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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Coronavirus in Ultraviolet

Here is a reminder that ultraviolet (UV) light likely kills the nCov virus. It also kills bacteria and other viruses. Research is here (for pathogens in general); here (for SARS Cov not SARS Cov2); and here and here (for flu and superbugs). The amount of time needed to disinfect objects varies by moisture in the air, surface, spectrum of light, strength of exposure, and so on. For nCov, look for UVC on the left hand side of the spectrum above, between 200 and 280 nanometers (nm); 254 nm and 270 nm are the most effective at eliminating bacteria.

It is possible to buy small UV flashlights, light wands, light bulbs and light boxes to disinfect objects like money, credit cards, smartphones, keys, keyboards and toothbrushes - and many other objects. One of the best-known such UVC devices is PhoneSoap, which HuffPo reviewed here. You can buy larger lamp units to disinfect air in rooms, air conditioners and ventilation systems.

For those who are interested, a quick search will bring up many articles about UV lights being used to kill bacteria and viruses in hospitals, buses, lavatories, food production areas, restaurants and basements. Here is a hospital demo with UV light robots. You cannot, however, use these lights to disinfect your skin or pets, nor should you look directly at the light.

A hospital disinfection unit in Vancouver, Canada in 2013. Image Source: Times Colonist.

Buses in Shanghai were disinfected with UV light. Images Source: China News Service/Getty Images via Metro.

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  1. Or, in contravention of any curfew, get outside and let the sun do the work, full spectrum, plant a few seeds & enjoy the pin-drop-quiet

    1. Of course, Martin, artificial UV light is good for objects like credit cards and keys. Masks are a different story. In a time of shortage, a Beijing study found that the best way to reuse very slightly used masks - not recommended - but something to consider is to bake them in the oven at 70 degrees Celcius for 30 minutes. http://www.imcclinics.com/english/index.php/news/view?id=83

      Getting out in the sun is a good idea, particularly for mental health and vitamin D. Today, Peak Prosperity recommended planting vegetables if possible. I may have a dedicated post on that soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOIvGIukZhk