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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Pandemic Pivot Point

Excerpt from article cited in this post. Image Source: 4chan.

For today, here is a selection of recent videos. The perception of the nCov virus shows how hard it is for us to see reality beyond ourselves. There are two camps, whose interpretation of the pandemic depends on their pre-existing opinions. I haven't yet seen the people becoming red-pilled due to the virus, although it may be happening. Some say:
  • Virus is serious, obey the rules, wait for vaccine, increasingly accepting authoritarianism
  • Virus is not serious or not real, governments are imposing technocratic totalitarianism, New World Order incoming
To an extent, I agree with both views. I think the virus is serious and that technocratic totalitarianism, a great depression, and World War 3 are real possibilities.

NEW RESEARCH: Coronavirus Has A Second Route For Attack! (13 April 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

The Internet is discussing an article from Cellular and Molecular Immunology, published on 7 April 2020, SARS-CoV-2 infects T lymphocytes through its spike protein-mediated membrane fusion (https://doi.org/10.1038/s41423-020-0424-9). It concludes that the nCov coronavirus infects T cells. These cells are vital to the body's immune response system because they can kill virus-infected cells.

The Coronavirus Papers unlocked: 5,352 scientific articles covering the coronavirus - fully searchable and free. from r/DataHoarder

Because of these and other studies, I do not agree with conspiracists that the virus is a psyop and a non-threat. The published research literature indicates that Wuhan's biolab was a hot spot for gain-of-function research in relation to bat viruses. There are, according to George Webb's research, eleven different bioweaponized strains of this virus (!), which were commissioned by several funding bodies. From PLOS Pathogens (30 November 2017; https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.ppat.1006698):
"Funding: This work was jointly funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (81290341, 31621061) to ZLS, China Mega-Project for Infectious Disease (2014ZX10004001-003) to ZLS, Scientific and technological basis special project (2013FY113500) to YZZ and ZLS from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (XDPB0301) to ZLS, the National Institutes of Health (NIAID R01AI110964), the USAID Emerging Pandemic Threats (EPT) PREDICT program to PD and ZLS, CAS Pioneer Hundred Talents Program to JC, NRF-CRP grant (NRF-CRP10-2012-05) to LFW and WIV 'One-Three-Five' Strategic Program (WIV-135-TP1) to JC and ZLS."

The first documentary movie on CCP virus, Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus (7 April 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Bioweapons research is a strategic reality that is not openly acknowledged by Great Power governments. Again, I post a recent documentary investigation into these projects (above), which are conducted under publicly legitimate auspices like vaccine research, but are cause for serious concern.

China Comes Clean, Discloses USAID PREDICT Bioweapons Contract (13 April 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

On a personal note, I was very ill with a strange flu from late January to late February, which prompted me to follow events in China closely. I know a number of people who were also ill with strange symptoms in the same time period. As I stated in an addendum to a previous post, on 20 March 2020, I saw a man who had collapsed, face down, in a nearby grocery story parking lot. There was something eerie about the way his body had fallen and I believe it was COVID19. Of course, he could have suffered from something else. The case was not reported in the local newspapers, although I called one of them. These events made me take the nCov warnings seriously.

However, it is equally difficult to ignore citizen journalists' reports from hospitals around North America that emergency rooms are empty. These accounts from citizens go on and on and on, enough that the CBC had to publish an article explaining the anomaly away on 26 March 2020.

This fact has led to a pushback from citizens against public health pronouncements, starting with humorous pokes at government officials, followed by public protests against lockdowns. In the case below, a Canadian comedian made fun of Health Minister Patty Hajdu. Following that, there were Canadian protests against lockdowns in Vancouver, marshalled by vlogger Dan Dicks.

COVID-19 Fail: Health Minister Said Risk to Canadians 'Extremely Low', Encouraged Group Gatherings (14 April 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

I Got #endthelockdown Trending On Twitter And Now The Twitterverse Wants Me DEAD!!! (13 April 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Medicine, The New Paradigm for a Corrupt Economy?

'The CDC is actually a vaccine company' – Robert F. Kennedy Jr (31 January 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

The next video is an interview with anti-vaccine advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in which he reveals how health care controls are completely corrupted when it comes to vaccine development. He is not anti-vaccine, per se, but he opposes the corruption of the industry, which cannot be held to account under the law in the United States or elsewhere. His remarks place the pandemic in a larger landscape. Misapplied principles of medicine - implemented through nanotechnology, blockchains, and vaccines - could become the new paradigm for an autocratic power structure and dictatorial economy, managed by corrupt bureaucrats.

