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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Laugh of the Day

Man brought back after more than three hours of being dead.  Image Source: Daily Mirror via Yahoo News.

Okay, that does it. Things around here are getting way too damned depressing and weird.  For me, the breaking point came earlier this morning when I saw the headline on Yahoo News: "Quick-thinking doctors helped Arun Bhasin breathe after more than three hours with no heartbeat." After hearing about this NHS triumph, I needed something lighter. Check out these videos that made me laugh out loud, not LOL, but truly the real thing. (Hat tip: Glowpinkstah)

Mike Diva's The Vampires Vampire. Video Source: Youtube.

If you never slow-danced to Careless Whisper then you can at least live vicariously through the first video below.  I haven't seen a guy with a saxophone sink into an underlit hot tub since the 80s.

Mike Diva and Sergio Flores. Video Source: Youtube.

Glowpinkstah is a popular comedienne on Youtube who wants to make it onto SNL. Her video below has some explicit language. Her Youtube channel is here.

Glowpinkstah's Black Swan Parody and Makeup Tutorial. Video Source: Youtube.

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