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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Countdown to Hallowe'en 2017: Psychic Spies and Time Cross Predictions

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Welcome to another countdown to Hallowe'en! This year, October 31st will mark the 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant ReformationMartin Luther (1483-1546) nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of All Saints' Church in Wittenberg, Germany in 1517. On October 31st, I will publish a special interview about Martin Luther.

The Hallowe'en countdown is an online event, a mass blogathon, in which dozens of blogs count down to the end of October every year. The countdown is led by this blog (where you can see the other participants), run by the American comic book and graphic novel writer, John Rozum, and blogger Shawn Robare, who runs the Gen X Website, Branded in the 80s.

My contributions to the Hallowe'en countdown, to be published this year every three days, tend to cover odd subjects which nonetheless shed light on mainstream Millennial technology and culture. Today's post deals with the precognition and temporal psi protocol developed by the US Army in 1978, known as remote viewing. This was one of the primary psychic weapons cultivated in the Stargate Project; you can read the table of contents of the Stargate manual at the CIA's online reading room, here.

During the Cold War, the US military used remote viewing to view its enemies psychically and to foresee the future. A film dramatized this work, The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009); it was based on the 2004 book of the same name and starred George Clooney. On 12 August 2017, Leonard (Lyn) Buchanan, one of the US government's former remote viewers (and the person upon whom Clooney's character was based), gave an interview on Youtube, below.

Original Govt. Psychic Spy Reveals Remote Viewing Secrets (12 August 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

Buchanan stated that at the end of World War II, the Nazis' secret research was shared among the Allies. Due to lack of interest from the USA and UK, the Russians took the Germans' psychic and esoteric experiments, including remote viewing. According to Buchanan, the Russians developed this body of knowledge, and achieved apparent successes, to the alarm of the Americans. The most famous psychic in the Russian program was Nina Kulagina (1926-1990), who was later accused of fraud.

This was what led the US Army to develop the Stargate Project, officially until 1995, although the CIA may then have taken it over under another name. You can read a 1985 Master's thesis, Psychokinesis and Its Possible Implication to Warfare Strategy by W. G. Norton, here. There is a 2004 report by Eric W. Davis, Teleportation Physics Study, sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory at Edwards Air Force Base, here.

Lyn Buchanan claimed that remote viewers can see the past and present with high degrees of accuracy. They can view the future, but the future (unlike the past and present) is changeable. Buchanan maintained that he had been tasked to view as far into the future as the year 2080, whereupon he got into strange, conspiratorial territory:
"An agrarian society with very few people. Large cities, mainly deserted, and most people very self sufficient on their little farms. ... A low population count. That's what I found. ... [Between now and 2080] there's going to come some rough times. ... The population will be greatly affected. ... Intentional changes, from the tasking - remember there's 30 per cent inaccuracy here - from what I've found, the first step of all that is what is called chemtrails. The chemtrails are a selective thing that will damage the health of, or even kill off, certain types of people, while leaving others not so badly affected. And in the process, a sort of genetic selection will be made. But that's doom and gloom, and one of the rocks in the pond of time, I don't think there's very much we can do about that."
Other weirdness associated with Buchanan's remote viewing involves psychic police work; gambling; space exploration; space aliens; cosmology; and consciousness. He said he does not "kill things" using remote viewing, but "it's scarily easy to do." Another figure associated with this project is Joseph McMoneagle, who was the first recruit in the US Army's remote viewing program. He was designated as 'Psychic Spy 001.' You can hear an interview with him below. He spoke of visiting Russia, touring their remote viewing facilities and meeting his Russian psychic spy counterparts, who did remote viewing in the conflict in Chechnya. He remarked that the Russian capacity for remote viewing is "substantial."

Joe McMoneagle US Army Remote Viewer aka Psychic Spy 001 (2 March 2014). Video Source: Youtube.

The CIA is also rumoured to have used this parapsychological tool in psychic espionage. The US government's remote viewing training manual is here and here. I have previously written about psychic military projects here.

Excerpt from a CIA document on remote viewing. Click to enlarge. Image Source: 4chan.

