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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Coronavirus Fragments 13: The Final Solution

Image Source: Scientific American.

This week: controversy everywhere, as several themes emerged. The mainstream narrative about the pandemic is failing to gel into a publicly-accepted consensus. Different commentators expect this crisis to continue over time in multiple parts and waves.
  • Continued discussion on virus origins
  • Seriousness of COVID19 and treatment controversies
  • Loss of rights and freedoms, fear of deep state 'plandemic,' extended lockdown debates; Sweden as the alternative example (thanks to -B.)
  • Ongoing revelations about 'deep state' prior to the outbreak, with potential, unrecoverable embarrassments for famous, powerful people. Revelations of crimes have been coming too close for comfort, e.g. Epstein case and exposure of connected figures like Bill Gates
  • Bill Gates, vaccine debates and controversies
  • China's strategic position in global politics, Chinese empire in Africa
  • Financial and economic collapse, starvation, debates on alternatives including digital currency
  • Artificial Intelligence, big data, nanotech, weaponized robots and drones finally ready for mass release
  • Banned and censored discussions on coincidental roll-out of 5G fast connectivity, possibly enabling AI and nanotech operations, main 5G whistleblower 'leak'
Some say that this crisis will be used as a catalyst to replace the old system with a new, AI-driven simulacrum of society, a transhumanist fascist technocracy, which will depend on turning the world population into nanobot-vaccinated cyborgs. I will discuss the problem of conscience, consciousness, transhumanism, AI and the pandemic in a different post. Here are some other highlights.

China 2.0 in Africa

Another Africa Leader Wakes Up From Slumber Against China Hiding Agenda | Voicetv Nigeria (23 April 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Pay Back Time For Chines In Africa, As Africans Discovers China Recolonization Strategies (29 April 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

All week, the online news outlet, Voice TV Nigeria, has been lamenting the lack of unity and leadership among African countries, while complaining that the Chinese want to build an empire in Africa.

This stance reflects a conspiracy theory I mentioned in my previous post, namely, that the coronavirus was a bioweapon manufactured by Chinese scientists to depopulate Africa (see below). The hypothetical aim of the Chinese, having spent the last decade building African infrastructure with the blessings of the UN, was a take over the continent and to turn it into China 2.0. Supposedly, the nCov experiment blew up in the faces of Chinese scientists and was accidentally released by them out of the Wuhan biolab. Alternatively, it was intentionally released by non-CCP Chinese or non-Chinese intelligence agents, and the Wuhan biolab was framed. The latter actors were supposedly placed in Wuhan at the World Military Games, 18-27 October 2019. If there is any credibility to these deep dark rumours, then the non-Chinese intentional release of the virus in Wuhan was retribution for, and prevention of, Chinese plans in Africa.

Click to enlarge. Image Source: 4chan (21 April 2020) via KiwiFarms.

The Final Solution

Bill Gates: Global Innovation Is The Key To Achieving A Return To Normal (24 April 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Bill Gates had an interview with Stephen Colbert on 24 August 2020, in which he stated that his vaccine was "the final solution." Colbert suggested that maybe they shouldn't use that term. Gates cackled, "Good point." The already-riled Internet, whose anons and trolls despise Gates, erupted in rage and began producing hundreds of videos on Gates's past, his motivations, his family, his real intentions. Colbert also stated: "If you don't save our lives, you can't control our brains."

MUST SEE - OUTRAGEOUS! "If you Don't Save Our Lives You Can't CONTROL Our Brains" Colbert to Gates! (26 April 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Gates also stated that we are only now dealing with Pandemic One. Pandemic Two, when it arrives, will be likely a bioterrorist attack. This will be followed, presumably, by Gates's 'final solution.' Gates aroused more criticism because he just bought a new house (USD $43 million), but not a new yacht, despite rumours.

