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Sunday, September 19, 2010

SciFi Wishlist: More Peter Chung Please

Rally's Chicken Burgers Advertisement (2000). © Peter Chung/Acme Filmworks/Rally's.

Obviously, with an Aeon Flux avatar, you'll know I'm a big Peter Chung fan.  His work on Aeon Flux, about two futuristic societies divided by an armed wall, was often mistakenly taken as an analogy for East and West Berlin.  In fact, Chung was referring to the division between North Korea and his native South Korea.  He blended the Asian-anime style he brought to MTV in the early 1990s with retro-turn-of-the-century-references to Austrian artist Egon Schiele.  The result was a startling blend of European, Asian and American animation that was twenty years ahead of its time.  Now, almost two decades later, we've arrived, and Chung's work is still fresh.  The less said about the flim adaptation from 2005, the better.

So I was happy to stumble across three radical adverts by the great animator on Tom Green's blog here, at vimeo.com here, and at awn.com here.  Chung directed them for Checkers Rally's Burgers.  They date from 2000.  Who knew that Austrian fin-de-siècle art styles could merge so beautifully with Mad Max road rage and American burger consumption?

Rally's Fuel Gauge (2000). © Peter Chung/Acme Filmworks/Rally's.

"Chicken follows Holly as she is confronted by a boorish bald-headed speedster who puts off the first bite of his Spicy Chicken Sandwich for a head to head road challenge."

In another ad listed on awn.com, "Holly races through the Rally’s/Checker’s window and grabs two Bacon Cheese Champ burger bags. Pulled over by Johnny Law, she surrenders her driver’s license, strategically placed in the middle of a juicy sandwich. The officer, looking left and right for witnesses, takes the burger from Holly and chomps into it."

Youtube's acmefilmworks channel has a couple more Chung adverts, one for the Playstation game G-Police, and one for Sony's high-def TV Bravia.

Sony Playstation G-Police. © Peter Chung/Acme Filmworks/Sony/Psygnosis.

Sony TV Bravia Ninjettes. © Peter Chung/Acme Filmworks/Sony.

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