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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Millennial Twelve Days of Christmas Day 9: Retrofuturistic Fashions

Image Source: Trendhunter.

Trendhunter reports on festive Paco Peregrin designs that bring the past into the future: "Paco Peregrin for White Sposa has definitely done it again. Teaming up with his faithful stylist Kattaca as well as makeup artist Lewis Amarante, there is nothing he cannot do." Other styles mentioned on the Trendhunter site quickly veer into a mishmash of Elizabethan, baroque and revolutionary historical retro references with a dose of the 1980s and futuristic spacewear for good measure. In addition to historical fashion retreads, the trends rely heavily on Darwinian evolutionary themes, with designs, make-up and accessories echoing fish scales, butterflies and other insects. From 'Victorian Surrealism,' to 'Avant Garde Warrior Wear' by designer Manuel Albarran, to military chic - this is the future.

Image Source: Trendhunter.

Image Source: Trendhunter.

Image Source: Trendhunter.

Image Source: Trendhunter.

Image Source: Trendhunter.

Image Source: Trendhunter.

Design from Manuel Albarran. Image Source: Trendhunter.

Design from Manuel Albarran. Image Source: Trendhunter.

Alexander McQueen, AW2010. Image Source: Trendhunter.

Alexander McQueen, AW2010. Image Source: Trendhunter.

Luly Yang Butterfly Dress. Image Source: Trendhunter.

For men, there are choices between Drab Recession Chic, Lord of the Rings-inspired fashions, post-Apocalyptic styles, and Modern Medieval Menswear, as well as clothing with other historical references.  There's also a huge military dress fad.

Drab Recession Chic. Image Source: Trendhunter.

1930s' retro Depression-inspired clothing. Three Over One, Fall Collection, 2010. Image Source: Trendsetter.

Post-apocalyptic menswear. Images Source: Trendhunter.

Caption for the above photos: Tijana Pavlov Spring 2010 menswear collection shown at Cro-a-Porter in Zagreb, Croatia follows the post-apocalyptic theme.

Apocalyptic menswear by Gareth Pugh. Image Source: Trendhunter.

Dracula fashions. Alexander McQueen Fall 2009. Image Source: Trendhunter.

Middle-Earth Menswear. Damir Doma Fall 2008. Image Source: Trendhunter.

Modern Medieval Menswear. Image Source: Trendhunter.

Elizabethan Fashion for Men. Galliano Fall 2008. Image Source: Trendhunter.

Caption for the image above: These designs were shown on the Parisian runways on January 18th during Paris Fashion Week. In a stark contrast to the couture part of the fall 2008 collection from John Galliano, these outfits are astonishingly lord-like. The collection included Elizabethan-inspired outfits with Shakespearean bowl-cut hairstyles to match. 

Faux Military Menswear. Burberry AW 2010. Image Source: Trendhunter.

Military Inspired Menswear. HALB 2010 Fall/Winter Collection. Image Source: Trendhunter.

Militarized Accessories. RogueDZN Jewellery Collection. Image Source: Trendhunter.

Caption for the above image: What makes this collection so unique is that each piece is made from machine-crafted billet blocks of Military Spec G5 aerospace grade titanium. However, don’t be fooled by its “tough-guy” appearance, because this rugged RogueDZN collection also features softer, more feminine pieces for women, making it appealing to all.

Vogue Paris, August 2010. Image Source: Trendhunter.

Women's Military-Inspired Attire, September 2010. Image Source: Trendhunter.

Storming the Beach shoot. Elle Magazine (US Edition), June 2010. Image Source: Trendhunter.

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