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This blog describes Metatime in the Posthuman experience, drawn from Sir Isaac Newton's secret work on the future end of times, a tract in which he described Histories of Things to Come. His hidden papers on the occult were auctioned to two private buyers in 1936 at Sotheby's, but were not available for public research until the 1990s.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Your Friends, The Dark Overlord

If you want to see the Dark Overlord files, go here. Image Source: Time.

A group called the Dark Overlord claimed responsibility for the 2017 Netflix hacks. They have also lately hacked London Bridge plastic surgery clinic and released celebrities' medical files onto the Web. On 31 December 2018, they rang in the New Year with the announcement that they had breached a law firm and stolen 10 Gigabytes (18,000 documents) of legal papers, video, and audio files relating to 9/11 insurance claims with Hiscox Group. The trolls at 4chan were unimpressed:
"Q: who did 9/11 in your opinion based on the docs?

A: We don't really give a fuck. We want internet money.

We've already released a select few documents to serve as proof of our claims. We're about to change the fucking world. Edward Snowden's NSA leak will be pale in comparison."
"We are all broke and also we don't feel like going to jail as we are all just 16yo virgin keyboard worriers. How come you couldn't find someone to give you a suitcase of money?"
"Q: Hi, thedarkoverlord, Have you considered that information may well be used crash the monetary system you hope to be compensated in?

A: Fantastic question, mate. We're not concerned about that as we receive our payments only in internet money like Bitcoin. The monetary crash will be your problem. We always advise our clients to diversify and acquire different convertible currencies."
Some trolls were less skeptical. After viewing the document below, which was released on 4chan, one noted that 'Iron Mountain' documents had been shredded:

Flight 93 was shot down by National Guard because it was heading to Iron mountain, a military base.

Shredding documents related to that seems like a crime/treason!"

In fact, Iron Mountain is a Boston-based data management company; their history is here. But the company has also partnered with the US government and maintains an underground data storage facility called Iron Mountain in Pennsylvania, USA. They have a staff of 2,700 and they do hold Flight 93 evidence.

TOP Secret Government Facility (holds Flight 93 evidence) (4 June 2007). Video Source: Youtube.

In April 2018, Dark Overlord had already threatened the law firm and demanded ransom for the return of the documents:
"'Pay the fuck up, or we're going to bury you with this. If you continue to fail us, we'll escalate these releases by releasing the keys, each time a Layer is opened, a new wave of liability will fall upon you,' the extortion note reads."
The ransom was paid, but the hackers' rules about calling law enforcement were broken. Thus, all bets were off. As Dark Overlord put it in their 2 January 2019 press release:
[W]e initiated an action against a seemingly ordinary company located in the United States, that unfortunately, didn't turn out the way we wanted. We breached their network and stole hundreds of gigabytes of litigation related documents (and others, that the world may soon come to see). We investigated our grand pile of loot and we found documents in regards to one of the most infamous events in the history of the United States. The key is that the documents were not public, nor would this company want them public. Not to mention thousands of documents surrounding companies such as Monsanto, Bank of America, and many other Fortune 500 companies. Hundreds of thousands of documents. What sorts of documents, specifically? E-mails, retainer agreements, non-disclosure agreements, settlements, litigation strategies, liability analysis, defence formations, collection of expert witness testimonies, testimonies, communications with government officials in countries all over the world, voice mails, dealings with the FBI, USDOJ, DOD, and more, confidential communications, and so much more.

We immediately approached this company with our most handsome business proposition, which they were reluctant to accept. However, they ultimately accepted and provided us a financial payment that satisfied our agreement. However, as with previous clients in the past (we're looking at you: Larson Studios), this client of ours also violated the agreement and began cooperating with law enforcement, which our agreements strictly forbid unless it's legally required of the client. This involvement with law enforcement became clear to us months later through a source of ours disclosing details of the client to us that we never informed the source about. We were absolutely appalled by this transgression against our agreement. We decided to offer this company a second chance to repent, accept responsibility, and satisfy our penalty request. They declined to accept our offer, so we're here today.

Let's get right into the juicy bits, shall we? Since our organisation has been around, we've performed many hacks that have resulted in some hilarious news articles and reports, grandiose stories of entire regions closing schools, NSA, CIA, GCHQ investigating us, hoping to hunt us down, raids all over the world, arrests of alleged members, and so much more. Most of you may know us from our hacks of Netflix and other studios such as ABC, HBO, CBS, and others. We do hope you haven't cancelled your subscription to them. However, the entire planet will now know our name as a result of a single client of ours failing our arrangement and refusing to accept the fair penalties. Edward Snowden leaks were quite impressive and caught the world's attention due to the highly sensitive nature of the materials and the global impact. What we're about to announce and leak will top Edward Snowden's finest work, both in volume and in impact. We'll guarantee to all our astute readers that the subsequent release of these materials will generate millions of news articles and result in the biggest and most significant data breach ever to have occurred. ...

What's the takeaway? We hacked Hiscox Syndicates Ltd.

And why didn't Hiscox Syndicates Ltd make this more public? Well, keep reading on to find out! It wasn't just Hiscox Syndicates Ltd that was put at risk, it was Lloyds of London as well as others. Another entity unnamed in this article is Lloyds of London and who we'll attribute as also being involved. Hiscox Syndicates Ltd and Lloyds of London are some of the biggest insurers on the planet insuring everything from the smallest policies to some of the largest policies on the planet, and who even insured structures such as the World Trade Centers. At this point, the keen amongst you may finally be drawing conclusions at this point, but you'll still be astonished at what's to come. Keep reading. This also means that Silverstein Properties is involved, doesn't it? Now things are getting more interesting. Most of you readers will not be privy to the processes and methods utilised by Fortune 500s to litigate high-impact cases, but we are, and thankfully for us, we're going to let you in on this process. When major incidents like the WTC 911 incident happen, part of the litigation must involve SSI (Sensitive Security Information) and SCI (Special Compartment Information) from the likes of the FBI, CIA, TSA, FAA, DOD, and others being introduced into evidence, but of course this can't become public, for fear of compromising a nation's security, so they temporarily release these materials to the solicitor firms involved in the litigation with the strict demand they're destroyed after their use and that remain highly protected and confidential to only be used behind closed doors. However, humans aren't perfect and many of these documents don't become destroyed, and when thedarkoverlord comes along hacking all these solicitor firms, investment banks, and global insurers, we stumble upon the juiciest secrets a government has to offer.

What's the takeaway? We hacked Lloyds of London and Silverstein Properties.

This release of 911 Litigation Documents is highly exclusive and only available from thedarkoverlord! For a limited time only, we're leaking the first few documents as proof of our trove on the famous dark web hacker forum 'KickAss'. For those of you who are most interested in acquiring the entire set of documents, which counts at over 18.000 documents, to include .doc, .pdf, .ppt, .xls, .tif, .msg, and many other interesting formats (or just to acquire the most highly secret and confidential documents), the good news for you is that we'll be selling these documents for a limited time. If you're a terrorist organisation such as ISIS/ISIL, Al-Qaeda, or a competing nation state of the USA such as China or Russia, you're welcome to purchase our trove of documents. You can easily contact us on the dark web hacker forum 'KickAss' or by e-mailing us at the e-mail found below. We'll also sign our PGP key into this message so that you may use our PGP key to contact us if you prefer to be more discreet.

What we'll be releasing is the truth. The truth about one of the most recognisable incidents in recent history and one which is shrouded in mystery with little transparency and not many answers. What we're offering to the world is the truth, exclusively from us, one of the planets premier hacking organisations dedicated to breaching leading targets and acquiring the most scandalous materials that we may use in our systematic extortion campaigns.

If a full public release happens in the near future, we'll guarantee that we're going to withhold only the most highly confidential and sensitive documents for private sale. For the rest of you: don't worry, there's thousands of documents still to go around.

If you're one of the dozens of solicitor firms who was involved in the litigation, a politician who was involved in the case, a law enforcement agency who was involved in the investigations, a property management firm, an investment bank, a client of a client, a reference of a reference, a global insurer, or whoever else, you're welcome to contact our e-mail below and make a request to formally have your documents and materials withdrawn from any eventual public release of the materials. However, you'll be paying us.
The hackers released a few initial documents to prove they were not kidding. See here. Immediately banned from mainstream social media, the hackers resurfaced on Steemit, and demanded crowdfunded Bitcoin payments to release the information directly to the public in five installments, each with a publicly-raised ransom. They wrote:
"[W]e designed a compensation plan that would allow for the public crowd-funding of our organisation in order to permit the public disclosure of our '9/11 Papers' in the interest of the public. Part of this plan was to create a tiered escalation plan that would result in multiple layers and milestones (which we're calling checkpoints) to ensure the powers at be are being properly bent over a barrel. ...

Your friends,
Professional Adversarial Threat Group
TheDarkOverlord Solutions LLC, World Wide Web, LLC"
The money for the first layer was raised and those documents were released today. You can see the documents through download at Steemit, here. Some people downloaded some of the files and stuck them up for direct viewing on GoogleDocs, here, here, here, herehere, here and here. Take precautions when viewing or downloading files. On a separate note, the Dark Overlord group claims to have a fund of UFO files, which will follow after the 9/11 drama.

ADDENDUM (7 January 2019): Commentators on Youtube suspect that the Dark Overlord is a front for the NSA.

On 7 January 2019, Dark Overlord were removed from Steemit and PasteBin.

