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This blog describes Metatime in the Posthuman experience, drawn from Sir Isaac Newton's secret work on the future end of times, a tract in which he described Histories of Things to Come. His hidden papers on the occult were auctioned to two private buyers in 1936 at Sotheby's, but were not available for public research until the 1990s.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Hallowe'en Countdown 2018: The Illuminati and the New Vampire Ouroboros

The Papal Audience Hall, Rome, Italy. Partly situated in Vatican City, the Paul VI Hall was designed by architect Pier Luigi Nervi and completed in 1971. The mouth of the serpent features an alien-looking sculpture of Jesus resurrecting from nuclear-bomb-created slag. Conspiracy theorists believe that the hall proves that the Vatican is secretly presiding over a neo-Babylonian Satanic sect of serpent-worshipers. Image Source: wykop.

Today's Hallowe'en countdown continues Monday's post on the ouroboros, the symbol of immortality behind the vampire story. The ouroboros myth reveals why populists and New Agers pair the reptile with the vampire in conspiracy theories about lizard aliens and blood-drinking élites.

David Icke is the main popularizer of the lizard alien hypothesis. David Icke: Conspiracy of the Lizard Illuminati (Part 2/2) (24 August 2012). Video Source: Youtube.

British ex-footballer David Icke is at the forefront of describing this new version of the ouroboros vampire, starting in his 1999 book, The Biggest Secret. Despite denials, he has laced his account of reptilian humanoid élites with anti-Semitism. He repackages anti-Semitism as anti-evil-space-alien, anti-Kabbalist, anti-Zionist, anti-Khazarian, anti-Babylonian Brotherhood, anti-moon-Death-Star, and anti-Saturn-worship. He claims that he opposes 'false Jews,' Freemasons, and Illuminists.

Icke was ridiculed throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. He only gained a following after the rise of social media and the concurrent 2008 recession, which was blamed on banking institutions and saw a corresponding explosion of anti-Semitism.

At the same time, graphics editing software became broadly available which was capable of subtly altering images and videos to create 'evidence' of lizard people. As a result, Icke now travels the world, talking for up to eleven hours at a stretch to packed audience halls. It is a new form of entertainment, and thousands of vloggers, bloggers, New Agers, and conspiracists have followed suit. They have expanded Icke's hypothesis to produce an enormous Millennial cosmology. Vox called it "the greatest political conspiracy [theory] ever created."

But the point is that it is not original. I think Icke derived his lizard people hypothesis from the ancient Egyptian mystery of the ouroboros, in which serpents were believed to be bound to the souls of kings and queens.

Top to bottom are Dylan Louis Monroe's maps of the hidden religious history of the world, according to today's Internet. Click each to enlarge: Monroe wrote that the simple Sephirot Map of the Pharaonic Death Cult was inspired by the Sephirothic System of Ten Divine Names, by a different author. Also from Monroe: The Cult of Baal (bottom). See the larger, detailed version of the Cult of Baal map, here. Reproduced under Fair Use. Images Source © Dylan Louis Monroe, with further links here and here.

The Millennial theatre of the vampire ouroboros spans Antarctica; the Nazis; British and other royal families around the world; and ancient aliens, reptilian and otherwise. The narrative hasn't shifted much from the earlier Dracula tale: vampire élites are still worshiping the serpent of immortality by participating in criminal and immoral sacrificial rituals, often perpetrated upon child victims.

Image Source: Neon Revolt.

In the 21st century conspiracists' hunt for Dracula, the peasants are not hiding in their huts. Through Icke's books and videos, they have unwittingly accepted the underlying mythic architecture of the ouroboros. Instead of garlic rosaries and crosses, they are armed with computers and the Internet. Each day brings a new whistleblower or rumour. To see the incredible extent of this activity as of August 2018, watch the Youtube alien channeling, The Ancient Red Vampire is Dead. This video is one of the strangest variants of the ouroboros myth which I have encountered in my research of Millennial cultural trends. A shocking summary, also from August 2018, is here.

