this view, populism and crypto-anarchism will serve the Illuminati and the New World Order in the end. This type of conspiracy theorist would regard all occultism, Aryanism and Nordic aliens as online hocus pocus, introduced as a means of psychological control from above.

Aryanism Merges with Alien Theory

Globalist-versus-populist debates carry on somewhat apart from the chatter of UFOlogists, extra-terrestrial conspiracy theorists, and New Age spiritualists, who have fixated on aliens, superhumans, and Antarctica off in their own corner for some time. Political turmoil brings together different online communities, and their memes quickly merge. In whatever way aliens are described, evolving politics determines which aliens one worries about. Different politics brings one to different aliens!

The populists are more worried about the Illuminati's Homo capensis bloodlines than they are about Nordics. The anti-fascists are frightened (sometimes) by Aryan Nordic aliens. Again, still others think aliens are a creepy fairy tale false flag being used to mislead everybody. Regardless, the aliens are critical actors in the rise of a Fourth Reich, however it is defined. They are cryptic symbolic players, derived from the collective unconscious or the Internet's virtual subconscious; and they help people to explain how democracy engenders tyranny. As with nature deities and gods before them, aliens are Deus ex Machina figures who force mentalities to move to broader levels of justified action, fear, and imagination.

One of the Internet's most popular Nordic Pleiadian or 'Tall White' alien images, with fake official notations. The image comes from an unsourced photo, altered in 2012 by artist @Hawkwood at the blog, Shadows in Eden. Click to enlarge. Image Source: pinterest.

Another widely-circulated photoshopped Nordic, Tall White or Swede alien image. Click to enlarge. Image Source: mparalelos / Super Soldier Forum.

Nordic alien photoshopped image. Image Source: Proof of Alien.

The Fourth Reich story is a Deus ex Machina tale in which the collective unconscious becomes conscious. That could be considered a social and political positive or a negative. At the moment of Fourth Reich revelation, good aliens are heralds of growing spiritual awareness and a key to lost human history in advanced antediluvian societies like Atlantis. For believers, bad aliens represent lower consciousness and are emotional vampires, who want to seize the planet for themselves and keep us trapped in the limited belief systems of the 20th century.

Non-believers maintain that aliens do not exist, but they would recognize the underlying quandary for which the aliens serve as metaphors. This is the narrative of our time, a great question about what technology and information will do to us: will it free us and make us superhuman? Or will it enslave and dehumanize us?

21st century conspiracy theories are legacies of the 20th century, a century which explored scientific extremes and violated human limits. Aliens are part of this. Superstitions exist beyond the boundaries of knowledge and they change to match the age. A century ago, as a rustic agrarian economy retreated, the last enchantments of the adjacent realm of Faerie captivated writers like William Butler Yeats. When electricity entered homes, the ghosts of M. R. James's candlelit halls began to fade. Yet these Fair Folk and spectres did not depart. Aliens are a pseudo-scientific folkloric update of older mythological deities, fallen angels, and demons.

The Fourth Reich Antarctic conspiracy theory uses aliens to explain why everything feels unstable and geopolitics are so ghastly. The story mythologizes the individual human experience in relation to globalization, international affairs, computing, hyper-technology and scientific advances. It postulates that aliens are real and active on Earth, and that alien-human genetic lines continue to this day to require a larger political theatre.

The Pleiadian theosophical neo-religion, soothingly 'channeled' by an American Baby Boomer spiritualist, Lia Shapiro: The Pleiadian Message - A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light (24 January 2012). Video Source: Youtube. (Hat tip: Twitter.)

For those who know nothing of this sci-fi update of theosophyBuddhismAryanism, and world politics, the above message is insane. It is a New Age faith of virtual reality, an alien-angelic big picture of alt-history. Note the way this embryonic Internet ideology transforms the high points of our primary technological advances (computing and genetics) into stories of gods and monsters. Earth is a cosmic databank of genetic and light frequency information, "a living library" of species, encoded by designers from many star systems and galaxies. Humans are spiritual computers with DNA coding. These are mythologized versions of the cloud and the Internet of Things.

