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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Credit Card Companies Want Your DNA

Image Source: Time.

According to Time (via the Wall Street Journal), VISA and Mastercard are looking into acquiring access to everything from your Facebook profile to your DNA:
A Wall Street Journal article earlier this week reported that Visa and MasterCard are exploring new ways to take data about your buying habits in the brick-and-mortar world and let online marketers use that information to target you with ads when you browse the web. But buried a little ways down in the article are some details that are considerably more alarming. Visa, the article says, wants access to everything from your insurance claim history to your Facebook friends list to your DNA. Yes, you read that right:

According to a Visa patent application published in April, the company sees potential to use a wide array of personal details to create profiles that could be used for ad targeting well beyond shopping details. It describes the possibility of also using “information from social network websites, information from credit bureaus, information from search engines, information about insurance claims, information from DNA databanks,” and other sources.
Interested in preserving privacy where privacy is non-existent? Have a look at the site of the International Association of Privacy Professionals. Or check out the Electronic Privacy Information Center. It's such a huge topic that I'll do a separate post on privacy advocates and how to (try to) get off the radar. For another report on this story, go here.

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