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Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Birth of the Totalitarian Technocracy: Would You Like to Know More?

Still from Starship Troopers (1997) © Sony / Buena Vista. Reproduced non-commercially under Fair Use.

There are people on the Internet who are already building the anti-technocracy. Among these is a New Age, back-to-the-land commentator, Celeste Bishop Solum. I haven't investigated her background, but she is listed as having worked for decades for the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other US government agencies. She speaks with assurance and claims to be a whistleblower. Her profile statement is here. Her Website is here. I will address her New Age attitudes and anti-technocracy projects in a separate post.

Solum has summarized the birth of the totalitarian technocracy, in the form of an ever-changing, enormous plan for all sectors of the economy, society, politics, and all countries - by perusing the World Economic Forum's (WEF) Website.

COVID Action Platform; the blueprint of the New World Order explained (2 April 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Even if you doubt Solum's statements, opinions, and credibility, the WEF's statements are there for you to read for yourself, and you should read every last word on the WEF Website, if you want to know what is planned for you.

According to Solum, these pages explain how the technocracy will be birthed on the back of the pandemic and where all this is going. You have to create an account and sign in to see this information. Obviously, if you trust the authorities, you will not agree with Solum’s interpretation of WEF planning.

The planners' big picture for the pandemic:

Totalitarian Planning: Who is Who and Who Owns Whom

Get an LEI and Make it Work for You: An Introduction to the LEI and GLEIF from Global LEI FDN (GLEIF) on Vimeo.

The network which features Solum is called Lost Arts Radio. At one of their connected channels, aplanetruth 4u, the host has noticed that there are organizations which have tagged - or plan to tag - every registered individual on earth with a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) -  a related white paper is here. What is an LEI?
"The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a 20-character, alpha-numeric code based on the ISO 17442 standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It connects to key reference information that enables clear and unique identification of legal entities participating in financial transactions. Each LEI contains information about an entity’s ownership structure and thus answers the questions of 'who is who’ and ‘who owns whom’. Simply put, the publicly available LEI data pool can be regarded as a global directory, which greatly enhances transparency in the global marketplace.

GLEIF makes available the Global LEI Index; i.e. the only global online source that provides open, standardized and high quality legal entity reference data. By doing so, GLEIF enables people and businesses to make smarter, less costly and more reliable decisions about who to do business with. ...

Following the financial crisis, the goal of the drivers of the LEI initiative - the Group of 20, the Financial Stability Board and many regulators around the world – was to use the LEI to create transparency in the derivatives markets. As demonstrated with the current LEI population, these efforts have generated excellent results. To date, LEIs have been assigned to legal entities based primarily in the U.S. and Europe where regulations require the use of LEIs to uniquely identify counterparties to transactions in regulatory reporting. Public authorities in these jurisdictions rely on the LEI to evaluate risk, take corrective steps and, if required, minimize market abuse and improve the accuracy of financial data. "
GLEIF claims that only businesses are registered in this system as legal entities. But aplanetruth 4u argues that this classification system redefines each person as a type of property and legal entity, against whose life can be placed liens, investments, bets, and insurance policies. According to aplanetruth 4u's video (here), you can potentially find yourself on the Website of the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF):
"Established by the Financial Stability Board in June 2014, the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) is tasked to support the implementation and use of the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI). The foundation is backed and overseen by the LEI Regulatory Oversight Committee, representing public authorities from around the globe that have come together to jointly drive forward transparency within the global financial markets. GLEIF is a supra-national not-for-profit organization headquartered in Basel, Switzerland."
The video states that you can go on the GLEIF site, sign in with your email, and run a search using your Social Security Number or similar national identifier. The search will show you which individuals and organizations have bet on making money when you die.

A caveat: the GLEIF appears mainly to list registered corporations, rather than individual people. It also focuses on American and European legal entities. I tried the search (here) with my own, non-American national identification number. I could not find any granular detail on myself as depicted in the interview (here). It may be that only American citizens or certain nationalities are registered in this way at this time. The other GLEIF search box is a simple search box at the top right of the main page (here). Again, on entering my own national number, I came up with no results. Thus, I cannot confirm that individuals are registered as legal entities against which corporate liens are placed - at least through this system - as described in the aplanetruth 4u video.

Nevertheless, if the video is correct in its predictions, the implications for profit are obvious for a system which bets against individuals' lives in the time of a pandemic and growing uncertainty. It is also obvious that this is not a system which has the public's best interests at heart, no matter what benevolent rhetoric it uses.

Rhetoric, Propaganda, and the Violent Rise of Totalitarianism

Coronavirus Horse Race (17 April 2020). Video Source: Youtube. (Hat tip: Dollar Vigilante).

The pandemic is driven by highly-charged rhetoric, channeled through extreme, 24-7 propaganda. Contrary to the story of warzone pandemic hospitals, citizens have exposed several hospitals which are sitting empty at this time (see hashtag: #filmyourhospital). The protest below was presented as criticism of governmental deception on social media, although the mainstream media reported the exact opposite, that the protest involved strained health care resources due to the pandemic.

