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Monday, March 23, 2020

Coronavirus Fragments 11: The Hidden Blessings of Disillusionment

Image Source: 4chan.

Like the German prepper above with normies looking on, we are divided between those who believe official and unofficial narratives about the nCov pandemic. Sadly, the prepper - who looks like a lunatic - is right, and those around him are wrong.

For those with confidence in our authorities, it is hard to imagine that Underground information could be true, when it is not properly verified or connected to mainstream reports.

That division between citizens depends on whether the system has been good to them. Only those who have previously been thrust into the outer darkness believe that the darkness is there. Some libertarian commentators think the darkness is real, but the virus is not; they believe that the pandemic will be a red pill for a lot of people, as the 2008 recession or 9/11 were for others before them. Most economic commentators agree that the 'everything bubble' was unsustainable; the economy will collapse and never be the same again.

Image Source: pinterest.

Red Pill the Public: Buckle Your Seatbelt, Dorothy

Neo Wakes Up in the Real World | The Matrix (1999) HD Clip (6 February 2019). Video Source: Youtube. Reproduced under Fair Use.

In The Matrix (1999), after Neo takes the red pill, he endures a shocking awakening. As the economy collapses during the COVID19 crisis and begins to transform, expect that you or people around you will undergo similar awakenings. There are economic commentators who think that the transition to techno-totalitarianism is inevitable and resistance is futile.

Not necessarily: the existing system is fragile because of the priorities of people currently in power. It is not the economy, exactly, that is unsustainable. It is the ideas which drive it and the leaders and authorities who rose to the top of this particular system. They will not survive or remain in control, because by definition, they are connected to, and creatures of, a failing structure. That structure's failings are their failings. Everything depended upon their assumptions, their beliefs, their values, their manipulations. Their victories from yesterday contain a defeat for them tomorrow.

As they demolish the current economy because it is no longer working, they will lose everything. They are not capable of leading us through change or leading us after it. They do not realize this. They think their supremacy and authority will persist, while those beneath them will be subjugated. In fact, the opposite will happen.

As for members of the public, this is frightening, but it is better to live in real reality, not in a fake order, created by fake consumerism, driven by fake money. As I mentioned in another post, inflated money generated a gigantic illusion. Now the illusion is dissolving. The Matrix was not science fiction, it was allegorical non-fiction. Neo asks: "Why are my eyes sore?" Morpheus answers: "You've never used them before."

Why do my eyes hurt (6 November 2011). Video Source: Youtube. Reproduced under Fair Use.

Red Pill the Medics

Remove the money and you see the illusions, flaws and lies. Citizens only recognize how the system really works when they are personally affected and when they realize that the system considers them to be expendable. This is happening on Twitter at this moment, as healthcare workers, normally a favoured class, are for the first time learning that systemic planning really - horrifically - does not care if they live or die. Their deaths are expected and factored into larger calculations. There are, without a doubt, spreadsheets somewhere, where the deaths of currently-active medics are already tallied. It is a criminal, disgusting thing; and there will be retribution for it.

This was a problem I discussed in my last post. It is a hard shock to experience and a bitter red pill to swallow. You can see the anguish, shock and anger in healthcare workers' messages on Twitter as they speak of their struggle to help COVID19 infected patients, while being systematically left high and dry by administrators and policy-makers. They are being driven into a massive, life-threatening nightmare without proper protective equipment. They could quit, but imagine the guilt and the professional and social shame. Someone on Twitter stated today that all medics should quit for one day: then you would see things change, and quickly. This is true, but healthcare workers could never organize such a move now, in this crisis, with the necessary full solidarity.

Masks do make a difference, contrary to official advisories which were deliberately put out to mislead the public to offset shortages. Image Source: 4chan.

Officials and administrators had plenty of time to plan. And there was a plan, just not the one we would want or expect. Authorities around the world knew of this virus in October, November and December of last year.

In late 2019, politicians, bureaucrats, administrators and policy-makers did not stockpile emergency equipment - at least, not for hospital staff. Nor did they brief healthcare workers on what was coming.

