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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Look Skyward: Ring of Fire Eclipse over the Ring of Fire

Image Source: What's On Xiamen.

Today, a rare annular solar eclipse will occur over China, Japan, the Pacific Ring of Fire seismic zone and most of North America. It is the first central eclipse over the North American continent in the 21st century. It is called a 'ring of fire' eclipse because the moon will not quite block out the sun, creating the appearance of a burning ring in the sky. It starts on May 21st in Asia, then crosses the International Date Line and loses a day.

Image Source: National Geographic.

Eclipse Path. Image Source: Lunar Planner.

The path of the eclipse, showing where it will be most visible. Animation Source: Wiki.

The eclipse over Asia. Image Source: Global Astrology.

The eclipse, as it will appear over New Mexico, USA. Animation Source: Wiki.

For how and when and where to see the eclipse, see NASA's page here; Sky and Telecsope has a devoted page here; and see this report at Lunar Planner (which has a lot of local information for the United States with several maps) and this report at I09: "The eclipse will last from 20:56 UTC on May 20th til 02:49 UTC on May 21st (that's 16:56 to 22:49 EST, or 13:56 to 19:49 PST on May 20th)." If you don't live within the eclipse's area of visibility, you can follow it online: "check out the SLOOH Space Camera, which will be streaming feeds f[ro]m telescopes along the annular path in Japan, California, Arizona and New Mexico beginning Sunday at 5:30 p.m. EST."

Visibility over North America. Image Source: I09.

Bad Astronomy at Discover Magazine dubs this eclipse a 'Supereclipse,' which will occur at the moon's apogee (its point furthest from earth), even though we just saw the Supermoon at perigee (its point closest to earth).

A powerful man ensnared by a water spirit. The Beguiling of Merlin by Edward Burne-Jones (1872-1877). Image Source: Gryphon Astrology.

Where astronomers go, astrologers are never far behind. They have plenty to say about this eclipse. In India, there are fears that this eclipse is an especially bad omen (the eclipse will not be visible from India and just barely visible at sunrise from Bangladesh (see here) and astrologers normally assume that the effect of the eclipse occurs most in its area of geographic visibility). Dark Star Astrology modifies that interpretation:
This solar eclipse is also about sorrow, tears, broken hearts, open hearts, empathy, compassion and eventual redemption. There could be a collective tragedy, maybe a flood, which galvanises charities and politicians around the world to do something large scale. This mass empathy could be enough to melt those hearts that have been encased in ice for too long.

The concept of Neptune moving into Pisces has been one that I have heard mentioned by various occult commentators and of course tropical astrologers. Although we a[t] Darkstar prefer to follow the movements of the planets against the sidereal fixed stars, I can definitely see tropical themes being reflected in my own work despite using a slightly different system. Neptune on Fomalhaut and this eclipse in the weeping Pleiades definitely shows humanity in some sort of healing crisis while the energy is shifting all around us. As Neptune moves on through the mystical stars of sidereal Aquarius and Pegasus we should see some interesting marriages between science and spirituality.
Peter Stockinger looks to a 17th century astrological manual by William Lilly (1602-1681) to assess the metaphorical meaning of an eclipse with these aspects:
[This solar eclipse does] “stir up dissentions, strives, seditions amongst those we call Priests, and all manner of Merchants and Mechanicks of every Order, or any quality that is amongst them; Deadly hatred, contempt of Lawes, neglect of piety and holy duties, doth also follow, so also breach of Covenant.”
How astrologers look at the eclipse's metaphorical significance, in terms of its position in the heavens. The watery and tearful metaphors to which they refer stem from the Pleiades' recent influence over the moon. Image Source: Nick Anthony Fiorenca (2012) at Lunar Planner.

In Greek mythology, the Pleiades were water nymphs who caused storms at sea. The Pleiades (1885) by Elihu Vedder. Image Source: Wiki.

