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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Did Someone Say ... Apocalypse? Historic Dust Storm in Phoenix

"An image of the dust storm from the National Weather Service office in Phoenix." Image Source: IBTimes/National Weather Service.

On 5 July, a giant dust storm engulfed Phoenix, Arizona.  See videos turn day to night and more photographs below the jump.

Image Source: Robert Lachman/LA Times.

Image Source: Reuters/Joshua Lott.
Caption for the above photograph: Motorists drive along Interstate-10 during a dust storm in Phoenix, Arizona July 5, 2011. Visibility was reduced to zero in some areas as wind gust blew near 40 miles per hour, local media reported on Tuesday.

"Motorists try to drive along Arizona State Highway 51. Many had to pull over and see out the storm, so limited was visibility." Image Source: Joshua Lott/Reuters/Guardian.

Video Source: Youtube.
Video Source: Youtube.

Image Source: Rob Schumacher/AP/Guardian.
Video Source: Youtube.
Video Source: Youtube.
Video Source: Youtube.
"Customers sit outside a Starbucks during the dust storm." Image Source: Joshua Lott/Reuters/Guardian.

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