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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Pandemic Chats in the Darkness 4: The Macro and The Micro

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Yesterday, I went to my local hospital for a regular blood test. The doctors, nurses, and lab techs were not wearing any protection. This is in an eastern Canadian town, 45 minutes' drive from the site of currently quarantined Diamond Princess passengers, in Cornwall, Ontario. Cornwall was chosen as follows: the federal government announced it arbitrarily without consulting local people or authorities. Local leaders discovered on social media that the federal government was sending quarantined passengers to their community; the only nod to municipal- and provincial-level concerns was a half-baked press conference at which local officials received their marching orders from the feds. This was a slippery, top-down decision.

From Cornwall, potential infection vectors run directly into northern New York State, USA, as well as Montreal, Quebec and the Canadian capital, Ottawa, Ontario. The smaller town near my house (and site of the closest hospital) is a nodal point for local traffic from the quarantine city.

At my town's hospital, the staff had surgical masks and gloves available but they were not wearing them. The only acknowledgement of the coronavirus global pandemic was a small notice on the entrance to the hospital, which advised recent travelers from infected countries. I went in wearing an N95 mask. Out of the many patients in crowded waiting rooms, I only saw one other patient wearing an insecure, loose-fitting surgical mask.

Consider that nCov is:
  • airborne
  • survives on surfaces for 9-24 days
  • can be passed by asymptomatic patients who falsely-test negative over several weeks until they finally test positive
  • fourteen-day quarantines are not long enough
  • one American cruise ship passenger lied about her test status
  • A Japanese expert stated that the Diamond Princess conditions lacked all controls and were more frightening than an outbreak of Ebola in Africa; in fact, he said it was the most frightening epidemic environment he had ever witnessed in his career.
  • all the Diamond Princess passengers were not tested prior to evacuations
  • Canada's Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, authorized the early release from quarantine of several military and flight crew personnel who managed the evacuation of the Canadian Diamond Princess passengers; she claimed that those personnel had followed the strictest non-exposure protocols. However, the quarantined passengers themselves observed that this was not true and they had seen these personnel at times exposed to them when they were only wearing masks.
This is why the lack of protection at the small town hospital was terrifying. It was business as usual. In the town, alcohol gel hand sanitizers are selling out. But no one is wearing masks or goggles in public.

Macro Level Information

In this crisis, there are two levels of information. There is the macro level of information about the pandemic. This information emerges from larger MSM organs, governmental ministries, research institutions, and international health organizations. On that level, the coronavirus is often being politicized, played down or memory-holed to protect the global economy.

Just as the economy was about to collapse in earnest, the Chinese authorities proclaimed 'victory' against the virus and new case numbers magically plummeted. This is obviously fiction, designed to prevent a Black Swan event, which is already underway. Plane flights should have been canceled weeks ago in order to prevent far worse disruptions later. Air travelers are not forced to wear masks and gloves.

At the macro level, the most interesting information to emerge came from the contradiction between officials' words and actions. While somewhat soothing narratives emerged about the virus 'scare' after 29 February 2020, the reality is that the Brits have set up an nCov War Room, and other countries are similarly setting up emergency provisions which will allow authorities to suspend civil rights and do whatever they feel is necessary to control the pandemic. That includes censorship (already in effect) as well as, potentially, no-go zones, mass vaccinations (of rushed vaccines), and compulsory removal to forced quarantine centres. All of these measures could be abused and the abuses could be concealed. This is a very dangerous set of fluid circumstances.

The other mainstream bit of information came from a 27 February 2020 Chinese research article, which stated that the virus infects the brain and brainstem.

Micro Level Information

At the micro level, there are forums, social media communities, alt-media vloggers, and bloggers, where people are constantly sharing formal and informal information. There is talk of a hushed-up case in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. There are unconfirmed US rumours today about a San Francisco hotel; New Orleans at the university hospital; Scottsdale, ArizonaOregon (also here); New Jersey; Queens, New York City. In each case, the rumour that the virus is already in a city precedes the official announcement. For example, officials in New Orleans are stating today that locals should get ready for the appearance of the virus. If local chatter is true, the official line of 'get ready' actually means: it's already there.

My personal account above would be classified as a local rumour. Although I saw it with my own eyes, why would you believe me? I'm not Theresa Tam. Even if I had photographed the hospital staff not using protection, because I am a blogger, I could and would be accused of faking the photo. Yet it was and is true.

The most recent Eastern Ontario information is that local officials know that it is only a matter of time before COVID19 outbreaks begin in small communities along the Ontario-Quebec-New York borders. Global containment is no longer possible. They are stating that if you feel ill, you should not go to the hospital, rather let the paramedics come to you. After that, they don't say what will happen to you. The Ontario medical testing facility, Life Labs, sends a mixed message: if you have COVID19, we will send you back to your physician and we will not treat you or test you. We will use full Personal Protective Equipment to save ourselves. But there's nothing to worry about; just use hand sanitizer and cough into your sleeve.

The alt-media are attacked, shadow-banned, and censored for discussing this topic. Since I have covered the coronavirus, my blog traffic has been throttled and I have been constantly spammed by ghost Websites with the suffix .best and other dead sites. See the screenshot above. When you find official sources deviating from reality, or notice bureaucrats pumping out calming disinformation, you have to ask why truth requires censorship. The Canadian Prime Minister is fixated on silencing COVID19 misinformation, while stating, yes, the threat is "real."

