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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Image Source: The Weather Network.

A monster snow storm has just blown in here, but it's nothing compared to a record-breaking system that hit eastern Russia today:
Russians are experiencing some harsh winter weather. It’s so cold even Canadians would shiver.

A Russian meteorologist says two months worth of snow has fallen on Eastern and Northern Russia in just 12 hours, calling this the worst snowstorm they have seen in 50 years.

Along with the mass amounts of snow, Russia faces extreme winds, racing up to 144 km per hour. Power lines have been knocked down due to the winds, leaving around 20 villages in the dark.

Temperatures in Russia have been as low as minus 49°C [minus 56°F].

Military vehicles have been dispatched to clear streets. The snow filled roads have affected 800,000 people, forcing them to stay inside or walk to work. ... Russians even experienced some thunder and lightening as the snow fell. “Thundersnow” is triggered when there is a strong convective system with a combination of cold and intensity in the atmosphere.

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  1. Now, in Barcelona, Spain, the wheather is fine. For two months not fall a drop of rain. The temperature is fresh( 8-9º celsius)
    It says here, that the snow and storm falls in eastern Usa, 15 days later the storm comes to Europe.