Defango's summary of his read-through of the 9/11 leak, layer 1. Who is The Dark Overlord and Will the files bring down the Deep State? (6 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

The vlogger Defango read through a large chunk of the files in a three-and-a-half hour livestream on Youtube on 6 January, here. In his rambling run-through, it appeared that the level one files may have revealed the following:
  • The 9/11 hijackers somehow carried banned box cutters through security in their hand luggage. Airport security staff were extensively interrogated over this issue in insurance legal proceedings. There were also inquiries made into the companies contracted for airport security on 9/11.
  • The US government had some level of foreknowledge of the attacks. More than one leaked document confirms this. The Hollywood actor, James Woods, witnessed four of the hijackers in a dry run on a flight in the week before 9/11. He reported his suspicions about these men to authorities, but authorities did not act on his observations. [SEE ADDENDUM from 10 January below for more on this detail.]
  • The documents indicate that Flight 93 was shot down by the US military. That would likely mean that the story that passengers fought back is a heroic fiction.
  • US Senator Bob Dole earned over USD $600,000 in lobbyist? fees related to the 9/11 insurance legal settlements and exclusive pay-outs. There were 10 payments of USD $62,000 made to him (mentioned at 1:28:38 in Defango's video).
  • The same set of investigators and lawyers played, and profited from, both sides of the ensuing government-versus-public post 9/11 inquiry.

ADDENDUM (8 January 2019): The layer 1 downloads are now off Steemit, but the links are stored here. The torrents have reappeared on the Darknet, courtesy of Break the Chains. You need a Tor browser to get the files, here. If you do not have Tor, visit Break the Chains' Clearnet site first, here. Use Break the Chains' links at your own risk.

Youtubers' coverage of the leak is generally here and here.

Vlogger Jason Bermas at WeAreChange.Org is reading through the layer 1 documents bit by bit. I have previously blogged about Bermas here. Bermas produced the documentary, Loose Change (2nd ed., 2018), available in full here.

The Dark Overlord Data Dump! A First Look Live. (2 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

The Dark Overlord Has Decrypted Layer 1! A First Look! (4 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

What's Actually In The Dark Overlord Files? (5 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

The Dark Overlord Docs: The Military Intervened With United 93 (8 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

What’s In The 9/11 Papers? (8 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

In the discussion above, James Corbett and Jason Bermas discuss the documents' authenticity, the forensics of the documents' metadata, and speculate on whether or not the hackers have altered the documents. For those implicated in the documents, the hackers have stated that they are willing to remove or alter documents from the hacked collection for the right price.

As for the story of the hackers themselves, there is a report on them at The Heavy. Silverstein and Lloyd's of London both denied being breached, despite the hackers' claims. Depending on what happens with the crowdfund and leaks, Dark Overlord could become very famous indeed.

A Tragick Choise

The hackers use British spelling and idiomatic expressions and they say they live on a beach somewhere; incidentally, this blog post is getting hits from the Seychelles. In 1996, the Seychelles government announced they would protect individuals from extradition to the United States or Europe if they paid a USD $10 million fee; I'm sure the price has gone up since then. If the hackers are not the NSA, they seem to be incautious.

In one missive to their targeted victims, they spell 'tragic' as 'tragick.' This may be more than a simple conceit. For dark occult worshipers, there is a distinction between 'magic' (staged effects) and 'magick' (the real thing). They also misspell 'choice' as 'choise,' an obsolete spelling which dates back to the early-to-mid 18th century. Here is the passage:
"We're going to continue to bend you over a barrel and fuck you if our demands are not met. You know the score. Your censorship and fakenews coverups won't silence this organisation or its public support. You were warned. To all the other parties involved (airlines, litigation firms, investigation firms, FBI, TSA, FAA, banks, security companies and more), we're going to burn you down unless you begin to 'play ball'. This entire situation will soon become far more tragick to your survival. Make the right choise.

We're peeling these layers back like an onion. No one can save you except for us. Pay the fuck up."
These could be typos, but the distinct spelling of both words could refer to something more. There is a whole political philosophy, theory of public policy, and branch of psychology called 'tragic choice' decision-making. The 1979 novel and 1982 film, Sophie's Choice, portrayed an example of this no-win quandary. From a 2013 article in The Milbank Quarterly:
"This article develops a more fitting, productive approach to resolving the conflict between equality and efficiency by embedding the notion of compromise in the analysis of a tragic choice provided by Guido Calabresi and Philip Bobbitt. For Calabresi and Bobbitt, the goals of public policy with respect to tragic choices are to limit tragedy and to deal with the irreducible minimum of tragedy in the least offensive way. Satisfying the value of efficiency limits tragedy, and satisfying the value of equality deals with the irreducible minimum of tragedy in the least offensive way. But both values cannot be completely satisfied simultaneously. Compromise is occasioned when not all the several obligations that exist in a situation can be met and when neglecting some obligations entirely in order to fulfill others entirely is improper. Compromise is amalgamated with the notion of a tragic choice ... ."
If the 'tragick choise' misspellings are not random, then the hackers are rather more sophisticated than they are letting on, and this is not just about Bitcoin.

It is worth noting that the hackers have likely named themselves after 'Operation Overlord,' the Battle of Normandy launched on 6 June 1944, when the Allies decisively began to turn the course of the Second World War against the Nazis. This name also suggests that there is more to them than meets the eye. Or maybe - it's just taken from a video game.

Is there a tragic choice at hand because the leak could shatter the social and political consensus - or whole world views? Or is it a reference to the powers that be, forced into an impossible situation?

This leak confirms that 9/11 is figuratively and literally Ground Zero when it comes to writing a documented history of events. Not only were the original events surrounded by complicated security and foreign policy issues and intelligence secrecy, all of which may be questioned; but those who subsequently attempt to discuss the event are deeply committed to opinion, infotainment, spin, propaganda, conspiracy theories and trutherism.

9/11 is a historian's minefield.

This leak only adds a new level of historiographical jeopardy. The anonymous hackers release documents which appear to be authentic, although real files may include disinformation and sponsored omissions. We do not know the hackers' identities, nor their motivations besides greed. The hack has been censored in MSM outlets and mainstream social media. It has even been suppressed in the alternative social media; this made crypto free speech advocates very unhappy.

Given the stance taken by social media CEOs, the illegal context of the hack and its legal implications, it is difficult to discuss the leak seriously without fearing de-platforming and being silenced. In terms of building a body of information which one could trust to understand 9/11 and its context, conditions could not be worse, although the hackers promise more revealed documents by crowdfunding or ransom. The hackers' Bitcoin wallet transactions are here, with donations sitting today at around USD $13,000, based on current BTC prices. BlackListed News has reproduced the hackers' price list:
"Preview_Documents.container – Free, we released the key to prove authenticity of our claims.

Checkpoint 01 – 250 USD of BTC = 25 ‘random’ documents from Layer 1.
Checkpoint 02 – 500 USD of BTC = 25 ‘random’ documents from Layer 1.
Checkpoint 03 – 750 USD of BTC = 40 ‘random’ documents from Layer 1.
Checkpoint 04 – 1.000 USD of BTC = 50 ‘random’ documents from Layer 1.

Layer_1.container – 5.000 USD of BTC (All Layer 1 Documents)

Checkpoint 05 – 6.500 USD of BTC = 50 ‘random’ documents from Layer 2.
Checkpoint 06 – 8.500 USD of BTC = 50 ‘random’ documents from Layer 2.
Checkpoint 07 – 12.000 USD of BTC = 50 ‘random’ documents from Layer 2.
Checkpoint 08 – 25.000 USD of BTC = 50 ‘random’ documents from Layer 2.

Layer_2.container – 50.000 USD of BTC (All Layer 2 Documents)

Checkpoint 09 – 65.000 USD of BTC = 100 ‘random’ documents from Layer 3.
Checkpoint 10 – 85.000 USD of BTC = 100 ‘random’ documents from Layer 3.

Layer_3.container – 100.000 USD of BTC (All Layer 2 Documents)

Checkpoint 11 – 250.000 USD of BTC = 250 ‘random’ documents from Layer 4.
Checkpoint 12 – 500.000 USD of BTC = 250 ‘random’ documents from Layer 4.

Layer_4.container – 1.000.000 USD of BTC (All Layer 4 Documents)

Checkpoint 13 – 1.500.000 USD of BTC = 5 ‘random’ documents from Layer 5.

Layer_5.container – 2.000.000 USD of BTC (All Layer 5 Documents)

To clarify this structure, if we reach 10.000 USD of BTC, we’ll release the ‘Layer_1.container’ decryption key to the public via our official Twitter. If another 90.000 USD of BTC is donated (for a total of 100.000 USD of BTC at this point), we’ll release the decryption key for ‘Layer_2.container’ via our official Twitter, and so on. The compensation is compounding structure, with the totals to be calculated from the deposits into the BTC address at the time of their deposits.

We have a long history of trustworthy negotiations and resolutions with many clients of ours. It’s our goal to be financially compensated before we initiate any brazen actions. You’re motivated by your passions for the truth, and we’re motivated by our passion and love for Bitcoin. Let’s come to together and meet in the middle.

Our Official Bitcoin Wallet Address: 192ZobzfZxAkacLGmg9oY4M9y8MVTPxh7U."
What information can you trust? Who has the authority to select, read, review, interpret and discuss files about the past? Who has the right to be a historian? Is it the person with the most Bitcoins? Which media sources and historical authorities are the most accepted? If you have reached the point where you are driven to the Dark Web to get information, you begin to understand that we live in a bifurcated reality. There is the officially-sanctioned version, based on wishes and dreams about the way we hoped (and were told) things were. And there is the reality of how things actually are, or are becoming - messy, ugly, a place which keeps no ideological or rational promises if it means exposing a powerful truth, even if that 'truth' is partly fiction or an outright lie! Confused accounts of reality are paths to wealth and power.

