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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Awaken the Amnesiacs 8: You are Now Inside the Computer

Image Source: The Hedge Mason.

The Urban Dictionary defines Youtube comments as:
"The only place where a polite discussion about kittens can lead to a flame war about government conspiracies."
Conspiracists vary in style. On Youtube, there is a spectrum. David Seaman's vitriol approaches incendiary levels, his this-is-not-a-threat promises are so chilling that they help me understand the history of mass psychology better, especially that of the 1930s.

This post is not exactly about Seaman, nor the accusations he levels in a brooding monotone at the bankers, politicians, deep-staters, evil cabal, establishment figures, and finally - the tech leaders who censor him (like Youtube CEO, Susan Wojcicki, whom he calls "Catshit Face"). This post is about Seaman's and others' rhetorical style in relation to conspiratorial subject matter, and what it means for all of us.

For his followers, Seaman's negative tone and violent language increases his believability: "I'm not calling for riots. ... I truly believe there will be mass trials and executions ahead ... [in] six months or less." The subtext of his ultra-rhetoric is: 'you evil oppressors forced me to these extremes.'

This is what happens when you mess with Generation Y. I'll discuss Gen X's mixed attitudes in a different post - Julian Assange is a Gen Xer, as is Elon Musk, as is (possibly) Satoshi Nakomoto. Generation X have a more complex and circumspect view, because they remember 'life before all this.' I would suggest, despite their decades-long acrimonious relationship with Boomers, Gen Xers remember their predecessors - the Silent Generation and the Boomers - when those earlier generations were relatively young and idealistic, and when it was still possible to be optimistic about the accomplishments of the 20th century.

But now, the 20th century is dead. Boomers, you know you've got it rough when Gen Xers are your only remaining friends.

As for the Millennials, when the Boomers stopped crowing that their children would crush and by-pass Gen X from crib to corner office, they cut their kids loose into a recession. It was a horrible let-down. The response to this betrayal of generational trust has been bitter and vengeful. The worst of the Boomers - those in authority, at whom the most aggressive online criticisms are aimed - have sought to silence these Millennials on social media, erase their work, and delete their complaints. This was like pouring gasoline on the flames. It was and is the worst possible response, a censorship policy sadly supported by some (not all) of Gen X's managers and policy-makers.

At the same time, the Millennials are precisely at their point of most heightened alienation, prior to their mid-life crises. Little do they know that they have not reached the bottom of an uphill climb toward generational victory, but the crest of a hill which will descend into a coming decade-and-a-half of soul-searching. That has nothing to do with general conditions or their particular capabilities as individuals or as a demographic group: it is merely the course of life, which all humans have confronted for thousands of years.

Thus, generational wars are in full swing, nobody has sobered up, and these vicious social media debates and conspiracy theories should be partly understood in that light. They are about a generation which feels as though their future has been stolen and destroyed. Many of the stories of current empowerment - around Bitcoin, for example - still contain elements of rage and victimhood, because the Boomers' promises of the 1990s were all lies.

And like the generations before them, the Millennials make the error of assuming that what they want for themselves now must be a universal social good for the future of all. It's an easy mental slip to make.

With guilt for social ills projected onto the backs of prominent and dehumanized elders, David Seaman presents himself as a solid journalist and regular guy championing the public good, who would not be driven to talking like this if the Illuminati hadn't already gutted the system and stolen all its wealth; planned global genocide (à la the Georgia Guidestones); CIA-trafficked drugs, arms, and people; tried to mind-control the world through mass entertainment and advertising; plotted World Wars I, II, and III; engaged in a secret space war; abused children in pizza parlours, the White House, Hollywood, and Haiti; conducted experiments in Antarctica; joined evil mystery cults; and (on the more immediate level) had tried to kill David himself. So, as far as David Seaman is concerned, in terms of backlash - almost anything goes.

He makes menacing promises, to paraphrase, 'take away our livelihoods, and that's when we'll come for you, in a heartbeat.' He reminds me of Madame Defarge, declaring, "no mercy, no quarter," this man who has called for Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, David Brock, leading members of the Rothschild family, and George Soros to be tried and hanged in public. He is quick to point out that he is acting within the law and upholding the spirit of the US constitution. As a journalist, he insists that he is rallying people to save his country, based on WikiLeaks' evidence of establishment corruption. Thousands of his followers agree with him and applaud the drumbeats. The way they see it, higher crimes deserve avenging angels.

Now, there really are serious problems in the world, which is why Seaman finds a willing audience. There was no way the economy could be ruined without savage repercussions. Too many people were rendered homeless or left in permanent debt; the middle classes were or are being destroyed; and a new super-wealthy stratum was created. However they like to think their policies are 'helping' people, in 2008, the establishment broke faith with the masses, particularly when they came for the houses of the common people. There will be trouble over it.

