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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hallowe'en Countdown 17: Celebrity Hauntings

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News item. June 2011, The Sun via Law Magazine:
Sandra Bullock is currently in London filming a Sci-Fi thriller called Gravity with George Clooney, but the Sun, a British tabloid, reports her offscreen activities are more focused on the paranormal.

The Oscar-winning actress is staying in a converted church, but sources say she is asking her producers to investigate the dwelling because she fears it’s haunted.

The paranormal patter is reportedly so bad that Bullock is suffering sleepless nights due to “ghostly presences” inside the north London church and a source claims the actress is convinced something is not right.

Bonnie Vent, a San Diego-based spiritual medium, isn’t surprised Bullock is having ghostly experiences in jolly old England.

“London has a long, rich history for murder and mayhem,” Vent told AOL Weird News. “The properties are hundreds of years old with many highly emotional experiences attached as well as bodies buried in the floors and walls of some properties.”

Also, show business celebrities seem to have a knack for picking up ghostly vibes, she says.

Celebrities are more open-minded, live-and-let-live types,” she said. “They’re already living outside of the box. Plus, they travel a lot and staying in different places makes you recognize when a room has a unique energy to it.”

So are celebrities ghost magnets?  Does a witness's celebrity make him or her more credible, perhaps not because of the person's fame, but because of the private idiosyncracies that drive that fame? 

In March 2011, American Idol contestants were reportedly so frightened by paranormal occurrences in the Beverly Hills mansion where they were staying that they vacated the house and refused to go back.  As for celebrity paranormal investigations, they have a Reality TV app for that. In 2006-2007, a similar show, Celebrity Paranormal Project, took groups of celebrities to investigate notoriously haunted locations.  In the UK, ITV2 has a show, Ghosthunting With ..., wherein host Yvette Fielding takes British celebrities with her to investigate haunted buildings.

There's also a show on the Bio and A&E Network: Celebrity Ghost Stories; a UK version of the show started in 2011.  See some of their stories here, here, here, here and here (the pilot).  Embedding of these videos was not permitted, so I can only give you the links.

There is a pretty interesting first episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories from the first season in 2009 with personal recollections from David Carradine, Joan Rivers, Teri Polo and Scott Baio:

here, here, here, here and here.

Of this episode, PopEater (via Ghost Theory) writes: "File this squarely under creepy. A few months before his body was found hanging in a Bangkok hotel room closet, David Carradine sat down to discuss a ghost he believed was haunting him … from a closet."

Celebrity Ghost Stories Teaser. Video Source: Youtube.

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