The problem is not that medicine in itself is a corrupt field, but some fields of scientific research are, and medicine is an associated area of practical implementation. Medicine's humanitarian higher purpose is a honeypot for corrupt actors. Health care provides a benevolent framework which the public readily trusts and accepts. Behind that positive reputation, a great deal of mischief and graft can be perpetrated - as can anti-humane experiments in population control.

There are two initial signs of this possibility. First, while the origins and seriousness of COVID19 are under question, governments around the world have used the pandemic to roll out police and military controls. Under cover of the pandemic, the police are overstepping their bounds in terms of how they curtail citizens' movements and activities. In the UK, these actions are particularly worrisome, where we see police limiting people's access to their own back yards (gardens) as well as parklands. Worse, police are beginning to forcibly invade people's homes. This, of course, was done in Wuhan as well, at about the same stage in the pandemic.

W.H.O. Official: "May have to enter homes and remove family members" (7 April 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Another concern is the WHO's recent statements that the police should have the right to enter people's homes and remove family members who are suspected of being infected. Considering the WHO's track record during this pandemic, they have no authority at all to make any such pronouncement, be it legal, institutional, or moral.

A corollary to this is seen in subtle changes to laws and regulations, such that children can be separated from their parents and placed in foster care in cases of possible familial infection. See New Jersey's 9 April 2020 COVID19 Power of Attorney dictate, here. Courts are closed, restricting public and media oversight, but they are still conducting emergency child care and custody hearings. Law firms are posting advisories on their blogs, instructing parents that they will still have the right to see their children. Most of these instructions relate to pre-existing custody arrangements between divorced parents, but there is a bleedover into the area of married parents who become infected with COVID19.

In other words, within weeks, authorities have progressed from attacking freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of association, and freedom of movement, to infringing upon habeas corpus, parental rights, and property rights. None of this is warranted under the current circumstances and constitutes absolutely unacceptable breaches of civil and constitutional rights. It shows the hand of a totalitarian action plan.

Second, we see Bill Gates coming forward to implement mass vaccination and digital ID plans. On Good Friday, Microsoft released a creepy video featuring Marina Abramović, in which the celebrated artist spoke of Microsoft's virtual reality technology which could capture and entrap souls forever. The public blowback against this advertisement was so enormous that Microsoft took down the video. On Bill Gates's Instagram, thousands upon thousands of people hounded the mogul for his vaccine plans and his 'crimes against humanity.' Microsoft's addition of Abramović to the picture around Gates's proposed vaccine solutions added an arcane spiritual element to the pandemic discussion.

Satanic Microsoft ad with Marina Abramovič removed from Youtube (13 April 2020). Video Source: LiveLeak.

Because of Microsoft's choice at this point, the entire 'spirit cooking' narrative from the US 2016 election was reawakened, full force. This brought everyone and their dog out of the woodwork, particularly New Age spiritualists, some of whom may be sketchy and compromised in their own right. They are united, nonetheless, in their dislike of Bill Gates. They consider the nCov virus to be a monstrous entity in the astral realm, a factor in a great battle between good and evil. Even US President Dwight D. Eisenhower's great-granddaughter stepped onto this stage with a video, Message to the Dark Controllers, in which she decried in dramatic occult terms the cabal's nCov pandemic as a massive karmic infringement on human souls and human free will.

Message to the Dark Controllers (10 April 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

In esoteric philosophies, free will is considered a divine right under natural law. The idea is that human beings must obey physical laws which govern their bodies. But each person has a soul which has free will and the ability to choose between right and wrong; this is the sign of an active moral conscience, derived from God. Those who exploit, dominate, or violate the free will of others because they consider their own free will to be paramount, and do so for personal control or material gain in the world, are considered to be dark occultists.

This is the reason Eisenhower states, "We do not consent." Any concept of 'informed consent,' a common, post-World-War-II legal precept in bioethics, involves - according to western occultists - a soul contract because it relates to free will. This esoteric issue is also present in news, politics, marketing, tech consent forms, cinema, music, other forms of entertainment, art, policing, education, and so on.

If you think this is ridiculous, consider that Esquire magazine, right before the 2016 US election, published a guide for readers on how to utter sentences which were in fact magic spells to get Hillary Clinton elected: Five Magic Spells to Swing the Election, Because You Never Know. Do you want to be responsible for a Trump victory because you were too smug to try magic?

If a person is exposed to information and they actively, passively, ironically, subconsciously, or unconsciously accept it, they are then considered by the initiators of the information to have agreed to that information on a soul level and they will now be bound by its stipulations and connotations. In these circles, even simple words, numbers, symbols, and sentences can constitute magic spells, which can bind a person to certain conditions.

