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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Next Tetris: Gorogoa

Image © J. Roberts / Gorogoa.

In its time, the world's most compelling and addictive video game was the Russian-designed tile-matching puzzle, Tetris (1984).  This year, a beautifully illustrated multi-dimensional tile game, Gorogoa, is due to be released. It is being designed in San Francisco by Jason Roberts (see his game development blog here). You can go to his Website and download a trial play of the game, or see trial game play here or in the video below. The illustrations remind me of the retro-futuristic elegantly conceived Web comic, Tozo (see my post on Tozo here). Even though it has not yet been released, Gorogoa has already won the Indie Cadie 2012 award for visual design. The preview of the game is also below.

 Image © J. Roberts / Gorogoa.

Video Source: Youtube

Video Source: Youtube.

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