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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Coronavirus Censorship and A Group Hug

A call for a Hong Kong strike to support Hong Kong's medical staff on 29 January 2020 suspiciously features the creepy left eye symbolism highlighted in Internet Illuminati conspiracy theories. The girl's placard loosely translated: All (Hong Kong) people strike, Medical Staff don't need going at the front! (won't be sacrifice[d]) Image Source: Twitter.

A (dis)information crackdown has started by (dis)information authorities regarding the Wuhan virus. The Chinese government has begun silencing unauthorized reporting and has demanded that a Danish newspaper refrain from virus satire. Youtube, Twitter and Facebook are removing social media and alt-media reports on the epidemic, on the grounds that everything discussed by unauthorized outlets is a conspiracy theory, disinformation, or racism. Western MSM outlets confirm that the virus started in bats and snakes, but condemn online (racist) criticism of the Chinese eating bat soup and running filthy wildlife wet markets. Youtubers were unimpressed at this feeble attempt at their moral re-education by inserting identity politics into this obvious, ongoing disaster:
"But fkn bats are the one animal that humans shouldn't be eating LOL"
"the virus came from bat but not this bat soup. so what bat did it came from bat stew,roast bat,fried bat.curry bat,barbecue bat .lol"
"Best thing would be to fill China in with concrete. It may seem excessive but it's better than having to fill the rest of the world in with concrete"
And another:
"Here we go with the racism and hatred BS. That’s right, only believe what the media tells you. Do you actually trust the Chinese government is being truthful? There is a very plausible likelihood that there are quite a lot more infected than being reported. Instead of putting proper safety measures in place, like shutting down the goddamn borders, we are worrying about not hurting anyone’s feelings online? That’s a good indicator that this is probably a lot worse than we are being led to believe"

It is happening, youtube deleted one of the latest videos about the coronavirus from r/nCoV

Social media censorship was implemented amid reports that Facebook employees have been told to refrain from travel to China, which confirms the seriousness of the epidemic. Apple expects the epidemic to disrupt its iPhone supply, meaning the crisis is real. Medical updates reveal a terrifying situation; but they also show that the full range of information is unavailable for a comprehensive understanding of what is unfolding.

Dr Gabriel Leung Dean of Medicine dire projection (27 Janaury 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

It is hard to tell what is real in the first videos of the virus's spread and what is not. Regardless, the earlier leaked local footage of bodies in Wuhan's streets and hospitals has now disappeared, or is disappearing, off the Internet. The China Media Project reports that the Chinese government has been censoring and steering the narrative all along: local Wuhan reporters who tried to track down information in December and earlier this month were intimidated, stone-walled, and beaten up:
"while carrying on an investigation of Wuhan’s Huanan Seafood Market, where the outbreak originated, Xiao Hui (萧辉), a reporter for Caixin Media, was surrounded and beaten by four security guards. Caixin journalist Wang Heyan (王和岩), one of the finest investigative reporters working in China today, contacted several doctors in Wuhan in order to verify infections among medical staff, but was not allowed to meet with her sources. The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued an order saying that: '[Medical personnel must not, under any condition, accept media interviews, and must not leak information about the outbreak to the outside. Noone can accept interviews, even if journalists promise anonymity and agree to protect their sources.]'"
These embarrassments have been replaced with a government-sanctioned group hug video with Wuhan's citizens calling to each other from their tower blocks, complete with a soppy piano soundtrack. A Vietnamese social media video popped up yesterday on Youtube, which peddles a positive message about clean, orderly, calm - and deserted - Wuhan streets. Reddit is suddenly full of Redditors who want to debunk coronavirus conspiracy theories.

Wuhan residents chant "Jiayou" for city to persist in face of adversity (27 January 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

There are signs that the virus stirred up a great deal of unrest in already unsettled Hong Kong, mainland China, and on Chinese social media. A video purportedly from today (27 January 2020) of open, violent popular revolt in Fujian, which I embedded in this post, actually disappeared off the Internet while I was still writing the post.

Social media censorship suppresses information like the above image, suggesting the coronavirus was engineered in Wuhan, announced in a report from 5 April 2018. Is this real? Image Source: Reddit.

The censorship and corresponding attempts to keep the Chinese and global public artificially calm may indicate that the virus has not been contained and is out of control. The Chinese government has not revealed (or does not know) true numbers. You can read an account of their desperate attempt to understand and control the virus from 8 December 2019 to 11 January 2020, here. Fox News reported that the Chinese government spurned help offered by the US CDC to contain the virus on 6 January 2020. The Chinese may have been unbelievably sloppy in their handling of deadly diseases; a 6 August 2019 report states that they shipped a live Ebola sample from Winnipeg, Canada to Wuhan, China on a commercial airline flight on 31 March 2019! Perhaps this is why the MSM are walking back their wet market story with virtue signalling. It came from bats, but not bat soup. Again, the evidence of the virus's point of origin seems to return to the Wuhan bioweapons lab.

The Huanan seafood market in Wuhan has been widely considered the source of the outbreak of a novel coronavirus. But the virus may have infected people elsewhere first. REUTERS from r/nCoV

Further evidence that this is a serious epidemic: there are images of medical staff on Reddit and Twitter sleeping with their protective gear on. Combined with censorship in east and west, the picture is very worrying.

Effect on Chinese doctors wearing masks, gloves and goggles for extended periods. from r/Coronavirus

Funny how Reddit mods keep flagging these reports as fake or unverified. Socalist Media Publishers getting the tax benefits of a platform along with the curation power of a publisher. from r/Coronavirus

Various quarantine zone barricades and guards in Wuhan China and surrounding areas. from r/Coronavirus

New video of villages shutting themselves off from r/Coronavirus

China demands apology from Jutland Post for satire drawing from r/Coronavirus

Uber driver in Beijing from r/Coronavirus

China coronavirus goes viral: What's true and what's fake? | DW News (28 January 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

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