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Friday, October 19, 2018

Hallowe'en Countdown 2018: The Formula for Consciousness

To unlock the mysteries of today's technology, some say you would have to start your investigation on the ballet stages of the 1840s. To get a flavour of European dance from that revolutionary period, today's post features some scans from a little book I own, published in 1948 by Batsford, entitled The Romantic Ballet. A centennial edition, it reprinted 1840s' coloured prints of prima ballerinas who were celebrated from 1840 to 1850. Click the images to enlarge.

These reprinted images from the 1840s display an occult visual vocabulary. For example, the three graces are three Greek goddesses - culture, beauty and creativity - later translated into the Christian theological virtues of faith, hope and charity. They are represented in the tarot deck as the Three of Cups.

The dancer with the crown of stars in La Péri (1843), is a goddess representation reminiscent of the American Statue of Liberty and related American iconography, as well as the American DC Comics characterWonder Woman. These figures actually originate in the Greek goddess Hecate, ruler of light, ghosts, witchcraft, necromancy and gateways. The Crown of Stars refers to another ancient symbol, the Crown of Immortality. Anyone depicted wearing this crown is considered to be ageless and deathless. In other words, the individual has conquered time and space, and is divine.

The lady in the seashell from a 19th century production of Ondine obviously refers to Venus; compare it to the famous painting, The Birth of Venus (1484-1486) by Sandro Botticelli. Venus reappears in Christianity as the Virgin Mary. The direct mythological transformation from Venus to Mary is traceable in statues and paintings in churches in Sicily, where there were important temples dedicated to the Roman goddess, later repurposed as nunneries.

The European orientalist images with female dancers dressed as Arab men appear to be a sly west-east reference to occult transgenderism. The merger of male and female and gnostic obliteration of dualities is the ultimate aim of many esoteric groups. Hermaphroditism, which I have discussed here, is a sacred staple of Freemasonry (see the Masons' obsession with the sun, moon and stars) and SatanismBaphomet is a chimeric goat who is also a human hermaphrodite, with a male phallus and female breasts.

This is not just 'two-becomes-one' as through sexual intercourse, but rather a complete merger to create a third entity with the combined physical, mental and spiritual characteristics of the masculine and the feminine. As an aside, this occult concept could refer to a highly symbolic analogy to human genetics, revealing mythologized folk knowledge of the way genes work, before genetics was an established science. In this case, males androgynously carry X and Y chromosomes and physically determine the sex of their children.

You can see this issue at play in highly-politicized battles over transgender pronouns which pit social conservatism against liberal identity politics. The politics is very misleading because it masks the esoteric origins of the third sex.

In official policy, this idea is now implemented through transformed language and sex changes offered to children, as their bodies are officially transformed, gradually being funded in some places by government healthcare. This is not to denigrate the trans experience. But the point to understand is that that experience and gender reassignment reflect a well-known magical concept brought full force into everyday reality, whether its advocates and patients know it or not. Two-become-one. You can see the idea at work in architecture, too: here.

These images hint that the arts - like religion and architecture - symbolize overt human experiences and passions. However, the initiated also use sub-languages in the arts, understood by those who wish to measure and control human consciousness, such that new perceptions of reality - and even new realities! - are created.

A merged gender perspective combines masculine rationalism and feminine intuition, leading to a higher state of mind. Combine the enhanced hermaphroditic perspective with the magical precept that 'how you see things changes your reality' and you begin to see the endgame.

The observer as creative agent has been popularized in the New Age Law of Attraction. The fact that the observer changes an object's reality by looking at the object has been proven by the double slit experiment and quantum physics (see my related posts here and here). The belief in hermaphroditism, paired with an active observer who can change his, her, or 'their' reality, ultimately seeks a formula for human consciousness, which, if decoded and projected outwards, would result in permanent control not only of human societies, but human history. The question remains whether there are technological experiments engaged in meeting that end. I will explore that idea further in my next post.

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