According to (apparently light) acolytes like Eisenhower, it would be necessary to consciously say something like: I do not consent to being bound by the information as presented to me by anyone or anything about all versions of the new coronavirus. I am free, clear, and protected, in all times, dimensions, and places, from any obligations or harm that that information or virus(es) may impose upon me and my soul, so help me God, etc., etc. Here is a typical example of online occult statements currently circulating to oppose the nCov virus and associated agendas.

This type of discussion about the coronavirus reflects a uniquely western problem. It refers to the little-known conditions of western mysticism, which covertly inform many aspects of overtly rationalized western law, secular authority, and action in the material world.

You can also see a curious revelation from an astrologer in a video below, Rising Light: Clearing, Cleansing, and Revitalizing Humanity's Energy Field ~ Podcast, about an unnamned CEO; start at 21:11 (Hat tip: Olivia Wingsgirl). It all built up to an Easter weekend crescendo on social media, akin to Gandalf bellowing at the Balrog, "You shall not pass!"

Jump to 21:11 for revelation about an unnamed CEO. Rising Light: Clearing, Cleansing, and Revitalizing Humanity's Energy Field ~ Podcast (6 April 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

The Virus Strikes Back: Bill Gates, Marina Abramovic and Virtual Reality (12 April 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Civil and Constitutional Rights and Freedoms

Dark Journalist X-85: Constitutional Crisis COG Deep State COVID Coup Takeover! (10 April 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

The next video comes from the Dark Journalist, on the American constitutional and legal implications of the lockdowns and mass vaccinations proposed by Bill Gates. As far as the people who run the Dark Journalist channel are concerned, America remains a bastion of freedom, and if the Americans accept authoritarianism, then it sends a terrible message to the rest of the world. Again, the tone became recalcitrant and angry: this shall not pass.

Natural Laws and Freedoms

For a more intense version of this line of thought, see the Dollar Vigilante's videos, here and here and below, produced by expat Canadian, Jeff Berwick. Anarchists insist that humans have rights based on natural law, which is supra-political, an order above and beyond rights and freedoms prescribed by any government. Unfortunately, there are overlaps between Luciferian cultism and anarchistic politics. Berwick has previously quoted Mark Passio, a forceful and compelling speaker on natural law, who is also a self-proclaimed ex-Satanist and current Luciferian. Yet even Luciferian anarchists are arrayed, to a degree, against what they consider to be a Satanic establishment.


These are strange and overlapping visions of the nCov virus, from the mainstream medical field to the most arcane corners of the Internet. The dominoes have started to fall in all quarters, and no one knows where or how this will end. Even for clinicians who are dealing with COVID19 directly, it is impossible to confirm exactly what is happening or will happen. Even for politicians who claim to know "where it came from," the same is true. Even if you are Bill Gates, with your vaccines (nearly) ready, you should prepare for surprises.

What to Do: The Pandemic Pivot Point

No matter what you believe about the pandemic, a good response is to take the virus seriously, while adapting around pandemic conditions. For some people, that means dropping everything and moving to another country. For others, it means planting a vegetable garden. For others, it means doing sit-ups.

Top-down power is growing. There is an unhealthy addiction to top-down abstraction and leadership, which defines worldviews. It is as if the election of one man in any given country defines our whole reality, which is untrue. Because of this popular fixation on leaders and politicians, at the micro level, where real life occurs, communities and families are fragmenting, isolated, and atomized.

We must shore up economic and private relations at the micro level, which are currently being eroded and damaged. We can use existing technology to create new local networks, groups, and projects. We can pivot into new economic activities, even while in isolation. Begin taking action with yourself, in your home, and at the local level. I have begun to do this with others, so that my community remains resilient, whatever the authorities do.

Simply going back to work will not solve the problems which existed before the pandemic and are now much worse. A quick search reveals that there are protests everywhere over the dangers of going back to work - and of not going back to work. No matter how you look at it, and even if there had been no pandemic, the system was corrupted and broken. We would have had to evolve anyway. It is easier to accept the circumstances if we know that this bottleneck crisis was inevitable.

There is a demand now to adjust one's views and to live differently. The critics say the lockdowns are the calling card of totalitarians who want to turn us into slaves. This may be true, but these authorities have inadvertently provided us all with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity now for self-reflection. And from true introspection, oppressors cannot prevail.

Note to readers: I also have another new post up at The Dragonfly for Easter Monday.

This series of posts expands on my theory that one way to prepare for the apocalypse is to say unsaid things which people should say or want to say, but never do.

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