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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fans Capture Prehistoric-styled Legends

Cathy Baron, a fantastic Dewshine. Elfquest: A Fan Imagining (2011).

I have an earlier series of posts on Prehistory and how it is retro-futuristically alive and well, either in real pockets in the Amazon or through legends and fantasy that are brought to life, courtesy of CGI and transmedia.  This temporal jump is true of Tolkien's works, and arguably true of the pagan comics myth, Elfquest (see my post on the series here).  Elfquest has always been on the radar in one corner of comics fandom, but it hasn't been a hot title since the 1980s.  That's changing now that Elfquest fans have done a short film in the style of The Hunt for Gollum and  Born of Hope - two huge non-profit fan undertakings; these are made possible by digital film techniques, and are permitted because fans don't make any money from their sophisticated tributes. The main site for Elfquest: A Fan Imagining is here; the film was first screened online on 6 April 2011.  I never thought an Elfquest live film would be possible, but this project changed my mind.  You can see it below the jump.

Casey McKinnon as Brownberry.  

Angie Cole as Joyleaf.

Along with the hype about Ridley Scott's Alien prequel, Prometheus (you check a dedicated blog here for updates), Elfquest fans' live action film short was one of the big hits at the San Diego Comics Convention last weekend.  The Elfquest short, directed by Paula Rhodes and Stephanie Thorpe, also received enthusiastic comments from I09.

Elfquest: A Fan Imagining (2011). Video Source: Youtube.

Screening of trailer, interview with the Pinis Elfquest: A Fan Imagining Behind the Scenes (2011). Video Source: Youtube.

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  1. Looking at the photos, one can only smile at the impeccable make-up and hairstyling of these "primitives", and the healthy looks of sheltered, vaccinated, parasite-free, nutritionally-balanced, post-industrial humans. People from actual hunter-gatherer societies don't look anything like this. Fantasy primitivism is a lot more comfortable than the real thing.

  2. Hi Infidel, yeah, false eyelashes, nice teeth, and so on. I guess part of elf magic as conceived by the Pinis involves having a 24/7 makeup artist while wearing animal skins!

  3. Is the movie only carried by elven T&A or will the male elves be included in the story too?
    Looks really low budget. Oh, well. Once this movie is released then in another twenty years it will be picked up by someone else and done right.
    I guess I will just have to continue to wait...