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Saturday, September 21, 2019

What's Left Over? Eating, Sex and Death

From The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover, directed by Peter Greenway. This is the scene in which the cook explains why some ingredients on the menu are more expensive than others. Black Foods (18 February 2014). Video Source: Youtube. The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover (1989) © Palace Pictures / Miramax. Scene reproduced non-commercially under Fair Use.

Eating and sex. Sex and eating. Sex and death. Eating and death. If these primal experiences encompass our beginnings and our ends, then surely they are related, and how they are related forms the bases of whole civilizations.

Troubled Van Helsings

Eating, sex and death have been married to technology to encourage adoption of invasive interfaces such as hand chips and brain implants. If we want to retain our cognitive liberty, we need to understand the age-old archetypes onto which technology is being piggy-backed. We must learn how these archetypes really work in our societies, beyond the blindness imposed by social conditioning, politics, hoaxes and taboos.

There are a couple of challenges here. Firstly, the notion that truth-telling and whistle-blowing will free us draws us deeper into the technosphere, which is already programmed along the lines of eating (constant consumption), sex, and death. As alt-researchers post Youtube exposé after podcast revelation, they are socially conditioned to accept the idea that technology can liberate us from social conditioning. The very act of developing counter-narratives to destroy the illusion draws us deeper into said illusion. We become addicted to the expectation that technology will lead us to a higher truth, rather than deeper into lies. There's a line in the 1999 film 8mm: "When you dance with the Devil, the Devil don't change. The Devil changes you."

The second problem is that even the most red-pilled individuals have trouble accepting the reality they see on the other side of illusions meant to corral and control us. One Youtuber, who catalogues a sub-genre of horrible revelations which I won't describe here, rambles, "I don't think I'm gonna make it. I've got thousands more photos to get through. I don't want to exist in the same reality as these beings." To accept what these alt-researchers uncover would require an overturn of the current order. It would require a revolution.

I don't think the Internet's Van Helsings are up to slaying the world's vampires. And given the first problem, who is to say these truth-seekers have not become more deeply deluded in the course of their investigations? Perhaps their rabbit holes have led them from an old school psyop into a new school psyop.

London Epstein-Style Pedo Rings Protected By Police: Ex-Cop Jon Wedger | True Crime Podcast 43 (10 September 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

What the online Van Helsings have a uncovered is a vampiristic order based on the consumption of others, mainly through draining the energy of the population in the mainstream workforce and in an underworld of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and pedophilia. You can see typical chatter of this kind in the interview with a Scotland Yard whistle-blower, Jon Wedger, above. Wedger maintains that child rape is endemic in the upper echelons of British society. He claims that decades' worth of cases have been covered up by the police. The malaise exists because there are symbolic and occult connotations around the consumption of youthful life and energy. The problem persists because the respectable middle classes refuse to consider, openly acknowledge, or act on the problem. They have too much invested in maintaining the established order as it currently exists, no matter how twisted it is.

But if people like Wedger are divulging the truth, why would the problem of pedophilia exist in the first place? Wedger alluded vaguely to the spread of paganism and Satanism, but more broadly to a general culture of exploitation of vulnerable people. This does somewhat confirm the redefinition of sex alongside the introduction of popular technology. The materialist order denies the viability of sex as a mode of reproductive renewal. Reproduction must be safely transported into the controlled confines of the lab. Sex is a non-creative act of self-pleasuring and energy consumption in the material world. The suspicion that we are all consumable or recyclable and are trapped inside a larger power structure was sparked by the 1999 film, The Matrix. In that fiction, the materialist overlords were machines who had entrapped humankind in a huge illusion.

You are only a battery to them - MATRIX (1999). Reproduced under Fair Use. Video Source: Youtube.

Materialist Transcendence: Eating and Consumption

Even the most blue-pilled individual understands that we live in an order dominated by materialism. The primary challenge in such an order is overcoming boredom when one is denied access, internally and externally, to celestial mysteries.

The materialist order is nominally rationalist, secularist and scientifically-driven. Covertly, it seeks ways to achieve transcendence through the physical realm. Conspicuous consumption. Out-of-control spending. Kinky sex. Constructed lifestyles. But you can only buy, visit, theorize about, or sexualize so many objects before you confront a void. You can only exploit and bend the natural order of things so much before you confront gaps and failure. You can only murder to dissect so many times before you begin to wonder if there is anything more to do.

Pushing on through the darkness, the materialist resorts to finesse. He or she revisits a basic action like consumption, and wonders if it can be enhanced when paired with politics and propaganda in order to revolutionize society.

Climate Change, Consumption and Cannibalism

Eating, sex and death have also been connected to the climate crisis narrative. This September, Magnus Söderlund, a Swedish professor at the Stockholm School of Economics, declared that instituting cannibalism is a possible way to combat climate change; but he warned that cannibalism should only be considered after we eat insects and our pets. He then equivocated, stating that he was only testing the waters to see whether people would awaken to the idea of cannibalism and how they would react to it. One must ask in the first place why Söderlund was wheeled out to mash up the idea of cannibalism with the debate on climate change.

