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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Global Transhumanist Technocracy 1.0

Protests over the coronavirus lockdowns are becoming more intense, especially in the United States, as the impending related economic collapse comes into sharper focus. In Michigan, USA armed protesters entered the State Capitol building on 30 April 2020. Views are divided on these protests. Critics on social media showered  protesters with withering, politicized contempt; for example:
"All I see is a bunch of retarded right wingers and neo nazis getting Covid!"
"Why didnt one of this idiot fire a shot on the floor by accident and that will shut these fucker up. Imagine how the swat will get their asses."
".....morons, illiterates and animals, WITH WEAPONS. A person's true nature is always exposed in a crisis situation. I don't know about you, but I fear for our future."
"Bro if I was the governor I would have riot police push these fuckers outta the building"
The next uproar in the state of Michigan revolved around Karl Manke, a barber in Owosso, who reopened his shop, surrounded by supporters. When the police came to shut down the shop, an armed militia mobilized to block the police. A Circuit Court judge subsequently refused to uphold the Governor's order to shut down the shop.

Protesters argue with police inside Michigan Capitol building (30 April 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Karl Manke, Barber, Interview (9 May 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Militia DEFENDS Shop Owners In Michigan! - DEMANDS Police Stand DOWN! (12 May 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

In Seattle, Washington, USA, police officer Greg Anderson refused to arrest citizens for walking down the streets and other pandemic protocol violations. The father of three was subsequently put on leave, then fired for refusing to take down his Instagram message to other police officers (below). A family friend set up a Go Fund Me campaign on 11 May 2020. The crowdfund has raised almost half a million US dollars. The initial goal was USD $50,000.

These Tyrants Just Fired The Best Officer In The Nation. This Just Proves Cops Are Tyrannical (11 May 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

The Go Fund Me campaign for Officer Greg Anderson, Port of Seattle Police.

In Sacramento, California, a Marine veteran, Dr. Cordie Lee Williams, who is based in San Diego and Los Angeles, chastised police who were guarding the State Capitol building until the police stood down.

California Police STAND DOWN After Marine Vet Challenges Their Integrity (3 May 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

My friend and reader, -C., who is based in Switzerland, sent me the following worldwide protest video. Canadian friends, -H. and -J. forwarded me the document which is below that and asked me to post it.

Lockdown Protests - The Great Awakening WorldWide (Huge Compilation Mai 2020) (3 May 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Global Transhumanist Technocracy 1.0

NATO Dark Hand On Trump And CoronaVirus Now Evident (13 May 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

There are two theories evolving in the alt media about nCov now, and neither focuses on public health. Both theories assume that the pandemic is really about the development of new weaponry and the introduction of new technology. One view, developed by George Webb, Dr. Paul Cottrell, Dr. Judy Mikovits and others, focuses on the big business of vaccines, as a front end activity for bioweapons development and espionage.

Judy Mikovits - Paul Cottrell Interview Summary By George Webb (15 May 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

The second view, developed by Aaron and Melissa Dykes at Truthstream Media, among other members of the alt media, such as James Corbett and James Evan Pilato, is that we are witnessing the initial launch of the brain-body-machine interface. I find the second view convincing.

THE PURPOSE OF DISRUPTION (15 May 2020). Video Source: Bitchute.

Do not be distracted by the raging arguments about the virus, its origins, how dangerous it is, and regulations during the lockdowns. There are probably several weaponized strains of the virus, some very deadly, some less so. We will see them released in different combinations, year after year, followed by many series of forced vaccines, filled with nanotech particles. This is intended to help our bodies make the transition through the next stage of the Technological Revolution.

As I have stated in an earlier post, the anti-civil-rights aspect of this pandemic paves the way for artificial-intelligence-run operating systems; these will be organic and biological, mainly brain- and DNA-interfaced. This innovation supports the evolution of an Orwellian, transhumanist, totalitarian technocracy. Global citizens will become legally defined in terms of their tech usage. Cyborgs will become preferred citizens. Politics and economies will be transformed accordingly.

The fields of science, genetics, and medicine will be subjugated to technology, nanotechnology, and robotics. In upcoming posts, I will refer to the work of some important transhumanists, such as Ray Kurzweil, Zoltan Istvan, and Geordie Rose, so that readers have a chance to review their publicly-stated plans and so that they will know what is planned for them in the coming years. This is not a big secret or some conspiracy theory: Silicon Valley leaders and other tech moguls have been announcing and planning this development for years. They tested a lot of their pioneer systems in China. Now they are ready to introduce a technological release that is biological, political, economic, and legal.

The plan for Global Transhumanist Technocracy 1.0 is inhumane, ill-conceived, abominable, and obviously will go horribly wrong. It bears the trademark tone-deaf planning of technologists. How many readers of this blog have encountered the same wrong-headedness inherent in smaller technological releases, in which some piece of hardware or new software is sold before its time, filled with bugs, errors, and glitches?

Users feel helpless as they are forced to implement a barely-worked-out product, based on some half-baked bright idea. The flawed goods are dumped on the public and consumers are left to work out all the problems through daily use. The first version is always followed by endless patches and updates. When the technologists finally stabilize a version and get something functioning well, and people get used to it, the designers deliberately disrupt it. New projects are forced on users, on ever-more-accelerated time frames. This has been the model for decades: intentional, embedded flaws; planned obsolescence; tech as addictive tool of self-identification and expensive luxury; disruption; accelerated tech released more quickly than we can cope or respond. The technocracy will follow the same model, only this time, the new, flawed software will not be glitching out on your desk. It will be crashing inside your cerebral cortex.

The pandemic is being exploited to serve the larger end of a global tech roll-out, starting with tagging, tracing, and vaccinating everyone on the planet. If you do not wake up and educate yourself about this now, this hellish nightmare will blight the rest of your life.

This technocracy won't just be bad for its intended mass victims, many of whom will die or become debilitated, but also for its architects. The latter believe that they are founding Valhalla on earth. They are partly following a weird adaptation of Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs, occult alchemy (among other beliefs) in their concept of 'disruption,' and the Kardashev Scale of technological advancement. They are trying to force progress on the whole human species so that we reach the Kardashev level Type 1, in which all resources of the planet can be harnessed and seamlessly integrated.

Unfortunately, the people who are trying to take us to these heady heights are emotionally, morally, and intellectually challenged. They are incredibly bad stewards of human and world affairs. They know nothing but schemes, corruption, exploitation, manipulative control, deception, back-stabbing, catastrophic economic leadership, strategic wars, toxic politics, and glitchy computer code. On top of this, they will end up killing each other. The ones who survive will fail totally in their plan when their technology becomes sentient, goes rogue, and infects the entire planet's biosphere. I have indicated how I think the plan will end, here.

This idiotic roll-out will dominate and poison the remainder of 21st century history if left unchecked. The only possible way to slow this down is to appeal first to workers who are deemed 'essential,' particularly the police, the military, medical staff, and bank workers. They must understand what is at stake and refuse to oppress citizens; they must be aware that they are pawns in a larger plan. They must expect all kinds of push-back from the establishment, which has lost its way.

Members of the public also have a duty at this time to stop blindly accepting mainstream and government propaganda, to stop jeering at people who have different political opinions, and to use their imaginations. Forget about politics. Forget about the 2020 US election - or any other election - although that is an obvious factor here. This is not about your personal intelligence, respectability, or your place in society, pegged on which sources you trust. Take time now to study all publicly-available information on transhumanism, because it is part of your scheduled future.

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