The reality of COVID-19 in Spain: A Stark Warning to the World (20 March 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Perhaps the time frame was even longer, as there were concerns about research at biolabs in recent years, some of which were investigated in the United States by the Obama administration. After probing gain-of-function research in 2015, the US National Institutes of Health allowed the work to continue. 'Gain-of-function research' into viruses - which makes them more virulent and contagious for humans - was a term first coined in 2012 in the United States.

There was also biowarfare development, espionage, leaks, weird incidents, and hushed-up messes in this space. Scientists working in this field are a highly select group; they are part of an incredibly well-educated, exclusive research community. Of course, they all know each other from graduate school days and from interconnected projects at a small number of top level labs around the world. They gossip and marry each other, compete with one another, have enmities and friendships. Over the past few years, they have traveled from one lab to another, bringing their vials with them. The bioweapons space, masquerading as the anti-bioweapons space, was a richly-funded hot mess. No one in the public was watching these scientists, or keeping track of how their personal dramas or covert operations might change human history.

Charles Lieber, interviewee, was arrested on 28 January 2020 by the FBI for his Wuhan connections. He posted bail for USD $1 million cash. Virus-sized transistors from Harvard Magazine (January-February 2011).

Lately, the US and Chinese governments have traded insults over which country was the source of the nCov virus. In fact, western researchers were paid enormous amounts of money to go to China and work in unregulated and underregulated labs with dodgy moral codes. And Chinese researchers, some of whom were probably spies, were all over high level bioresearch in the west. There was a lot of cross-pollination. All of this was going on for years and years and years. Governments knew about it. They funded a lot of it. The mainstream media are not helping, because they label any attempt to understand what happened as a conspiracy theory.

And now, the mess has inevitably exploded, and our medical corps will be decimated as they try to mop up the disaster, even as they follow the guidelines of the very governments which helped create the problem.

The most terrible aspect of this situation is that healthcare workers would not have been permitted to work in this system without subscribing to its principles. They feel abandoned now, but they were key players in a system that abandoned everybody.

In the medical schools, students were already inculcated into a professional culture of cost-benefit analysis at the expense of others who were deemed expendable. In order to practice medicine at all, they were trained to suppress personal instincts and to accept iron-clad limitations on time, efficiency, and money. They were taught to triage on those bases. They had already accepted a dark economical philosophy, which will be turned on them. Now they will learn: it is one thing when you are implementing the cost-benefit analysis. It is quite another when you are on its receiving end.

You can see medics struggling with these questions in their current discussions on social media. But again, the rot goes back to statistical and economic training in the med schools. Health care students and workers should never have accepted these precepts to begin with because it violates their Hippocratic Oath: "First, do no harm." The moment you accept euthanasia as an expression of ultimate healing, you have lost the plot. How do you value human life? Is an elderly person worth less than a younger person? Why? Because they have lower productive potential in an everything-bubble economic system that was already corrupted, illusory, compromised, and broken to begin with?

over 65-year-old can't use respirator in Spain. (23 March 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Yes, resources are always limited. But the way these limitations were understood, presented and resolved over the past decades were part of a larger set of core beliefs. Those beliefs created a system of values which were bankrupt. As the curtain is drawn back, we see how bankrupt they were and are. We are called now to evolve and to change how we act economically and in turn, to reevaluate how we understand these questions, to move beyond the watchwords of scarcity, control, limitation, and hierarchy.

Consider one example of a larger, concealed arena of policy-making, based on the outdated model of control, hierarchy and scarcity. Like other governments, the apparently benevolent Canadian government took ages to impose travel restrictions, which escalated the nCov viral spread. The government is additionally rumoured to have had a huge store of back-up medical supplies in Shawinigan, Quebec, which vanished in December 2019; from Canadian Youtuber Frank Vaughan:
"We don't know where those supplies went. ... It's very difficult to find a freezer in this country right now. ... They know something's coming."

Divide and Conquer

This is not about politics. Politics is a bifurcated drama concocted to pacify the mind, while falsely telling citizens that they are active and meaningful participants in the system because they support one side or the other. In a politicized system, citizens cannot properly unify. They willingly disempower themselves by criticizing and cutting themselves off from their fellow citizens.

