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Friday, October 12, 2018

Hallowe'en Countdown 2018: Magic and the Technological Revolution

Donald Trump's uncle, John G. Trump, developed ultra-powerful X-rays. This is the historical first X-ray image, taken by Wilhelm Röntgen of his wife's left hand on 22 December 1895. Image Source: National Library of Medicine / The Scientist.

The new Tech Revolution is human. The top designers in Silicon Valley plainly understand a secret which they do not share with their customers. Technology is not a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, a desktop. It's not a mechanical thing. It's not a smartwatch or a game console. It's not a Virtual Reality headset. It's not a robot, an android, or an AI entity like the HAL9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Don't look at technology as something that helps you order your Starbucks coffee. Look at it as an advanced behavioural modifier.

Technology is the human being who is transformed through interaction with a machine. The revolutionary technology is you, as your behaviour, values, beliefs - as your brain and soul - have changed while you punched keys; listened to the radio, then podcasts; stared at the TV, then videos; took selfies; talked through texts, or on the telephone, or through video calls. Technology is you as you entered the social media reality, indulged in the Internet's arcane, entertaining hivemind, and became a different person. The changed person is a type of technology. The Technological Revolution refers to an irrevocable transformation of, and assault upon, the human condition.

From my previous post on Julian Assange and his possible relationship to the Trump family: in this cinematic depiction of MK-Ultra mind control, the controllers cryptically refer to the brainwashed person, not the brainwashing itself, as a technology. The Manchurian Candidate (7/7) Movie CLIP - Decisions (2004) HD (22 November 2011) © Paramount Pictures. Reproduced non-commercially under Fair Use. Video Source: Youtube.

While body modifications, identity politics, and behavioural changes will be the most obvious outward signs that this process is running its course, the main assault will be waged internally, on human consciousness. In other words, technology is a state of transformed mind. The Technological Revolution implies an absolute, no-going-back overhaul and control of the human brain and the larger capabilities of the human soul.

If that doesn't terrify you, it should. Everyone must recognize and guard the weirder gray areas where technology overlaps with human mentalities, or they will relinquish sovereign control over the space inside their craniums, and they will never see it coming.

Competing factions appear to be vying for the right to dominate this process. They have different visions of what they want to achieve in terms of the revolutionized human being. This is partly why politics is becoming so urgent and divisive, and why the economy is on the verge of collapse. Both were geared toward an earlier, more human age and both are transforming to encase the new transhuman state.

Traditions of Organic Betterment

For thousands of years, there have been attempts to improve, control and alter the human being. One difference in the 21st century is the speed at which the augmentations are taking place. The other Millennial distinction is the use of gadgets as prostheses, which deceives the user into thinking that the process is in the user's control, and outside the user's existential state of being.

Greatest Martial Artists in History • Brief Martial Arts (18 December 2015). Video Source: Youtube.

The 2011 documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi chronicled the extreme discipline necessary to become the top sushi chef in the world. Jiro Dreams of Sushi - Trailer (24 July 2012). Video Source: Youtube.

Unlocking Human Capability - Dr. Devi Shetty with Sadhguru (16 February 2015). Video Source: Youtube.

The traditional ways people have augmented their awareness are organic. Even if they use tools, the physical and mental states are the main concerns: a karate master who smashes a stack of boards is not obsessed with the boards as his or her source of strength. These practitioners balance mind and body through well-honed methods. Disciplined study results in rational improvement of brain functions; regular physical training brings the body to peak performance; meditation and spiritual explorations challenge and awaken the soul. Each form of augmentation has resorted to techniques and aids, developed over centuries or longer.

The highest level of this augmentation builds human consciousness to a legendary moment when biochemical, magnetic and electrical brain functions become metaphysical. For a long time, the tools used to create the altered human were mystical or magical; these are ways of dealing with rare information such that those exposed to it have earned the right to engage with it and produce seemingly inexplicable, paranormal, or superhuman results of their actions. This level of activity involves a highly sophisticated interaction through the mind, body, spirit and soul with symbolic abstractions of time, matter and energy. In our era, technological gadgets are usurping the old, supra-organic, magical role of the symbol.

Are Psychic Powers and Telepathy Real? Dr. Devi Shetty with Sadhguru (30 November 2014). Video Source: Youtube.

Transhumanism: Weaponized Consciousness?

Brain-to-Brain Interface: The Next Gen Social Network (7 October 2018). Video Source: Youtube.

