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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Millennial Twelve Days of Christmas Day 12: Winter Wonderlands

Stormont estate in Belfast, Northern Ireland (December 17, 2010). Image © Peter Muhly / AFP - Getty Images. Image Source: MSNBC.

Over the past month, snow and ice have wreaked havoc from London to Moscow to New York.  Here are some images where the snow and ice made reality a beautiful fantasy instead of a holiday nightmare. Today marks the last day of Christmastide.

Ohio Lighthouse on Lake Erie turned to ice (December, 2010). Video Source: The Telegraph.

Deer near Schinnen in the Netherlands (December 17, 2010). Image © Ermindo Armino / AP. Image Source: MSNBC.

People walk along the Moskva river at the outskirts of Moscow (December 2, 2010). Image © Mikhail Metzel / AP. Image Source: MSNBC.

A snow-covered cabin is lit by Christmas lights along the shoreline of Lake Louise after sunset in Alberta, Canada (November 29, 2010). Image © Mike Blake / Reuters. Image Source: MSNBC.

When you see this, remember, it's not all bad! December 2010 snowstorm. Image Source: Featherstone Quiltworks.

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