The Red Pill: Monroe's Q Web or Q Map, depicting world history as seen by the shadowy Internet leaker QAnon. To see the Q Map up close, go here.Q MAP V.3232018 (2018) inkjet on cardstock © Dylan Louis Monroe. Reproduced under Fair Use. Image Source.

The ouroboros alien-royal-reptilian myth is central to the Red Pill world view, which in turn strongly informs new Internet politics. This is no simple cyber-populism, when you have Anons and trolls styling themselves as Abraham Van Helsing-Meets-Yoda. Above, you can see several placards by Dylan Louis Monroe, who is on a mission to get the Red Pill onto one piece of paper. The Cult of Baal maps illustrate the Illuminati's magical origin story; the Illuminati's political power structure is traced in the 'Q Map' and at the 'Deep State Mapping Project.' The latter were explained at length at the blog, Through the Looking-Glass.

It's a tough pill to swallow. This Red Pill presents an alternative fantastical history of our planet, in which modern genetic breakthroughs have been mythologized in the pop mainstream as a new Genesis tale. The story goes that original simian stock of earth was bio-engineered by aliens to create modern humans, with large parts (10 out of 12 strands) of our old, true DNA deactivated and replaced with reptilian genes.

This story supposedly explains why humans are desensitized, programmed and fast asleep, a shadow of what they could be if they were spiritually awake and mystically-plugged in to their full range of abilities. The human race (in this tale) is almost completely enslaved, lorded over by certain (successful) people who are reptilian in nature, that is, unloving, corrupt and heartless. Reptilian traits include lack of emotion, no empathy or sympathy, narcissism, logic, survivalist competitiveness, increased IQ, and an obsession with ritual, hierarchy, numbers, time, and order. Even autoimmune diseases like psoriasis have been identified in Internet chatter as markers of reptilian genes! As economic distress has deepened over the past decade, this pseudo-scientific fake history has become extremely popular.

The ancient alien concept assumes that human science and politics have always been blended with alien rituals and magic. Monroe's diagrams reveal how much western and eastern mysticism has been incorporated into this 21st century ideological religion. Monroe continually revises his maps with new volume numbers, like updated software. As he puts it on his Patreon page, "WE WON'T STOP UNTIL THE DEEP STATE IS TOTALLY MAPPED, AND DEFEATED!"

As the political map name indicates, Monroe draws from many conspiracy theories, particularly QAnon's leaks (archived here). In response to the New York Post and Sun tabloid reports about "young blood" as an anti-ageing treatment, Q responded: "Nothing to see here." Conspiracists believe that QAnon messages are the Trump administration's unofficial communications to the Internet Underground. The Guardian calls them a bizarre rightwing conspiracy theory. On 7 August 2018, Tech Crunch explained:
"Q, to the uninitiated, is a 4Chan poster who claims to be connected deep inside the US government. Q claims to have high level clearance and posts in furtherance of the conspiracy theory that the government has been running massive pedophile ring and that Trump and Robert Mueller are working like Scooby Doo and Shaggy to bring it down. Sites like QAnon.pub are archives of Q’s cryptic and often ridiculous claims."
Whoever is responsible, the QAnon posts constitute a new way of doing politics. They are a masterful, successful bid to win the trust of the wild Internet faction.

The 2016 US election proved that it is now impossible to participate in an election without taking the Internet into account. A candidate must command the respect of the Internet audience, or that individual cannot win. To do that, the candidate must speak to what the establishment calls 'post-truths' and what the Internet calls 'real truths.'

Monroe's maps reveal why the Internet is becoming a Bermuda Triangle for mainstream politicians. Candidates are in a terrible position. They cannot afford to engage with the Internet, but they can't ignore it. Speak with the language of the Internet and you sound like an unhinged lunatic. The problem is coming to a head as the Americans prepare to vote in the November 2018 midterm elections and the tone of public discourse is becoming more and more shrill and crazy.

