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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wonder Woman Gets Her Own Cosmetics Line

 Image Source: Comics Beat.

In keeping with the comic focus I'm doing this week on the blog, this story popped up, and I Just Could Not Resist It.  Several marketing and comics culture trend sites are reporting that Warner Brothers Consumer Products is teaming up with  MAC to flog a new line of Wonder Woman cosmetics (see reports here, here, here, here and here).  This is for Millenial girls everywhere (Hat tip: @KateSherrod).

There's a touch of anti-second-gen feminism in all this, which is intriguing, since Diana was once one of Gloria Steinem's talking points, which I've blogged about here.  Mind you, I don't see Post-Postfeminist Millennial girls complaining.   Fashionably Geek reports: "MAC Cosmetics, you’ve done it. You’ve finally convinced me to buy new make-up. All you had to do was add Wonder Woman."  I'm sure DC fanboys won't be complaining either.

Image Source: Comics Beat.

The line has some fantastic-looking blue Themyscira mascara, Paradise Island Eye Quad Defiance shadows and Golden Lariat bronze powder; the collection also features some interesting pure pigments and metallic sparkle powders for nighttime and some staid neutral Amazonian classics for daytime.  The line launched in the US and Canada on February 10 and launches internationally in March.
See the animated comic book Wonder Woman video, featuring the cosmetics below the jump, wherein Princess Diana battles the Medusa with lipstick and pressed powder and the Power of the Goddess Aphrodite.

Video Source: Youtube.

The DC Comics heroine has inspired a collection of face powders, lipsticks, blush, eye colours and nail lacquer - all in supersized packaging. Available now at Mac stores in North America, the range will be launching internationally from March.

"Wonder Woman is one of the most enduring female characters in all of popular culture and the perfect choice for this collaboration," explained Karen McTier, EVP, domestic licensing and worldwide marketing, WBCP. "We're thrilled to be partnering with Mac, a cosmetics institution that is known for empowering women through their own iconic brand."

James Gager, SVP and creative director at Mac Cosmetics, added: "People are fascinated by the power of transformation. That's something Wonder Woman has always embodied - and so has Mac."
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  1. Has anyone been able to confirm that the art was done by Mike Allred? I should check his own site to see if he mentioned it.
    I don't know why these collaborations between fashion and fantasy art keep surprising me. They've been happening more and more, it seems, since the movie "The Fifth Element". In Europe, anyway, it goes right back to the 1960's ("Barbarella", "Planet Of The Vampires", "The Tenth Victim", etc.). In the U.S. it feels like every aspect of our lives is rigidly compartmentalized for market research purposes. Plus, I'm pretty sure those bracelets and tiara will set off metal detectors.

  2. Thanks for your comment pblfsda. I saw that the art was credited to MA, but have not confirmed. I agree that perhaps everything is being viewed through the marketing lens a bit too much. Whatever happened to inventing a better mousetrap?

    Speaking of which, the lamented cancelled Doom Patrol title is a good example of overemphasis on sales and in that case, lack of marketing. As for Diana, I touch on her again in my post tomorrow. Hope you will read it.