In either of these realms, anyone can set up shop and sell you any story about anything; and they can be a professional or an amateur. The most authoritative and respectable source could be an outright liar. The most beleaguered criminalized voice may be the voice of reason.

All of these questions confirm that the theory, method and practice of writing history changed forever, starting on 11 September 2001.

ADDENDUM (9 January 2019): The hackers have received a large donation of over 10 Bitcoins. It is impossible to tell whether the donation comes from the firms being blackmailed, or from a member of the public. Their wallet transactions are shown here, here and here. They still have an outlet at Busy.

The vlogger in the second video below observed that the Luxembourg Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp moved 2521 BTC or USD $10 million to a private wallet on Sunday, 6 January 2019. Was this the pay-off, he wondered, to the hacking collective? The report is at Bitcoinist. And as I noted above, USD $10 million just so happens to be the amount you needed (or once needed) to avoid extradition from the Seychelles.

The Dark Overlord receives large amount of Bitcoin (8 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

The Dark Overlord 9/11 UPDATE - Did the DeepState pay TDO $10mil to STOP? (8 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

In keeping with the large crowdfunded donation of some 10 BTC, around 7:30 a.m. this morning Eastern time (12:30 p.m. UTC) on 9 January 2019, Dark Overlord released layer 2 and check point 8, although they did not receive the total asked. Here is their announcement:

Hash: SHA256

'9/11 Papers' MegaLeak - Layer 2 + Checkpoint 08: Cyber-Cash For Cyber-Cache


This is the thedarkoverlord here to deliver a message.

This is the '9/11 Papers' MegaLeak. Keep giving us cyber-cash for cyber-cache.

Hello, world. As you're well-aware, we designed a compensation plan that would allow for the public crowd-funding of our organisation in order to permit the public disclosure of our '9/11 Papers' in the interest of the public. Part of this plan was to create a tiered escalation plan that would result in multiple layers and milestones (which we're calling checkpoints) to ensure the powers at be are being properly bent over a barrel. We've said it before, and we'll say it again: we're financially motivated, and you (the public) has spoken to us in our language (internet money, specifically Bitcoin). Remember, continuing to fund our wallet will continue to keep us motivated to help break the truth to the world by open-sourcing what we're calling the '9/11 Papers'. To create a bit more buzz, we've decided to continue forward and release the decryption key for Layer 2. As such, let the leaking continue:

Layer 2 = 7.566 Files
Checkpoint 08 = 50 Files TOTAL = 7.616 Files

Layer 2
Layer_2.container Decryption Key: [SEE BELOW]

If you still haven't downloaded all the 9/11 Archive with the Layer containers, the torrent link is below:

9/11 Archive
LINK: https://anonfiles.com/6fx7q6pfb6/911_Archive.zip_torrent
SHA1 HASH: F4C18CF980648E9FBDAC55952F5F3485DBBA95F9

Checkpoint 08
LINK: https://anonfiles.com/ebVdf4q9bf/Checkpoint_08_zip
SHA-1 HASH: C285ACE02A9E046083B4F6149112569EC7CFB769
Instructions to decrypt the containers - Download Veracrypt and use the decryption key above. 
Let this serve as more definitive proof that what we're saying is true, and that we're doing exactly as we promised you. Continue to keep the bitcoins flowing, and we'll continue to keep the truth flowing. Remember, Cyber-Cash for Cyber-Cache. We hope that there'll be more releases. Continue to share these download links and decryption keys on Reddit, 4chan, Steemit, Voat, your siblings, your friends, your pets, and anyone else! We can't allow the mainstream media to silence the truth any longer. We must ensure they're propaganda is crushed by the truths we're dealing today.
We'll always sign all of our releases for verification of authenticity.
Teaser Statistics:

Layer 3 = 8.279 Files

Your friends,
Professional Adversarial Threat Group
TheDarkOverlord Solutions LLC, World Wide Web, LLC


thedarkoverlord E-Mail Address: tdohackers@protonmail.com
Backup1 E-Mail Address: thedarkoverlord@msgsafe.io
Backup2 E-Mail Address: thedarkoverlord@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion
Make your own at (torbox3uiot6wchz.onion)
KickAss Tor Address: kickassugvgoftuk.onion"

NOTE: There is a problem copying and pasting the key for layer 2. It has a tag embedded in it.

Someone provided it in the comments below the hackers' post on Busy; but users are still having problems unlocking layer 2, and requesting that the hackers repost the key. Use these links at your own risk.

Unlike the Panama Papers, which were released to a select group of journalists and not to the public, these documents are being leaked straight to the Web, in a manner reminiscent of WikiLeaks, if not following WikiLeaks' normal procedures.

The entire international scene since 2001 was determined by 9/11, along with nearly 20 years of conflict, war, humanitarian disasters, mass migrations, out-of-control politics, spin and corruption, not to mention the current populist backlash. If the Dark Overlord are sitting on information which may lead us to reappraise 9/11 in fundamental ways, without the mediation of authoritative voices and special interests, they may find their way into the history books.

The Dark Overlord Files Layer 2 Revealed! (9 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

Here is a summary of the level 1 leak as posted on Reddit and 4chan, recounted by poster, 'qdIbBeVm':

Being somewhat frustrated by lack of any fruitful discussion of contents of 9/11 papers hack-dump so far, the following is an attempt to summarize:

It is a lot to take in, but in aggregate, you can see the overall narrative of the insurance litigation beginning to unfold. The dump from layer 1 and portions of layer 2 gets all the way thru the development of the Subrogation proceedings regarding property damages specifically (i.e. Silverstein Properties, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and others). The end of the dump gets all the way thru to the Plaintiff's filing in court against defendants (American Airlines, United Airlines, Many security firms, Massport Authority, Portland Maine Port Authority, et al.). The dump basically ends with documents regarding the Airlines returning a Motion to dismiss based on the fact of numerous precedents the airliners lawyers cite as well as Fed Regulations, etc. Basically, the Airlines claim that they were not negligent because they followed FAA guidelines, and that is about where the document dump ends.

It is clear that the property damage lawyers are smart and have a lot of money behind them, much more than the individual cases of wrongful death etc. Those other cases are out-gunned, especially since the lawyers for Silverstein, et al. start off by lobbying Congress directly way ahead of any other individual parties, even retaining Sen. Bob Dole ($62,500) right out of the gates.

There is much discussion and brainstorming regarding who they can target for Subrogation, including the Airliners, Boeing, the FAA, the terrorists estates themselves, and foreign entities including banks and potential frozen assets. In one summary document regarding strategy, they discuss going after Boeing for not having automatic transponders standard which could have saved valuable minutes, otherwise allowing the military to intervene like they did in Pennsylvania. This does not necessarily mean the military shot down the plane, but could allude to the fact that jets were scrambled, so this is not a smoking gun on that by any means. In the end, it does not look like Boeing is targeted for Subrogation, as some of the retained experts point out the case is flimsy, but Boeing was such a big target for recovery they couldn't help but dream...

They begin to tentatively look at what the US government's foreknowledge is in the whole matter, including a detailed documentation of quotations and statements by Bush admin officials and members of Congress regarding whether the Bush admin knew anything important prior to the attack. Deeper in the dump, there is a summary document following a massive insurance monies 'steering committee' meeting where it is directly referenced that one lawyer in attendance had made it clear to all that he expected some important information regarding that the Bush admin had prior knowledge would soon become available, but the writer of the article calls it 'speculative' but if anything came of it, it would be 'the smoking gun'. But it remains to be seen based on the limited dump so far.

There are massively interesting documents regarding strategy against terrorist countries, banks, organizations. There is a huge list of ... connections between Iraq and Al-Qaeda which looks verbatim like Intelligence reports that were being pushed to the American people prior to invading Iraq. Stuff about Mohammaed Atta meeting Iraqi Intelligence in Prague, etc. There is giant exhaustive list of specific terrorists including numerous Saudi princes that are literally referred to as 'Co-conspirators.' There is some document that discusses going after Sudan for damages of $100 Trillion! Later on, it becomes very clear that going after any Saudis especially anyone connected to the Royal Family is not going to find any favor with the Feds. Furthermore, as I think is already known, the Saudis enjoyed foreign immunity. It is also made abundantly clear to the lawyers that the FAA is not to be left on the list of defendants before the case gets filed in court, as that will not find favor either with the Feds. The lawyers also lament early on that Sensitive Security Information SSI is going to be very difficult to gather during discovery, and you get the feeling reading all this that they are basically playing an intricate dance with the Feds trying to lobby them but not piss them off, because they just want to get paid. The SSI material is huge factor in what has not yet been revealed in the Layers, because there is even mention that the Government gets a six-month lead on everyone during discovery. This is a vital detail!
Also, during one deposition transcript with a former American Airlines employee at Logan airport, there is a discussion of how she would inspect an airplane, and all of a sudden there is an Objection from a Government lawyer in the room representing TSA (which didn't exist on 9/11, but existed at the time of the deposition) and they literally stop the line of questioning on grounds that is SSI material. It's like, what the hell is going on, and why is the governments lawyers sitting in on all these depositions...

Also, it becomes aware that the Feds are funding a study into why the buildings collapsed to the tune of $23 Million. Perhaps this refers to the NIST reports later released to the public.