In the virtual Underground, the trolls see themselves on a mission to purge corruption and save their broken countries. Their populist, anarchic, conservative, or libertarian political beliefs overlap surprisingly with New Age healing practices. Monroe's 'Great Awakening Map' reveals the whole scope 'lightworkers' arrayed against the Illuminati and its Deep State apparatus. My blog series on the new Millennium's Great Awakening is here.

Monroe's Great Awakening Map. Click to enlarge. Image Source.

Donald Trump has skillfully negotiated his way through this dangerous virtual political territory. Through QAnon, Donald Trump appears to be secretly addressing the online audience almost every day, and giving people everywhere a glimpse on events from behind the scenes. Privileged insider information flatters the Anons on 4 Chan, 8 Chan, and Reddit. Whether they are true or not, the Q leaks inspire loyalty and suspend critical thinking. It helps that Q is telling the Anons what they already want to hear. Q is rallying and aiming a whole army of online Van Helsings at prominent individuals.

In 2017, Mark Zuckerberg denied he was an Illuminati Reptilian during a Facebook Live Q & A session: "'Mark, are the allegations true that you’re secretly a lizard?' Zuckerberg read aloud. He answered, 'I’m gonna have to go with 'no' on that.'" Image Source: Conspiracy Blogberth.

It's easy to interpret the Illuminati story as anti-Semitism, an update of the Russian hoax document, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (1903). Add the vampire ouroboros to the Illuminati conspiracy theory, however, and you get something much more serious and far-reaching. While the social media giants are demonetizing, shadow-banning, censoring, and erasing the accounts of top alt-conservative conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, QAnon is hitting back with equally extreme measures.

On 15 August 2018, Q began to attack the Vanderbilt family. Image Source: 8 Chan via Twitter.

Images Sources: here; here.

Click images to enlarge. On 15 August 2018, Q encouraged Anons to look at a famous photo of Gloria Vanderbilt with her sons, especially the diorama above her head, which clearly has occult connotations. Q also told Anons to find out the meaning of the medallion in Vanderbilt's necklace. Reproduced under Fair Use. Images Sources: here; here; here.

After being mired in scandal during the custody battle for Gloria Vanderbilt in the 1930s, the Vanderbilts slowly recovered their public profile and built up a positive reputation. This was due mainly to the efforts of Gloria Vanderbilt in the 1980s and her son Anderson Cooper in the 1990s and 2000s. Cooper is a well-regarded news anchor on the American network, CNN, an anti-Trump mouthpiece. In the photo above, Cooper is sitting with his mother and late brother, Carter, who committed suicide by falling from a 13th floor balcony (mislabeled as the 14th floor) at Gloria Vanderbilt's East Side apartment in New York City on 22 July 1988.

Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper discuss a family tragedy, the suicide of Carter Vanderbilt Cooper. Gloria Speaks About Carter's Death (14 June 2012). Video Source: Youtube.

On 15 August 2018, Q began to attack the Vanderbilt family. It took him (or her, or them) a few hours to destroy the Vanderbilts' positive popular reputation, which the family had painstakingly cultivated over decades. This effort is potentially part of Donald Trump's attack on the mainstream media, and especially CNN.

Biltmore House. Image Source: MyAJC.

By the time Q was done, the mob was convinced that Anderson Cooper is a CIA operative and the Vanderbilts tortured and sacrificed children in a haunted swimming pool at the Biltmore Estate, a 6950-acre property in North Carolina, USA. Online chatter connected the dots to the brother of Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, John Podesta, and to the Vatican.

Source: Twitter.