Much of the Internet believes that the CIA Project MK-Ultra was developed out of Nazi research and that the second half of the 20th century developed the technological means for psychological manipulation and spiritual instrumentalization. That research has supposedly continued to the point where its torturous, hypnotic techniques have been widely disseminated via the Internet and the Internet of Things, with the whole collective's reactions continuously monitored. This approach marks a sinister appropriation and abandonment of the old school attempts at human self-betterment, as through western magic, eastern mystics and Asian martial arts. This new path weaponizes human consciousness through propaganda, education, marketing, and insidious, invasive mental bombardments. By any standards, the potential application of MK-Ultra techniques via mass technology signifies a catastrophic turn down a dark, misguided path.

Patreon-supported alt-documentary on the history of MK-Ultra: The Minds of Men | Official Trailer | Documentary by Aaron & Melissa Dykes (16 July 2018). Video Source: Youtube.

Technological gadgets are being invented to mimic or replace capabilities which have traditionally belonged to 'magic,' the human psychic realm, or if you prefer, a conscious mastery of one's unconscious to the point where it affects one's outer material existence.

There is a terrible warning here, for to use a crutch to attain a faux superlative human condition is, by definition, psychopathic. For an example of this progression, consider that some gurus believe that paranormal abilities such as telepathy exist and can be cultivated through intense and profound training. By contrast, a report from October 2018 (the 23 September 2018 scholarly publication is here) confirms that mechanical prostheses are now being built to create 'BrainNet,' a synthetic, mechanized telepathy, transmitted over the Internet. We are at a point where brain-to-tech interfaces are being used by the US military, soon to follow on social media. It's not woo. It's not a ghost story. It's real, and soon it will be at your Apple Store with a price tag on it.

Magical Technology

All of this implies that the top leaders of the Technological Revolution were and are well-versed in older techniques of achieving the superlative human, the disciplines necessary to fine-tune behaviour. In addition, they know about the mind control research and propaganda and education campaigns of the mid-to-late 20th century. And they are diverting all this knowledge into their own, hideous transhuman experiment.

In short, that means that there's some magic misapplied in the development of high technology. Officially, high tech gadgets, apps and networks are so addictive because people like the founders of Facebook embedded psychological games and tricks in their platforms. Unofficially, it is theorized the Technological Revolution was founded in dark occult mysteries and practices.

Even if you don't believe in this type of thing, others do. If Silicon Valley was founded by magicians, and its products imbued with spells, wouldn't you want to know who did this, how, and with what incantations and intentions?

The Real X-Files


According to Youtuber Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and his colleague Olivia Baptiste, the Silicon Valley was founded by the Varian brothers and Frederick Terman (1900-1982). Liszt has traced these figures to the Theosophical Society (established 1875). Russell Varian (1898-1959) and Sigurd Varian (1901-1961) developed the klystron, which was the source technology for CERN. And CERN was the place where the World Wide Web was founded.

Liszt maintains that the original concept of the klystron derived from occult principles on the back end, with a formal explanation on the front end dressed up in math and physics. He claims further that a rationalist secular movement in 19th and 20th century academic circles discredited spiritualism and religion as non-serious, anti-intellectual activities, indulged in by superstitious, backward peasants.

This created a situation in which those working in spiritual areas were marginalized and ridiculed, their knowledge sidelined, while those working in scientific communities, if they were among the uninitiated, would never have the true picture, or know the final endgame, of the research they were conducting. Meanwhile, at the highest levels, occult initiates directed and direct the actual course of Big Science.

Thus, Liszt argues that it is impossible to understand high technology, starting with CERN and the Internet as a related entity, without knowing the hard science as well as the magical concepts which informed these projects in the first place. One must become a master of both fields, or none of this will make any sense. Liszt refers to the arcane effects which technology has on the human mind and an intuitive mass reaction as Apotheum. Apotheum is "a reality distortion effect which brings in a secondary physics. ... It upsets the very nature of reality."

This year, Liszt and Baptiste began digging through the libraries of Harvard and MIT, as well as major archives and libraries in New York and Washington, DC, to research the occult origins of the Technological Revolution. On 9 March 2018, they began presenting their findings in vlogs and interviews on Youtube, every Friday evening at 7 p.m., New York City time. Their live feed allows their growing community of supporters to ask questions. The main channel is here, the Dark Journalist Website is here, and the X-Series playlist is here.

