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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Time Capsules of World War I

Image Source: BBC.

Last year, BBC reported on found aerial footage of France just after World War I, kept in a Paris vault for nearly 100 years. In this rarely seen film (below the jump), you can see what the countryside looked like after the guns stopped. The BBC juxtaposed those images with shots of what the same landscape looks like today.

Another report, here, similarly this year uncovered a WWI-era camera with undeveloped film. The camera, stored in a chest in France, had photographs of Australian (and other nationalities) soldiers just behind the front lines of the Somme. The camera belonged to a French couple who offered to take and develop photographs of resting soldiers, so that the latter could use the pictures as postcards home.

For more images and films, see British Pathé's WWI Archive. Included among them are the films and photographs of shell shocked soldiers, who reflected modern battle horrors and psychological injuries never before seen.

WWI: 10 Telling Images

Click on the image to go to a WWI photo gallery. Image Source: British Pathé.

Video Source: Youtube.

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