This happened to me two weeks ago, when I went to the local hospital for a minor issue; the building was completely vacant, except for one doctor staring at the wall and five or six nurses who were looking at their mobile phones or watching television. There is a lot of confusion about the empty hospital phenomenon and laid-off hospital workers in a time of pandemic. The irony is that coronavirus prep led in some ways to cuts and downsizing of public health care. This is how you undercut public well-being, in a system nominally dedicated to helping the public.


Several medical whistleblowers have come online to state that what they were told to expect of this pandemic is not what is unfolding. One of my friends has told me that his medical connections have stated the same in confidence. They are very concerned about the media deception regarding crises in hospitals; but they are "heavily muzzled." They cannot speak out or they will lose their jobs. Unfortunately, this is the deciding line between the rise and fall of a totalitarian system. Do you 'just follow orders' or do you act for yourself, even if it means losing your job?

If the hospitals are quiet now, they probably won't be for long. There appear to be different strains of the virus in different locations, some more virulent than others. We are being told that a second wave in the autumn will be far worse. This is probably because several strains were illicitly bioengineered for the purposes of war and social engineering.

If we are indeed facing the onset of a totalitarian technocracy, then the confusion over the virulence of the virus is intentional. In a totalitarian society, fear of potentials is more important than facts. But sometimes, the fear is justified. You never know whether you are on foot or on horseback, and things stay that way. In some places, the virus strains will be deadly and horrific; in others, they will be negligible. It is not one or the other, deadly or not, but the combination of both that creates in the human mind a central, unresolvable confusion.

That confusion softens the brain. The mind cannot bring things together into a comprehensible whole that makes sense. It becomes impossible to concentrate. It is exhausting to try to hold two contradictory realities in the mind. On the one hand, the mainstream media are presenting the deadly virus narrative. On the other hand, the alt media are striking back with what they see is the truth: empty hospitals and a deliberate destruction of the economy.

Yet other members of the alt media have probed the murky world of bioweapons in relation to the pandemic, which I will cover in a separate post. Based on what they have discovered, they are telling the truth, too. What do you do if everyone is telling the truth, in some ways, mixed with lies, opinion, and messy disinformation? What if you add to that the statements of different governmental and international agencies, as well as corporations, billionaires, and celebrities, all with their intelligence projects, black budgets, and political agendas at play?

The reason the coronavirus data are not working scientifically or medically is because this pandemic - and the ones which will follow - are not about science and medicine. They are about propaganda. Propaganda can use scientific and medical terms in ways which sound like they relate to research and public health care. But the rules are completely different.

The cognitive dissonance created in the public by a flood of information which diverges from evident reality works in favour of the totalitarian technocratic plan. Under those conditions, confused citizens, even the most highly trained and educated, become susceptible to suggestions, imposed through repeated symbols and messages.

In another Lost Arts Radio video below, anti-technocrat Patrick Wood explains how the technocracy behind the pandemic depends on sleight-of-hand rhetoric and the manipulative processes of propaganda.

The Technocracy Behind The Pandemic, With Guest Patrick Wood - Lost Arts Radio Live 5/2/20 (2 May 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

The Art of Discernment and Thinking through Chaos

The pandemic presents a lesson in discernment. One must be able to distinguish between 'a thing named' and 'a thing in itself' (à la Immanuel Kant). Just because someone uses the terms 'civil society' or 'public health' or 'the environment' and claims they are protecting these things does not mean they are actually doing that. Just because someone says that they are dedicated to 'keeping the public safe' or 'promoting tolerance' does not mean they really safeguard those values. Malevolent actors, especially ones with inflated 'expert' or media reputations, or ones with huge financial backing, can get very far pretending to help citizens when they are doing just the opposite.


This is why totalitarianism is preceded by orchestrated chaos, which is evident here: the terrifying Chinese overture in Wuhan; the CCP crackdown in Hong Kong; the crippled global economy; the weirdly grinning billionaire; the doctored national datasets; the empty hospitals outside China, Iran, and Italy; the multiple virus strains; the shady biolabs; the corrupt officials; the conflicts of interest; the censorship; the NATO bioweapons mules; the social control; the creepy terms used, like 'social distancing'; and the forced isolation. From the chaos arises the question of whether or not citizens will seek psychological and economic relief by accepting the move towards centralized oppression. If this is a planned, global-level initiative, the technocratic engineers will keep hammering at us until we either push back against them or we submit.

Unlike scientific inquiries, in a propaganda campaign, it doesn't matter whether information is true or not. It will still work, as long as people go along with it. This is why, even now, the global public still holds all the power in this situation.

All of this information could be interpreted very differently; whether members of the public see these events as totalitarian or not depends on discernment in the midst of confusion and inconsistent evidence.

The pandemic should provoke soul-searching firstly on the individual level: wherever your actions do not match your words, consider how you have compromised yourself to conform in a system and society which rewards that behaviour, precisely because it is built on Doublethink, cover-ups, and larger hypocrisies. The only way through this is to strive for consistency between cause and effect, between action and accountability at all levels of society. Every one of us knows in our hearts what is right. Every one of us must follow that path of integrity. If we cannot think for ourselves, our minds will falter, yearning for an answer and taking direction imposed from outside.