Huge revelations are made so far, especially the fact that Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PONY) is simultaneously a Plaintiff and a Defendant. This is due to the fact that PONY has a separate insurance policy with Lloyd's of London similar but separate to the policy that Silverstein Properties also has claim to. However, PONY is specifically targeted in the court suit for negligence regarding placement of fuel tanks in Building 7, so Citigroup who was a significant tenant in the building basically sues PONY for over a 1/4 of Billion dollars. This remains to be seen if this is accurate, but they literally describe exactly how the steel near the diesel tanks became the primary failure point causing Building 7 to collapse. Con Edison also has a claim against PONY due to destruction of an underground substation below Building 7.

Also, there are some strange references to another case and law-firm that had represented PONY in previous litigation regarding fire protection in the WTC towers, and this part is very interesting as it seems to imply that there was merit to the fact that the buildings were known to have inferior fire barrier protection, and mismanagement of sprinkler riser systems, etc. Haven't got much into that yet, but it's definitely important to the case.

So at the end of the dump, the airliners and security companies that are being sued in subrogation basically come back and claim they were not negligent and had basically adhered to at least the minimum guidelines dictated by the FAA and a bunch of Code of Federal Regs (CFRs) etc. and that is where the story ends thus fa[r]."

Image Source: 4chan.

ADDENDUM (10 January 2019): Cryptome has mirrored the access links to the leaks, here. Don't expect them to stay up long, however, as Cryptome is under pressure to remove some or all of the links; see the tweet below.

The VeraCrypt keys to open the documents have been reposted on 4chan, here.

As for the documents themselves, I have not had time to go through them. According to others, more curious details have surfaced; I expect it will take until the weekend for people to go through level 2:
  • There is some social media chatter (above) about the 9/11 leaks and a 'Kansas connection.'
  • On 10 January 2019, Dark Overlord went on 4chan and confirmed that there should be interest in this image. It does not come from the leaked documents, but supposedly came from the Website of group of 'Austrian art students' who were working on the 91st floor of World Trade Center 1. The 4chan discussion on that image is here. Note that the chans use offensive language as a matter of course. Don't go there if you don't want to encounter that.
  • Data Breaches gave more information on the actor James Woods' witness statement:
"In January, 2002, a memo was created by Todd A. Scharnhorst of Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin that said:

As a clarification to a prior memo, James Woods, a Hollywood actor, was riding in First Class with four men of Middle-Eastern dissent. He was on an American Airlines flight from Boston to Los Angeles. He thought the men were acting very suspiciously. None of them had anything to eat or drink, they did not read, sleep, nor did they appear to make themselves comfortable. They sat in their seats and stared straight ahead, occasionally 'whispering something to one another with inaudible tones.' Woods thought the behavior was odd. He reported it to the flight attendants. He then reported it to the ground crew. Should this have put American Airlines on notice (should they have at least done some type of investigation into the four Middle-Eastern passengers)? As it turns out, it appears the four passengers were four of the hijackers who took over that same flight and crashed it into the World Trade Center. It appears James Woods witnessed a 'dry run' of their terrorist takeover."

As Predicted James Woods Is In The Dark Overlord Documents (10 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

The Hacking Code

The discussion of contents differs, obviously, from chatter about access to hacked documents, and about the hackers' activities. The Dark Overlord's tactics have stirred up debate in the hacking community. Cyberscoop reported that Dark Overlord hired new staff in November 2018; the notice reminded me of the 'tryouts' scene in The Dark Knight:
"'Do YOU want to get Rich? Come work for us!,' The Dark Overlord wrote in a Nov. 14, 2018, thread on KickAss Forum, a cybercriminal marketplace on the dark web that charges for entry.

The Dark Overlord’s recruitment campaign initially aimed to fill four vacancies, and the group later said three positions had been filled, according to Digital Shadows. Job requirements included experience with Windows, Linux as well as expertise in Unix-based design and network management and penetration testing. New employees would be paid 50,000 pounds ($63,500) monthly, plus add-ons and a likely pay bump up to 70,000 pounds ($89,000) monthly after two years.

'You’ll be working in a strong team-based environment, communicating and collaborating with like-minded and ambitious individuals,' says the job posting. 'You’ll be checking into project trackers, accepting suitable workflow positions, and carefully documenting your work for review. You’ll be engaged in operations against various companies and governments and world-wide deployments. If you’re goal-oriented and used to objectives and achieving them, then you’re perfect for us.'

'Must have a winning attitude,' the ad says later. 'Life’s too short not to be rich.'"
"A job description posted by The Dark Overlord on the KickAss hacking forum last year." Click to enlarge. Image Source: Digital Shadows via Cyberscoop.

The Dark Overlord drama indicates that we are entering post-WikiLeaks territory. Most of the people on the chans are jaded, alienated and generally so far gone that they don't care whether the Dark Overlord team breaks the law or not. The trolls are truthers down to the last individual. They are anti-Semitic, and believe that the current establishment is so thoroughly corrupted that any retaliation is justified. The trolls care about saving their own skins, so aren't particularly interested in going to jail themselves. But they don't see any moral ambiguity in someone else breaking the law if it means discovering and exposing the truth. They want the truth to be exciting and destructive. They want to drain the swamp and take down the edifices of the past seventy-five years, brick by brick. They are only dedicated to the truth insofar as it will dismantle the current establishment architecture, given their own private ambitions to kick out their predecessors and take over one day. They aren't completely nihilistic, because they have senses of humour, even about themselves. As one 4chan troll put it on seeing level two drop on 9 January 2019: "Bump till I get home to dig. Keep it HIGH ENERGY. No naps, no faps!"

If you want to understand revolutionaries now, think of revolutionaries from the past. The trolls on the chans remind me of a film about the French Revolution, The Lady and The Duke (2001; see it here). The film is based on a contemporary account about Louis Philippe II, Duke d'Orléans (1747-1793) by one of his mistresses, the Scottish aristocrat, Grace Elliott (1754-1823). You can read her work, Journal of my life during the French Revolution (Ma Vie sous la Révolution), here.

The duke, known as Philippe, was a cousin of King Louis XVI (1754-1793). He was the most important royal figure in France outside Louis XVI's immediate family. The duke felt that the country needed reform and took the side of the revolutionaries against his cousin and the rest of his social class. He was disturbed by the way the revolutionaries behaved as they seized power and he feared their bloody tactics and ruthlessness. Despite this, he voted in favour for Louis XVI's execution, which greatly distressed the king. None of this saved the duke, however, and in the end he also went to the guillotine during the Terror. His son, Louis Philippe I, later ruled France from 1830 to 1848.

We are coming full circle to the end of the power relationships and political systems which were formed during the French Revolution, and for that matter, during the earlier English Civil War and the American Revolution. The whole order born in fits and starts out of Early Modern conflagrations is crumbling. We may see that order turn to tyranny before it is finally removed. Those who confront the current leaders of that system are themselves nonetheless still products of the same system, and all are mired in its ambiguities. Nor, like the duke who went to the guillotine, do the first revolutionaries grasp how bad a revolution can get. They do not anticipate the ruthless agents who will step over them. A revolution destroys equally its main targets and its early idealists and actors.

In America, the MAGA Trump supporters think only that they will restore the principles of a pure constitutional order from an earlier time. The Yellow Vests in France, with their references to French Revolutionary iconography, obviously think something similar. It won't happen that way. The new system will not renew the operational terms of the past. What will come forth will be something novel, suited to the technological integration of human behaviour worldwide. That does not necessarily mean it will be globalist, which is only the first ideology to tackle the problem.

That is why discussions on this 9/11 hack, and the path hackers choose now, matter. Hacktivists have a nascent code of conduct. Reminiscent of Julian Assange's guerrilla idealism, the Anons understand that they are critical players at the beginning of a new era. They know that the MSM are compromised by lobby groups, ideological bias, and are bloated propaganda outlets. They understand that hacked documents have revolutionary potential in relation to the MSM's decline. But they are having trouble developing a clear policy or new ideological stance around the 'hack' as a powerful political tool.

This is evident in stories like the 4 January 2019 news item that hundreds of German politicians had their information hacked and doxxed on Twitter. All parties were targeted over the course of Advent, except the far right party, Alternative für Deutschland. This fact obviously revealed the hackers' affiliation, or at least their sympathies, if not the AfD's direct involvement in the hack. It didn't take long for the powers that be to retaliate, and on 7 January 2019, the leader of the AfD, Frank Magnitz, was beaten nearly to death in the street in Bremen. This was followed by left-liberal MSM spin which played down the details of the incident and denied that it was a politically-motivated assassination attempt, as the AfD claimed. But anyone, standing back from the scene, will get the message: the populist furor in Europe is morphing into an open power struggle with the established order.

Hacking connects the real and virtual worlds and has shattering consequences for both. In the 2010s, we began to learn, one hack at a time, just how devastating hacking can be.

Hacktivism is maturing. Some disapprove of the Dark Overlord's tactics and are discussing them on Twitter at #tdohacked911.

The tweet and close-up screenshot above reveal direct messaging between the Dark Overlord and a member of Anonymous hacktivist group. The Anon does not think the leak should be about money and self-promotion. Clearly, Dark Overlord want to establish themselves as the most famous hacking group in the world. Other commenters felt the Dark Overlord's prices were too damned high, considering the information that the hackers are offering.

An article at ICO News argued that the hackers are using documents previously unseen by the public to exploit 9/11 truthers for financial gain. It's an interesting angle, namely, that the last place where naïve, blind trust resides is in the heart of the believing conspiracy theorist. From ICO News:
"What is interesting in this situation is the reversal of demands. Rather than demanding BTC from the parties the information was stolen from, the dark overlord is instead looking to profit from the public. They will only release the information if they get paid – rather than releasing it if they do not.