The blue-pilled public believes that anons dislike Gates because the latter are God-fearing, superstitious, anti-science morons. The discussion is rather more complicated than that, since anons fear that nanotech dust will be placed inside vaccines.

Leaked Pentagon Video Shows Vaccine Designed to ~ Modify Behavior ~ (20 September 2011). Video Source: Personal Growth Courses / Youtube.

Another video feeding this paranoia and currently making the rounds (above), supposedly dates from 13 April 2005 and shows a secret Pentagon presentation. Snopes confirmed this video as false, here, and indicated that this fake film was actually from 2011 and was crowdfunded:
"right around the time FunVax conspiracy theories began to circulate, an active Kickstarter campaign titled FunVax — A Film About the Conspiracy was launched by an individual named Ryan Harper. (The campaign ultimately failed to achieve its funding goal.) Harper is also the registrant for the domain FunVax.com, a site ostensibly created to promote the film."
related document from 2007 prompted more debate on whether the FunVax footage was real or not. More debunking is here and here.

Is FunVax Possible? Dean Hamer and FunVax Scientist Discuss (13 December 2012). Video Source: Youtube.

FunVax Documentary Kickstarter Video (27 November 2012). Video Source: Youtube.

This incredibly weird disinformation apparently comes from a film-maker, Ryan Harper, who may or may not have a background in molecular biology. His Kickstarter campaign is here. He did not get the funding (Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform), but evidently, the film still got made. Is this a form of insider satire? Is it a real leak, masquerading as a fake leak? Is it predictive programming, created and planted by American intelligence? Most disturbingly, it looks like an intelligence experiment to test the social media traction and virality of an easily discredited piece of medical disinformation film footage, supported by so-called experts and fake research. The willingness of the public to 'believe it anyway' and share it, despite its obvious deception, may have been gauged and measured. About the creator, from Oakland, California, USA:
"Ryan Harper has a very unique background and one perfectly suited to a project like the FunVax documentary. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Molecular Biology. He worked in a lab at UCSF and then became the director of the Biotechnology program at Silicon Valley College. He has been making films since 2005 and currently is the Executive Director of Salty Dog Studios, which produces feature films, documentaries, TV commercials and corporate videos. If it wasn't for his experience in both science and filmmaking Ryan Harper would have never been able to make this film and the truth about FunVax could have stayed hidden forever.

Why Is This Film Important?

This film is about more than just a conspiracy. It explores the challenges of the modern world: a world divided between East and West, between Muslims and Christians. Just a couple of months ago, violent protests erupted in over 30 U.S. embassies around the world in reaction to an anti-Islamic film. Once again the world became acutely aware of the religious tension between Islam and Christianity. Mass involuntary inoculations to genetically alter a group's behavior is extremist in itself, but we are living in a world where this is scientifically possible, making this film and the discussions it presents all the more important. "
This seems to be very sophisticated disinformation and it has an intelligence flavour. Silicon Valley University - the institution cited in Harper's Kickstarter bio - closed in 2018 amid strange controversies over recruiting of international (Asian) students. The university was discredited as a 'visa mill' with millions of dollars in tuition that went missing, as revealed in an audit.

The video, which was released in September 2011, appears to disclose a plan from the early 2000s for a fundamentalist vaccine, or 'FunVax,' to infect Islamic fundamentalists in the Middle East with a respiratory virus, and a related vaccine, which would suppress religious fervour.

The man speaking in the video claims that a respiratory virus could be used to attack the 'God gene' (SLC18A2) via the Vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2) protein inside the gene. This attack would impair human conscience, psychic and mystic feelings, and spiritually-sensed morality. The theory of the God gene is derived from a 2004 book by American geneticist Dean Hamer. Hamer is also a film-maker and is known for biotechnology, genetics of sexual orientation, and HIV treatments.

