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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Pandemic, One of Many Disruptive Technologies?

Imperial College London's Table of Disruptive Technologies. Click to enlarge. Examine it here. Image Source: Imperial College London.

I have located a related video (below) from Celeste Solum about pandemic global plans at the World Economic Forum (WEF). I blogged about it in my previous two posts, The Birth of the Totalitarian Technocracy: Would You Like to Know More? and The Highest Point of Beta Male Ambition in Human History.

Artificial Intelligence and the Soon Coming Mark of the Beast! (22 April 2020). Video Source: Subsplash.

Solum, a former FEMA manager-turned-whistle-blower is also a militant Christian with a dash of New Age awakening. The opening music and religious rhetoric used by Lyn Leahz and Celeste Solum may not to be the taste of some readers, nor will their ideas. They are as far from a mainstream view of current events as it is possible to get.

However, the substance of what Solum is reviewing is drawn from mainstream Websites, including the WEF and Imperial College London. Thus, it might be worth considering this information. The video I originally shared which was censored was not the above interview; the censored video showed Solum exploring the WEF Website. You can see her commentaries dismissed as a hoax, here.

Vulnerable Citizens in a Bankrupt System

Celeste Solum - "Emergency Clause Invoked For 'Vulnerable Populations'" - News Update 3/3/20 (3 March 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

In a most paranoid view of the situation, Solum argues that the pandemic lockdowns are being maintained to protect us from a deadly virus; but the lockdowns also enable governments around the world to declare states of emergency and suppress civil rights. This allows authorities to target poor people, potentially murder senior citizens, and roll out a host of disruptive technologies while the world has come to a standstill. There are few witnesses of this transition, since most people are confined to their homes.

Coronavirus outbreak: Military teams raise concerns over conditions at Ontario long-term care homes (26 May 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Coronavirus outbreak: Ford calls military report on Ontario long-term care homes "gut-wrenching" (26 May 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

I have already stated in several posts that the heart-breaking, horrifying abuses of senior citizens in care homes in many countries at this time could easily amount to a euthanasia policy to rid bankrupt systems of expensive care costs. At the same time, mass deaths in nursing homes are leading to pressure for governments to run all care homes. When both private and public institutions are failing, we should not be complacent about protection and care of the elderly, now, or in the future. If you want to grow old safely, start planning now.

As for the terrible footage below from Minneapolis, recall that almost identical scenes played out in China at the same stage in the pandemic in Wuhan in the first week of February, 2020. Compare the Minneapolis video to the Chinese video below it. I do not know if that eerie parallel illustrates a similarity in escalating real, violent oppression, or a similarity in deliberate simulation to scare the public. I have analyzed this phenomenon in my post, The Prestige of Censorship, and mainly wondered why in a real police crackdown, police would permit passersby to film them, unless the real intent was to terrorize. Perhaps the real intent is to murder and frighten people. It is a very creepy, fluid situation.

Under emergency measures, a Minneapolis policeman murdered an African American man on camera while arresting him on 25 May 2020; the incident prompted an FBI investigation. Minneapolis, Minnesota cop kills man while other officers stand guard. They were fired. (26 May 2020). Video Source: Youtube.


Disruption, During and After

"This video was given to ABC7 News with permission from Stuart Russell of the Future of Life Institute." Disturbing simulation shows power, terror of killer robots (17 November 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

For Solum, even the pandemic itself is a disruptive technology, one of several likely-engineered viruses and accompanying vaccines which will be released, carrying nanotech and other additives to lay the foundation for what follows. The simulated report above from a Berkeley professor and Ban Lethal Autonomous Weapons warns against the release of 'slaughterbots.' This is one example of the disruptive technologies listed by Imperial College London and discussed by Solum.

The video reveals how swarming attack drones could surgically remove critics and dissidents from near-future populations. One Youtuber commented below the video: "Thanks for revealing Google's plan for handling wrong-thinkers." This is only one of many real worries about what will happen once the new, disrupted system is in place. And this is only the beginning.

Celeste Solum | Celestial Wonders: "Elemental Tables Of Technology Arrayed Against Us" TRUTH HUNTERS (26 May 2020). Video Source: Youtube. If censored, a copy of the video is here.

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