By structuring their threats in such a manner, the hackers are banking on the belief that conspiracy theorists are willing to pay more for the content than those that want to keep it hidden."
There is something to this argument, given that the Dark Overlord have promised UFO hacked documents to follow, another high value item as far as conspiracy theorists are concerned. There is already more noise demanding the UFO hacked files than the 9/11 information. In other words, this two-act saga starring Dark Overlord is an orchestrated heist to dredge money from a broke and troubled public, fueled by stirring up and exploiting popular anxieties.

The hacking conversation (here, here and here) continued on Youtube over the fact that Steemit censored the Dark Overlord's leaks. This did not mean that the blockchain as a bastion of free speech could be politically and legally compromised, exactly, but its front end outlets could be. The Dark Overlord's posts remain on the Steem blockchain and continue to appear on other Steem front end blog platforms, as noted here.

On 9 January 2019, it was rumoured that the Dark Web hacking forum, KickAss had been shut down by authorities as well as another site used by the hackers, AnonFiles. Later, it seemed that the KickAss forum had merely moved to a new address.

ADDENDUM (11 January 2019): An update from Luke Slytalker and the Force aka the vlogger and musician, Jon Cromer, follows the hackers' trail of Bitcoin wallets to a cache of USD $10 million. Cromer speculates on the hackers' identities here. And he also warns about the dangers of opening the hacked documents on your computer, here.

Under one video, Cromer commented on his own truther expectation of the potential in the highest level of Dark Overlord revelation: "my 'hunch' is layer 5 contains information about Death Pool Betting—this was planned to 'entertain' (and make money) for the super evil/elites. Again, we’ll call it my guess." If nothing else, his comment reveals how far the general popular attitude has drifted from basic trust in the establishment with regard to this event. Meanwhile, the blog, flying cuttlefish picayune is analyzing the Dark Overlord leaks, here. Non-English alt-media are also beginning to pick up this story.

Dark Overlord 9/11 UPDATE - Following the BitCoin trail left by TDO (10 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

Image Source: Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry.

Others still debate the hackers' origins, and the timing of the leak, in light of a new grand jury inquiry into 9/11. This development was confirmed in November 2018. You can see the virtual paper trail on that, here, here and here.

U.S. Federal Grand Jury Set to Hear 9/11 Evidence on Controlled Demolition | 21st Century Wire
— Frank Ho (@W911) January 11, 2019

ADDENDUM (13 January 2019): Ed at The Outer Light posted a new video regarding the current state of WikiLeaks and a visit to Julian Assange by Gateway Pundit journalist Cassandra Fairbanks. Commenters did not trust her. Fairbanks is associated with Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec (see my posts on them, here and here). One commenter wrote: "Why no picture of them [Fairbanks and Assange] together? If I see that then I'll believe it. Until then we don[']t know where Julian is. ... $1,000,000 dollars to anyone who can provide me with definitive proof of life of Julian Assange."

Fairbanks visits Julian Assange: "forced to 'pass notes' to each other" (11 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

Assange has been silenced for months; the government of Ecuador changed in 2017 and with that change came a shift in attitude toward the troubled publisher. Assange's predicament is not just his own. His muzzling has led to a loss of public confidence in WikiLeaks. The galvanizing force of their silver-haired frontman is gone.

Netizens suspect that Assange has been compromised or harmed and Assange's attackers are using WikiLeaks as an outlet. This may or may not be true. But what matters is that without Assange's voice, especially on Twitter, the public is following and believing his publishing outlet less and less: "Know why I don't trust Wikileaks any more? They still have an active twitter account."

Assange's problem is a problem for decentralized organizers everywhere. WikiLeaks provided a recognized structure and network for release of information by anonymous whistleblowers who wanted to spread the truth, but feared compromising their lives and families.

An army of Anons is only as believable as the figure who can speak for them in the public sphere. If you believe the conspiracy theorists, then this is a problem for Deep State actors as well. Any covert action must eventually face the light of general scrutiny. Anonymity must perform in concert with identity.

Technophiles would have you believe that tools like the blockchain can replace the ingrained human tendency to follow authority figures who act through centralized structures. I'm not sure whether human nature will evolve to dispense with our simian love of hierarchy and social order. It may, but it may happen through avenues other than technology. My impression is that technology ironically reinforces and entrenches simian social behaviours and provides a subliminal, emotional justification for them.

Assange's problem is also a problem for the old school establishment. On 2 October 2016, True Pundit made an unconfirmed report that Hillary Clinton wanted Assange dead: "Can't we just drone this guy?" She was apparently serious and her aides followed up with an e-mail advisory amongst themselves on "nonlegal strategies" against Assange and WikiLeaks. If true, this shows a complete lack of understanding of the technological landscape.

Even if it isn't true, the same mentality is evident elsewhere. After the 2016 US election, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Patreon, Youtube and others showed their unhappiness with the populist result. They began to demonetize, censor, deplatform, and silence critical and dissenting political opponents under the catch-all label of 'Fake News.' These outlets were fine with online guerrilla tactics when they were the ones using them to engineer political changes they wanted. They found they could cheaply and easily incite revolutions abroad in countries like Egypt. Inciting régime change became a mere exercise in flicking a social media switch in a particular geopolitical sector. This must have been a heady and intoxicating discovery. There was much to do in exclusive think tanks. A whole new field was born, which planned to orchestrate the collective consciousness online, like a great, grand theatre.

It wasn't that simple. How shocking it must have been when control floated away from these analysts, intelligence actors, technocrats, and politicians - when the revolutionary social media switch was switched on against them. They should have learned after 2016 that the answer was not - under any circumstances! - to double down on the control and the forceful creation of opinion bubbles in online media. Despite the strength and wealth of these platforms, they are only as strong as their user bases. And it is human nature to explore beyond any barrier.

Thus, the silencing of Assange is everyone's problem. The censorship of first-gen social media commentators and the grooming of political publics into online groups which are sealed off from each other: these are not policies which can survive over the long term. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Perhaps more than that, because the technosphere is like the multi-headed Hydra. For each head you chop off, two more grow back in its place. And what you get in its place is worse. As I noted on 10 January 2019, we are entering post-WikiLeaks territory. Exit Julian Assange. Enter the Dark Overlord. Get rid of the Dark Overlord, neglect the group, censor and suppress them, and these black hats will be replaced by something more ruthless and dedicated to exposing truth - or things labeled as such.

ADDENDUM (15 January 2019): Sputnik posted an interview with cybersecurity expert Gary Miliefsky on 14 January 2019; Miliefsky commented on the relevance of hacking insurance companies' litigation in relation to the public understanding of the broader picture of 9/11:
"these documents are ... showing insurance companies trying to recoup their losses for payments for 9/11, and in the recouping of their losses, the questions that will be uncovered are 'who did they sue?', 'why did they sue them?', 'what information was uncovered in these lawsuits?', 'did they get their money back and who paid them?'."
TDO 9/11 PAPERS, LAYER 2: I don't offer an opinion on the following Youtubers' summaries and I repost them here. Posting here does not necessarily constitute endorsement or agreement. These vloggers are some of the very few people closely following this leak and so they are important. Defango has continued his read-through of the Dark Overlord documents, here (8 January: checkpoint 8) and here (9 January: layer 2).

Defango found that the Dark Overlord (TDO) documents confirm that the WTC buildings were heavily insured, so heavily that (in his view) it was as if there was a planned, future collection on the policies. This is a common truther assumption, most eloquently laid out by James Corbett in his 2015 documentary, 9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money. Defango also found a document referring to the "September 11 bombing." One file mentions a video of a terrorist in one of the cockpits.

On 14 January 2019, Jon Cromer posted a safety video on how to read leaked or hacked documents. Then he got into the documents.

Regarding the government's foreknowledge of a planned terrorist attack, Cromer discovered a winning phrase in legalese. The FBI's, CIA's and FAA's refusal to share alarming pre-9/11 information and their failure to provide warnings pertained to "the irrelevant issue of the government's fault, if any," due to their information's irrelevance to the issue of "foreseeability." The documents reveal that these agencies had a large amount of information confirming plans of future attacks through the 1990s and up to 2001.

Cromer then read some of the documents in layer 2 and noticed that the insurance provider for all nuclear plants in the USA is listed as a defendant in the leaked material.

Ignore his irritating mispronunciation of 'nu-cue-lar' and pay attention to the detail that 'nuclear' is mentioned 93 times in layer 2. Cromer coupled this information with reports on the successful effort to ban the use of Geiger counters in New York City in 2008:
"Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited -- provides the required insurance policy for ALL nuclear utilities operating in the US. (i.e. they don't insure coal power plants.. only nuclear). They are listed as a defendant. Why?

All the Atomic Energy Act and other nuclear stuff IS NOT to show precedent in case law (my opinion). It is because there was damage caused by nuclear energy and/or material (hence NEIL being listed as a defendant)?

How many nuclear facilities are in NY? Five. What's the closest one to WTC? Indian Point -- approx. 50 miles away."

Dark Overlord Layer 2 - Something NUCLEAR?! (13 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

Dark Overlord LAYER 2 - Yeah, theres nuke stuff (14 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

The MSM have not covered this story to any special degree, although they may do so if the higher layers of the Dark Overlord (TDO) information expose significant information. Their stance may reflect a 2008 report from Motherboard, whose reporter Joseph Cox directly interviewed the Dark Overlord. At that time, TDO was evidently an individual male hacker and not a group, although things have since changed. In May 2018, there were reports that one member of the Dark Overlord group had been arrested in Serbia. TDO denied this. The MSM may be refusing to be manipulated, as Dark Overlord revealed his/their strategy then:
"'The Dark Overlord' is taking full advantage of a weapon that many other cybercriminals overlook; one that he hopes will make him more threatening, and ultimately help in getting targets to cough up ransom demands: the media. By courting press attention, he puts pressure on organisations to pay up.