The real question is why cannibalism is being normalized and equated with the basic survival of humankind, and with the survival of the planet. Not only does this syllogism equate eating with death; it equates death with survival. Below, you can see how the narrative has evolved, on both sides of the political fence.

The diet that helps fight climate change. Video Source: Youtube.

The Strange Science of the Impossible Burger | WIRED. Video Source: Youtube.

New Study Suggests Climate Change Caused Cannibalism Among Neanderthals (29 March 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

Scientist Suggests Eating Humans To Fight Climate Change (11 September 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

The Health Benefits of ... Cannibalism (16 September 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

What Would You Eat to Save the Earth? (8 September 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

An Artificial Revolution around Eating and Death

The basic tenet of climate change is that we are a destructive species. I am not getting into the scientific debates around climate change. I am merely pointing out the quality of assumptions which drive 'climate crisis' as an abstract concept. They include: as we live, so we destroy our planet. That is, life equals death. Consumption equals death. Development equals death. Reproduction equals death. While overtly moral and eco-friendly, this is a profoundly morbid philosophy about the selfhood of humanity, which is self-hating and suicidal in its end conclusions.

This attitude encourages a punitive element, as with the new Bill Gates toilet, which recycles feces into drinking water for crowded humans. The message is: if you, as a member of your destructive, hateful species, want to live, you will have to drink your own shit and eat insects, your pets, fake proteins - and other people. When that is done, you are encouraged to move on from your abortion to your assisted suicide.

Those who believe that eating, sex, and death are harmful to the environment offer flawed solutions. They insist that their stance is the only way to save the planet, and that to disagree with them is to be a climate change denier or eco-exploiter. This binary politicization of the question blocks alternative or nuanced discussions of the subject. Rather than reunite our species with the environment in organic ways, materialist eco-revolutionaries propose that we divorce our species even further from the environment.

As with artificial intelligence, virtual reality and brain chips, we are being offered simulated, lab-grown versions of the more authentic forms of eating, sex and death which we should actually be considering. The actual solution is to recall that we are animals who truly belong in our environment. But the founding principle of scientific materialism is that rational humans are divorced from nature, and as such, have the right to exploit nature and bend it to their wills.

The solution to eco-crises should involve a review of history, a resort to memory. But tech-mediated eco-activists do not want to recall how eating, sex and death once occurred naturally amongst humans. They refuse to consider the most healthy ways in which humans can inhabit their environment. Instead, their proposed solutions are synthesized, industrialized, capitalized and corporatized. Materialists implicitly acknowledge their error (or intentional deception) in the branding on their eco-warrior products. The divorce from nature is so painful for human beings that hideous simulacra are sold to us with organic, natural labels. This is the synthetic solution, marketed as the real solution.

It is no wonder that people are confused by the propaganda, and think they are getting back to the land while drinking fake water and eating fake proteins from genetically modified plants. They are told to consume insects while considering eating 'clean meat' human burgers, all to replenish exhausted planetary resources. It leads to the incredible MSM message: there is nothing wrong with cannibalism, as long as you consume human meat grown in a lab; eating it will save the planet. This outrageous suggestion is obviously meant to soften up the population and get them used to the idea. Normalized cannibalism of lab-grown meat (how could you be sure it actually was lab-grown, and not real meat from dead or murdered people?) is one step away from the genocide of social undesirables and the institution of real, widespread cannibalism.

Through appeals to the most basic modes of existence, those who worry about the health of the planet are being drawn deeper into a strange state of slavery and abomination, labeled with illusions of natural freedom, and marketed as a moral revolution. The morality, the eco-friendliness, and the revolution will all be fake. As Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) put it in The Present Age (1846; thanks to N.):
"A revolutionary age is an age of action; ours is the age of advertisement and publicity. Nothing ever happens but there is immediate publicity everywhere. In the present age a rebellion is, of all things, the most unthinkable. Such an expression of strength would seem ridiculous to the calculating intelligence of our times. On the other hand a political virtuoso might bring off a feat almost as remarkable. He might write a manifesto suggesting a general assembly at which people should decide upon a rebellion, and it would be so carefully worded that even the censor would let it pass. At the meeting itself he would be able to create the impression that his audience had rebelled, after which they would all go quietly home--having spent a very pleasant evening."
Cannibalism is not the way to save the planet or ourselves. It is not the foundation stone of a new revolution. This is eating, sex and death, combined in their most malevolent equation. Chillingly, the fact that cannibalism is being floated as a mainstream option in the media proves the online Van Helsings right. Why would there be a desire to normalize cannibalism at all? To save the planet, the first question to ask should not be: 'What should I eat?' It should be: 'Who already benefits from this depredation?'

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