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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Real Time Customer Insight Platform

Facial recognition systems are appearing in gadgets such as iPads and iPhones, as well as advertising media. Image Source: Approach Mobile.

Digital media advertising company Amscreen is developing insidious facial detection systems to assess the impact of advertising in real time. They take in data on potential customers' genders, ages and numbers of times an ad has been viewed in public spaces. Amscreen claims it is the start of a new media marketing revolution. Don't worry, assures their promo video (see it below the jump): we don't save any data. The face detection tech is supplied by the company Quividi, a specialist in so-called 'automated audience measurement.' From Amscreen's description of OptimEyes technology:
Our OptimEyes face detection technology is bringing digital, placed based media into a new age of customer insight, measurability, campaign management and optimisation. This revolutionary technology, delivered by leading Face Detection business Quividi, allows advertisers, to accurately measure in real time the type and volume of people that see their ad in any given location and at any time of the day.
Amscreen has a portfolio of 6000 screens across forecourts, healthcare venues, convenience stores and travel hubs and the roll out of this technology will represents the largest of its kind anywhere the world. The integration of this technology and the customer insight it provides will be integrated and further enhanced with shopper mission, buying behaviour and EPOS insight to provide an even greater understanding into the effectiveness of any given advert across our entire network.
The OptimEyes face detection system works via an inbuilt camera in each screen which detects individuals within its local vicinity and then identifies some key traits through the detection software. This software is able to identify, measure and then combine the following characteristics for a more complete picture of the audience:
  • Number of possible viewers
  • Number of actual viewers
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Location
  • Time
No other place based digital media owners can provide this depth of audience analysis and customer intelligence for their advertisers and partners, the core benefits of this data includes:
  • Accurate, minute by minute traffic flow data to ascertain key busy periods
  • Live and location based audience analyses
  • Demographic breakdown – not just total audience  
  • Actual (not modelled) post campaign audience delivery review
  • Opportunity to optimise campaign schedules at any point of the campaign
  • Creative testing to determine those ads that are most effective at gaining attention from the chosen audience
For a live demonstration of Amscreen’s Face detection and a discussion about how this can deliver these benefits for you as an advertiser or estate owner, please get in touch.
As Amscreen CEO Simon Sugar put it,
"It is time for a step-change in advertising – brands deserve to know not just an estimation of how many eyeballs are viewing their adverts, but who they are too. Through the creation of our new platform, OptimEyes, advertisers will have instant access to all of this information, meaning we can deliver the type of insight that only online has previously been able to achieve."

OptimEyes (2013). Video Source: AMScreen via Youtube.

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