However, if the Canadian government is falling short, would government officials (including the mealy-mouthed PM) view legitimate criticism as 'COVID19 misinformation'? Medical professionals cannot air their grievances publicly or they will lose their jobs. That is why their concerns appear in unofficial and underground channels. The mainstream media will not cover that information and the alt-media will. On 4chan today, an anonymous Canadian emergency room doctor complained that the federal government has not supplied hospital staff with masks and gloves are running out:
"What about masks? We don't have any. I'm an MD. Can't get masks at my clinic. Stock answers from the ministry. They don't have any. No hand sanitizer either. Soon to be no gloves I hear. What do you think happens Justin when we run out of personal protective equipment? Nurses stop working. Doctors stop working. The system shuts down. I see government doing nothing. I am on the front lines. I work ER. We have had nothing but bullshit stock notices about outbreaks. No indication about what to do with people. Where they are going. What to do once overcapacity begins. Nothing. The government is lying. There has been no preparedness on the front lines whatsoever. I can only imagine the back boardrooms are equally as inept. Get me a fucking mask, Trudeau! Sincerely, pissed off MD."
Imagine how Canadian medical staff feel, if they are being asked to put on a brave, bland face to the public, while behind the scenes, they are being forced into an untenable position, with their lives on the line. Why should they die for their jobs, not in service to their Hippocratic oaths, but because of avoidable bureaucratic red tape, moronic politics, and smiley-faced authoritarian ineptitude? If true, this is an unconscionable policy on the part of the Canadian federal government. At this rate, how are the Canadian medical corps supposed to survive beyond the next six months?

How do we hold governments to account, when they are invoking emergency measures which grant them extreme powers against citizens, including critics or whistleblowers? The MSM have capitulated and report what they are told to say. The only place left to discuss these problems is the free Internet, which is derided universally by failing authorities as a source of fake news, fear-mongering, panic-inducing conspiracy theories, and disinformation. Meanwhile, those same authorities are themselves peddling nothingburger nCov disinformation in the name of maintaining their own positions, as they preside over public order and dead-cat-bounce markets.

A rumour today from Belgium reflected increasing frustration from citizens who see dangerous situations mishandled:
"New infection in a high school in Belgium. Two high school with infections confirmed now. Government doesn't see a reason to close any school."
And a response:
"we are fucked with this retarded pig as health minister."
These instances explain precisely why this information is spilling over into the alt-media and social media.

Bureaucrats, financiers, corporate heads, and politicians should not be managing a global pandemic. To start, they have conflicts of interest, particularly because of Chinese investments. Next, they are unqualified. This is a problem in all developed countries, and the concern is even worse in the developing world, where there are even greater degrees of poverty, political instability, conflict and corruption.

The Coronavirus Rabbit Hole

"You have no idea how right you are." Click to enlarge. Image Source: 4chan.

At the same time, beyond believable complaints, there are apocalyptic conspiracy theories floating around. These stories claim to highlight government misdeeds behind the veil, at high security levels. Such information should be viewed with care and skepticism. But that does not mean there aren't real issues embedded in this highly strange (dis)information space.

There are questions about what happened when a Russian high security biolab exploded in Siberia in September 2019. Another example comes from this US blog. Frightening talk circulates about the viral spread on the US West Coast; read it in parts 1, 2, 3. Those revelations are unconfirmed, and no one knows what the motivation, sources, or profits are for someone who is discussing the pandemic in these extreme terms. Consider that that leaker is speculating about the price of gold. Below, see some informal footage from Iran and other, informal, troubling projections.

A doomsayer. Image Source: 4chan.

Disclaimer for all 'Pandemic Chats' Posts
Warnings against Reading Weaponized Disinformation

My posting of this information does not constitute my belief in this information, nor my desire to spread fear. This 'Pandemic Chats' series is published here to make people aware of the scope of discussion. I do not know whether this is a milestone in the history of real bioweapons in public health or a milestone in the evolution of weaponized online propaganda. Or both.

There are good reasons why you should read this information with extreme caution and discernment. It is possible that the virus is a bioweapon or it may have arisen naturally. Either way, the Chinese government may perceive this outbreak as a bio-weaponized attack.

As such, the coronavirus epidemic might invite Chinese revenge. That retribution may come first in the form of a wave of Internet disinformation warfare, intended to spread panic and violence.

Read this information at your own risk. Treat it as a toxic waste neo-cultural cyber-event. Examine it with the sober reserve of an anthropologist. Coronavirus rumours may be an extreme new type of online propaganda. Do not presume the information is true.

But also understand that if these are real leakers and they are telling the truth to the Internet Underground to relieve their consciences, then the world is now a different place.

I cannot assess the veracity, sources or accuracy of this (dis)information. Some of these fragments and citations refer to legitimate medical publications, which you can read, if you have time. If the rumours are true, you don't have time.

Click to enlarge any posted images. Read them with great care and pray that this is only the next level of dark social media, and not a milestone in biological history of our species.

See all my posts on Epidemics here and here.

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