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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Coronavirus Fragments 12: No Fate But What We Make

Anti-COVID19 measures in Pakistan. Video Source: 4chan.

If you look at anything this week, please see this summary of medical research articles on nCov. At a glance, it gives you a broad understanding of the symptoms and complications of COVID19:

Image Source: NYT via 4chan.

There is a good piece at the NYT about the virus's genome, here, which points out that the end of the RNA strand concludes with a long string of a's.


The complications of COVID19 are horrifying. The latest medical article which stands out in that regard was published on 31 March 2020 in Radiology: COVID-19–associated Acute Hemorrhagic Necrotizing Encephalopathy: CT and MRI Features (https://doi.org/10.1148/radiol.2020201187). This might explain why people who are functioning normally drop in their tracks, as in the account from the US and Ireland, below.

Click to enlarge. Image Source: 4chan.

The earliest mention of coronavirus in Hubei province appears now to be 18 September 2019 (see image below). Chatter from China is turning hostile, as from one anon on 31 March 2020:
"The arrogance displayed by the Western powers is beyond disgraceful and only shows the real condition of the Western nations blindly adhering to the nonsensical leftist notions of human rights without sufficiently accentuating human sacrifice and the necessity to collectivize so as to truly arrive at the societal prosperity. The West is perpetually immersed in the miasma of hedonistic stupor and instead of trying to lift its own populations from the mire of degeneracy and senseless consumerism, the Western administrations eagerly encourage rampant consumerism with a view to perpetuating their own tenuous rule. The fact that people of the West find the conduct of the Chinese administration problematic is most ironic given Western democracies' absolute lack of regard for their own native populations whose real condition is concealed under a flimsy guise of human rights and consumerist rights. The West is going to get what they're asking for, way sooner than they expect. All people responsible for contemptible acts of brazen imperialism against People's Republic of China shall soon face harsh, but just consequences."

Click to enlarge. Image Source: 4chan.

There are deniers on the Internet who are saying that the virus is a hoax or a mild flu, an excuse to implement police states. I don't doubt the totalitarian bent of a budding global technocracy. Still, people have trouble understanding the seriousness of the virus. This was made worse by the fact that that authorities and the MSM initially played down the dangers of COVID19.

Stay home cuz this is reality. (1 April 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

In the video above, a Brooklyn man witnessed bodies being removed from Brooklyn Hospital at 10:40 a.m. on Sunday, 29 March 2020. This was not news on the Internet or television from far away. For this man, Brooklyn, New York is the bottom line. It is real reality, and in that real reality, there are clearly so many people dying from COVID19 that the hospital's morgue is overflowing. On 31 March 2020, a tent was erected over the entrance to the hospital's freezer truck, to conceal hospital staff as they drop off bodies.




Not only is the pandemic real, but it is highlighting and testing weaknesses and blind spots in our societies. The insensitivity shown by some toward the elderly is terrible. My heart goes out to every person who is alone in a nursing home as this disease ravages these institutions, especially if these older people are cut off from their friends and families. Older people are devalued because of their limited productive capacity in a broken system. Those who use that metric to decide who will live and die exhibit the bankrupt mindset of a bankrupt economy.

Pivot away from the Macro, toward the Micro

That bankrupt economy will likely collapse. The time frame for the pandemic is likely two years, followed by an economic depression, social transformation, and possible wars. Life is not likely to return to 'normal' as we knew it for another decade.

We need to recover lost skills, lost techniques in food cultivation, preparation and storage. We need to rebuild lost industrial capabilities. And we need to stop expecting our governments to do everything for us and the mainstream media to spoonfeed us pablum information. Individuals have to evolve, as do their governments.

Blaming our leaders is a coping mechanism, and provides a false illusion of control which in fact weakens us. With our eyes always fixed in fear on top-down political action and abstraction, we become weak and susceptible to totalitarianism. Stop blaming the evil fascist President Trump, or the cabal, or the Deep State. Focus on the microcosm. Work online to develop and strengthen community-level networks and initiatives in the virtual space. Reach out by telephone to ensure that seniors, impoverished and isolated people in your community are supported and protected.

No Fate But What We Make

Due to larger - as yet uncertain - possibilities, the micro-oriented focus is even more important at one's own level as an individual. Deal with any serious personal blocks and problems now.

It may be helpful to look back on the film, Terminator 2 (1991), which depicted how one character evolved to survive in an emerging disaster. At the time, this film caused a sensation among female audiences because it depicted the lead actress, Linda Hamilton, in unbelievably good physical condition.

The Terminator (1984) - Sarah Connor introduction - First Scenes (9 November 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

This was quite different from the way Hamilton portrayed her character, Sarah Conner, in the first Terminator movie (1984). Sarah Conner was initially a waitress, a very average, frightened girl. In this fiction, the character had to become a hardened, wily warrior. She had to develop a set of attributes which turned the frightened girl into the mother of the human resistance against artificial intelligence.

Terminator 2 Sarah Connor's Escape (1991). Video Source: Youtube.

How Linda Hamilton became Terminator 2's resilient warrior Sarah Connor - TERMINATOR 2: 3D (13 August 2018). Video Source: Youtube.

Linda Hamilton's 'Terminator' Trainer Reveals How He Got The 63-Year-Old Into Sarah Connor Shape (1 November 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

This was one of the first mass culture films which showed a woman engaging successfully in physical combat. Hamilton's physical health became associated with feminine empowerment. The diet and workout she followed became legendary (see it here) and, at the age of 63, Hamilton revisited the regimen for the film Terminator: Dark Fate (2019).

