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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Pandemic Chats in the Darkness 2: COVID19 Cracked

Image Source: Natural News.

Pandemic Chats is the thread I am using for dubious, unsourced, unproven coronavirus information, which is nonetheless of interest. Please see my disclaimer at the bottom of this post.

You may notice that health authorities, politicians and the MSM are saying little about actual research, or about the way the virus evidently works based on what we saw in footage from China. They speak mainly of numbers and unfolding events. We do not have much concrete or helpful information on whether there is anything we can do, besides avoiding catching the virus and stockpiling supplies. Any informal or alternative discussions about the virus are dismissed by the mainstream as crackpot, dangerous, snake oil lunacy.

You may then wish to read the following leak as a cultural artefact in the early stage of the global pandemic, in which social media generated a pseudo-scientific sub-narrative. Or if you are red-pilled and don't trust establishment authorities, you may want to know what someone had to say because it sounded plausible.

On 22 and 26 February 2020, an anon went on 4chan /pol/ and claimed to have solved the way the virus works. The thread was reproduced in a thread today, here. Anons archived the thread here. Bear in mind that while 4chan /pol/ definitely lives up to its name of being 'politically incorrect,' it is one of the last unfiltered places left on the mainstream Web. This is why people who work in the establishment sometimes go there to leak information when they are angry or disenchanted because of red tape or corruption. I can't say that this anon was of this type, but he or she was more articulate than the usual sludge-slingers.

Image Source: 4chan. Click to enlarge.

Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the post. My posting this information does not constitute my personal belief that this information is true, nor am I in any way advocating it as medical advice.

My comments, based on other information I have found are inserted below in square brackets. This is the TL;DR of what the anon said.
  • The virus suppresses the immune system
  • Virus builds slowly
  • Highly contagious R9+
  • It was released in October in China and Iran
  • Because it was released in October, you're already infected
  • It binds to ACE2 receptors, [found in the lungs, testes, gastro-intestinal tract, heart, kidneys, liver, placenta, central nervous system]
  • Asians have more ACE2 receptors [see a related study]
  • The fewer ACE2 receptors you have in your body, the longer it takes for the virus to colonize your body [which is why some people can be positive but have no symptoms; or they can test negative several times and then test positive]
  • "It's not 'reinfecting', it's being smashed out by your immune system, then pulls the old 'Dengue' effect, it then infects those antibodies and this is what leads to the Cytokine storm."
  • "Once you get to critical levels of the virus load (and this is why we see damage in testes, kidneys and lungs because they've been there for quite some time) your body will fight it off, unless you get a secondary viral or bacterial infection."
  • "Once you produce the antibodies to it, the viral store (just like HIV) reemerge and cause the cytokine storm, which is why they are observing the 'reinfection' causing sudden death."
  • "Elderly have weak immune systems, it's why they fall ill faster. Everyone on that cruise ship is infected, symptoms or not. Testing for fever isn't effective, since it suppresses the fever reaction."
  • "Kids will get sick last, die faster."
  • There are two or more stages of the disease, with false apparent recovery in between. Reappearance of the disease is worse and can kill with a cytokine storm.
  • "Anti-HIV drugs work because it's keeping the viral load down and not triggering the cytokine storm response. It won't let the immune system be as suppressed, so you can fight it off."
  • "The longer it runs inside you, the faster and deadlier the cytokine storm will be. Stop the Cytokine Storm and stop the Immunosuppressant action and you stop the death rate."
  • "You will stay infected after you get better, you need to help keep the viral load down until they finally make DRACO a reality. It's highly likely due to the size of the RNA in Covid-19 that DRACO will prove to be highly effective in eliminating it from your body."
  • "USE A NETI POT TO CLEAN YOUR SINUSES to keep the viral shed low and it from being constantly put back in your lungs and back in your body. Don't wear a respirator without cleaning your sinus cavity first."
  • "Vitamin D has been said to stop a Cytokine Storm."
  • "Don't keep in close contact with anyone as it could increase the amount of viral shed you take in and lead to a faster immune response."
  • "Western countries lag time will be twice that of Asian Countries, it won't take off here until Mid-March."
  • "[T]he CDC ignored every submission I gave to them."
  • "Take Vitamin D, go outside, clean your sinuses and find ANYTHING that is known to suppress viral replication."
  • [Same anon, commenting on the 26 February 2020 thread] "The kill switch triggers the liver to release the stores of Vitamin A, it presents itself as reinfection due to vitamin a poisoning looking like ili, but then causes internal hemorrhage and massive heart attack. Chloroquine is now a no go since it can cause that. Vitamin A release is [related to] the cytokine storm." 
  • [Same anon, commenting on the 26 February 2020 thread] Problems with malaria drug, chloroquine: link and link
  • [Same anon, commenting on the 26 February 2020 thread] "No real way to reduce vitamin a stores in the liver that we've been able to come up with. I'm still trying to find a method to do it, maybe another Anon knows. Vitamin D has been shown to reduce the cytokine storm, but now that we know the kill switch, unsure if it works to stop the vitamin a poisoning. Again, as soon as I get the info I will post it. I'm still supplementing vitamin D and C."
  • [Preventing cytokine storms, dietary suggestions.]
I have to wonder, given the fact that the anon mentioned the anti-viral DRACO, whether the anon is connected to the MIT lab that was developing this drug.

During the 1918 flu epidemic, patients recovered in solariums for vitamin D's supportive properties. Photograph taken in Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C. Image Source: Daily Mail.

Disclaimer for all 'Pandemic Chats' Posts
Warnings against Reading Weaponized Disinformation

My posting of this information does not constitute my belief in this information, nor my desire to spread fear. This 'Pandemic Chats' series is published here to make people aware of the scope of discussion. I do not know whether this is a milestone in the history of real bioweapons in public health or a milestone in the evolution of weaponized online propaganda. Or both.

There are good reasons why you should read this information with extreme caution and discernment. It is possible that the virus is a bioweapon or it may have arisen naturally. Either way, the Chinese government may perceive this outbreak as a bio-weaponized attack.

As such, the coronavirus epidemic might invite Chinese revenge. That retribution may come first in the form of a wave of Internet disinformation warfare, intended to spread panic and violence.

Read this information at your own risk. Treat it as a toxic waste neo-cultural cyber-event. Examine it with the sober reserve of an anthropologist. Coronavirus rumours may be an extreme new type of online propaganda. Do not presume the information is true.

But also understand that if these are real leakers and they are telling the truth to the Internet Underground to relieve their consciences, then the world is now a different place.

I cannot assess the veracity, sources or accuracy of this (dis)information. Some of these fragments and citations refer to legitimate medical publications, which you can read, if you have time. If the rumours are true, you don't have time.

Click to enlarge any posted images. Read them with great care and pray that this is only the next level of dark social media, and not a milestone in biological history of our species.

See all my posts on Epidemics here and here.

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