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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Science Tarot

The Science Tarot. Image Source: ShariStudio.

The Millennial merging of science and mysticism continues.  With the intention of introducing scientific ideas in a way that makes them accessible, a Tarot deck has been developed with scientific imagery. (Hat tip: Lee Hamilton's blog)  Co-created by Logan Austeja Daniel, Martin Azevedo and Raven Hanna, the Science Tarot is a combination of science, art and mythology.  Each suit of cards (Major Arcana, Pentacles, Cups, Swords, Wands) tells a story that is epic, heroic and scientific: "In the Science Tarot, Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey is adapted to tell each suit's unique story from Ace to Ten." The Face cards of each suit depict important scientists and are also associated with hormones: "Each face card profiles a different scientist along their particular life path. ... Explorer (Page) - Dopamine: A seeker whose initial curiosity about the world opens a gateway to scientific inquiry. Innovator (Knight) - Serotonin: The devoted researcher whose persistence and invention reveal new insights. Storyteller (Queen) - Oxytocin: The negotiator whose intelligence and empathy welcome others into scientific discovery. Visionary (King) - Testosterone: The director who drives scientific study forward into new territory with vision and hope."

The Major Arcana
"Powerful stories offer helpful stepping stones to each of us: shared experiences, moments of transformation and familiar characters. Each Major Arcana card invites us to find our own story within the realm of science." For more art pieces that depict the Major Arcana, go here.

Major Arcana Three: The Empress. Image Source: Science Tarot.

Major Arcana Ten: The Wheel of Fortune. Image Source: Science Tarot.

Major Arcana Twelve: The Hanged Man (Potential Energy). Image Source: Wood Horse Press.

Major Arcana Fifteen: The Devil (Unquestioning). Image Source: Wood Horse Press.

Major Arcana Seventeen: The Star (Compassionate Action). Image Source: Wood Horse Press.

Pentacles: Particles as Exchange
"Icon: Magnifying Glass. Elements created in the stars now interact, forming molecules, planets and organisms. Through the fields of geology and chemistry, we explore our own interactions with the world around us." See more original art for the Pentacles suit here.

Eight of Pentacles. Image Source: Science Tarot.

Swords: Swords as Observation
"Icon: Scalpel. From matter emerges consciousness, which divides the world into observer and observed. Through physics, math and the scientific method, we explore our own power to shape the world." For more original art from the Swords suit, go here.

Two of Swords. Image Source: Science Tarot.

Three of Swords (Revolution). Image Source: ShariStudio.

Five of Swords (Relativity). Image Source: ShariStudio.

Caption for the above image: With Einstein’s theory of relativity, motion and time are no longer absolute. This interpretation of the train story positions you in the train, experiencing relativity first hand. ... Imagine a train pulling into a station. In this thought experiment the train has one special property: it can travel close to the speed of light. The clock on the train shows that only a few minutes have passed during its travel, but the station at which it arrives has aged many decades since the train began its journey. It is as if the train has traveled into the future. The reason is relativity. Time is not consistent throughout the universe; objects experience time at a rate relative to their speed. As an object approaches light speed, time passes more slowly for that object. Einstein's theory of relativity exposed this more complicated world beyond Newton's simple system of action and reaction. This is a jarring and unexpected moment of transition. The reliable rules and habits that helped us navigate earlier no longer apply. The challenge is to understand and navigate the new rules and new worlds that initially seem so inexplicable.

Seven of Swords. Image Source: Science Tarot.

Cups: Cups as Integration
"Icon: Beaker. The stories of science and human experience lead us back into the world again, not simply as observer but as participant. Through biology and ecology with the scientific method, we explore the realm of human emotions and relationships." For more original art for the Cups suit, go here.

Six of Cups. Image Source: Science Tarot.

Eight of Cups. Image Source: Science Tarot.

Wands: Stars as Creation
"Icon: Bunsen Burner. We begin our journey with the stars, where the elements that form planets and generate life are manufactured. Through astronomy and cosmology, we explore our human impulses to survive and create." See more original art for the Wands suit here.

Five of Wands. Image Source: Science Tarot.

Seven of Wands. Image Source: Science Tarot.

Queen of Wands. Image Source: Science Tarot.

Credits: The Major Arcana were designed by Kristian Johnson Michiels of Wood Horse Press. Kristy Whitehouse designed the Pentacles suit. The suit of Swords was designed by Shari Arai DeBoer.  And Tammy Stellanova developed the images for the Cups suit. Finally, the Wands suit was designed by American artist Janelle Schneider.

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