The Internet's infant ideological mythology evolves to match our level of technology. To understand how far Internet politics has come, and how quickly, compare the above Pleiadian message to Peter Joseph's Zeitgeist movement. Founded in 2008-2009, that movement contained only the rudiments of the now-full-blown narrative. I covered Joseph's Zeigeist movement in my 2011 post, There is No Going Back.

Incredibly, the Nordic Pleiadian message maintains that world affairs are part of a secret space war transpiring now between different alien and human groups! Just google: 'strangelet bombs' and 'toplet bombs.' (!) This cyber neo-religion announces a planet-level mission beyond the understanding of the average person. That 'exopolitical' mission demands the marshaling of enormous, global resources and covert actions, carried out by the deep state and the supposed Fourth Reich. In that secret war, the 'light' wants to liberate us from thousands of years of spiritual enslavement; the 'dark' wants to enslave humanity forever. This is World War II meets Star Wars.

Image Source: iReport CNN (Hat tip: Twitter).

Cultural historians do not seem to have connected German Aryan symbolism and genetic racial purity myths from the 1940s with Nordic aliens, UFOs, and alien abduction theories from American culture in the 1950s. There are hundreds of conspiratorial sites discussing the survival of Nazism in the world's leadership and in Antarctica, all in relation to Homo capensis or Nordic aliens.

But as far as I know, my blog post here is the first observation to draw this exact continuity in terms of cultural history, as opposed to conspiracy theory; namely, I think that the Antarctic Fourth Reich represents a cultural merger of two powerful bodies of folklore. Nordic aliens from the 2010s are a superhuman narrative which combines German 1940s' racist eugenics with American 1950s' science-fiction tropes. The Fourth Reich Antarctic theory is a subtle American reworking of Germany's World War II Aryanism.

Image Source: Prepare for Change.

Again, there is moral confusion about superhumanism, Nazism, and Aryanism. The Antarctic Fourth Reich theorist divides aliens between good and evil, cherry-picking 'positive' Nordic characteristics to describe the Pleiadians as avatars of emotion and soulful meditation on reincarnation. Hearts and minds: the Pleiadian hearts movement, with its Aryan symbols, pits itself against a dark Fourth Reich Aryanism.

The latter Aryanism is associated with the mind. Unfettered rational inquiry, a product of the Enlightenment, ends in out-of-control science and technology and vicious competition. Negative aspects in the myth refer to Hermeticism; the Kabbalah; Freemasonry; the Illuminati, ancient Sumer, Babylon and Egypt; the Homo capensis theory; lizard reptilians; and science-as-religion.

Hyper-rationalists redefine Hitler's National Socialism as Luciferian Socialism. Lucifer the Light Bringer is associated with (false) light angels, or Aryanism, or Atlantis - or Antarctica. Among illuminated cultists, Lucifer is a Promethean liberator, who challenged God to bring rational thought to human beings; and so he is rumoured to appeal to secular rationalists and some scientists, such as Jack Parsons. A branch of these ideas diverts into Satanism, which is much more rebellious, anti-Christian, sacrificial, and élitist.

This part of the Fourth Reich myth recalls Germany's attempt to rationalize science and war in order to perfect humanity. When the Nazis merged ultra-rationalism, science and technology with mysticism, religion, magic and politics, their doctors sought the genetic and occult origins of superhumanism. Today's online commentators find that Nazis forced reality into a hell-pit, with genocidal concentration camps at one end, and Antarctic Nordic aliens, or superhuman alien hybrids, at the other. That duality is reflected in the Internet's reconfiguration of the same bizarre ideas, by way of American culture.

In my next post on this topic, I will explain how the Fourth Reich story grounds itself in Antarctica, and in the destinies of the United Kingdom and Russia.

The Process Church of the Final Judgment - an Anglo-American Scientology offshoot - worshiped Christ and Satan to unite heaven and hell. Note the covert swastika in the poster. The cult appears in conspiracy theories about the Fourth Reich, child abuse, Satanism, NASA, Scientology, and mass murders in the 1960s and 1970s. Image Source: Paranoia Magazine.

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