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Friday, July 17, 2020

Pandemic Chats in the Darkness 7: Welcome, Comrade

It’s Just A Mask (12 July 2020). Video Source: Youtube. Mirrored here and here.

I have a new Patreon subscriber blog post up, in which I argue that the pandemic reveals how Millennial politics is not about left-versus-right ideologies, even though it is presented in those terms. The opening section here provides a preview to the Patreon post.

Welcome, Comrade

As in the video above, the pandemic is pushing politics past normal left-right divisions into the realm of chaos. There is a lot of confusion about this chaos. It pits red pills against blue pills, but there is little mainstream understanding of what those terms mean as Millennial politics evolves.

The media - like the New York Times in their ill-conceived response to Elon Musk's red-pilled moment in May 2020, have completely misunderstood red-pilling. The NYT viewed red-pilling in an ahistorical, 20th century light, as a type of racist online conservatism, which attacks mainstream liberalism. This is not what red-pilling is. Red-pilling can be anti-liberal, but it is not fundamentally so. Red-pilling is anti-systemic.

The Matrix - "so hopelessly depend[e]nt on the system, that they will fight to protect it" (21 May 2016). Video Source: Youtube.

Revisit The Matrix films, and it is clear that the matrix is a Great Lie, which maintains a technocratic system of insidious, plugged-in brainwashing and absolute physical control. To take the red pill is to become unplugged from that system and to see the systemic architecture from outside.

In the original Matrix film from 1999, Morpheus explains: "The matrix is a system. ... That system is our enemy." The characters acknowledge that those trapped in the system may act as enemies because they defend the system. But the final antagonists are the system itself and the AI behind it, not its human defenders and slaves.

When you see the kind of information which circulates on the Web, especially on the Dark Web, you start to understand why red-pilling is neither left- nor right-wing. Red pills attack falsehoods, language, and symbols which are instituted to impose systemic control. They are anti-authoritarians.

Image Source: 4chan.

For more, see my Patreon post:

Red-Pilled Riddles in the Dark.

Disclaimer for all 'Pandemic Chats' Posts
Warnings against Reading Weaponized Disinformation in a Public Health Crisis

My posting of this information does not constitute my belief in this information, nor my desire to spread fear. This 'Pandemic Chats' series is published here to make people aware of the scope of discussion. I do not know whether this is a milestone in the history of real bioweapons in public health or a milestone in the evolution of weaponized online propaganda. Or both.

Read this information at your own risk. Treat it as a toxic waste neo-cultural cyber-event. Examine it with the sober reserve of an anthropologist. Coronavirus rumours may be an extreme new type of online propaganda. Do not presume the information is true.

But also understand that if there are real leakers and they are telling the truth to the Internet Underground to relieve their consciences, then the world is now a different place.

I cannot assess the veracity, sources or accuracy of this (dis)information. Some pandemic fragments and citations refer to legitimate medical publications, which you can read, if you have time. If the rumours are true, you don't have time.

See all my posts on Epidemics here and here.

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