This weird footage is now circulating among critics of Bill Gates and the COVID19 vaccine. As a result, Gates's detractors view his vaccine as nothing less than a jab that will remove the soul, which will make it easier for an infected or innoculated population to accept and absorb AI- and nano-tech-enabled transhumanism. People will - in this view - become cyborgs and seamlessly bind the human physiology with microscopic microchips. Human brains and emotions will be dulled, and people will no longer feel an aversion to merging with machines. Despite the dismissal of this inflammatory video as a hoax, it is true that viruses are used as vectors to transfer genetic material into human cells in order to treat diseases.

The anti-vaccine argument is not about God-versus-science. Harper's film experiment is still compelling because Gates's critics already think that mainstream reality is a fake display, propped up in front of a reality of black-budgeted deep state and intelligence projects. This disillusionment and cynicism were not eased this week when a mainstream news interviewee (Matthew Hollingworth, World Food Program, South Sudan Representative) clearly used the word, 'plandemic' (here) instead of 'pandemic' (hat tip: Dollar Vigilante). Hollingworth remarked that impending famines in East Africa, sparked by plagues of locusts, are not being prevented because of the plandemic.

UN predicts 265M people may be pushed to brink of starvation (22 April 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Treatment Controversies

Meanwhile, health care professionals are arguing about best COVID19 treatments on social media. Those advocating alternatives to sedation and ventilators are becoming Internet celebrities. A nurse practitioner claimed to be speaking for a nurse whistleblower in New York City, where the latter passed on her statement that the treatments (ventilators and sedation) used on COVID19 patients effectively constituted murder. The original Youtube video was taken down, but it survived in mirrored videos on Youtube, and the Daily Mail reported it in the UK. NYC ICU doctor Cameron Kyle-Sidell continued his social media claims against ventilator treatment.

Video Source: Daily Mail.

The Fake People Who Are Pretending to Save Us from the Other Fake People Who Are Trying to Kill Us

The medical narrative is entering strange territory. Dr. Rashid Buttar was censored on Youtube for his criticisms of Bill Gates; London Real snapped him up for a monster interview on 27 April 2020, here. I have considered (hereLondon Real to be fake alt media or controlled opposition. There is something dodgy about CEO Brian Rose's bombastic anti-censorship line, the dynamic merchandising, the punchy self-promotion, the anti-/pro-establishment cognitive dissonance.

Buttar stated in the London Real interview (at 6:20), THE CORONAVIRUS AGENDA - WHAT THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW, that he had received private tip-offs in 2016, 2019, and 2020  that an unnamed catastrophe was coming to the United States. In the most recent warning, this "major event" was "supposed to happen last Sunday," the 19th of April 2020. Buttar claimed that this was why he originally emigrated with his family to New Zealand in 2016:
"It was going to be a major event. I'm not going to bother talking about what it was. ... This was the reason I left the United States in 2016. The reason I did this [move] was I was basically told something was going to happen in 2019. It didn't happen."
Buttar is now with his family in the United States, although as of 2016, he is a resident of New Zealand. For years, the Kiwi alt media have been investigating billionaires' bunkers which have been built in New Zealand. You can see my related post, here.

Could Buttar be speaking of Gates's Pandemic Two, a bioterrorist attack, whether faked or real? Buttar made it sound as though this event would be a real, deadly event, albeit an orchestrated one. These are not the actions of an embattled outsider. They also indicate that there are layers of insider knowledge, and we in the public receive scraps of this knowledge in obscure ways, often in misleading or confusing forms.