The Breakdown

The first stage of totalitarianism after a period of soft confusion and heavy propaganda involves a breakdown of normal social behaviour, followed by violent transgressions against individuals. Social violence in totalitarianism starts in a hazy, liminal space, between normality and the hard crackdown. Social violence can begin in unusual, guarded environments, where violence is sanctioned, repackaged, and covert. For example, in Nazi Germany, mass euthanasia began in hospitals, nursing and care homes; mass killing first targeted invalids, and mentally ill or mentally-challenged citizens.

Does this sound familiar? It is possible that in our current situation, a covert euthanasia policy has been implemented against the elderly in nursing homes. Even though that sounds paranoid, with our supine mainstream press and tame politicians, how would we ever be able to confirm otherwise? The media's tone is removed, as in: how sad and horrible that older people are dying alone in those places, but what can you do?

Senior citizens are not expendable. They must not be defined as financial drains on an already depleted system. Anyone who thinks that way is a beastly, soulless utilitarian. Our elders' continued presence represents the limit of total, collective, living memory. In our arrogance, we do not know the weight they carry on their bent shoulders. When they disappear, without their guardianship and greater experience to guide us, their mantle falls on us, whether we are ready or not. We are left in the void of our own impulses and blind volition.

Technocrats must see seniors as expendable. On 23 May 2020, The Lancet reported 20,000 excess deaths in UK care homes - and the UK has the lowest rate of COVID care home deaths in Europe! There are horrible stories about medical shortcomings and abuse of dying senior citizens coming out of France, Canada, the USA, Sweden, and elsewhere around the world.

Everyone is vaguely aware that something is going wrong in nursing homes, and family members are frantic. But are we, as a population, storming government offices, and visiting the private nursing homes and public care homes and hospitals, and demanding accountability? Are we with every resource and mental wit we have, defending our most vulnerable citizens at this time? The answer is no, because we have been told blithely that the elderly are most susceptible to COVID19. They have underlying conditions. They fall in the wrong age range. And that supposedly explains everything.

It explains nothing. The elderly are dying in droves behind barred doors. There are no witnesses there to protect them, to confirm whether their deaths are due to COVID19, or due to abuse. We do not know what is happening to them. And we are not bothering to find out. The complacency of German citizens during the Holocaust comes into sharper focus.

In a nascent totalitarian order, complacency has deadly rewards. If we are witnessing the birth of totalitarian technocracy and if, as a consequence, our elders are being murdered, we will find out soon enough. Whatever happens to our most vulnerable citizens first without our complaints and protests, will next happen to us.

Rather than collectively investigating these matters, we are obediently sitting in our homes. We should ask why this is the first pandemic in history where authorities have quarantined the healthy before they quarantine the sick. A friend, -B., follows plane flights on an online tracker, Flight Radar 24; he informs me that hundreds of regular flights from China have continued unabated around the world. The Chinese government has been unclear about the pandemic spread in China and has lied about its coronavirus numbers. International travel still continues from the original pandemic zone, while healthy adults are locked away, and our elders die under mysterious circumstances.

This week, the deaths in care homes became less mysterious. An abuse case in an elderly care home in Detroit, Michigan, USA featured a strange phenomenon: the 20-year-old perpetrator filmed himself punching a 75-year-old man (and another senior, above) at the city's Westwood Nursing Center. Why would he film himself committing these crimes, unless he was put up to it? The mask of totalitarian lies can be dropped occasionally to reveal the true horror of what is happening, in order to gauge the reaction of the public. Do citizens pick up their pitchforks and take to the streets to rout the fascist power corps? Or do they stay passive and obedient?


This Is The End: How and When Deflation Turns To Hyperinflation (21 May 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Public emotional and psychological uncertainty, prompted by an onslaught of propaganda, combined with the breakdown of social customs and norms, are the exact catalysts necessary for birthing totalitarianism. There are other preconditions, notably economic collapse. I explained how totalitarian fascism then arises in my 2015 post, Post-Apocalypse Rehab. Based on the theory of historian René Girard, summarized by Jasun Horsley, the process runs as follows.


Citizens are unsure about what to do. In their uncertainty, they look around them to see what the crowd is doing. To stay safe, they begin to mimic and imitate what others do. This is called mimesis. If others are violent, individuals become violent. This is a kind of self-protection and social camouflage. If others stay silent when the weak and vulnerable are attacked, individuals stay silent, too. They go along to get along. They conform to survive. The more uncertain things become, the more the imitative impulse of mimesis kicks in.

Individuality and self-assertion are thereby violently threatened from without and internally crushed from within the self. This situation cultivates a hive mentality. It destroys the heart of the individual, the feeling human being, the one sure source of moral guidance and compassion for self and others. With the hivemind thus forged, all that remains after mimesis is the rise of a strong leader to guide this unruly mob. But, again, it does not have to be this way.

ADDENDUM (24 May 2020): See my post from 24 May 2020, regarding the removal of Celeste Solum's video at the top of this post.

ADDENDUM (26 May 2020): For further comment on Solum's video see my post from 26 May 2020, in which I located a related video.

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