Gryphon Astrology chooses Burne-Jones's Pre-Raphaelite painting, The Beguiling of Merlin, to symbolize the mood of the eclipse. The wizard is entranced and bound by the Lady of the Lake, Nimue. Thus, the theme for astrologer Nina Gryphon, as with other soothsayers, is a watery elemental context (due to the influence of the weeping stars, the Pleiades, and the eclipse's square with Neptune in Pisces) for power imbalances and upsets (a consistent theme in this Asian Year of the Water Dragon):
The eclipse will be visible in Southeast Asia, southern Japan, the Pacific Ocean, and western North America (view a Google Map of the eclipse path here). The traditional perspective on eclipses is that they influence primarily the places where they are visible; from an astrological perspective, eclipses are especially active where they are angular in the horoscope. The duration of the eclipse’s effects in years is equal to the duration of the eclipse, or 3 1/2 years. Thus, we will see the effects of the eclipse through the end of 2015.  
The eclipse occurs closely conjunct to the 1st magnitude fixed star Mirfak (alpha Perseus, meaning “the Elbow” in Arabic), which is traditionally seen as the side of Perseus, the famed killer of the Medusa and the sea monster Cetus. The star can be said to give bravery and strength, though it is placed in a warlike constellation ruled by Jupiter and Saturn, according to Ptolemy. Jupiter is for justice, but Saturn is for death. In general, this eclipse may bring earthquakes or big storms – the eclipse occurs in Gemini, an air sign, and its ruler, Mercury, is in an earth sign with Jupiter. Certainly Mercury and Jupiter in Taurus can indicate disturbances and movement in the earth.
New Moon Astrology contends that the watery grief associated with the eclipse will give rise to spirits: "the veil between the living and the dead seems to be at its thinnest which can indicate why many believe this eclipse with Pleiades is lifting the veil of consciousness and to other dimensions." Alternatively, since the Pleiades include a 'lost sister' Electra, New Moon Astrology argues that those who are alienated from groups to which they normally belong will gain insight and be healed:
The Lost Pleiad can indicate one who may get lost from their tribe or clan with a sense of separation and alienation, with a secret or hidden agenda. Pleiades under the moonless sky with the solar eclipse gives more visibility to the stars – with greater darkness, we can see the stars more brilliantly normally not visible. This symbolizes during the eclipse the ability to see beyond the veil with second sight broadening Neptune’s intuitive ability and a knowing to see in the dark and seeing through the delusions and deceptions finding the hidden meanings and answers. ...

The Eclipse in Gemini is square Neptune in Pisces where messages can get lost in translation, language barriers with some distorted and misunderstood dramas, confounding, scattered and inconsistent. Loss of memory, forgetfulness, onset of dementia and alzheimer’s. With Neptune there may be affects of hidden matters, secrets, isolation, deception, fraud, addiction, confusion and uncertainty. Here many may try to escape reality with drugs, alcohol and lose their grounding with escape wanting to exit this dimension-in a good way through ascension but negatively through suicide. Neptune is the sign of victimization and scapegoats as well where we may see martyrs and those who take the fall for others’ mistakes. Neptune Pisces rules over water, the sea, ships, boats, floods, drowning. ...

This eclipse is oppose Juno and square Regulus which is bringing up issues around commitments and partnerships (Juno) and leadership and royalty (Regulus). Regulus has just moved into Virgo 0 degrees recently after spending centuries in Leo. With the square to the eclipse-the changing of the guard of those in power from the Leo pride to Virgo humbleness and humility becomes clear as leaders are tumbling and fumbling in their efforts to retain power. ...

This is a south node eclipse-anytime you have a south node eclipse you have energies that get stuck in the past, resist growth and tend to the path of least resistance-kicking our Achilles heel. An annular eclipse is significant as it’s tightly lined with the nodal axis meaning its potency will extend for long periods of time. Anyone born on the cusp of Gemini, Virgo, Pisces or Sag or those in late Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius will feel the effects of this eclipse. South node eclipses further exemplify the releasing, loss and undoing that can happen. The south node portion of an eclipse is the area we have to learn to relinquish so wherever this eclipse falls in your chart will show where we need to let something go. ...

It is a clearing out time, getting rid of anything (baggage, attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, people, jobs, relationships, bad habits, burdens) that are standing in the way or holding you back and not serving your higher purpose which is being activated during this eclipse. Those places where we feel our most tender spot of hurt of pain is what is actually fueling us to reach beyond with surrender and acceptance-that which we resist persists where Pisces just allows and lets the river run through us with compassion. 
The Sun rules the heart so ailments associated with the heart and heart attacks will be common around this time and any resonating heart emotions such as resentment, hurt pride, heartache, heart breaks and heart burn. Gemini rules the lungs where lung and respiratory issues could arise as well. The Sun rules Leo and the Sun is associated with the father or the dominant parent, kings, rulers and leaders. Historically Solar Eclipses were watched closely as they often denoted events around anything related to – fathers, leaders, kings. Royalty were known to consult with astrologers in order to hold onto power and control.
Most astrologers apply the symbols they read in celestial alignments inwardly, to the realm of personal relations and emotions. They see human beings' minds and bodies as being intimately connected to, and thereby reflecting, the literal and metaphorical movement of the earth and other bodies through the heavens.

Theodore White, on the other hand, likes to project these symbols outwardly onto world events for his astrological forecasts. He cites a Japanese-sourced Internet rumour (see it here) that the eclipse will coincide with a solar magnetic polar shift, which is said to be occurring one year early. Thus, the sun will become quadrupolar (have four magnetic poles) in May, which apparently last happened 300 years ago (see physics forums on this topic here and Michio Kaku (what? again?) talking on 2012 solar pole shifts here; Kaku even made Fox News anchors skeptical - why are theoretical physicists talking about astronomical issues on Fox News?). The solar polar shift is supposed to hail a new Solar Maximum and increase in solar storms. At any rate, astrologer Theodore White believes that this eclipse will affect the environment and world affairs:
In my mundane view, this annular solar eclipse is wholly malefic - meaning that it is very unfavorable.