Buttar claimed that he received a warning call from a contact on 14 April 2020:
"And I got a call a week before, five days before ... [19 April 2020] telling me, 'This is the time, it's going to happen. You need to get the hell out of the ... [USA]. It's going to be too late,' blah, blah, blah. The person ... my source of information, doesn't believe in God, is an agnostic, has never prayed, and he told me, 'The only thing that's left now is prayer.' And he said, 'I've been praying.' He felt like he was a coward, because he'd left [the US], and he said, 'I just want to get you out.'
And I realized, within another 36 hours, with my kids ... it wasn't going to happen[, I wasn't able to leave the US and return to New Zealand.] So I contacted Bruce [Lipton] and we sent out a message. And the message was to hold love, gratitude, and compassion in our hearts, and to ask the Source Energy, what I call the Creator, to ask the Creator to support us in this evolutionary time. That was all our message was. It was a message of hope and of love.
And intentionally, we even were joking in the beginning and were joking at the end, and so we kept that in so that people would feel - I didn't want people to know what it was and they don't know what it was - I wanted them to have the positive feeling, and because it resonates at a certain frequency. And do you know that that message got censored? Youtube didn't censor it, and Facebook didn't censor it, to their credit, but e-mails ... [were censored]."
So let me get this straight. Buttar claims that he was tipped off that a horrific event was coming and he wanted people to go into this horrific event with a positive feeling. Buttar's response to the event was a 18 April 2020 video with Nia Peeples and Dr. Bruce Lipton (here).

Now, was this positive feeling intended to protect the public against said event, or to usher it in emotionally with open arms?

Buttar instructed Youtube followers to meditate with positive feelings on his envisioned future, precisely at 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. He referred to intention, emotion and visualization, connected to time and numerology. These are all hallmarks of occult behaviour. He stated that two people meditating did not make up '2' people, but rather 1+1= 11, a well-known occult number which represents sin, moving outside the law. The 'eleventh hour' is that slice in time when anything can happen because we have gone off the map. 11 also represents a lifting of the veil, when we can peek into infinity and are privy to divine information. Of course, the two meanings are connected, with sin married to the exploration of knowledge.

2020 reduces in this formula to 11:11, which also has occult meaning, or alternatively to 4. Buttar insisted that these 11 o'clock morning and evening practices had to be undertaken on 18-4-2020 and 19-4-2020. His 18 April 2020 video with Lipton and Peeples was a spiritual counter-effort against the deadly 19 April 2020 event, which didn't happen.

Those two days this month, one week after Easter, implied a turning point of ending and beginning. In numerology, 18 reduces to 9, which signifies endings, death, and the Crucifixion of Christ, i.e. killing by sacrifice in the ninth hour of the day. 19 reduces to 1, which signifies beginnings and rebirth into new realities. Are Buttar's viewers certain that they want to lend their support to his efforts? He stated that he is not willing to describe the event which was his prime motivator. Thus, he is asking people to pray for a cause which is a cloaked intention.

This unknown, disastrous, planned event therefore appears to have a spiritual component. That means that this apparent leak, released to us as a boon from Buttar and Brian Rose at London Real, may not be a counter-establishment leak. Given the role that London Real is playing in gathering Internet critics to huddle around its skirts, this could be a way of psychologically splitting the Internet opposition. The gullible anti-establishment critics will be preserved by London Real as an illusory counter-culture, while more authentic voices will be censored and obliterated.

Who can say? The current media environment is like a three ring circus, staged inside an even bigger Hall of Mirrors. Lipton rambled on about how we now have the technology necessary to harness the human body's and brain's electromagnetic energies and apply them to intended consequences in the world.

Lipton runs Mountain of Love Productions Inc., and presides over woo books and classes which merge genetics and higher consciousness. That is curious because Mountain of Love Productions is based in Santa Cruz, California. Pop culture enthusiasts will know that Santa Cruz was the model for the fictitious city of Santa Carla. In the famous 1987 film, The Lost Boys, Santa Carla was the 'murder capital of the world,' home of a fictional coven of vampires who were responsible for hundreds of missing children. I'm not saying that that was an accurate portrayal of Santa Cruz. It is an interesting background reference, though, because it adds a subterranean, negative cultural flavour to this information.