Remove the robots from this sci-fi tale, and the true story describes human adaptability when the world transforms beyond recognition. The Terminator films showed that control in uncontrolled circumstances begins with the self. No fate but what we make.

Sarah Conner's grave plaque in Terminator 3Image Source.

In the nCov quarantines, alcohol and other drug consumption is way up. For two weeks, my personal feed in Youtube has been filled with dumb-n-simple recipe videos on how to make cupcakes, cookies, fudge, squares, cakes, pudding, and candy. I never search for these recipes, nor usually, food preparation videos in general. I am also getting video suggestions for heavy comfort foods, potatoes or hamburgers stuffed with cheese and bacon, deep fried garlic bread, and similar oddities. These suggestions are not based on my personal Youtube preferences or search history. This is insidious on the part of Youtube and its parent, Google. Note that increased Body Mass Index (BMI) decreases your chance of survival if you develop COVID19. The lowest BMI correlates with mildest presentations of COVID19. Put down the coping substances: alcohol, drugs, junk food, and sugar.

Stop smoking: Woman in ICU warns of Covid-19 dangers: 'Don't take any chances' (20 March 2020). Video Source: Youtube. This patient, Tara Jane Langston, was featured in the UK press as having recovered.

It is imperative to shore up personal physical and mental health now and to begin to adapt to changing circumstances. I have seen a lot of online complaints that gyms have closed due to the nCov lockdowns. There are free videos on Youtube which offer tutorials on yoga, meditation, physical exercise and martial arts within your home. In 1960, the Royal Canadian Air Force devised two famous programs to achieve optimal physical health for men and women:


News of the Weird and Fateful

There is no shortage of weird and fateful astronomical information at hand, with talk of comet ATLAS C2019 Y4 now headed toward Earth (real time tracker is here); the comet will soon be visible with the naked eye. Commenters notice that the name of the comet (C19) mirrors that of the disease (C19). Comets have long been symbolically taken in human cultures as harbingers of doom; they are associated with the deaths of kings. The whole atmosphere of C19 Y4 Atlas - that is, the size of its burning fireball around a rocky core - is half the size of the sun and five times the size of Jupiter; this has led some people to imagine that the comet is not really a hyperbolic comet, rather it is the sun's secret twin, a binary star. Despite its enormous size and the fact that it is heading (in space terms) straight for us, it was only discovered on 28 December 2019, although more digging finds that it last flew by earth around 4000 BCE, when it was witnessed by farmers in Ancient Egypt and Neolithic Irish tribes. Its orbit around the sun takes some 5,000 to 6,000 years. Now visible as a bright green star in the Big Dipper, C19 will be visible in the late April northern sky in the constellation of Camelopardalis (next to the easy-to-find W constellation of Cassiopeia); it will then move through other nearby constellations of Perseus and Taurus. It comes closest to Earth at 10:00 UTC on 23 May 2020, but will be easy to see at night, particularly in rural locations, by the third week of April. If rolling blackouts 'just happen' to coincide with this closest approach, my inner conspiracy theorist will take notice.

Also approaching Earth: asteroid 2020 FK3 (3 April 2020); asteroid 1998 OR2 (29 April 2020; also here); asteroid 2018 VP1 (2 November 2020). Asteroid 2020 BX12 skimmed past us on 3 February 2020. There are two meteor showers on the calendar: the Lyrids (third week April) and the eta Aquariids (first week May).

Very early in the morning on 28 March 2020, a huge blast along Akure-Owo Road near the airport of Akure, Nigeria was initially reported as a meteorite striking Earth, and later denied by authorities. The rumour coincided with a giant explosion and crater, although no apparent meteorite, and a NASA report of an approaching asteroid:
"The asteroid named 2012 XA133 was set to pass Earth on Thursday March 26th [March 27th in Nigeria] at a speed of 53,000 mph. However, with a note of confirmation, NASA said the Earth would not be affected."

28 March 2020: "The crater left by the strange blast in Akure believed to be a meteorite." Image Source: PM News Nigeria.

For New Agers who believe in the power of collective intention, there is a worldwide meditation tonight to protect us against the virus (22:45 New York (Eastern) time, 4 April 2020; find your local time here). The time corresponds to an astrological conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto. Astronomers (here) confirm that this is the first of three such meet-ups in the terrestrial sky of these two planets during 2020.

You can see (here) hundreds of astrology videos about Jupiter conjunct Pluto, a startling aspect that has not occurred for centuries. This aspect supposedly symbolizes a turning point when Pluto (the Underworld) will destroy established systems and Jupiter's (expansion and growth) phoenix will rise from the ashes. New Agers believe that this is a spiritual crossroads, where things could go either way, good or bad; and thus, collective positive intentions can change our fate.

Astrologer Tania Gabrielle states that we are dealing with dark actions and death in shrouded or hidden environments (labs, espionage, cover-ups, hospitals) (- thanks to C.). And further:
"Life, as we have known it, has ended. The reset button is ... in play. These times are unprecedented. ... We are leaving an age [of victimization with an] ... undeniable sense of top-down leadership ... [and moving] into an age of ... exploration and freedom. ... We are forced to make changes which we otherwise would not make. ... Our whole future is in a germinating stage right now. ... There is no rule book. ... Create plans from a fresh, new perspective."
Gabrielle claims further that the past is being purged, and we are being forced into a hermit-like quarantine and time of reflection, but the 'Force is with us.' Like Luke Skywalker, it's up to us to train and pick up the lightsaber. Other astrologers tell us that this is a time to do our push-ups and eat our vegetables, while moving through shock and entering into a new reality.

Image Source: Spirit Science.

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