The global inclinations are diverse - resulting in negative geopolitical events, attacks, anomalies, accidents, assassinations, economic crisis, popular hue-and-cries, demonstrations and general social confusion. ...

Also, strong geophysical events - natural disasters - featuring severe climate, weather and powerful seismic activity can seriously affect life, work and travel on land, sea and air - leading to great accidents and mass deaths by means of the connection Alcyone and the Pleiades have in astrological history.

In Asia, the cities that will see the May 20, 2012 annular solar eclipse include Taipei, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Osaka, Tokyo and Beijing, China. ...

The square from the Sun reaching 00-Gemini to Neptune indicates poor decision-making and speculation among unreliable people.

There is a need to mind the environment to guard against disasters involving chemicals, oil and gas. There is a need to avoid deception in financial matters as the sense of values can be easily distorted by fringe groups.

All populations who reside in countries along the 'ring of fire' are urged to initiate preparedness for earthquakes. There will be seismic signs in late April 2012 of increased activity, according to my astrological calculations.
It is perhaps not so remarkable that a deep, irrational fear of solar eclipses, likely pre-historic in origin, survives in today's superstitions and uneasiness about this dramatic astronomical event. Solar eclipses were naturally viewed with terror in ancient times. It was believed in China that a dragon had eaten the sun. A glance at Youtube videos for this eclipse indicates that the ancient literal belief in mythologies is alive and well, taking this eclipse into spheres which make astrology look decidedly sober by comparison.

You can see one melodramatic and strange prediction about today's eclipse here (based on a wild reading of Nostradamus, Mayans, crop circles, the Bible and anything else the vlogger could find in the kitchen sink). Dozens of other Youtubers have prepared videos insisting that this eclipse promises more Mayan messiahs, more 2012, more end of the world, Pleiadian aliens, apocalyptic earthquakes, Planet Nibiru and other Millennial Internet hoaxes.

The absolute 20 May 2012 eclipse winner in this regard is 'Princess' Kaoru Nakamaru of Japan, whose flights into the fifth dimension for this day really take the prize for 2012 wackiness. She is listed on her under-consideration-for-deletion Wikipedia page as follows: "Kaoru Nakamaru (中丸薫) is an international journalist and author with a background in international politics." Her homepage is here, on which she remarks that she is the granddaughter of Emperor Meiji.

It appears that this woman is rather like the 20th century pretenders who capitalized on rumours that Russia's Princess Anastasia survived execution. One site explores Kaoru Nakamaru's claims to royal background and title; the commenters remark that this woman is a possible daughter of Tatsukichirou Horiwaka, who may (or may not) have been an illegitimate child of the Emperor: "Despite her claims it is not generally believed that she is actually Hori[waka]’s [grand]daughter." Another 2012 forum commenter dismisses the story:
"Before reading your post, I'd never heard of her. Being curious I did a careful search for granddaughters of the emperor Meiji, but couldn't find anyone named Kaoru. I didn't see any great granddaughters with that name either. The family name she uses, Nakamaru, means middle of the circle. I don't know if that's her real name. I think it would be uncommon if it is, and my gut feeling is that she probably uses that name to suggest some kind of mystical / magical or 'inner circle' association. I could be wrong, of course. Don't confuse that name with Nakamura, a very common name which means middle of the village.

... Even if she is related in some way to the Imperial family, she cannot legally refer to herself as a princess in Japan. The emperor Meiji's wife was unable to have children. His concubines gave birth to several kids. the only surviving son had to be adopted by his wife to become his legal heir. His daughters (4 of them survived to adulthood) were not adopted into the imperial family. The woman in the video looks to be in her 60s, maybe late 60s. None of the emperor Meiji's daughters could have given birth to her, and her name doesn't appear in any of their family records. His only surviving son fathered several kids, but only one daughter who certainly isn't the woman in the video. IMO, her story is a crock of shit."
Well, yes. But when one is talking about Youtube solar eclipse predictions about the end of the world, isn't that a given? Kaoru Nakamaru's claims to royal heritage go hand-in-hand with her psychic predictions of previous lives, Illuminati, Mayans, shadow governments, and aliens. In her view, those who do not believe in 2012's mythologies will be separated from those who do, and the former, she claims, will be reborn on another Earth. By the time we reach December of 2012, this would probably come as an immense relief to both parties. The lady's visions date from 1976 and there is a distinct mid-seventies Bermuda Triangle flavour to her extraordinary comments. You can see her discuss her beliefs here. Or you can follow NASA's solar eclipse coverage from the Grand Canyon instead; see the NASA announcement here, with live streaming of the eclipse here.

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