'There has always been a specific method and plan,' the hacker told Motherboard in an encrypted chat, referring to his publication strategy.

The Dark Overlord wouldn't explicitly spell out this process, but it goes something like this: First, he posts a database; then, he gives samples of the data to reporters, who go out and verify them. These articles, and the subsequent reblogging of them by other outlets, convinces companies that the hacker is a legitimate threat. These steps repeat over and over, building up the hacker's reputation as someone to be taken seriously.

I pitched this to the Dark Overlord. 'Something like that,' he said. He claimed that the media attention has already encouraged a few organisations to pay up.

The Dark Overlord doesn't list the databases on the dark web straight away. At first, he might extort targets in private, threatening to sell or release their data if they don't pay the ransom. Typically, the hacker said, those initial phone calls or emails get ignored.

'It is never, "Hey, okay you got us, where do we pay?"' he joked.

If the company doesn't comply, he proceeds to the next stage and lists company data for sale without naming the organisation.

'The databases that you see listed are ones from victims [who] have either declined to pay or whose deadlines are coming up and need a little pressure put on them,' the Dark Overlord said. ...

But just listing the data might not be enough to secure a ransom payment, and that's where the media comes in, which is able to quickly, dramatically, and inadvertently squeeze the target organizations tighter.

'I have a reputation with this handle now. Another step accomplished,' the Dark Overlord added. 'Every time I put a new listing up it gets reported without hesitation now.'

Hackers using the media to their own ends is not new. Anonymous has distributed attention-grabbing and ready-to-publish imagery or press releases that were easy for journalists to quickly report on. Impact Team, the hackers behind the Ashley Madison breach, sent a link of the data to at least one well-known security journalist.

But this latest campaign sticks out in its systematic and very deliberate approach. The Dark Overlord knows how to game the media, and reporters are playing along."
As a result, the members of the alt-media who are taking the time to sift through thousands of important, illegally-attained documents are largely unpaid or poorly funded. They are amateur researchers with limited support. Their efforts inspire a grassroots connoisseurship of rare information, revealed through non-expert research in a new Youtube vlogging subgenre: the conspiracist's deep dive, preferably broadcast live. This is a new way of reading historical documents, with an audience watching vloggers as they conduct the research into hacked historical documents in real time, against an ambient soundtrack. Microdonations come in every time the vlogger finds something noteworthy.

Checkpoint 8 Reached TheDarkOverlord disappears from the Internet (8 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

Layer 2 Unlocked Live Dive - Thedarkoverlord Megaleak - LONG CUT (9 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

ADDENDUM (17 January 2019):

The Saudi Angle

All G20 countries were represented in the flag candy exhibition at Ground Zero. The inclusion of Saudi Arabia in this exhibit upset New Yorkers because 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were Saudis; of course, Osama bin Laden was also Saudi. There is a lot of evidence that the Saudi government was involved in 9/11's planning and execution; this fact is emerging from a families' and first responders' lawsuit against the desert kingdom (see here, here and here). This detail has been covered up by the American government, due to larger US foreign policy considerations, the oil trade, and Middle Eastern strategies. Conspiracists would have you believe that American complicity is grounded in something more. Images Source: The Observer.

9/11 trutherism is based on a feeling that everyone can understand, whether they believe in conspiracy theories or not. Trutherism is rooted in the conviction that 9/11 was a sign that things have gone wrong in the world.

Case in point: eyebrows were raised at two Saudi antics. First, an art monument celebrating the Saudi flag, made to look like a giant piece of candy, was erected (along with other flag candies) at  Ground Zero. New Yorkers were so angry that the installation was moved to JFK International Airport on 16 January 2019. The French artist was puzzled, shocked and saddened by the negative reaction. Her installation included all G20 flags; but one has to wonder who funded her in the first place - and who funded those who funded her. From the New York Post on 14 January 2019:
Somebody thought it would be a good idea to install a 9-foot-tall statue — paying tribute to Saudi Arabia and displaying its flag — near the 9/11 Memorial earlier this month, and New Yorkers are not happy.

As a result, Port Authority officials have decided to remove the art exhibit and place it somewhere else after receiving countless complaints from social media users and local victims groups — who are outraged since 15 of the 19 attackers on September 11 were Saudi citizens.

'We have been in contact with the 9/11 Memorial and various stakeholders, and in full collaboration with the artist will relocate the exhibit from its current location,' the agency said in a statement Monday. 'We believe this solution respects the unique sensitivities of the site and preserves the artistic integrity of the exhibit.'

Many of the victims’ families and survivors have sued Saudi Arabia under the claim that its employees had willfully helped the 9/11 hijackers. The Middle East nation, however, has denied its involvement.

French artist Laurence Jenkell created the Saudi statue — which is made to look like a giant piece of candy — as part of a 2011 exhibit honoring countries in the G20 Summit. She has taken the 'Candy Nations' installation to over 25 sites across the world."

The other incident involved a Saudi reproval to Canadian authorities last year. In a row that started last August and is still ongoing, Canadian Foreign Ministry officials have been criticizing Saudi Arabia for the latter country's treatment of civil rights activists (see here and here).

The Saudis expelled the Canadian ambassador. But the response from them that really mattered came through a Saudi non-profit in the form of a not-so-veiled 9/11-styled threat to the Canadian government. This threat confirms the Saudis' policy of state-sponsored terrorism and is a naked declaration of that capability and willingness to use it abroad.

The threat came in the form of a tweet, which showed an Air Canada jet aimed at Toronto's CN Tower, with a message: Sticking one's nose where it doesn't belong. The tweet was taken down with a lukewarm apology issued on 8 August 2018.

"Screen grab of a tweet posted by the account @Infographic_KSA, which has since been shut down." Image Source: @Infographic_KSA / Twitter via Global News.

It is ironic that the Saudis resent outside interference in their affairs, since they have no problem overrunning the domestic interests and political classes of other countries. If you wonder why big American tech companies are gung-ho about censorship and are straying so far from their idealistic roots, consider who owns them now.

Saudi Arabia sits at the heart of the global energy problem. It is a place of unimaginable wealth, unearned by labour, skill, talent, knowledge, industry or invention. That said, the kingdom's rulers are as ferocious as they are lucky. So in a way, they've earned their powerful position by keeping control of the wealth beneath their feet.

Compare that to other countries with notable resources like the Congo, which have been overrun by external interests for generations. Any mother lode of riches is an invitation to powerful outside actors, who must be fended off, yet dealt with. It is a diabolical position and it comes at a terrible internal cultural price. There is a moral corrosion - masquerading as moral extremism - rooted in unearned wealth and backed by force.

Oil has negatively skewed world politics since its discovery in Saudi Arabia in 1936. Every country on earth must pay homage to the Saudis, out of necessity, fear and greed. Other countries bring their own bounties and bargaining chips. They lay their cards on the table because they must have energy to build and grow. It is evident that the Brits and Americans, particularly, have been playing every possible angle here for decades. Sometimes they win. Sometimes they lose. Whatever homage these western nations pay to their own histories and democratic values, they are equally crafty and ruthless.

As for the Saudis, imagine having billions upon billions at your personal disposal, and you will learn: everyone has a price and almost everyone can be bought. Unfortunately for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, human rights and freedoms have little real chance against this epic backdrop.

Or perhaps not. 9/11 is a Pyrrhic event that represents the human cost of progress. The guilty and innocent pay for it alike; and in paying, they are changed. In the wake of 9/11, the old rules no longer apply. Where secrecy and convincing outward appearances once worked, 9/11 made 'truth' a cardinal Millennial political virtue. No matter what a commentator's reputation is, no matter their CV, connections, appearance, reputation or credibility, no matter their authority or official sanction, if they can claim that certain events in history happened and are true, if they can prove those facts beyond a doubt, they will win in the end. Information is its own authority. That is the real 9/11 truth.

This is a significant change from politics in the past, when authority over information mattered more than the information itself. That is why a hacker like the Dark Overlord, motivated by greed and criminal reputation, could now win in this arena. But the hacker group must hold verifiable documents which confirm the undeniable truth of 9/11 history.

Whether the Dark Overlord has that information and will set that example is another matter. It has been nearly two decades since 9/11. The notion that the Saudis were central players in 9/11 in more than an abstract, dismissible way finally began hitting the mainstream in 2017. 9/11 truthers have long believed the Saudi government was partly responsible. But conspiracy theorists operate on the fringe. It is hard to see whether they can handle a transition to the mainstream, where they will be required to address mass audiences and function in professional and non-paranoid ways.

Professional journalists in the MSM are barely covering the Dark Overlord leak. Members of the alt-media who are looking at this drop have limited resources. No one from the alt-media can drop everything and begin reading 8000+ documents in a week. As a result, they are resorting to keyword searches - like Jon Cromer's search this week in level 2 docs for 'missiles' and 'nukes.' The choice of search terms depends not on careful perusal of the documents, but on the truthers' presumptions about 9/11. The only way the vloggers will find the truth, at this rate, is if they stumble on it by mistake.

