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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Quote of the Day: Generational Analysis is a Glorified Horoscope

A generational meme joke, brought to you by America's Tea Party.

Today's quote comes from a comment at the foot of an article at Aeon magazine (Hat tip: Kate Sherrod). The article argues against the use of generational labeling. See my earlier post criticizing the use of generational labels - a post-war marketing tool - because they are sources of stereotyping and bigotry: The 99 Per Cent, Generation Catalano, and Why Generational Labels are Fake. From Ramone:
I agree with your point about generational analysis being a glorified horoscope that leads to stereotyping, scapegoating and confirmation bias feedback loops. My parents are "boomers" so they are supposed to be wealthy, selfish, greedy and have robbed "Millenials" of all the good jobs etc. etc.

It's ludicrous to believe that people who, through an accident of birth, were born in the same generation all share personality traits because they were born between such and such a year and therefore are to blame for societal shifts affecting subsequent generations.

I find it frustrating that the so few people are making the connection between the capitalism-in-overdrive world we have today and the huge wealth gap, and the fierce competition for scarce jobs and resources. Sociopathic and stone crazy Silicone Valley billionaires openly talk about replacing the state [with] "efficient" corporations and collecting every piece of information down to our genomes and letting technology operate free of any oversight...and how all this will bring about a "utopia" (and coincidentally make them the most powerful people on earth)....well, TED talk audiences and media people listen and nod along with with these nutcases and the general public thinks it's only about electric cars, search engines, trendy gadgets and a popular website. Does anyone actually LISTEN and understand what these guys are proposing? Deluded evil (the road to hell is paved etc.) gets a pass but blaming the state of the world on the "inherent characteristics" of an entire generation is perfectly rational and reasonable.


  1. A characteristic inability to handle simple math would make it easy to believe that the same people who started a business under Reaganomics would be starting their 30's 30 years later.

    1. Eh, I think they meant two different generations ...