New inhaled drug being developed at the University of Southampton in the UK. Image Source: University of Southampton. (Thanks to -B.)

Positive alternatives are beginning to form in people's minds. Medics have been discussing the public's eagerness to help them. See hashtags #makemedicalmasks and #millionmaskchallenge.

Your New Best Friends

Hermit hideout locations in the video game, Assassin's Creed. Image Source: US Gamer.

The crisis in public trust varies according to experience. Disillusionment is an incremental process of awakening. You might be critical and skeptical about a section of the system that you personally know well. But as far as other areas of the system go, anyone who has marketed themselves to you as a positive actor would be believable. Everyone has to stop judging people they dislike, while they only trust people whom they like and with whom they agree. Each judgement of this type is an iron bar in the citizenry's invisible prison.

Over the past thirty years, marketing has evolved to track consumers' metadata and personal preferences to a minute level. Those data can then be applied to convince you, personally, of nearly anything. There are probably metrics at think tanks and marketing firms which compute preference to exact percentages, as in: marketing message 'W' to individual 'X' using technique 'Y' will be 'Z' per cent convincing to them. The applications for totalitarianism are obvious.

The timing of an attempted roll-out of a technocratic totalitarian system has depended not on any flutterings of conscience on the part of our authorities, but on the time lag over the past few years, in which technologists were busy perfecting artificial intelligences with the computing power to manage big data systems. These systems are finally ready, and the pandemic will provide perfect real world opportunities to test them. See articles like: Mobile Health (mHealth) – The Magic Convergence of AI, Big Data, Mobile Tech, and Healthcare.

Tailored personal preferences build solipsism, which is another problem arising from the politicization of mainstream media and targeted marketing. Social media and search algorithms censored information so that people began living in seamless, self-affirming opinion bubbles. For years, citizens have only been exposed to friends who agreed with them on social media. If the algorithms identified any connection who disagreed with a given individual, then that person would fade into the background until they eventually disappeared and disconnected. When anyone searched for something, read the news, or purchased an item, they barely ever saw anything that challenged their preferred or preconceived notions about the way things are. Eventually, citizens' preferences were groomed by these algorithms, so that the impetus for preference came from the algorithm, not from the individual. Citizens associate that preferred, personalized vision of reality with their personal agency over actual reality, while they blindly follow cut-out authority figures, whom they instinctively trust and like, and whom they have been told are trustworthy.

It is actually healthy to be exposed to ideas and people whom you do not like. That is real. Living in a personally tailored reality is an illusion. It is a formula implemented to deceive and enslave you. That is why it is great to be disillusioned, and to stop believing the system is there to help you. You are not special and your solipsism will not save you.

Reality is not a matter of your personal opinion. Historical events are bigger than your personal perception and preference. If you want to survive now in the new economy and emerging system, then understand: the lunatics - whom you have never heard of, or whom you despise, who would never appear in the newspapers and magazines you like to read, and with whom you disagree on almost everything - are your new best friends. That is, if they'll have you. They have been camping out in the desert in hair shirts for the past decade, and they are picky about the company they keep.

It is hard to cultivate this level of discernment, because it takes people out of their comfort zones. They want to believe the authorities of the old system who are still in place. After only two months of crisis, citizens are hoping that a miracle cure for COVID19 will make everything go back to the way it was. This is a reset. Things are not going to go back to the way they were. There is a transitional period of self-delusion as authorities cover over the widening cracks in the system with reassuring press conferences and propaganda. In the past couple of months of reading officials' statements about the virus, the one word that does not spring to mind is 'honesty.' This is why you see citizen journalists struggling to find the truth, and reading between the lines of different sources, as below.

FPV #161 – IMPORTANT COVID19 UPDATE – The Total Failure Of Government 03/22/2020 (22 March 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

National Guard on the way to Chicago, Illinois (22 March 2020). Video Source: Youtube. See also Twitter.

¿p∀ƎH∀ M∀˥ ˥∀I┴ɹ∀W - s'nɹᴉiʌʌ- Ã¥ u o ɹ o ɔ / Part 18 (22 March 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

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