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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Winter of Discontent and DNA Tests

"Archaeologists searching under the city centre car park for the lost grave of King Richard III have discovered human remains." Image Source: Telegraph.

The Telegraph and other news outlets are reporting that archaeologists may have discovered the body of King Richard III in Leicester. Already the find promises to rewrite history, and also diverging from Shakespeare's picture of the notorious monarch.

Video Source: Youtube.

The skeleton has a curved spine and the body sustained trauma consistent with injuries in battle; it will be subjected to DNA tests. Richard Taylor, the University of Leicester's Director of Corporate Affairs commented in the Telegraph report:
I am going to be really frank with you. The University has always been clear that any remains would need to be subjected to rigorous laboratory and DNA analysis before we confirm the outcome of the search for Richard III.

We are not saying today that we have found King Richard III. What we are saying the search for Richard III it has entered a new phase. The skeleton certainly has characteristics that warrant extensive, further and detailed examination.

Clearly we are very excited by these latest discoveries. We have said finding Richard was a long shot. However it is a testament to the skill of the archaeological team... that such extensive progress has been made.

We have all been witness to a powerful and historic story unfolding before our eyes. But it needs proper and rigorous testing. There is strong circumstantial evidence. It is potentially a big find.”
My earlier post here refers to Al Pacino's 1996 film documentary, Looking for Richard, which describes the process of understanding, adapting and performing William Shakespeare's Richard III. I have to say that between the docu-drama sets, some of Pacino's depictions of Richard are shocking and electrifying (see below). You can read the play for free at Project Gutenberg here.

Looking for Richard (1996) © Fox Searchlight Pictures. This film is reproduced under Fair Use, solely for not-for-profit discussion and review. Video Source: Fliiby.

 Laurence Olivier as Richard woos Anne, played by Claire Bloom in the 1955 film version © London Films. Video Source: Youtube.

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