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Friday, January 24, 2020

Wuhan: Leaks and Speculation

Day 1 In Real Resident Evil City Video Leaks-Wuhan-People Fell Down,Doctor Broke Down.Heart Breaking (). Video Source: Youtube.

As the coronavirus spreads from China to other countries through airports, speculation about the origins of the virus proceeds apace. Leaked phone videos are filtering out of Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, the locked-down epicentre, which suggest that the outbreak is much worse than the Chinese government is admitting. Twitter commenters, who are poring over videos, are convinced that the outbreak has also been going on for longer than the stated start date of 12 December 2019:
"This is no pneumonia. They had a breach of a bioweapons facility. Hemorrhagic fever on the loose. Think Ebola type shit and other pathogens. Look at the blood."
"It looks like he coughed up blood. we've been seeing videos of this happening to chinese people for months now... just how long has the virus actually been around?"
Some trolls and Anons distrust any media coming out of China, and assume that even leaks are intentional and government-vetted. It is difficult to tell who made these videos, because real leakers would have to obscure their identities and source origin to get past the electronic Chinese firewall.

The most concerning of these leaked videos is that of a doctor who breaks down on the telephone to superiors or colleagues at another hospital in the city. He repeatedly yells: "What did you guys do?" He accuses them of not accepting enough patients.

Image Source: Twitter.

Internet conspiracy theorists are convinced that Wuhan is the site of a bioweapons research lab, the National Biosafety Laboratory, which opened in 2017. This comes via gossip that there are people in Wuhan who work there and are telling loved ones abroad about their work.

In the footage above, notice the blood around the collapsed man's head. Trolls and Anons believe that this disease is a manmade virus that was accidentally or deliberately released. Conspiracists are digging through records of patents and vaccines and are examining suspicious film scenes, which they believe show predictive programming. They are placing into this context past comments from notable figures such as Prince Philip, who said in 1988:
"In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation." 
The main investigation of this type is being undertaken by someone with the Twitter handle, OctoberReignz, who joined Twitter in October 2019.

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