Liszt is the main presenter and his polished vlogging style has a great Lynchian vibe. He is both bright and compelling in an Agent Cooper sense, and so complex as to be somewhat unintelligible, in a Gordon Cole sense. The Dark Journalist's Friday shows constitute a new type of Youtube-driven entertainment, better than TV and Netflix. It's like the X-Files meets Twin Peaks, an investigation unfolding in the virtual-real of social media, rather than at a fictional FBI.

Liszt and Baptiste come across as appealing, intelligent people, immersed in fringe subjects. That said, if a straight-faced discussion of UFOs makes you queasy, it is best to avoid the channel. Liszt has detractors, who exposed the Dark Journalist's real name as Daniel M. Robillard. This exposure involves a huge row inside the UFOlogy community in which Liszt participated.

The fact remains that UFOs and aliens - whether they exist or not - are big business for many of the people who write about them; this topic bleeds over into New Age spiritualism and the occult. Every area is a fiefdom in itself, with its own leading lights who are pushing out books, classes, sessions, lectures, speaking engagements and other money makers. As someone on Reddit put it:
"Having lived in California, there's correlation between bloodthirsty business people and the false pretense of 'spiritual enlightenment.' A similar correlation between really nasty people, and those who claim they're on some type of spiritual path. Could it be one is just a rationalization tool for the other?"
Liszt previously had a career as a musician, and released 1990s' and early 2000s' indie and Goth college-oriented albums, to which you can listen here. First appearing as an alt-vlogger around 2013, Liszt began interviewing the biggest names in secret space program disclosure circles, which aroused the suspicions of his critics, who wondered why all doors were open to this newcomer. His contacts through his music career raised eyebrows (were they Satanic? Rosicrucian? covert Illuminati?). As Liszt promotes sympathy for Theosophy and Anthroposophy, the real question in these critics' minds is the ultimate aim served by the Dark Journalist's exposé of the occult in relation to technology. Perhaps the X-series is normalizing the connection between the two. Maybe he is - they say - a cabal operator who has entered the disclosure movement in order to discredit it.

Trump Family Mysteries

Image Source: Empire of the Wheel. (Hat tip: Dark Journalist)

With these caveats in mind, the Dark Journalist is revealing that there may be more to Donald Trump than meets the eye. Above are designs for flying machines, reportedly depicted in 1920 by the German artist Charles August Albert Dellschau (1830-1923) who immigrated to the USA in 1850. The source is Dellschau's 'recently discovered' scrapbooks. I have not confirmed any of these speculations or sources, which could be Millennial disinformation.

The airships are labeled with the word, 'Trump.' There is a bizarre conspiracy theory (elaborated upon herehere and here) that a group of German immigrants to the United States used occult ideas (in a secret society called NYMZA) to develop early Trump aircraft from 1850 to 1858, well before the Wright Brothers, inspiring late 19th century sightings of mystery airships. Their Sonora Aero Club was supposedly based in California. For the record, the original American progenitor and German immigrant in Donald Trump's family is Frederick Trump (1869-1918), who arrived in the USA at age 16.

John G. Trump, the current US President's uncle, in a lab at MIT. Image Source: Alfred Eisenstaedt / The LIFE Picture Collection / Getty / The New Yorker.

Addressing a later period, one video in the Dark Journalist series connects Donald Trump's family to Nikola Tesla (1856-1943). President Trump's uncle, a respected physicist named John G. Trump (1907-1985), took over Tesla's papers when the latter died in a New York City hotel. This implies that John Trump learned Tesla's findings. President Trump has hinted that his uncle shared those findings with him. Read a background on this history at The New Yorker, here.

Nikola Tesla.
Born in the Habsburg Empire, the Croatian engineer Tesla is not only the namesake of Elon Musk's electric carmaker. The entire Internet Underground is convinced that Tesla discovered free energy and that his findings were appropriated by the American government and suppressed. Inspired after reading Goethe's Faust, Tesla also invented alternating current electricity (our current system of electrical energy in businesses and homes) and a death ray weapon. As we know, the lynchpin of the whole current geopolitical order depends on the energy question, be it carbon-based, nuclear, or eco-sourced. If Tesla discovered a way to bypass these dependencies, then the entire global power structure would be undermined and economies transformed beyond recognition. The way we live and work would be different, and people would be freed from a huge apparatus of control.

The Trump family is also connected to Vannevar Bush (1890-1974; not apparently related to the Bush presidential family). John G. Trump was Bush's protégé. Bush presided over World-War-II-era American military scientific research and development, including the creation of early hyper text mark-up language, analog computers, and the Manhattan Project. After the war, he is rumoured to have headed the US government's real-life X-files, symbolically marked with an X-notation (or is it the Roman numeral ten?), including black budget experiments. These X-activities involved a group called Majestic12 (established 24 September 1947) to investigate terrestrial, Nazi-derived UFO technology.

