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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Coronavirus Fragments 10: Male Testicular Damage, Male Infertility, Male Vulnerability

#Wuhan #coronavirus damages men's fertility, shown by China's TongJi Hospital. Human race in danger! (14 March 2020). Video Source: Youtube. See also Bitchute.

On 12 March 2020, a government Website of China's Hubei province noted that nCov - aka SARSCov2 - damages male fertility via ACE2 receptors in the testes. The virus enters human cells through a spike protein and ACE2 receptor enzymes. The report was later removed from the Website; the report was based on observations and initial research by Professor Li Yu-Feng and Yao Yangcheng  at Tongji Hospital and Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan. The virus can even make men infertile. If this information is correct, it is catastrophic, because some estimates expect 70 per cent of the human race to become infected.

Testicular health before and after suffering the original SARS; COVID19 is a subsequent form of SARS. Image Source.

This is not a flu that 80 per cent of people will barely notice. According to Dr. Yao's and Professor Li's commentary, the testes have more ACE2 receptors than the lungs. This may mean that a man can have the virus and he will experience no more than cold-like symptoms, or even no respiratory symptoms; meanwhile, the virus will have damaged his testes and sperm.

Please share this post with men you know and encourage them to take every possible precaution against infection. The original Chinese scientific report is here and is archived here. Note that this is not a peer-reviewed research article and so it is difficult to say how accurate or generally applicable this information may be. Yao and Li state that this is a hypothesis. The section below was auto-translated from their comment; please translate this material independently and do your own research:
"no research has confirmed whether neocoronavirus infection damages the testes and affects male fertility, neocoronavirus is highly similar to SARS virus, and its infection invading cell receptor is the same, namely ACE2. Although no SARS virus has been detected in the testes, SARS infection can still cause severe immune damage to the testes, cause orchitis, and cause extensive destruction of reproductive-related cells.

Therefore, it is theoretically speculated that new corona infection may cause testicular damage, affecting sperm production and androgen synthesis. Obstructed sperm production will affect male fertility, and severe cases may cause male infertility; androgen deficiency may affect male secondary sexual characteristics and sexual function, and reduce quality of life."
The vlogger, Insider Info, refers below to the virus as 'the particle' and to a 'language lesson' in an effort to evade Youtube's artificial intelligence censors, which are throttling traffic and erasing any independent discussion on this topic. His English translation of the original Chinese commentary is below.

Language lesson: Infertility. Anatomical damage by The Particle. (14 March 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

ADDENDUM (21 March 2020): Male deaths are also higher in all age ranges.

Click to enlarge. Image Source: 4chan.

ADDENDUM (24 March 2020): Loss of sense of smell can be a symptom of COVID19. Men are much more likely (70% in one sample of 196 patients) than women (30%) to need intensive care for COVID19 infection. Higher Body Mass Index also worsens effects of COVID19. Also, nCov negatively affects male hormones.

Loss of smell and first UK ICU patients (24 March 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

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