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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Generation X Goes Back to the Future 11: Ruins of Star Wars Movie Sets

Gen X photographer Ra di Martino tracked down the abandoned Star Wars sets near Tozeur, Tunisia using Google Earth, traveled there, and took a series of fascinating photos that show decades-old husks of Hollywood sci-fi orientalism. Taxi:
Eroded by 35 years of dust, sand and wind, these sites are known only by a few locals and are hardly ever visited by anyone—di Martino has managed to find them using pictures from Google Earth.

In addition to the set for Luke Skywalker’s home, the fictional Lars Homestead on Tatooine, the photographer has also located a number of other Star Wars sets, including the abandoned ruins of Mos Espa.

She has documented these sets for posterity with a couple of photographic projects—“No More Stars” and “Every World’s a Stage”.
From di Martino's site:
NO MORE STARS (Abandoned Movie Set, Star Wars) 33°59’42 N 7°51’00 E Chot El-Gharsa, Tunisia 01 September [2010]

This is a series of photographs taken in the abandoned movie sets of the film saga Star Wars, filmed through the years in different locations in the south of Tunisia. Unexpectedly those sets have been left on location, probably because in the middle of nowhere and because no-one from the local authorities complained and therefore after years some of it have now become ruins, almost as some sort strange archeological sites. The particular hot and dry climate has helped mantain intact many parts of the sets, or buried under the sand just sections of it. The sets visited are in four different locations.
All photos are © Ra di Martino. Images are from: PopSci, Taxi, and Ra di Martino's Website (here and here). See more below the jump.

Every World's a Stage (Beggar in the ruins of Star Wars).

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