This post will not comb through the wreckage to confirm the real corruption and real crimes which Seaman and Youtube's other vloggers tabulate every day. Instead, this post considers how mass psychology responds to real events while a new mythology blossoms. That mythology is not fake news, rather a very old human process of abrogated responsibility and projected grievance, which is ironically disguised as a mass shouldering of responsibility. The ruined people rise again, resurrected as they blame others for the surrounding devastation. After all, the victims had no part to play in this mess. Right?

This process is about human competition and power. It depends on the way reality can transmute into an incredible story of survival. Tell people that they only need to believe the more fantastic parts of the incredible story, alongside its grains of truth, and they'll march in time to the epic. Their lives will regain meaning and purpose. It's an incredibly alluring and powerful message. It's almost a 'Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus' moment. All you have to do is accept the epic story, join its action, and your faith, dreams, and ideals will be restored! Believing in conspiracy theories means conspiracists can believe in the system (and life) again, but only by forcibly seizing reality for themselves and pushing out those who previously dominated the narrative.

Benjamin Fulford 11 30 2017 (1 December 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

Take the whispered claim that Donald Trump's administration is effectively a covert military coup, currently engaged in a massive, but hushed-up, take-down of a post-Nazi fifth column inside the US Deep State. Did you know that there is a rumour that the Marines invaded CIA headquarters a few weeks ago to defend Trump's presidency, and the intelligence thus gained is being used to dismantle the whole post-WWII order? And the California fires cloak an ongoing struggle for power between Trump's forces and the stubborn cabal? Isn't that epic?

LASERS FROM THE SKY & THE CALIFORNIA FIRES (8 December 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

Is any of it true? There is always enough scope for possibility around facts and documents on the Internet, such that there is room for willing suspension of disbelief. Sometimes I wonder if the more articulate Youtubers are actually employed by intelligence agencies to sow seeds of dissent, and to become minders of a controlled opposition. I have my paranoid, Fox Mulder moments, too.

I am talking here about what people want to believe and why. I have recently encountered some videos on Youtube which, watched together, give a bird's eye view of the whole mythos as it now stands. If you want to see how this rambling, esoteric discussion goes into the reboot of the world's economic system and the rise of Bitcoin, go here and here.

These commentators take a different tone from David Seaman. Some of this is armchair gossip. Some of it comes across as analysis. The story is Lovecraftian in dimension, and dehumanizes the supposed Illuminati as part space aliens. As I have previously argued, this trope combines and extends 1950s' science and science fiction tropes (atom bombs and aliens) with 1940s' racial theory.

A caveat: Do not take my posting these videos here as indications of my personal opinions, which are private. Some of the views expressed in these videos may be considered offensive. You may not like the politics or religious views expressed. I am not posting to endorse these views one way or the other. These videos are embedded here to reveal how Internet social values are evolving. If you want to see how far this conspiratorial view of reality has come since 2011, compare to Peter Joseph's Zeitgeist movement, described in this earlier post.

I met an MK ULTRA trainer. The End Game. Long version (2 October 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

You're Living Under An Occultocracy - Not A Democracy (1 July 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

Benjamin Fulford Interview - Dec 1, 2017 (1 December 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

END-TIMES PROGRAMMING: MK-ULTRA ANTI-CHRIST "Call Back" Programming/"Black Awakening" (4 December 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

Satan Is Manifesting In Some VERY WEIRD Ways (2016) (29 May 2016). Video Source: Youtube.

Do not fixate on the incredible details, and instead see the grains of truth here: people have lost faith in the establishment and their mainstream institutions, entertainment corporations, and media outlets. Now that they are participating in media production themselves, in unprecedented numbers on social media platforms, they realize what a smoke-and-mirrors, Wizard-of-Oz business video production can be.

It dawns on them that all these years, they could have been watching green screens and special effects in fake newscasts. Perhaps, they were not watching real reports. Maybe everything they were ever taught was fiction, and the masses were duped. They begin to distrust everything and everyone, the whole model, all of history.

They think: just because you saw it in a TV news report, does that make it real? This niggling doubt, birthed in a moment of disillusionment, can take the mind anywhere as long as it is anti-establishment in flavour. Oddly, the newer medium online, Youtube, commands more automatic credibility. Conspiracists don't always question the dubious provenance of online news videos. They are less eager to ask: Just because you saw it on Youtube, does that make it real? On other social media forums, they are more skeptical, but really, everyone is inside a seamless new environment with new rules. You are now inside the computer. And this is its story.

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