I had to search the back of my mind to remember who Peeples is. Oh yeah. She's from the early 1980s' Flashdance love theme era. Oprah Winfrey's camera team interviewed her in her trailer on a Malibu beach five years ago. So what was she doing being profiled in Buttar's and Lipton's message of spiritual positivity and love to the COVID19-world-on-the-verge-of-unknown-apocalypse? Peeples's main contribution to the chat was her reference to a decorative mosquito net hanging over her bed. When I saw that, I wondered in a paranoid moment whether we are going to get some nCov surprises in the upcoming mosquito season in the northern hemisphere.

At any rate, Buttar's narrative veered away from sound medical discussions into spiritual and occult matters. I am not necesarily prejudiced against either, but you need a lot of knowledge and direct personal experience in both cases to be able to understand the nature of information presented. Both areas of activity - medical and spiritual - present themselves as overtly virtuous and beneficial to human health. Both areas can conceal malevolent intentions and outcomes behind positive rhetoric and semiotics. You can't go into either environment blindly trusting self-proclaimed authorities. You can't be willfully ignorant. You can't even let virtue, innocence, or cynicism be your guides. You have to be able to tell the difference between truth and lies. You have to be able to recognize when people, who believe they are helping you, are actually deluded. The adoring new fans of London Real, who think Brian Rose has donned his superhero cape to protect their freedom of speech, plainly do not know this.

The Beginning and The End

Readers should be aware that Buttar's reference to the 'beginning and the end' refers to the symbol of the Alpha and the Omega, the serpent eating its own tail, or the Worm Ouroboros, about which I have blogged here. Remember that the mass media have strong occult connotations as an electronic high church, with spiritual messages often embedded in news reports and political and informational videos. The Alpha and Omega, or the worm, dragon, or snake (Satan) eating its tail, is a code for a transition point or watershed moment. It is strongly tied to the Book of Revelation, millenarianism, apocalypse, spiritual awakening, the collaspe of an old order and the birth of a new one. It is the moment of being cast out, falling, and rising up from the ashes again in a new, Luciferian, reforged reality. Since Buttar has chosen to use this language, and is clearly an insider, and is being promoted on London Real, we have to treat the messages he is presenting with great caution and skepticism, while asking what mysterious event is planned, if any.

A reference to 'the beginning and the end' is also connected to another coded motto, 'order out of chaos,' symbolized in Masonic circles by the number 33, which I have discussed in relation to the COVID19 pandemic, here. Masonic and Illuminati cults believe that chaos must be incited so that they may impose order. This is a false dichotomy, which I have no doubt they actually believe. If we are to go by the use of the motto in family coats of arms, this formula has been used for centuries to create and enforce false matrices of power.

I have explained, here, that the real opposing force against order is not chaos, but unconditional love.

'Order out of chaos' is a disgusting, self-deceptive excuse to destroy society on artificial grounds and to rebuild by entrenching control, and to justify and explain away guilt for demeaning, exploiting, and hurting innocent people under the banner of aiding and protecting them.

To observe all this, one would think we live in a global system with deranged authoritarians at the wheel, who keep trying to drive us off cliffs to justify their own lunacy, while they blame us for every avoidable accident and intentional conflagration. How can we wrest the steering wheel from them? They are so crazy, masters at gaslighting the public with reflections of their own genocidal madness. Self-proclaimed enlightened rational atheists, they are in fact western mystics who worship the physical matter of the human body. Self-enthralled environmentalists, they cling insanely to power derived from the mastery of nature. They can't be convinced to stop being homicidal hypocrites, to let go, to retire gracefully. Please, please, please go away, we might plead with them. Shuffle off to your bunkers in New Zealand, where you can drink bubbly water, dream your Wicker Man environmental dreams, and worship bumblebees in peace. That is not going to happen, because these cultists think they know what's best for us and for the planet. Beg them to stop, and they redouble their efforts in bombarding us with bad information, bad food, bad chemicals, bad drugs, and their own very, very, very bad ideas. And the idea they have in mind now is the worst idea of all: the final solution.

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