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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Millennial Mysteries: Mass Death of Fish in California

Image Source: KTLA.

Back in January, I did a composite post on the mass death of fish and birds (here); that post has been updated through to today and will be updated as these stories continue.  I am curious to find out what the explanations for these incidents, if any, will be.  KTLA news and CNN are both reporting on a new fish kill near Redondo Beach in King Harbor, California, with the cause not determined.  The fish swam in from the ocean and used up all the oxygen in the water.  Conspiracy theory sites are linking the mass movement of fish to earthquakes that just happened off the coast of California.  Some think it is an indicator of a future earthquake.  Others are proclaiming the 'end of days.' See more on this story below the jump.

Image Source: KTLA.

Video Source: KTLA via Youtube.

Addendum: Apparently these fish died after feeding on a toxic algae bloom. See report here:
LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Researchers say the millions of sardines that were found floating dead in a Southern California marina this week tested positive for a powerful neurotoxin.

University of Southern California biologist David Caron said Friday that high levels of domoic acid were found in the fish scooped from the Redondo Beach marina. He said critically low oxygen levels in the water caused the sardines to suffocate, but it's possible the toxin distressed them off the coastline and caused them to crowd into the marina.

Domoic acid is often found in the stomach of fish that have been feeding on plankton during toxic algae blooms. Caron's lab is working to determine if the poisoning was caused by a toxic algae bloom spotted off Redondo Beach on Wednesday.

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