Remote viewing is considered pseudoscience, but it has understandably attracted a lot of attention. After all, what government - or civilian group - wouldn't want to be able to predict coming events, re-examine historical events, or send spies to learn closely guarded secrets at almost no expense or risk?  The Chinese have studied remote viewing. The UK's Ministry of Defence secretly ran a remote viewing experiment in 2001 and 2002. Some members of the public are also attempting to conduct organized investigations of this protocol. For example, German remote viewers are listed here.

Proponents of remote viewing claim that the technique seems to work best under blind conditions, that is, viewers should not know what target the project leader has assigned. Some remote viewers, like this one trying to foresee the possibility of war with Russia, use Associative Remote Viewing (ARV), which involves knowing the target.

What IS Remote Viewing??? (6 January 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

Among civilian investigations, perhaps the best known is the Farsight Institute, a fringe scientific project run by Dr. Courtney Brown.  Brown is a political scientist who applies "nonlinear mathematics in social scientific research" to time-dependent models. Brown's work is very controversial, but he is active in the mainstream, and is an Associate Professor at Emory University. You can see him explain remote viewing above.

Name That ... WHAT?! (8 December 2016). Video Source: Youtube.

Courtney Brown's Farsight Institute is a crowd-funded effort based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It features trained civilians applying military techniques. Farsight's remote viewers claim they can also look into the past. The Farsight Institute has viewed JFK's death. Their mysteries projects examine peculiar topics. They have examined the mind of Hitler, investigated the legendary fall of Atlantis, and watched the Pyramid of Giza being built. Most recently, they viewed the 1908 Tunguska event in Russia. If you are skeptical, you may not like Farsight's subject matter or presentations, but there is no doubt that their Youtube channel is one of the few places where you can watch unusual military methodologies being practiced out in the open.

In 2016, Brown decided to demonstrate the potential of remote viewing in a controlled, scientific, public experiment. In his 'Time Cross Project,' his team began predicting the news, one month in advance, every month on Youtube. In May 2017, one of Brown's viewers foresaw a kidnapping of a young blonde girl or woman in June 2017. The drawings Brown's remote viewers produced did resemble the car and victim in an Italian kidnapping case of British model, Chloe Ayling. The kidnappers' intention was to sell Ayling to the Black Death Group, which deals in sex slaves on the Dark Web, but she convinced her captors to free her.

Chloe Ayling, the UK model who was kidnapped in July 2017. Image Source: Daily Mail/NTV.

The car in the Ayling case. You can compare it to the remote viewers' predicted drawings of the car, here, and here. Image Source: ABC News.

Ayling's kidnapping occurred in July, and was reported widely in the media in August 2017. You can compare the first prediction in the video below regarding a kidnapping to the Telegraph's report on the Ayling case, here.

Remote Viewing June 2017: Farsight Predictions (31 May 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

There was something weird about the whole case. Was it a hoax orchestrated for publicity (some thought so), or a brutal, terrifying crime? The kidnappers were not Italians, but Polish brothers, resident in the UK. Is 'model' a media euphemism for something rather more? Was this the same situation that the remote viewer claimed to see? The remote viewer saw "flashing lights ... a possible photo shoot" and claimed the victim was "very well known ... possibly famous. ... There's a possibility that she's famous now because of the event ... the kidnapping."

For the very skeptical and/or paranoid: if it was a hoax, then perhaps Farsight was part of that hoax, in which case we are witnessing the genesis of a uniquely imaginative, cynical, and manipulative form of lateral online marketing. It is not too far-fetched these days to consider that certain 'out there' Websites are places where disinformation and rumours are seeded into the virtual collective unconsciousness.

British Model Chloe Ayling Tells Of Alleged Kidnap Ordeal In Italy (6 August 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

Milan kidnap case model returns to UK - BBC News (7 August 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

Supporters of Farsight's efforts would deny that. Courtney Brown has a devoted following who trust that he is sincere and believes in his project. Below, you can see Farsight's predictions for the coming month of October, 2017. You might want to return to this post on Hallowe'en and see how well Brown's remote viewers predicted these next 31 days into the future.

Remote Viewing October 2017: Time-Cross Predictions (29 September 2016). Video Source: Youtube.

Further Reading (warning: sources may be weird/alt/fake):
ADDENDUM (3 October 2017):
  • Report from Dark Web News (9 October 2017): Kidnapping of Model Chloe Ayling Could be a Sham, Suspect’s Lawyer Claims

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