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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day

Here's a link to the Parliament Hill webcam in Ottawa, so you can see what people are doing there every 30 seconds.  The Queen will be addressing the crowds on Parliament Hill in a ceremony running from noon to 1:30 EDT.  And a statue of Oscar Peterson is being unveiled at the National Arts Centre.

Some tributes: CBC Newfoundland's signoff for the evening in the 2000s (ends with the Ode to Newfoundland):

Nostalgia: this was the signoff video that used to play after the late movie on CBC 6 Montreal in 1987:

Radio-Canada's French CBC signoff, Montreal:

Toronto's 1986 CBC signoff:

A private station, CKVU Vancouver, signoff in 1984:

Variants of the CBC signoffs were repeated on other stations across the country.

Reviewing what is going on today, the Mayor of Winnipeg is hosting a free day at the Assiniboine Park Zoo to celebrate Canada Day.  The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are playing a big football game

Halifax is holding an International Fleet Review in its harbour, with 24 international warships visiting that have just been reviewed by Queen Elizabeth.

Fort Calgary is holding a free pancake breakfast.

CBC North reports on celebrations in the Territories.  Cape Dorset in Nunavut will be celebrating Canada Day today, and Nunavut Day on July 9.

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