QAnon sends the mob on Easter egg hunts to substantiate his cryptic drops and hints. Becoming an online Anon or troll sleuth for QAnon is like becoming a character in a Tom Clancy novel. Q has stirred up the peasants to the point where they are coming for the vampires - real or imagined - with pitchforks. The tone of this game is increasingly intense and deadly serious. You can almost hear the drum beats. The peasants will burn down the whole village, and the castle too, if things don't lighten up.

The Ouroboros Mystery Solved?

In the film, Conan the Barbarian (1982), the villain is the high priest of a snake cult which sacrifices young women. At the end of the film, the villain proves to be a reptilian shape-shifter. The screenplay was written by Oliver Stone, whose son Sean is now a prominent New Ager and conspiracy theorist. © Universal/20th Century Fox. Reproduced under Fair Use. Video Source: Youtube.

As for the ouroboros, David Icke has not to my knowledge mentioned it directly, but I have not read his books. He challenges his audiences to explain why snake worship is found the world over, in completely unrelated societies, and in different periods. He assumes this is because ancient aliens from constellation Draco dominated and genetically modified Earth's early peoples.

I personally believe that the prevalence of serpent-lizard gods in early cultures, culminating in their repudiation in Eden in Genesis, points to one not-so-mysterious culprit: phallus worship. This type of religion could decode the mysteries of the ouroboros and immortality; Icke's ubiquitous reptile worship; the one-eyed Egyptian gods; and evident human parallels with the snake resurrecting itself by shedding its skin, etc.

The great human conundrum on the simplest level has been a competing worship of the sun. Which do you choose as a guide, your groin, or the everlasting sky? Do you use sex as your driving force, or do you, inspired by the wheel in the heavens, take a stab at a larger kind of immortality? The conspiracy theorists suspect that in Baal worship, the secret fraternal orders and the Illuminati combined both together: the serpent and the cross, sex and greatness.

Image Source: Amara Charles.

Above is a photo of edifices in Love Valley, Turkey, in the Cappadocia region, which was once Anatolia. The Daily Mail reports that these phallic pillars are due to the natural erosion of volcanic rock. Unlike standing stones and giant monuments elsewhere, ancient phallus worship is not something that is happily acknowledged as the measure of an early local civilization.

It's too embarrassing. Perhaps the Turkish government considered what would be the lesser of two evils in the tourist brochures: (1) to honour spurting volcanoes, ancient Turks built a Penis Stonehenge; or (2) the spurting volcanoes spontaneously built their own Penis Stonehenge to honour themselves. The government chose option (2).

However, there are hints in the modern landscape that little has changed. Even if only unconsciously, the local population still observes 'snake' worship. This remains something that authorities feel compelled to keep cryptic and obscure. Perhaps it has been that way for a long time, with the phallus concealed in formal religious architecture in holy houses of different faiths.

A modern concrete Turkish mosque at Büyük Otogar, Istanbul's main bus station. Here is a more polite view. Image Source: imgur.

This is evident in other symbols such as crosses, or monuments like obelisks, which are supposed to be rays of light from heaven. The same impulse is evident in the technological marvel of the rocket ship as it explodes upwards and pierces space.

Maybe the snake was elevated by symbols of larger philosophies, and justified by complex mysticism and powerful magic. After all, this system would be embarrassing and pathetic if boiled down to its most basic truth. Look at the ouroboros, the snake eating its tail, and rather than auto-cannibalism, the decoded picture is one of a grotesque frat party.

If this was the origin of serpent worship, then the ouroboros in vampire tales could refer to traits passed down through DNA before people knew that genes existed. An intuitive folk knowledge of genetics bore witness to a mysterious power of the blood, passed through procreation, with inherited strengths gaining a kind of immortality, from dead father to living son, but acquired at the cost of debilitating weaknesses. This knowledge could easily have become an obsession in royal and noble houses, already preoccupied with succession and lineage. Was this the immortal mystery that motivated the royal and knightly fraternal brotherhoods? Only the Order of the Dragon would know for sure.

Image Source: pinterest.

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