In September 2015, Lockheed Martin revealed its Skunk Works proposal for a next-generation U-2 spy plane called TR-X, which can be flown remotely as a drone. Set to be released in 2019, the aircraft will be able to fly for 12 hours at 70,000 feet. Image Source: Daily Mail.

It is from these X-files that the Dark Journalist's X-series investigations on Youtube takes its name. Liszt claims that any technology bearing the 'X' designation (e.g. X-rays) is a red flag indicating that the tech has a background in black budget projects.

Why 'X'?

Xbox One X – E3 2017 – World Premiere 4K Trailer (11 June 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

Introducing iPhone XS and iPhone XR — Apple (12 September 2018). Video Source: Youtube.

Liszt and Baptiste have concluded that certain scientific and technological projects moved beyond the boundaries of the mainstream. These projects, designated by the US government and researchers with the letter 'X,' get shifted to black budgets. They can only be tracked down decades later, after they are finally declassified, are revealed in publications, or by whistle-blowers. In a recent video, Liszt concluded that the occult aspect of 'X' refers to the binary star system, perceived as a single star, Sirius.

Lockheed Martin's Quiet Supersonic X-Plane (3 April 2018). Video Source: Youtube.

The secret Facebook symbol bears X steganography.
The mystery of the 'X' code brings the Dark Journalist's interest in steganography into sharper focus. Steganography is the art of hiding things out in the open. While we are more familiar with cryptography, steganography is just as important and it explains why we are surrounded by seemingly-innocent symbols, numbers, human gestures, dance movements, music, and messages which are thrust right in our faces, but which constitute alphabets which we do not understand. The symbols meanwhile retain their potency, and as a result, the public moves through a soup of super-charged information, constantly provoked and unsettled, without knowing why.

Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Illuminati Symbol on the Inside of his Hoodie (18 September 2013). Video Source: Youtube.

Liszt further maintains that today's high tech giants were funded (and unofficially founded) by the intelligence communities. At least one individual who directly oversaw this original relationship has come to a dark end. Both the high tech giants and the intelligence communities have bizarre connections to occult secret societies.

In Liszt's analysis, these private clubs are the outer gateways into the western mystery schools. In the east, spiritual principles were acknowledged and institutionalized, with knowledge remaining (to a degree) out in the open. But in the west, highest level mysticism not corralled by organized religions was compartmentalized and shared only with the most privileged and advanced of students.

The Silicon Valley was founded by Theosophists, a school established by Russian occultist Helena Blavatsky (1831-1891) in 1875. This is a portrait by 'AE' aka Irish nationalist and mystic, George William Russell (1867-1935). The image depicts Blavatsky's soul form as she appeared on the astral plane. The portrait was last seen publicly on sale at Whyte's Fine Art in Dublin, Ireland. Image Source: pinterest.

Andrew Jackson Davis.
Liszt argues that in the mid-to-late 19th century, a conflict emerged in the western mystery schools as to whether or not some of this privileged information should be shared with the public. With tensions evidently increasing between today's transhumanists and people who are interested in protecting their autonomy in relation to machines, that conflict may still be playing out.

The 19th century revelations were a reaction against the rise of scientific materialism and thus an effort to protect the organic nature of spiritual knowledge. The main 'whistle-blowers' of this time were the Russian mystic and founder of Theosophy, Helena Blavatsky (see her work, Isis Unveiled (1877)); George Ivanovich Gurdjieff (born c. 1866-77, died 1949); and the Austrian founder of Anthroposophy, Rudolph Steiner (1861-1825). Anthroposophy combined German idealist philosophy with German mysticism and science. Liszt believes that Steiner was murdered for disclosing information held by the western mystery schools. Other 19th century whistle-blowers or popularizers included Andrew Jackson Davis (1826-1910; aka The Poughkeepsie Seer) and Margaretta Fox and her sisters, Leah and Kate.

The Fox sisters were 19th century popularizers of long-held secrets in western mysticism. Image Source: The Smithsonian.

Liszt asserts that he is partly motivated in presenting these video investigations on Youtube because Blavatsky and Steiner believed that their revelations would bear fruit in our time period, 2016 to 2046. Perhaps this is an arcane way of worrying about where technology is taking us, for good or ill. It is certainly true that we stand at a fork in the road and must gain the power of discernment necessary to choose the better path.

Image Source: pinterest.

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