ADDENDUM (18 January 2019):

Bin Laden's Death Date

The alt-media are perusing the Dark Overlord's 9/11 Papers as best as they can. Yesterday, the vlogger at The Freedom Ministry found something in level 2 documents which he 'always suspected,' that is, that Osama bin Laden died in 2001 or 2002 rather than 2011. The source is a TDO-hacked snippet from a 2002 Washington Post article in which a reporter in Afghanistan gave inconclusive evidence that bin Laden was dead. The Freedom Ministry vlogger also dug up a Benazir Bhutto 2002 interview confirming bin Laden's death, which is interesting.

Dark Overlord 9/11 document supports a pre-2002 death of Bin Ladin (Layer 2) (17 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

The problem is that these researchers are looking for information which confirms their preconceptions. Granted, The Freedom Ministry Youtuber wasn't searching for bin Laden's death date, rather following Jon Cromer's 'nuclear' keyword search lead. Defango is at least reading through the 9/11 Papers one by one. But there are too many documents for him to read. It's easy to criticize him, but as Defango put it, if you don't like how he's doing it, do it yourself.

Ironically, if the Dark Overlord actually wanted the alt-media to publicize TDO's criminal cause and black hat notoriety, the hackers would have to donate some of their ill-gotten gains to these alt-vloggers to support research into the information they are releasing into the wild. Decentralized, deinstitutionalized, un- or under-funded alternatives to mainstream journalism and research are haphazard and most people in alternative ranks are untrained. This was why Ed at the Youtube channel, The Outer Light, lamented that WikiLeaks, which does have a release structure, resources, and legal protection (even if their lawyers keep dying or getting raided by teams of masked men), does not have these 9/11 documents.

The Russian Angle

Aside from the Internet Underground, the Russians are keeping an eye on the 9/11 Papers saga and if anyone else is, they are not saying so. The English-language Russian government news outlet, Sputnik News, has written four wait-and-see articles about the Dark Overlord hack (here, here, here and here). Their articles tagged 9/11 are here. RT is also covering the hack on Youtube and on their Website.

The Russian angle caught the attention of Oxford-academic-gone-rogue, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell (see my earlier post on him here), who wrote on 16 January 2019:
"Russia, as I outlined in my 9/11 book, Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery, was one of those nations - along with Germany, Israel, Jordan, &c - that was passing warnings to the USA that something drastic was about to happen on American soil. In fact, it was Russia that not only passed along confidential warnings, but wrote openly about the possibility prior to the attacks. In July of 2001, Pravda ran an article by the Russian economist Dr. Tatyana Koriagina, who stated that America would be attacked on its own soil, but that the attack would come from a 'network' of a very few people with assets in the trillions of dollars. That information was first uncovered by the late Jim Marrs, who duly reported it in his books about 9/11. Again, Russian Federation President Putin was the one world leader that G.H. Bush contacted that day. Since that event, Russia has sent other messages which few are paying attention to, like Sergei Glazyev's warning that Russia's problems weren't really the 'Nazis in Kiev, but the Nazis in Washington.'

The mere fact that Russia was warning of the attacks prior to their occurrence means that Russia is watching Dr. Koriagina's 'group' closely; and that means, quite simply, that Russia 'knows something' which, for whatever reason, it is not saying, but rather, dropping 'hints' and 'clues' from time to time, not the least of which in my opinion are Mr. Putin's constant challenges to the dogmas of globaloneyism and his constant use of the word 'partners' in reference to the Western Powers, a word for which he is often challenged in Russia for being 'too weak' and 'appeasing' to the West. But Mr. Putin's choice of this word is, if nothing else, an assertion of his central point: Russia will not be a subsidiary or a franchise of the western financial hustlers; it will be a full and sovereign equal. In the context of the remarks in Sputnik, another message is being sent: there is real information in those documents capable of painting a 'bigger picture' and of providing 'alternative information or newer pieces of data,' with the added tidbit that 'there're a lot of big names in these documents.'

So what's my high octane best speculative guess? Russia already knows what's in those documents, and it does not want the story to die in the hopes that that information will come out, which saves it the difficulty of having to reveal it itself. And of course, there's always the possibility that there is some sort of connection between Russia and the Dark Overlord hackers."
Considering that one of TDO hackers may have been arrested in Serbia last year, Farrell may be right. There could be a Russian connection to the Dark Overlord hackers, although their leader seems to be British or Australian. Of course, anyone in the world can use British expressions and spelling and not be British.

We may never find out, since the hackers seem to have just called off the whole crowd-funded leak. Perhaps they were paid off by the law firm or firms from which they were extorting money. That possibility may merit an investigation into the trail of Bitcoin wallets connected to the Dark Overlord's main address. Or maybe the crowdfunding was too feeble for them. The alt-media publicity also never went viral. At any rate, Vinny Troia, a cybersec guy and hacker who previously stated that he was shown TDO 9/11 documents layer 3 and thought they were significant, took to Twitter on 16 January 2019 and stated that there was nothing important in the documents. No further layers would be released by the Dark Overlord. This could be a ploy to get attention and more Bitcoin. Someone should ask Troia how he knows the hackers. A lot may be revealed if anyone responds to this ultimatum and if so, how. 

ADDENDUM (20 January 2019): Youtubers Defango and Jon Cromer, aka Luke Slytalker, continue their read-throughs of layer 2 and checkpoint 8 documents. Defango speculated about the documents and felt that there was a weirdness to them. He also wondered about sudden disclaimers from Vinny Troia in social media that TDO hack was fake. Despite Troia's 19 January tweet, releases may continue; the Bitcoin donations in TDO crowdfund are about USD $4000 short of a layer 3 release. Defango's Pastebin on TDO 9/11 Papers is here.

Cromer was interviewed on Jason Goodman's Youtube show, Crowdsource the Truth, about the releases. Goodman and Cromer discussed whether the documents are valid historical documents, given the criminal motives of the Dark Overlord. Most truthers believe 9/11 was a horrendous crime which was covered up, hence they are not surprised by - even if they do not always endorse - the criminal tactics needed to expose the crime.

Cromer believed that the documents are legitimate but that this release is "being steered" and is possibly a honey trap set up by US authorities. Goodman thought that TDO documents will affect the current 9/11 grand jury. They both asked whether we should trust potentially legitimate documents if the so-called journalistic source, in this case, the Dark Overlord, is not legitimate. In a separate video, Cromer asked if the Dark Overlord was a rebranded version of the earlier hacking group, the Shadow Brokers (see my posts on them, here).

One possible connection to the Shadow Brokers was an NSA contractor, Harold Martin, arrested in 2016. This could imply that the NSA is behind the Dark Overlord hack. In effect, that could mean that the US government is internally divided, and one part of it is hacking law firms to use 9/11 material to attack another part of the government. Another Dark Overlord angle to consider is their possible use of the cryptocurrency exchange, Poloniex, which is owned by Goldman Sachs through the company, Circle.

Are the 9/11 Papers Legit? Luke Slytalker vs The Dark Overlord (19 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

Their discussion centered on the fact that TDO hack shows how conventional authority over information has been divorced from information as an authority in itself. Although it is true that journalists and academics at their best are supposed to be impartial, hence making the information an authority in itself, the reality is that both professions favour established authorities, politicized speakers, and celebrity figures among their ranks.

This problem also dogs the alt-media. Youtubers, vloggers, and bloggers are all striving to build audiences and reputations. They operate in a different context from the old establishment, but reputation-building still involves the development of a hierarchy of voices who have earned - through consistent production of online material - the right to speak to their established audiences about information, even if the information also stands on its own terms.

Therefore, even in an anonymous era, there must be a figure who steps forward presents and interprets information. The grounds for trusting the interpreter are changing. Once sanctioned by education, job position, and professional and social networks, the interpreter may now be measured by his or her willingness to break rules and find and disseminate information which no one else possesses. This gives his or her audience an edge, which is a valuable resource in an information-driven world.

Youtubers have rivalries and occasionally slam each other's reputations. I noted that Jason Goodman's interview with Jon Cromer was circulated by bots on Twitter, which in social media terms is a red flag. Defango has criticized Goodman, and Defango has in turn been dismissed by others (who are equally dubious). Defango has been attacked for his journey into mystery recruitment during the Cicada 3301 online-intelligence-puzzle-turned-real-world-scavenger-hunt. In the 2017 Cicada hunt, the vlogger claimed to discover the real Spear of Destiny! Or was he beaten to this goal by others?

Defango is also currently engaged with Jason Bermas (mentioned earlier in this post) in claiming credit for the QAnon leaks and stating that Q is a LARP (live action role-playing game). I think believing them would be a stretch on a good day.

It's easy to laugh at these antics, but the Internet is the counter-culture and its speakers make their names dealing with forbidden, hidden and outlandish subjects. Whatever the MSM and endorsed actors and authorities state is the official reality, you can count on the Underground to claim that reality is something else. If things weren't being run so catastrophically badly, everyone could dismiss the counter-culture as a waste of time. But the establishment, especially around events like 9/11, is failing in its the general task of managing world affairs smoothly, equitably and non-violently. As a result, expect the Internet to respond with unconventional actions and theories to develop the best alternatives.

Youtubers' opinions expressed in their videos are their own and my reposting them here does not constitute endorsement.

Dark Overlord 9/11 hack Layer 2 - guns on planes (16 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

Dark Overlord 9/11 Papers: a little "hacking" history/background (ShadowBrokers are TDO?) (20 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

Checkpoint 8 Hijackers and Art Students thedarkoverlord layer 3 incoming? (19 January 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

ADDENDUM (22 February 2019): Youtuber Defango expresses doubt (here) about a 21 February 2019 Motherboard report that layer 3 of the Dark Overlord 9/11 hacked documents has been released. There are no new donations of BTC to TDO's crypto wallet. Despite the report, no decryption key appears online for with layer 3.


