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Monday, July 18, 2011

Interlude: Sultry Summer Nights

Santa Monica Pier (1920). Image Source: Scent Hive.

Nothing says summer like a simmering, Lynchian Film Noir soundtrack. Below the jump, a sampler of some musical pieces, Noir or not, that conjure up lanterns on the boardwalk down by the waterfront, a late night walk home from the jazz fest, early hours at a 24-hour café, and catching the last taxi cab home.

taxi parisien II Avenue de l'Opéra, Paris (15 July 2005) by Phil Hilfiker. Image Source: Flickr.

Experiment in Terror Soundtrack (RCA: 1962). "Title Theme" by Henry Mancini. Video Source: Youtube.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Soundtrack (Lionsgate: 2009/2010). "The First to Five Souls" by Mychael Danna and Jeff Danna. Video Source: Youtube.

Bernard Herrmann, theme from Cape Fear (1962). Video Source: Youtube.

Last Exit to Brooklyn Soundtrack (Vertigo/Warner: 1989). "As Low as It Gets" by Mark Knopfler. Video Source: Youtube.

Blue Velvet Soundtrack (Varèse Sarabande: 1986). "Main Title" by Angelo Badalamenti. Video Source: Youtube.

Body Heat soundtrack "Main Title" (1981) by John Barry. Video Source: Youtube.

Blue Velvet (Atlantic: 1950) by Wayne / Morris sung by Lana Del Rey (2013). Video Source: Youtube.

Love theme from Chinatown (Varèse Sarabande: 1974) by Jerry Goldsmith. Video Source: Youtube.

Dark City Soundtrack (TVT: 1998). "Sway" sung by Jennifer Connelly (original film cut sung by Anita Kelsey; Director's Cut sung by Connelly). Video Source: Youtube.

Angel Heart soundtrack "Harry Angel" (1987) by Jones / Pine. Video Source: Youtube.

The Usual Suspects soundtrack "Main Theme" (1995) by John Ottman. Video Source: Youtube.

Jade soundtrack "The Mystic's Dream" (1995) by James Horner based on a song composed by Loreena McKennitt. Video Source: Youtube.

Image Source: Wichita on the Cheap.

Copyrights of these musical pieces and photographs reside with their respective composers and owners. They are reproduced here solely for non-profit discussion and review. Some videos, like Del Ray's Blue Velvet, have been updated in this post since its original publication here at HOTTC in 2011.

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