  1. From: StargateSG7

    What is this Horse Hockey Bull of Supposed 9/11 Documents ???

    These 9/11 docs you have released PROVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL !!!!

    The documents released by Dark Overload have NOTHING to do at all with a vaaaaaaaast Left Wing or Right Wing Conspiracy! These released/leaked documents are nothing more than details on simple 3rd Party Liability and Insurance Policy Subrogation Litigation on the World Trade Centre buildings. Basically, Lloyds of London has investors and guarantors (i.e. Lloyds Names) who have UNLIMITED LIABILITY and are REQUIRED to pay out the Billion Dollar+ policy limits for the building and property damaged by the September 9/11 events in New York! These policy guarantors are called "Syndicates" because they are usually groups of individual insurance policy investors or groups of companies who have decided to spread the risk of insurance coverage amongst themselves (i.e. Re-Insurance) so that they MIGHT get income from insurance premiums OR payouts from OTHER insurers that they have bought re-insurance from (i.e. a HEDGE against any claims!)

    Of course they don't want to pay the insurance claim AT ALL, or at least, pay only the MINIMUM AMOUNT LEGALLY POSSIBLE. So how do they do that? They hire a bunch of lawyers for around 50 million US dollars and get THEM to determine if ANY other 3rd party can be found at fault via their inadequate procedures, products or services that COULD HAVE, on a legal basis, be legally determined to be a contributory factor in preventing or mitigating the events of September 11, 2001. These lawyers are PAID to find out who ELSE can be blamed (i.e. Boston Logan Airport, the airline, plane manufacturers, security screeners, spy agencies, even door padlock makers!)

    There IS NO CONSPIRACY HERE !!! The word "Syndicates" is a legal term for Insurance Policy Investors and Guarantors and DOES NOT REFER to some secret MAFIA or government agency who supposedly caused 9/11. What CAUSED 9/11 is the AIRLINE THEMSELVES, who after all the aircraft hijackings in the 1970's and 1980's, SHOULD HAVE LEGALLY FORESEEN that an aircraft cockpit could be violently entered or invaded by nefarious persons! Ergo, they SHOULD HAVE HAD BY THE YEAR 2000 PROPER LOCKS installed on the Cockpit Cabin doors, built-in wide field of view video monitors AND have the doors themselves fully strengthened against violent intrusion! BOOOOORING! Why WOULD ANYONE Read this crap?


    You SAY you have DEFINITIVE PROOF of Aliens and UFO's! Sooo, WHERE ARE the UFO documents! And don't show me 20 to 30 year old images of "The Green Lady" or SR-75 Two-Stage-to-Orbit Spaceplane System tech, which is OLD SCHOOL BORING!

    Show us some PROOF of Electro-Magneto-Plasmadynamic Field Effects Engines that Warp Space and Time and information about the NEAREST Dyson Spheres, or info about the 250 Billion String alien Verdant Species slowly subverting Earth into their evil empire! WHEN you GET THAT --- THEN we is talking about the REAL SCHIZZZ !!!!

    To us, you seem like a 19 year old Teenage Negasonic Warhead YOB/Chav still living in Mommy's Basement lingering in Looooong Sullen Silence interspersed with unintelligible snarky comments twittered to your purple-licksticked cohorts eating avocado toast!

    Give us the good ALIENS AND UFO stuff and not this boring insurance litigation crap!


  2. Well Anon, I see you're frustrated. Let's see where these 'boring' legal documents go. Listening to Defango reading the documents, I found myself wondering vaguely if there was a relationship between 9/11 and the 2008 recession.

    As for addressing Overlord as 'you' on this blog, obviously I have nothing to do with Dark Overlord and am not a 9/11 truther or alien-believer or UFOlogist. But I will follow the story, for several reasons.

    I have an interest in assessing how leaked historical documents fare online in social media in unprecedented ways. Leaks of documents transform the whole role of official archives. The leaked documents are released in a very volatile online popular environment, as infotainment, and possibly as a cudgel which the current administration will use to beat other political actors. The leak also reveals the evolution of social media and social media censorship, the MSM, conventional politics. There is a lot of tension right now about who has authority to read and interpret history - and how much of it - and in what ways. All of these aspects are changing. This kind of leak - as well as your comments - would have been unheard of and basically impossible thirty years ago.

  3. From: StargateSG7

    I have ALREADY skimmed through the documents!

    Nothing but boring old Discoveries, Interrogatories, Depositions, Requests for Document and Witness Production, Engineering and Expert Witness evaluation reports of products and personnel who did affect OR could have affected the events of September 11, 2011.

    In fact, I dare say that these documents indeed SUPPORT the position that NO CONSPIRACY took place! The REAL conspiracy is that the WRONG countries were invaded becuase it WAS PROVEN that the majority of the hijackers were citizens of SAUDI ARABIA and that the MAJORITY of financiers of the Madrassas (Religious School) in Suadia Arabia and elsewhere WERE FINANCED by wealth Saudi Arabian business people AND members of the Saudi Royal Family and their agencies!

    WHAT SHOULD BE DONE is outright litigation AND prosecution of the Saudi financiers and their enablers who FINANCED and HELPED TRAIN the hijackers! Time to send some Marines into Riyadh to capture and BRING BACK TO THE USA ALL OF FOR TRIAL/PROSECUTION AND PUNISHMENT of the Saudi Royals and businessmen who literally FINANCED AND ENABLED 9/11!

    THAT is the REAL conspiracy here!


    These recent documents ARE UTTER BILGE !!! Full of boring legal manuever CRAP that has NOTHING do do with ANY right-wing or left-wing conspiracy AT all!


    Sooooo, WHERE'S THE BEEF !!!

    The UFO and ALIENS stuff is FAAAAAAAR more important!

    Anything else means you're just 19 year old wannabe Negasonic Teenage Warhead ComicCon cosplay attendee WHO JUST CAN'T QUITE get enough moolah to make it out of mommy's basement INTO THE REAL WORLD !!!

    Ergo, how about GROW THE HELL UP and actually give something BACK rather that TAKING time and MONEY from your hard-working single mom that's supporting your sorry fat ass!


    Damn it! It's People like DarkOverlord ROYALLY PISS ME OFF !!!

    Why is it ALWAYS ME who has to do all the public dirty work of calling a spade a spade and an Internet Idiot an Internet Idiot?

    1. Stargate, here is an account about 9/11 families and their struggles with the US government and the Saudis: https://www.thetruthnet.com/single-post/2018/12/07/What-You-Dont-Know-About-The-Saudi-Trump-Tower-Scandal

    2. FROM StargateSG7:

      Do you have ANY IDEA how many THOUSANDS of hours of audio/video and tens of thousands of pages of litigation I've had to listen to and read over the last 25 years? I know PERFECT WELL the political aspects of the 9/11 families being UNABLE to properly litigate against the Saudis.

      Since it's a SOVEREIGN STATE, the ONLY recourse is to sue WITHIN the USA and getting enough civil-oriented "Wrongful Death" and "Negligence" judgements AFTER proving on a preponderance of evidence, that the education and financing of Madrassas (Religious Schools) and other terror-related activities within Saudi Arabia and outside of Saudi Arabia BY the Saudi Crown itself and related rich business people, actually CAUSED and/or contributed to the activities of the 9/11 Hijackers!

      This evidence would allow a US court to specify damages into the HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS and therefore open the door to SEIZE ALL stocks, bonds, buildings, property and other assets OF the Saudi Royals to PAY for those court judgements. When American courts give the go-ahead to SEIZE Saudi assets in the USA, then it will get their attention and WILL FINALLY get justice for the families!

      What is needed is some of the BEST TORT LAWYERS in the business which will need about $5 Million U.S. to start on an initial retainer to do all the first series of discoveries and the document/witness production phases. The 30% contingency fee on recovered judgements AFTER that retainer will be enough to get the attention of the Big Boy Legal Firms in New York!

      THAT is what is needed to be done! I would say hit up some rich Texan or Oklahoma Oil CEO to see what can be done on a publicity basis for funding the civil lawsuits! They don't like the Saudis PERIOD and by funding the lawsuits against the Saudis, oil prices will rise and they'll get their money back in no time! So the families get legal funding and the Oil CEO's get richer off rising oil prices! What's not to like about that idea?

  4. Stargate, oh how I wish I was a "19 year old wannabe Negasonic Teenage Warhead ComicCon cosplay attendee." If only life were that simple! LOL. Seriously, hang in there, you'll get your UFO revelations if the hackers don't get taken down by Interpol or the CIA first.

  5. They also used the term 'mate' in their 4chan thread, indicating british/australian origin.

  6. This is sad though,

    "we'll guarantee that we're going to withhold only the most highly confidential and sensitive documents for private sale".

    They have been holding on to these documents since April 2018, so they are being very patient.

    1. Patient and greedy. I think the public releases are a stunt to push those who are being extorted privately. Nevertheless, I think the public releases are more important as a new level of leaking/hacking culture and how it works politically, even though TDO could care less about these finer points. If the hackers are motivated by greed and a lust for reputation, and they realize that their profile will be bigger if they go public, they may try to get the money from those whom they extort privately and then go for the public option too. That is assuming that they are actually hackers and not something else.

  7. It looks like the UFO comment was a clever imposter.


    1. Thanks for the link Justin! Looks like they did mention the UFOs but didn't post the alien photo? Am I wrong?